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Roostville's location is:

Mayhap Roostville, as a subsidiary of the Twilight Zone™ and Outer Limits®, is an omni-planar amalgam of all the above places with attributes of each and a link to said spots via the Superhighway™, which, according to Miyako Aso, is wrought with pot holes. I can just see it now: Greece, 400 AD, Exit 73; Indiana, Exit 244; Pacific Island Compound, Exit 437.

Expansion is ongoing as new members 'emigrate' here and are swallowed in the crazed collective. Having 'analyzed' Melkor's WELCOME, I conclude that nothing in it prevents Roostville from being somewhat omni-dimensional. Perhaps each visitor imbues the place with a bit of their homeland while eating establishments, government offices, businesses and geographical features no doubt will be named after obscure Japanese monsters.
-- Mayor Ubergeek

I've always thought of Roostville as a quiet, rural town, virtually unknown to the world at large, yet containing some of the foremost attractions on the planet. A beautiful place, surrounded by greenery and pools of cool, pristine water. That's how I always thought of it. But as I always say, the concept of 'Utopia' is a falsity and we can certainly see that, can't we?

Everyone knows that Roostville© is located in the fifth dimension, one that transcends both time and space. A place appropriately called the Twilight Zone. The idea of an upscale Roostville© has never entered my mind before. Now, I'm thinking of it as the Kaijuverse/Rodan's Roost equivalent of Gotham City or something.
-- Melkor

I was picturing something along the lines of ancient Greece where we all wear togas and everything is white, with big pillars and stuff. Just for good taste, why not say the togas are maroon and the streets are paved with Silly Putty? It would make for some interesting car crashes. Baragon can have his subway type thing. He crawls through the tunnels and stuff. Granted, people get eaten every so often but that's OK.

And while we're at it, why not make Roostville a separate country as opposed to some little town or city? We could call it Roostopiarica and we can even have our own army! I'm thinking Legion Drones and Destroyah Aggregates...
-- Lord Jimifulss

Hey, no ancient Greek/Roman stuff, all right? I got my reasons (and dresses like a barbarian).
-- Imposterzilla
I always wanted to be a subway driver person. But I think Roostville IS in the Twilight Zone, like Melkor joked about.
-- Baragon2003
They have cable also! I guess the Heads of State could wear togas for formal occasions. It would definitely add some "class" to the place. Its "citizens" are most "interesting" in their own right and encourage further "adventures" around the area. ECLECTIC is probably the best definition of Roostville, like its visitors and citizens. Here, we can shed our suits/ties/parking permits and go "native"/hippy/whatever.

Roostville may have started as a scientific community but like many places, it also attracts "peripherals", from dedicated support functions to outright crass commercialists. Where Mayberry (North Carolina) had Otis and Andy, Roostville has Kobayashi and Jet Jaguar!
-- Raptor

I would picture something like a neighborhood from "The Sims".
-- Darth Gigan
I think it's located in an alternate dimension. Seriously though, would you all REALLY want to meet each other in person?
-- Yongary
I drew a picture of what I thought it could look like on the back of my history test the other day. It came out as an island with a large mountain with forest around it. I figured that Rodan has his roost on the mountain. Then there's a road that goes through with buildings on either side of it. The best part in my view is a Baragon run subway, as mentioned by Lord Jimifulss but the people don't get eaten.
-- Rodan2000
From these early discussions, a "history" of the town began to develop:

When was Roostville founded?

This question often comes up when someone is planning to start a new Round Robin, especially if it might involve time travel.
IN THE BEGINNING: Coming to Roostville WAS NOT written in October 2007 but that is when it TAKES PLACE. In effect, Raptor describes what Roostville was like three years after its establishment when she arrived.

At the dawning of the year 2004, Morgoth states that "All of our research has proven this: something big is going to happen." Around the world, monsters begin appearing. The world will never be the same as new species of humanoids are revealed as well: were-Gojis, robots, cyborgs, psychics, humanoid monsters, X-Men and more are loose in the world for the first time in human history. As they are blamed for this Kaiju War because of their links and knowledge of them, these new creatures go into exile. It's the brave work of Sauron and Morgoth who have planned since April 1998 to cater to all things Kaiju. With Rodan2000's vision of THIS IS ROOSTVILLE, we should be witnessing its actual creation and the INITIAL story which "begins" January 1st, 2004.

Notice that in the history of Roostville, everything happening after August 11, 1998 (real time) reverts to the ROOSTVILLE TIME LINE. When Rodan's Roost: A Kaiju Site was "reborn" in February 2001, three years were added to the date to correspond with the year of Godzilla's 50th anniversary, as suggested by Rodan2000:

"I've always thought that the Dark Lords owned the island since 1998, then opened it to the social outcasts of the world when the discovery of many new species (like Spammerites, were-Gojis and Kaiju) which appeared in 2004. A little like X-men, only better, and there is an island to house these strange people of the world. Then, the other areas near it became populated by others of these weird creatures and ended up as Monsterzeroville, Maser City, Neo-Monster Island, etc.. I was also thinking that other islands in the chain were the real Monster Island, Birth Island, Infant Island and Dinotopia. And all these things happen in 2004.

"I thought the year was significant for monsters and there's a massive unleashment of them throughout the world: Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus - every one of them. The heroes, the villains and just plain deadly monsters have all awakened from wherever they were sleeping and have begun a massive war with each other throughout the world. It is during the midst of these turbulent times that the deadly breeds of Spammerites, the strange breeds of were-Gojis and many others have appeared. THIS is Roostville."

COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION: RadoGoji vs. Irys! takes place in June 2014 but Boo goes back to February 2004 and witnesses the founding of Roostville when the land is acquired from its prior owners. A review of the history of Roostville for a story like this was in order, along with THE REAL DEAL. As recounted by Sauron in the "Memorable Moments" thread:

April 26th, 2001 - Launch Day

"A joyous occasion, as the 3-4 months of content development and building finally led to fruition. Rodan's Roost was once again on the Net after the crash that killed it off in 1998. I remember being so excited to get off work that day but considering we were not on any search engines yet, I wasn't too entirely disappointed. Still, it was nice to have the site finally going again!"

There are other stories (such as STEVEZILLA VS. LORD MEGARO: The Dawn of Jet Jaguar) which are presently being written but are set in the past, such as December 2004.

Remember that many real events are incorporated in the tales, such as the notorious "Black November" (November 6, 2003), recounted as happening November 6, 2014 in REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE AGAIN: 48 Hours 'til Apocalypse. Various highlights of the actual year 2004 are "written into" THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: DESUTOROIA X KHANDEJIFER!, which takes place in 2015, according to the Roostville time line.

Roostville and video game references

Various posts by Gamingboy, credited with creating Roostville and ROOSTAFARIANS IN HYRULE! Better than "SURVIVOR"!, started by Emperor Violenjiger, both connected Roostville somehow with The Legend of Zelda video games.
Gamingboy also tried to incorporate Super Smash Brothers into the universe in THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA! A Tale of Suspense Amongst Roosters.
Faerun, which was introduced into the Roostverse by RadoGoji/Abdel, is one of the continents in the Forgotten Realms series, like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale.
Burkion has a quick reference to "Faxanadu" in ROOSTVILLE: THE SERIES.
Kato Yasunori's Requiem Blade is based off of Nightmare's Requiem Blade from Soul Calibur II and the Mask of Bagan is partly inspired by a rejected Nightmare design from that same game.

Getting involved in Roostville

Creating your Roostville character

Everyone can choose their own occupation, place of residence, etc. Ever since Roostville first started up, members have also been "shanghaied", often as "extras". They are often written in based on everything from their avatars to the forums and topics they might be interested in. Dark Lords, Mods and Admins are "fair game", as well as artists, writers and just plain active board members. Juan is written as a Catholic priest.

Characters such as Steve Martin (a reporter) and Kobayashi from GRA (a crazy local pilot) and folks like Freddie Friar, Tosha, etc. come from many sources to fill often similar roles in Roostville.

Many folks use the same name as they post on the forum since that is how they got "written into" the early stories. After all, Roostville is "where the various Rodan's Roosters live." They also include how they got here in their profiles and the round robining itself, be it with premeditated mayhem in mind or wanting to get away from the "real world" to where kaiju roam and you can keep various ordnance at hand.

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS are an option, by all means! Many are made up from scratch or based on a character from a game or even from Roost Fighter. Several are mentioned in the "Character Inspirations" topic. You can also have more than one character. For instance, RadoGoji/Abdel is loosely based off Zero from MMX5 and a character from Baldur's Gate. Another is based off the Castlevania games and he has some other Baldur's Gate characters as well. We've got everyone from Kobayashi to ones such as The Blue Devil who has "evolved" over time. Emperor V. wrote in a character who became Desutoroia's wife. Rodan2000 has paired up with Yuri Manda, a Guardian. RadoGoji has a very diverse collection of compatriots in the RMB Mercenary Service via a "side trip" to Faerun. The LOTR/Dark Lords part comes from the board's creators' screen names rather than any attempt to include Middle Earth in the "setting" but it works out very well in so many ways. Roostville is quite eclectic, any way you look at it but a lot of characters often lack personality descriptions in their profiles, necessary for other members to write about them. Still, it is ALL SPECIES WELCOME!

Another option is simply WRITING existing, active characters. Ubergeek, who is now the Mayor of Roostville, and Jet Jaguar (the Sheriff) rarely get a chance to post themselves so we all kind of do it for them, keeping what has already been developed for their presentation in mind. Again, that very first post of a story often has certain "guidelines" as to what the plot might be, stuff that should/should not take place, etc. Other than that, the "tone" should be kept in mind as everything unfolds.

How do I start a business in Roostville?

According to the Chamber of Commerce, business really seems to be booming, what with the The Pyramid Gallery opening, Monster Master fixing to start a Monster Ranch, etc.
There is a topic in the Forum to let everyone know you are hanging out your shingle, so to speak, and expecting their patronage.

The NATURE of the endeavor will no doubt determine where to locate. A Blades R Us type store front can go in the nearest strip mall. There are also more "remote" locations. RadoGoji/Abdel has moved out of the Random Arms Apartments, what with his collection of "hardware" beginning to grow. It can get a little crowded when you have something with a name like MUTEKI SHOGUN in a residential area! Then there was the thing about where to park the Garuda .5... The RMB Mercenary Service now has a base in the Kenji Sahara Desert.

For the artistically inclined, there is the Fan Nest, an entire development designed for writers, artists, film makers, etc. Entrepreneurs are always welcome in Roostville!


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