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First tale mentioned in - *APRIL FOOL'S DAY

Bald Mountain

The black mountain where the horned demon Chernobog dwells. Melkor went there to hopefully replenish his strength and awaken the black god of vengeance, the only creature that could thwart Hellspawn.
First tale mentioned in - THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy


First tale mentioned in - *RADOGOJI'S QUEST: Return to Faerun

Fan Nest



First tale mentioned in - WHEN THE DUST SETTLED

Gamera Fields

The lush croplands just outside Roostville.
First tale mentioned in - THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy

Gigan Village

A small village about 200 miles west of Roostville. RadoGoji met Kivan there. It was established as a mining town of sorts in the early 20th century but soon realized that the ore had been pillaged by others and the town went bankrupt two months later.
Still filled with hope, the citizens began producing other things (such as textiles) to keep the town going and soon, it was booming again.
It is still pretty small and has been for more than 100 years. It is kind of old timey and western in style, though a little more modern like in the way the residents dress, talk, etc. Kivan showed up there from Faerun, trying to locate Abdel and found him reborn as RadoGoji.
First tale mentioned in - REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE AGAIN: 48 Hours 'til Apocalypse

Goji's Stomp

First tale mentioned in - *APRIL FOOL'S DAY

Isle Delfino

First tale mentioned in - THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy

Kenji Sahara Desert

First tale mentioned in - *RODAN 2000's JALEPINO CLUB


First tale mentioned in - ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE

Kong Town

Within 30 miles of Roostville. The town is beat up. QUITE beat up since Rodan sent a Star Destroyer down on top of the place the during filming of ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE.
First tale mentioned in - *STEVEZILLA VS. LORD MEGARO: The Dawn of Jet Jaguar

Maser City

The "anything goes" town, made famous by the most notorious G-Fans. Not a single building was left standing except the Maser City Tower (the tallest structure in town) after THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA. Pimp Street (named for its late founder and Mayor, Project Pimp) and Ballard Avenue (honoring James Ballard of Tokyo Monsterville) were wiped from the face of the Earth in a matter of seconds during terrorist attacks.
First tale mentioned in - *BATTRARULES: War of the Worlds

Mecha City

The "Robotics Capital of the World" is about five hundred miles from Roostville.
Mecha City was established around 1970 by a British man named Rupert Smythe, an expert in robotics. Using the robots he had built, he planned on making a robotic utopia in which the robots were his citizens and he was their king. The plan seemed to go well until the robots realized that they shouldn't be under totalitarian rule by a human. They rebelled and overthrew Mayor Smythe and killed him.
The robots grew very biased against humans but another man named Donald Wallace (father of Roostville's DA Freek) went to the ravaged city in 1982 and used his logic to convince them that humans weren't bad in general, just that some were and others were good. He was able to somehow teach them to feel emotions and things that humans could that robots took for granted. This led them to realize that robots and humans could live together in peace.
Mecha City is currently home to the pinnacle of modern technology, thanks to building upon the far advanced knowledge of Rupert Smythe and many humans and robots alike although there are some of both who believe they are superior to the other. A few Roostafarians, like RadoGoji and Freek Wallace (cousins and members of Roostville's RMB Mercenary Service), Draco Starcloud and Sheriff Jet Jaguar (V.2) hail from this city.
First tale mentioned in - ABDEL REBORN: The History of RadoGoji

Megaguirus Hive

Just off the coast of Roostville.
First tale mentioned in - *RODAN 2000's JALEPINO CLUB

Megalon Town

On the seaward side of the mountain range is a small community 50 miles south of Mt. Rodan but you have to travel through the Kenji Sahara Desert first to get there. It sort of resembles some of those towns from Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link, especially Darunia, the Mountain Town.
Mayor Celindeàl is the keeper of the legend of the Black Fire Rodan and the lost civilization it guards. He was surprised Sheriff Manda's visit to Roostville would even be noticed, much less result in her death. She had hoped to locate the tablet (which is actually the Seal to the Gateway of Seatopia) and get it back.
Megalon Town, Rodanville and the people who live in the mountain area all have origins that lay with the Utopian Empire.
First tale mentioned in - THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy


Daikaiju, super heroes and Dark Forces made a mess of it during the filming of ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE. It would still resemble Ground Zero of a certain asteroid impact back in Cretaceous Nevada after THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA if not for a handy (but illegal) Temporal Remote©.
First tale mentioned in - *STEVEZILLA VS. LORD MEGARO: The Dawn of Jet Jaguar

Mt. Aso

Half of it was demolished after ORGA 99 VS ROOSTVILLE! Later, a transmission tower was installed at the peak for satellite broadcast of the DUEL OF THE FATES gladiatorial contests taking place at the the Colosseum. Behind the Hedorah Hills sub-division, its residents of course did not approve of this.
During the *APRIL FOOL'S DAY crisis of 2014, Angilas restored over-the-air communications to Roostville from there by setting up the "PKP" single-handedly when the Roostville Cable & Telephone Company went off the air (again).
Despite Det. Bagoth's initial suspicions that he and Raptor were actually behind the loss of internet and TV service to four of the Kaiju Nations, the enterprising Mod received a field promotion to Administrator for his ambitious undertaking.
First tale mentioned in -* "I DON'T THINK WE'RE IN KANSAS ANYMORE..."

Mt. Eternity

An inactive volcano just south of Mt. Rodan.
First tale mentioned in - *EVERYDAY LIFE IN THE ROOST

Mt. Rodan

Mt. Rodan (the tallest mountain on the island) is an active volcano and one of three large mountains located across the Kenji Sahara Desert. On one side of the range is a small town called Rodanville that not many people know of. On the seaward exposure is the tiny community of Megalon Town.
Somewhere on the mountain is an old cemetery where the dead walk (usually at night), hidden within the foggy mists. Legend has it that up on the mountain, somewhere within one of its many labyrinths lurks the Black Fire Rodan, a mythical species of Rodan but no one knows for sure... The area is also believed to be haunted by ghosts and guarded by a monster.
Ubergeek and Count Super Jet Jaguar ventured there in THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy.
First tale mentioned in - *UNDER THE WAL-MART

Neo-Monster Island

Home of Twisted Kaiju Theater™ and the Kaiju Girls. Mayor McGuiness/Shin-Goji® and his vinyl army acquitted themselves very well in THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA!
First tale mentioned in - *STEVEZILLA VS. LORD MEGARO: The Dawn of Jet Jaguar

Ogasawara Daikaiju Preserve

Monsters are People Too! - 233-6664
First tale mentioned in - WHEN THE DUST SETTLED


At the base of Mt. Rodan is an old abandoned mining town that had at one time promised various ores but each new vein that was assayed petered out. It wasn't profitable to try to mine anything on a large scale. The many test holes had been boarded up, one after the other and all but a few hard scrabble prospectors remained.
A group of cave explorers, including Michael Lazarus (aka Matthew Laurence), the Chaplain of Roostville, had gone down one of the shafts and discovered a deep lake. There was also an ancient tablet nearby that they turned over to Prof. Sandworm Phish but true to form, he never got around to analyzing it, preferring to work on his own projects.
Laurence had been aware of the legend that a gateway to 'Utopia' existed there for quite some time. In the Golden Land, a world where everything is perfect, he would become the richest man on Earth and crown himself its new leader.
First tale mentioned in - THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy


Seatopia is the mythical Golden Land while Utopia is the name given it by ancient Jewish travelers of a thousand years ago.
A tablet explained the secret to entering it in an ancient language that only a select few (including Michael Lazarus) understood.
The route is guarded by the Black Fire Rodan, a mythical species, as there is no reason for anyone to go there and the residents of the area respect that. Emperor Antonio leads the Seatopian soldiers who are clad in armor vaguely reminiscent of Spartan Hoptites.
First tale mentioned in - THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy

Toho Kingdom

First tale mentioned in - *APRIL FOOL'S DAY

Tokyo Monsterville

First tale mentioned in - *APRIL FOOL'S DAY


Catbert, the diabolical demon, owns the city, serves as its Mayor and commands an unholy army of mutants and aliens.
First tale mentioned in - *WHATEVER ISLAND! (Gilligan's Island ripoff!)


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