Roostville had rather humble beginnings and was originally called 'Golemburg' by the Hasidic Jews who initially settled there. More and more Gentiles began to arrive and it was renamed ROOSTVILLE in 1954 by survivors from Odo Island (who often appear as the 'cast of thousands' Maori extras in local films) who resettled there.

The town has since evolved into one of the most beautiful places in the world. Scientists established universities in order to better study the phenomenon known as 'Kaiju' and the area soon filled with people from many different places. The original founders moved to Israel and put the island up for sale. Morgoth and Sauron bought it for about two cents an acre in the latter part of 1997 and took over, wishing to cater to all things Kaiju. Soon, more emigrants arrived and built homes and businesses. Roostville became a key center of kaiju research on the Information Superhighway when it went online in April 1998.

Disaster struck on August 11, 1998 when a computer at the ROOSTVILLE CABLE & TELEPHONE facility housing all the city's records had a major meltdown.


It is said that the victors rewrite history. Well, Gamingboy may not have been the "winner" of the Roostville election but he had an Ignore Cannon. And thus, using his BRAND NEW EXTRA LARGE Version 2.0, he did just that. His humongous Mansion©-Invincible Headquarters that is somehow larger than anyone else's because of a Plot Hole was built. Eventually, more and more people arrived. The Museum of Monsters was built. Then came ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE and various things were stolen. (Okay, EVERYTHING was stolen except the Minya statue). The artifacts were recovered but Shusuke Kaneko arrived as the movie was being made.

There followed a large invasion by various species and it caused the destruction of the BEST BUY©, depriving Gamingboy of his Nintendo Fix© for months (okay, maybe just a day...)

A typical day in the Roost became loonier when mass chaos occurred. In the end, the Ignore Cannon was administered and it never happened. Needing to blame someone for the destruction of large parts of the city, everyone blamed Mayor Morgoth. What followed was rather confusing. Murders occurred. A man named Hellspawn caused a lot of trouble. Hundreds died and entire cities were destroyed. All of this, and Gamingboy STILL wasn't elected Mayor. Hellspawn was eventually thwarted and put in jail. It is from this point forward that the effects of the IGNORE CANNON© take effect only slightly. A big part of the city was ruined but rebuilding began. Hellspawn escaped. Soon, Roostville was rebuilt for the most part and Gamingboy is Mayor, thanks to a PLOT HOLE©.

We now go to Gamingboy's HQ:
Mayor Gamingboy had summoned Raptor and the Geekspawn to his mansion for a secret meeting because of the unease in the town. Raptor was surprised to see a stranger in attendance.

"I would like to introduce Reverend Michael Lazarus. He has kindly offered to serve as Town Chaplain and Spiritual Adviser. I realize Roostville has many denominations, sects, clans, cults, packs, beliefs and other entities so I figure having an 'expert' on board will make it easier for us to relate to our constituents." Raptor glanced at the smiling cleric and dismissed him, figuring Gamingboy was just trying to do the best job he could in his capacity as Roostville's newly elected leader.

"So, the problem here, gentlemen..." stated Gamingboy.

"Uh-hum!" grunted Raptor.

"...and lady..."


"...Is that something is going on here in Roostville over the past, I don't know... six months or so. Every time something newsworthy happens, something weirder happens." One person raised his hand but since he's an extra, he doesn't have a name. "I don't know, idiot!" was the Mayor's response. GB continued, going down his list of items to be covered.

"The Mods and others are vested with the powers and responsibilities of maintaining order in this town as deputy sheriffs. I realize many of them (he looked straight at Raptor) don't take this additional duty very seriously and haven't so much as even rode with a regular deputy to see what all is involved in keeping this place from going completely crazy. Everyone who comes here contributes to making Roostville the best place they possibly can and have profited tremendously by doing so." Raptor was especially glad the Geekspawn was present as this had all the makings of being called on the carpet by the boss for a 'little talking to' for dereliction of duty or getting caught with one's hand in the cookie jar. So she didn't care to play Smokey as often as some of the others but little 'enterprises' (like pirate broadcasts and producing DVDs of about everything ever broadcast or filmed) were appreciated by nearly everyone in town. "You are familiar with sheriffing so I was hoping you would help the regulars out a bit, what with things being weirder than usual lately."

"Fair enough, I guess," Raptor agreed. "It's been bothering me also. The place just ain't the same for some reason..."

"Good!" GB beamed. "You and Varan are pretty much 'kindred spirits', even if he has had to haul your tail into court on occasion." The Geek snickered and was rewarded by a glare from both Raptor and the Mayor. "I'm afraid we must keep up SOME pretense of civilization around here," he continued, "DESPITE what 'the real world' might think of Roostville." He looked at the two 'tiles across from him who reluctantly nodded agreement. "I especially would like you two to keep an eye on Count Super Jet Jaguar. He's been preaching that 'there's something E-VIL out there' line of his since Hellspawn was corralled. He may be one of our most 'eccentric' citizens (to put it mildly) but we don't need to have him scaring the tweets out of everyone as soon as the sun goes down. People are on edge bad enough as it is." Raptor and Ubergeek agreed, promising to see if they could find out what might be causing the strange malaise.

Meanwhile, somewhere under the streets of the Roostville Zoo:
Yongary was toiling away in the vast network of tunnels. Supposedly, a big cache of such obscure/want-to-be-forgotten films like THE MIGHTY GORGA, EDO NI ARAWARETA KINGU KONGU, a bootleg colorized version of GODZILLA 1954, GODZILLA FANTASIA and some movie so obscure that all that exists is a name (THE TURKISH BLOB THING OF SEOUL) had been shipped to town in a crate of zebra food. Then he saw something and started to scream.


The history of Lord Catbert is little known. He was an avid comic book reader and eventually got too charged up on Mountain Dew. He then made a Uni-Verse Snatcher. The first time he used it, Spanish people from a soap opera wreaked havoc. He then caused the Justice League and the X-Men to appear. Rob Wilco, Bucky Katt and Satchel Pooch arrived. Then cat Orcs. Rob Fox, Lee 'Lynk' Cat, Lewis Tiger and Nemo Dogg appeared. Lynk is a member of the SSEHRD (Super-Secret Evil Human Resources Directors) Guild while Nemo and Lewis are part of the SSA (Super-Secret Agents). Syd, Artie and JJ (no one has yet figured out what 'JJ' means) soon stood before the SSAB (Super-Secret Agent Boss).

"Why are we here?" whined Syd.

"Because..." mumbled Artie.

"Well, y'know. The boss man wants t'see us!" jabbered JJ.

"Yes," figured the slow talking SSAB. "Yongary was attacked by mutated ants."

"Neat!" crowed Artie.

"It's kind of like 'THEM'. Go, Agents, go!"

Under Gamingboy's mayorship, Roostville became the loudest, most crazy place since Woodstock and Tokyo. On September 27, 2014, ORGA 99 VS. ROOSTVILLE! occurred, followed by CROSSED IDENTITIES: Kato Yasunori vs. Orga 99! and TREIZE'S UNLUCKY NUMBER.

THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy also took place in October 2014 and Minsc formed the RMB Mercenary Service. Yuri Manda of Megalon Town was assassinated by Lord Jimi and Sheriff Varan killed himself on October 4. Jet Jaguar was appointed to take over his duties two days later.

REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE AGAIN: 48 Hours 'til Apocalypse took place on November 6, 2014 when Roostville "disappeared" from the Information Superhighway until December 2. With the destruction of the The Universal Bridge, the RMB Mercenary Service, Angillis and Aqualla found themselves on RADOGOJI'S QUEST: Return to Faerun.

ROOSTVILLE: THE SOAP OPERA (Season 3) returned to the air on January 16, 2015 after being mysteriously canceled back in October. A month later (February 2015), THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: Desutoroia X Khandejifer! unfolded as a serial killer stalked Roostville. On February 16, an anomaly seemed to occur and Roostville was not detected on the Information Superhighway for a period of time. On March 8-9, a transition was made to a new server and if there were indeed any strange phenomena involved, it would no doubt have been noted by the sophisticated equipment at the Ogasawara Daikaiju Preserve.

Ever since WHEN THE DUST SETTLED (which involved TIME TRAVEL), Roostville has been noted for its Plot Holes as well as pot holes so an inconsistency here and there is to be expected. "Roostville" actually came about and developed over the years via the round robin method of story development in which more than one writer takes turns moving things along. This is done in the FORUM, particularly the Roostville Chronicles section.

It isn't ALL as spontaneous as it might seem so maybe a peek "behind the scenes" is in order. For that purpose, we present Roostville Facts and Trivia, An Interview with Lord K. and Question the Blue Devil.


It seems that every story during the Dark Ages so far has been focusing on The Council of Death as the true reason behind the evil doings in Roostville. Let's review some of the tales written in late 2003 and early 2004:
THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA!: Hellspawn, Lord Desutoroia Khandejifer's former friend, had him murdered by GAMZILLA. Or to be more precise, the Cenobites, although the truth wasn't known until his resurrection. Hellspawn was secretly serving the Council since just after THE ROOSTVILLE DANCE. It was also under their influence that he founded the Todd McFarlane Cult and established the organization behind the terrorism taking place.
REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE: Gamingboy for Mayor Part 2: This story took a darker and more serious tone than MURDER did. It also introduces readers to the Council of Death. Hellspawn is under the command of a disembodied voice which apparently has no form. The tale never actually used the term 'Council of Death' but Hellspawn's master, Kronos of the Wises, was referred to as that serpent voice.
THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy: This is the Roostville/Hellraiser crossover. This story is believed to first use the term, 'Council of Death' and reintroduced us to Kronos and Matthias of the Dark Sages. The story was very, very dark, helped develop lots of background on Roostville's history and set some basic continuity in place. The Guardians were introduced. Hellspawn continued to serve as Kronos' loyal servant, searching the nearby mountains for a mystical creature known as the Black Fire Rodan which held immense power. The BFR was revealed to be the leader of the Guardians who threatened the Council's very existence. Also, through the Council's cooperation with Hell's master, Leviathan, Apocalypse was born. The origin of the Council of Death was also revealed when Melkor traveled to the future.
REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE AGAIN: 48 Hours 'til Apocalypse: The Council of Death was at it again. This time, Mephistophelian the Conqueror, a resurrected Warlord and Conquerer from Faerun, served as their dog to take control of the female Black Fire Rodan, seize possession the Roostville Dome to breed a vast army and take the the Universal Bridge, a gateway to all multiverses. Roostville was caught within the grip of the Council until the pure spirit of the Princess of Space ended their reign of terror for the time being. This story continued where Resurrection left off and further developed the Council of Death and the Guardians.
THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: Desutoroia X Khandejifer!: Hellspawn was defeated and Mephistophelian had been lost to the Council of Death. The Universal Bridge had been destroyed, Desutoroia resurrected and the Guardians still protected the Earth. The Council sent The Universal Dominator to settle things. Council Members cannot enter the Earth plain so the Universal Dominator opened a gateway across the schisms and projected an image of himself to Desutoroia to do the one thing he was spawned to do: acquire the souls of Earth people. After striking a deal with Desutoroia, the Council had a new weapon to destroy him where Hellspawn had failed: Lord Zarak Khandejifer. All the negative and evil within Desutoroia was separated from the goodness. Khandejifer was given one purpose: Kill Desutoroia at all costs. The Guardians also played a minor role in this story but Roostville itself had a serial killer on the loose.
ROOSTVILLE: THE SERIES: The Council of Death's reign of terror isn't over yet! It is destined to continue as they fight the War of the Cosmos on Earth!
Prepare for more as this is only the beginning!
-- Emperor Violenjiger, June 13th, 2004


Q: Are the characters in the Round Robins humans or their creations/avatars?
A: We can all display our human sides or kaiju/persona attributes as the situation calls for (like being human around humans so they don't get stepped on). Everyone pretty much participates as their avatar/screen name or as described in their PROFILES.

Other threads in the Forum 'flesh out' the lay of the land and provide for discussion of the Round Robins to sometimes establish how the various characters should react to some of the most implausible situations imaginable!

If anyone would like to contribute additional items of interest, PLEASE POST!


Emperor Violenjiger is the big guy behind the 'New Era' of Roostville. Here you will find details about the stories, the characters he has introduced, how he initially got involved in Roostville.

"Yo Joe! Convoy go! It's time for more Roostville "behind the scenes" facts and trivia!"

Were the later tales centering around him conceived at the time of THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA!, as it unfolded or after it was completed? -- Raptor
Since my first post in REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE: Gamingboy for Mayor Part 2, I had been planning to resurrect Desutoroia so he could be in future stories and also introduce the Hellraiser mythology into Roostville.

His return was inspired by Frank's and for the final battle, I had envisioned Sheriff Varan and Princess of Space battling to bring back Desutoroia to the good side. I had planned for the heroes to fight Lord Kilokhan at the end but I forgot about him and ended up including him in RESURRECTION.

NOTE: Lord Kilokhan is the Leviathan who takes on the form of Desutoroia at the end of RESURRECTION. He was responsible for fusing Hellspawn and The Blue Devil into Apocalypse. Mostly, he just stood back and witnessed the final battle rather than actually fighting. The only reason he even appeared is because I forgot to include him at the end of Gamingboy for Mayor Part 2.
Rodanville/Mt. Rodan/Megalon Town/Kenji Sahara Desert -
Once the Round Robin began, the inclusion of Hellspawn, the Black Fire Rodan, Mitchell Laurence, Mt. Rodan, etc. were stuff I came up with to keep the story going because it wouldn't work just having a story with a dead, skinless Desutoroia roaming around.

These places were originally inspired by the LEGEND OF ZELDA (ZELDA 2: The Adventure of Link for the NES, to be specific). One of the towns (I think it was Megalon Town) was based on the mountain of Darunia. Rodanville, where the idea did originate from ZELDA 2, was moreso based on old mining towns.

The idea of the skeletons there, Garland and even the Black Fire Rodan legend were to add to the mystical, ZELDA feel. I was also hoping to have a mini-subplot ZELDA adventure happen in RESURRECTION but wasn't confident that I could pull it off so I scrapped it.

NOTE: To be honest, I added in the Black Fire Rodan, M. Laurence, Mt. Rodan, etc. because I figured that no one was going to participate in the Round Robin and I needed lots of secondary plot to keep things going so it wouldn't be too short of a story.

Hellspawn was originally supposed to easily kill the Black Fire Rodan when he comes out of the lava. (This was before the idea of Seatopia and two BFRs becoming the Dark God Rodan was thought of). Basically, if he would've killed it, that would have been the end of the Black Fire Rodan.

It's finally taken form in THE LEGEND OF ROOSTVILLE: Quest for the Potion of Power but unfortunately, I have more important tales to finish before going back and completing this one.

Utopia -
ZELDA-based but the idea came from Social Studies class mentioning Utopia as a place where everything is free and no materials are scarce (think unlimited free Goji DVDs!) and there is no stress over work, education, etc. Everyone has enough money and food and it is a place without disease. Before it became the well known Seatopia, I wanted it to be viewed as a place more like the Golden Land/Sacred Realm from ZELDA.

Why Desutoroia's ghost comes back to help Melkor defeat Hellspawn -
During the time that GB for Mayor Part 2 was going on, I was already making plans for THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy. At some point (possibly the beginning) or during it, I believe I was planning to resurrect Desutoroia right from the start while also considering the idea of a Roostville conspiracy where he was actually still alive.

Most of the basics behind RESURRECTION were thought up during REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE, I believe.The blood allowing him to escape Hell, needing it to heal himself completely and being transformed into a Cenobite were all I had come up with at the time. I also envisioned Sheriff Varan being around for the whole thing.

Ubergeek opened up a plot twist by having the Nightmare Gamera and Neo Destroyah being the mutilated and reconfigured bodies/souls of Desutoroia and GAMZILLA so I added some more background info to introduce them as their spirits brought back to fight Hellspawn but they would return to their original states once the mission was completed. Desu would be dead and GAM would be returned to the mental institution.

Why Sheriff Varan suffered a psychotic breakdown and committed suicide!
Basically, I was looking for things to keep the story going and keep it interesting and appealing. What better way than the unexpected "death" of a well-known, popular character?

My idea was that after all that had happened since the first coming of Hellspawn in THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA, he just... snapped. In his unhealthy mental state, he shot an innocent child and its mother in the park. Sheriff Varan couldn't live with the guilt so he kills himself.

Burkion suggested that Lord Jimifulss should kill Sheriff Yuri Manda of Megalon Town and he should commit suicide after that. In the story, a little bit of both contribute to his demise.

All I had originally planned for RESURRECTION was the blood and Desutoroia being transformed into a Cenobite. I also planned for Sheriff Varan to be alive for the whole thing. Hellspawn and everything else that happened/appeared not listed here was not part of my original idea.

Hellspawn's Legacy was a mini-story/Round Robin I was planning at the time; a sort of suspenseful thriller style tale, kind of like THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, or even SIGNS and maybe FEAR DOT.COM and others along that line. It was going to be a dark story, dealing with the legacy of evil and corruption that Hellspawn had left behind and the evils that roamed freely in the world to which he would return near the end.

When I posted the opening as THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy, I was thinking that it would be the two separate stories in one thread. After RESURRECTION ended, LEGACY would begin and be posted in the same topic. However, that changed BIG time! When I decided that both stories would be one, some of the ideas for LEGACY were thrown out the window but re-manifested as the cause of Sheriff Varan's psychotic breakdown and suicide. I thought that maybe since Hellspawn would most likely not die, just getting defeated and banished (Apocalypse and the Blue Devil, some of Burkion's ideas, had not been introduced yet) so that he could return in a future tale with the original plot for LEGACY.

RESURRECTION's original ending -
Based on the ending of HELLRAISER 2. A "Pillar of Souls" rip-off would arise from the ground with the faces of Lord Kilokhan, Matthew Laurence and Hellspawn on it who says, "I shall not be denied my destiny." This ending was planned just before the idea of Apocalypse was conceived. I feel sad that by the time I wrote the ending to RESURRECTION, I had forgotten this detail. It would have been interesting...
NOTE: I must have conceived this idea early on and forgotten about it (considering that I wrote it on a sheet of paper containing other notes on RESURRECTION and had tons more papers with millions of other ideas for the story so it's no surprise some got forgotten...
Where the Universal Bridge morphs into Mephistophelian's face and talks in REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE AGAIN: 48 HOURS 'TIL APOCALYPSE -
This was inspired by the episode of BEAST WARS/BEASTIES "Other Visits Part 2" where Megatron takes control of a Vok space craft and his face appears on the outside of it.

How did you become Executive Producer of Roostville?
-- Bagoth
I think it was after Gamingboy, creator of the silly, senseless, plotless Roostville left. I had already done two Roostville Round Robins which had taken on a darker, more serious tone. THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy was the one that me and my co-authors were working on when the forum had a temporary shut-down. I established LORD K's DOMINION: The World of Roostville where everything Roostville related was moved to and I guess I took on the persona as the head writer/executive producer of what I like to call The Roostville Franchise.

Why did you first join Roostville?
-- Shadow
It all started back in July of 2003 when I was posting as Desutoroia. There was a topic in the General Chat asking something like 'Where is Roostville located?' It was really the first time I ever heard of Roostville, this fictional town that Gamingboy had created where all the members of Rodan's Roost lived.

On July 9th, I stumbled in the "Round Robin" forum at the very bottom of Rodan' Roost. I looked at JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE ROOST! which had just ended and GAMINGBOY FOR MAYOR! Roostville Election! which Gamingboy had just started that day. I decided that since there weren't any copyrights, I wanted to do a Round Robin that was MY take on Roostville. That same night, I posted THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA! A Tale of Suspense Amongst Roosters. It was my first Roostville tale and I killed myself off.

MURDER turned out very different from the Roostville Round Robins before it. I hadn't read them and this was only supposed to be my take on the characters.

Some big-time villain was killed in a show my aunt was watching at the time which inspired the murder aspect. After MURDER was finished, I just became hooked on Roostville. Since then, I later devoted my life to it and it's far from being a Roost Fighter rip-off!

Which character do you particularly enjoy writing and why? I personally enjoy following Desutoroia.
-- Raptor
He is not my favorite character but certainly my most favorite to write about. Lord Zarak Khandejifer, vile and cruel, is unlike Desutoroia.

I wasn't writing about a farfetched version of myself or a fantasy me. When writing Khandejifer into the story, it was more like writing the actual me, just filled with evil and given godlike powers. I took a lot of my beliefs on love and the hopelessness of mankind. Read the "Weird" and "Gothic" threads in General Chat and you might get the picture. I was able to twist them into something dark, sinister, wicked and evil. That's why I like writing about Khandejifer.

How did Desutoroia originally come into being? I would immediately think of Vincent Price as a model, not for his villain roles but as the ACTOR Desu. Of course, he is far more than a "just a TV star", possibly having one of the best developed and most complicated characterizations in Roostville.
-- Raptor
I always called Desutoroia the "woman's dream" character; the me I used to want to be (keyword being "used to"). That's where that part developed from.

The whole Peter Parker/my life sucks came from me portraying a melodrama of my life. I used to think it sucks because I was one of the losers. I went overboard with the "my life sucks" angle after Raptor PMed me about how great she thought the Desu character was, being tragic and all. Emperor Desutoroia Violenjiger is going to be an improved character, indeed.

Do your initial ideas for stories come from the characters themselves or a scenario you would like to see played out?
-- Raptor
The ideas for the stories come moreso from scenarios I'd like to see played out as opposed to coming from the characters themselves. I cannot think of any times the plot came from the characters unless THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: Desutoroia X Khandejifer! qualifies...

Where do you get those names? I mean, I can't even roughly pronounce "Khandejifer" and I can barely spell it. And what about that Volignfer or however you pronounce it?
-- Darkside Reject
Khandejifer is the villain from the Ultraman-styled Sentai series GRIDMAN. The show was released over here as SUPERHUMAN SAMURAI SYBER SQUAD. Khandejifer's name was changed to Kilokhan.

Violenjiger (pronounced VIOLEN, as in the instrument) and JIGER (as in the monster from Gamera) was a name I picked from an anime, TRANSFORMERS ZONE. My avatar was a picture of Violenjiger and in my signature was a Violenjiger banner. I just came up with the idea for Emperor Violenjiger.

Rodan2000 notes that Tim Curry did the voice of Lord Kilokhan. "He's one of my favorite actors and ended up voicing the namesake of one of Roostville's most important characters."
Desu's background with the Kilokhan Clan and "a multiple personality disorder" are first mentioned (time line wise) in RODAN 2000's JALEPINO CLUB, an ONGOING story like CHEERS or something rather than a finite, straightforward tale. We're also seeing new robins that will touch on various parts of the Roostville time line. Do you think Desu will have any particular problems (as a character) "filling in the blanks" or evolving into what you would like to see him become?
-- Raptor
If you mean Desutoroia becoming Violenjiger, no, I don't see any problems ahead. He was always portrayed as a character filled with self-doubt and no self-esteem, which he finally conquered in SEPARATION with help from Jennifer and Khandejifer.

Where was your inspiration for non-member characters like Jennifer, etc.?
-- Darkside Reject

With the "etc." there, I assume to you want to know where the inspiration came from for ALL my non-board characters:

Apocalypse -
It was one of Burkion's ideas that Hellspawn and The Blue Devil would fuse into one. I remember that as soon as he said that, I had a vision of a character resembling the body of Apocalypse from X-MEN and Hellspawn's face destroying the city . When he asked, "What would we call him?" I kept saying, "Apocalypse! Apocalypse!" I think he wanted to call him Armageddon.

Personality wise, when writing him into the stories, I tried to portray him as the sickest, most disgusting and evil character in the Roostville Universe with no fears, no weaknesses. The only way he could be conquered was if Hellspawn and the Blue Devil disagreed on something and he would split back into the two separate entities.

The Comedy and Tragedy Killer -
I conceived a mental image of a hooded figure in a long cloak, wearing a mask depicting a sad face and standing in an abandoned theater. I decided to draw it and before or while I was drawing it on paper, I was also writing up character profiles for Hellspawn/Mephisto, Khandejifer and Desutoroia.

Once the drawing was completed, I knew I wanted him to be a part of the Roostville Universe. Then I created a mental image of this person as a serial killer, taunting helpless victims and I knew that it was destiny that he be the killer in THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: Desutoroia X Khandejifer!. He became the replacement for that part of Khan's role.

Death the Soul Reaper -
The founder of Death's Council was inspired by a poster I found online which features the Grim Reaper in the center holding his scythe with souls all around him. It's in the center of my banner. The first reference to him in the stories was when Mephistophelian used the Reaper of Souls, which was described as a sword but intended to be Death's mighty scythe.
Hellspawn -
His origin in the stories goes something like this:

After the death of his girlfriend, Mallory, the phantoms of Kronos and Matthias come into his life and promise him he would have anything he wanted (which was his lover back) and all he had to do was help them slowly take control over the Earth.

The original idea was that Leviathan, Lord of the Labyrinth/Lord Kilokhan (as a derelict/Puzzle Guardian) would've been responsible, come into his life and force Hozay Nissen to seek out and solve the LaMent Configuration. He would find the monster within the box and the monster within himself.

Jennifer -
I did want to try out a romance subplot in SEPARATION so I needed a female character to do that. Hence, she was created.
Lord Zarak Khandejifer -
The reason I gave Khandejifer's description as looking like the original Megatron in TRANSFORMERS: Generation One in the scene with Joseph Stefano was that is the way I envisioned the Universal Dominator separating Desu and Khan. It reminded me of Unicron transforming Megatron into Galvatron in the movie. The creature was based on Unicron. NOTE: What I mean by that is how I envisioned what the separation would look like visually. It came from Unicron turning Megatron into Galvatron in the TRANSFORMERS movie.

SEPARATION began with him as this evil sleazebag who'd stop at nothing to kill Desutoroia. A sneak, cheat and lier, he would have killed anyone if it meant he could destroy Desutoroia. But by the end, the tides had turned.

Khandejifer's ascension frees him of the body and mind that was his prison. He pretty much takes on the persona of a god and we see a different side of him; a purist, a perfectionist - someone who realizes the world's people are destroying each other and their very planet so he takes the liberty of stopping them although his new sense of honor forces him to find a more humane way to do it.

His mission is to cleanse the Earth and build a perfect paradise. Most sleazebags don't even dream of that.

Kronos of the Wises -
The idea for this character surfaced during REBUILDING: Gamingboy for Mayor Part 2. I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if we learned that Hellspawn wasn't operating under his own free will but under the influence of greater forces?"

Kronos was introduced into the story as the disembodied demonic serpent voice. In RESURRECTION, he is given the name 'Kronos' and said to be the leader of The Council of Death.

Mitchell Laurence -
My mother and aunt watch a lot of soap operas and often, I'd have nothing to do after school. When I got home, I sat through them to pass the time. That is where most of (if not all) the murder related aspects of Roostville came from.

In THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA! A Tale of Suspense Amongst Roosters, the way the body of Desutoroia was found; M. Laurence's inclusion in the tale and the vile murders in THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: Desutoroia X Khandejifer! all came from making myself sit through these shows when I had nothing better to do.

An original idea I had was for him to pretend to be Princess of Space's father to get close to her family for some sick purposes of his. The idea was scrapped.

Before he attempts to perform the Black Mass in THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy but after the helicopter crash, I wanted Laurence to commit a whole wack of crimes, moving around town unseen by anyone. When he tries to perform the Black Mass in RESURRECTION, I originally was going to include Ouija boards and witch craft but it looks like this idea never went far.

NOTE: Think of it like this: everyone believes that he is dead so keeping this in mind, Laurence begins committing a bunch of crimes leading up to his Black Mass sacrifice and no one suspects a thing.
Mallory -
Hellspawn (the member) used to have a crush on a preppie with that name. He'd probably deny it now though, but it happened.
Sheriff Yuri Manda -
I created her to be Sheriff Varan's ex-girlfriend for RESURRECTION. Yuri because it was feminine and Manda for two reasons:
  1. To stick with the Sheriffs being named after a kaiju
  2. Manda is a female kaiju.
If my memory is functioning properly, Burkion introduced the idea of her being killed to make Varan's suicide seem even more tragic. Raptor later proposed the idea that Yuri had been sent to Roostville to rectify an unbalance that was obviously caused by the Council of Death and Boom!, Yuri being one of the Guardians was born!
Matthias of the Dark Sages -
Visually, he was inspired by the YU-GI-OH monster, Jinzo. Where the name, etc. came from for him, I have no clue.
Mephistophelian the Conqueror -
The vengeance-driven villain from 48 HOURS was originally meant to be the fifth demon form of Hellspawn (counting Apocalypse's three stages as forms). When I first conceived the character, that was what I called him: "Hellspawn Form 5."

Mephistophelian was created by accident. I was drawing in school and just off the top of my head, I drew in the bottom left corner of the paper a made-up creation of mine: this anime-looking character that reminded me of Hellspawn, even if I only drew a head. After drawing it, I realized that the face resembled the features I had given Hellspawn and Apocalypse and their next evolution was born!

The body for the character was inspired by the Digimon, Cyberdramon (my brother owns the action figure). I decided to give Hellspawn's fifth form a new name as well. I found the name Mephistophelian (also spelled Mephistophelean) in the dictionary while searching words such as evil, demonic, etc. that described Hellspawn's character so I could create a name for his new form. Mephistophelian is the adjective form of Mephistopheles. The definition for it is:

  1. In medieval legend, a devil to whom Faust sold his soul for wisdom and power.
  2. A leading character in Marlowe's DR. FAUSTUS, Goethe's FAUST, etc.
-- n. A diabolical or crafty person.

Another name I came across that I liked was Stygian. As the story goes, I asked my relatives and even members of Roostville which name they liked better. Some of you might recall that in the end, I chose Mephistophelian. 'Stygian' became the name of Mephisto's lair in ROOSTVILLE: THE SERIES.

The idea was that Hellspawn would undergo a mutation between RESURRECTION and 48 HOURS and lose most of his memories, except for who his enemies were. He would become obsessed with vengeance and try to destroy Ubergeek and Melkor, the ones who defeated him.

After a post in 48 HOURS by another member, Mephistophelian's entire background story was re-written. Since then, I have come to envision him as the Megatron/Galvatron of Roostville.

Joseph Stefano -
He was based on a jock who bullied me in Grades 4, 5 and 8.
The Red King -
While looking through Monster Zero's member list, I came across a member named Red King. The name automatically reminded me of Mara Al Utha, the Red Wizard from TRANSFORMERS: MADMAN'S PARADISE. The image that came to my head is hard to describe but that's how the Red King's character took form.

His origins are also similar to Mara Al Utha, a Quintesson that took on a human form and was trained in magic under the Golden One. His rival was one of the Golden One's other pupils. Mara Al Utha trapped the Golden One and imprisoned his rival and ruled the world of Malonia for many centuries.

The Red King is similar in the sense that he was under the training of a magically gifted person (Morgoth) and tried to destroy his rival, Saruman, as well as his master. The only difference is that the Red King fails in THE LEGEND OF ROOSTVILLE: Quest for the Potion of Power where Mara Al Utha didn't.

The Universal Dominator -
He was mostly inspired by the planet-sized Dark God Transformer known as Unicron but also by the Wishmaster.
Emperor Violenjiger -
In the OVA anime, TRANSFORMERS: ZONE, an entity with three heads known as Violenjiger resurrects the dead Destron gestalts to steal the Zodiac Crystal from the Cybertrons and kill Victory Saber. I watched the fan dub of ZONE and really liked Violenjiger's character so I used him as my avatar and had a banner made consisting of three Violenjiger images.

While I was thinking up the idea for the evolution of Desu's character, I considered just calling him Lord Desutoroia since he was usually just called Desu but LORD had already been taken by Khandejifer. After looking at my avatar and signature, the Destron Emperor of Destruction's name was stolen from Takara to use as a character in ROOSTVILLE THE SERIES: DX, the past life/super version of Desu.

Desutoroia's first wife -
She wasn't actually based on anyone but was created to make the connection between Desutoroia and the Comedy and Tragedy Killer who appeared in SEPARATION more personal.
Is there anything I can do to improve MY character?
-- Kaiser Kronos
I will try my best to answer. I don't know, but come up with an interesting situation that the character has fallen into, an experience that would change his life forever.
At RODAN 2000's JALEPINO CLUB, why did you decide to have Lord K. and the Princess of Space fall in love?
-- Kiryu Goji
Actually, that began when Rodan2000 had them start fighting and Desu says, "Hey, you're a good fighter."
She says, "Thanks. You, too."
And then he says, "And you're hot."
She asks, "Want to go out on a date?" and of course, they do and everybody else throws up. Prince of Space tried to break them up and ended up going to jail for his efforts at one point. He escaped and lots of other stuff ended up happening. That's kind of how it began, according to Rodan2000.

An interesting fact is that when I wrote my first post for the Jalepino Club story, I read how they were treating her. This was back in the days when I was a loser without a life so I started to think that maybe I should write myself in as this character's... angel or something. I decided not to and just introduced myself. Some time later, Godzilla Guy PMed me to check out the Jalepino Club and luckily, R2K made it happen. I remember reading his post for the first time. Thank you, R2K!

Actually, I designed the character Princess of Space as a greatly over-exaggerated version of my own sister: annoying, irritating and dangerous (sometimes). That's why she tried to kill us all so many times but is constantly thwarted by Kiryu Goji's snakes or other things.

It seems a relationship was just what she needed to turn her life around. Since the "metamorphosis" she kind of had, I've liked her character a lot more. She's basically completely changed by the time Desu defeats Super Godzilla Fan. By then, she's no longer anything like her old self so we've had a lot of development on her character, nearly the most I've seen on any.

And you thank me for killing her off, is that it, Lord K?! (just joking!)
-- Rodan2000

Why do you say that Desutoroia has DID when in reality, what he has is demonic possession by Leviathan? Why do you think a dark side makes him DID?
-- Kaiser Kronos

You forgot about Khandejifer, who before being separated from Desu's body was an alternate personality.
-- Neo-Crucifer

That's true, but I never read that he was one. I read that he was the sentient dark side of Desutoroia. There's a tiny bit of difference in that.
-- Kaiser Kronos

Actually and originally, Khan was just another personality. No life was in him - nothing back in the campier days of Roostville.
-- Burkion

Khandejifer was an alternate personality formed from Desutoroia's aggression, remorse and hate - from the darker things in life he couldn't handle. It was that personality that formed the Kilokhan Clan early in Roostville history. Then, during the the Comedy and Tragedy killings, the Universal Dominator separated that personality into its own sentient being.
Behind the scenes of THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA and Khandejifer
When I started THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA! A Tale of Suspense Amongst Roosters, I considered the idea that Desutoroia would have actually been alive and partly involved in the terrorism taking place but Hellspawn was written in as being responsible, thanks to Ubergeek and Gamingboy. Desu was going to play havoc and masquerade as himself while committing a bunch of mysterious murders.

When I conceived the character of "Comedy and Tragedy", I decided I wanted him to be in the Roostville Universe and replaced Desu with Lord Zarak Khandejifer as the killer.

The entire murder would have been a conspiracy and Desutoroia would have come to Roostville as a villainous foe for future tales. I really wanted to develop him as a villain at that point but I realized that the idea of his death being faked sounded... not very believable. Also, I never had the full intention of keeping him dead.

Shortly after the tale began (perhaps in the middle or close to the end), I made plans to resurrect him in THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy. It was around the time of REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE: Gamingboy for Mayor Part 2 that I started to come up with the basics for the plot.

Eventually, Desutoroia was resurrected but he never made it into the role of a villain. Raptor told me that he seemed to come off as a tragic character. From that point onward, I made his life into a melodrama, making him depressed and having all these secrets from his past that he keeps buried.

While RESURRECTION was still being written, I knew I really wanted Desutoroia as a villain but after the stuff that had happened up to that point, I felt it wouldn't work so I created the concept that Desutoroia's good and evil would be separated and then I'd have two characters: the good one and the evil version I had wanted from the start.

Another reason Desutoroia was never turned into a villain was RODAN 2000's JALEPINO CLUB. I don't know if RESURRECTION was being written at the time or if this was before I decided to make Desu's life into a melodrama.

I introduced myself into that story as an evil type but that never went past my first post. It did provide background for THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: Desutoroia X Khandejifer! I had it planned where I would introduce Desu as the evil character I wanted and allowing me to use the evil version in future tales. I would now be able to do what I wanted from the start.

My aunt was also watching two soap operas at the time and both were focusing on serial killer subplots. I thought, Wouldn't that be cool if Khandejifer starts his own serial killings and Desutoroia becomes the prime suspect? I also was wanting to try writing a love/romance story so I thought that maybe when Desutoroia becomes the prime suspect, Princess of Space would leave him and he'd meet a new girl. She'd have the hots for him from the start but we wouldn't realize he'd fallen for her until close to the end. Basically, Princess was going to doubt Desutoroia's innocence, feel she couldn't be with him because he may be a killer and leave him when he becomes a suspect because of Khandejifer's killings. They split up as she refuses to be with someone who may be the killer on the loose. Once Desutoroia and the other girl finally get together as a couple, Princess would have died mysteriously but not been killed. A lot of that was changed when Raptor suggested that Princess should die sacrificing herself to save those she loves, hence RESURRECTION's beautiful ending.

Jennifer (she had no name at the time) would enter Desutoroia's life and he would appear to not have any feelings for her but only think of her as a friend although she's deeply infatuated/madly in love with him.

Why Princess had to die in the first place!
I wanted to try out a love story but it wouldn't work with Princess so I decided to have her get killed off. I explained all of this to Raptor and she gave me the idea that Princess should have a heroic death and Boom!, the ending of RESURRECTION was born!
Another idea I had was that Zax, the King of Darkness, would be involved in Khandejifer's serial killings. Godzilla Guy asked for someone to use HIM as a villain in one of their tales. Burkion and I had already planned out REVENGE OF APOCALYPSE (at the time, it was called APOCALYPSE'S REVENGE) and I PMed GG saying we'd use him as a villain in our upcoming story but that his name wasn't villainous enough. He gave me the name of Zax and I had it planned out: Zax, the Las Vegas-style gangster in charge of the Maser City mob!

Although Godzilla Guy later introduced Zax as a more comical evil character in the prequels, I had already created his background with Desutoroia and Hellspawn/Hozay which I was hoping to make into a story but instead, I made reference to it in the more recent stuff.

As the story goes, I happened to be in the room when my aunt was watching her soaps. A vision of a man wearing a sad (comedy and tragedy style) mask and a hooded cloak standing before Afiag in the Anguirus Theater, acting like the most evil of all Roostville foes, came to me. I drew a picture of the character and called him "The Psychotic Psychopath." I envisioned him as the most maniacal foe yet but I didn't know where to place him or what tale to put him in. So I figured, "F" Khandejifer and Zax, this is going to be the character who commits the killings. I reworked the plot and had things going like this:
  1. Desu's good and evil are separated into two individual characters.
  2. Shortly afterwards, the story focuses on the new Comedy and Tragedy Killer while Khandejifer is in the background.
  3. Once the killer's identity is revealed, the story was to focus less on him and now enter the Desu vs. Khan element and focus on Khandejifer.
The only difference between this idea and the actual story was the order that events took place:
  1. Melkor, Desu and the Guardians raid Khandejifer's Citadel and destroy it and at the same time, stopping a virus he has released.
  2. Khan tells Desu he'll be waiting for him in Roostville.
  3. The good guys return to Roostville and the Comedy and Tragedy Killer is vanquished when Afiag returns.
  4. Melkor and Desu then go after Khan for the final round.
Early on during SEPARATION's planning, I had this interesting idea: What if Khandejifer could change into all these different evil and demonic forms and shapes representing the evil monster within him? I also had this idea (which I didn't think up for Roostville) where this character feels his mind is a prison, blocking him from perfection. The character would have used some kind of ritual to free his soul from his mind, transforming him into a being without form - a core conscience with limitless powers and the ability to shape shift. He would be rid of bias and close-mindedness. He would be smart and have the power to comprehend everything we don't understand. I just applied the idea to Roostville and Khandejifer's background and made it happen to him.
One last thing remained: Who would the Comedy and Tragedy Killer be?
I started a topic asking if anyone would like a role as a killer or be killed. It would be my choice who became the killer and who died.

Before anyone replied to the thread, Bruce Parker and I had a talk and I was considering using him as the Comedy and Tragedy Killer. There were few replies to that thread (which later became two pages long) and I did the easiest thing ever: I decided that the first person to reply would be the Comedy and Tragedy Killer. Rez0007 won the role but I wasn't sure if I wanted him to be the killer but told him that he was being considered for the part.

I also PMed Sauron, asking if he would like the role of the Comedy and Tragedy Killer because I figured having one of the guys behind the Rodan's Roost website be the killer would make for an excellent twist, story wise, since they were good guys. There was no response from him so it was official: Rez would be the killer!

I don't know how long but it was a while before Sauron finally replied. And once he did, the final choice was made. Sauron would be the Comedy and Tragedy Killer of Roostville. I took all my notes and replaced "rez0007" with "Sauron" and everything was set in motion.

Rez and Space Varen were introduced into the story as characters with a grudge or feud against Desu and they kidnap his girlfriend, Jennifer, and pretend to be the Comedy and Tragedy Killer as a reference to my original idea. Why I chose Space Varen from the Evil Lair, I have no clue.

NOTE: How and why Space Varen grew to hate/dislike Desu is revealed in RODAN 2000's JALEPINO CLUB. It also incorporates Super Godzilla Fan and where he ended up later comes into play with the creation of Memory Creature during AFTERMATH.

That's some of the fun with having stories take place a couple years before others, and being able to work on them after you've introduced something in the future. Two completely unrelated stories can be joined together in the origin of something here that is reflected there and it goes on and on. That's part of the fun of the Round Robins.
-- Rodan2000

And there you have it. Behind the scenes of SEPARATION and Khandejifer. Romance, murder and a man facing the monster within, all tangled up into one adventure.
Do most of your stories change so much while they're being made?
-- Seer235
When it comes down to what was being planned before the stories were started and how things turned out when they were finished, RESURRECTION and SEPARATION both had lots of changes and stuff added to them.

The original ending for RESURRECTION, which I am sad to have excluded, had a large pillar emerging from the ground with faces all over it, representing the villainous demons that were defeated, kind of like how HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II ends. Hellspawn's face says, "I shall not be denied my destiny!" and it ends. That was very different from the actual ending which had Hellspawn and The Blue Devil inside of Apocalypse, fighting with each other. They couldn't cooperate so they split back into themselves and the Blue Devil was sent to Hell while Hellspawn escaped and Roostville disappeared on the spot (which I wrote in to lead into REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE AGAIN: 48 HOURS 'TIL APOCALYPSE).

Another major difference between the original plot and the Round Robin was the inclusion of Hellspawn himself. Notice the subtitle of RESURRECTION is "Hellspawn's Legacy", which was actually the working title for a Round Robin I had conceived to be a more scary and creepy tale. Later, I decided to combine RESURRECTION and Hellspawn's legacy into ONE story.

I also had the idea of adding in a short ZELDA-styled adventure for Ubergeek and Count Super Jet Jaguar's trip to Mt. Rodan and the unknown towns around there, which I scrapped. But the idea was too good to keep locked away in my mind and THE LEGEND OF ROOSTVILLE: Quest for the Potion of Power was born!

Let me tell you about the original ending for RESURRECTION: All of Roostville would be destroyed. Everyone would just move away and Afiag and Apocalypse (not the Blue Devil) would be trapped in Hell forever. As to why I wanted this, I don't really know anymore.

Another thing that came out different: Afiag was MUCH different than what I had envisioned. He was more of the basic hero than the dark, almost evil anti-hero, or even the insane villain he would become later on.

Also, the Demon Huntsman was to fight both Hellspawn and the Blue Devil before they merged into Apocalypse and Afiag turned into the Angel of Darkness.

A lot of things happen over time.
-- Burkion

Reading this brings back a lot of old and very fond memories of the days those stories were being conceived. All the fancy ideas and how different things would often turn out, and all the stuff that would end up being scrapped.

I remember, before December of 2003, sitting in English Class (Grade 9) and writing up all kinds of ideas for THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy. Fun times, fun times.

Were you thinking of doing something in particular with Mitch Laurence but he got killed off before you got around to it?
-- Raptor
No, he didn't depart too soon. Anyone remember him? The madman obsessed with Utopia and the Black Fire Rodan? I'm positive one of my ideas had him either being Princess' father or pretending to be. I just scrapped the idea.


Want to know how certain characters came about? Why some are stronger than others? Why Burkion writes like he does?

Or why he's ripping off the Lord K. Interview? Read on!

Where did the idea of Sblade come from? Also, I read on the now-dead BbBoy forum that Sblade was originally once a part of Afiag. Was he intended to be a "dark side" of sorts? How was the original Sblade supposed to be defeated?
-- Neo-Crucifer
The idea for Sblade (originally Afiag) was supposed to be just a smaller part of a much larger entity, Afiesaga, who was split into two beings: Afie, the Angel of Life and Saga, the God of Death. Afie and Saga waged war upon one another since they were mortal enemies and eventually, some higher power combined them but in a different way.

Afiag was created as we know him now but one stray part of Saga overtook a part of Afie and created Sblade. Afiag would have to defeat Sblade to become whole again.

In the end, I decided to scrap this idea since this made Afiag too godlike. I think the angle of them being brothers was great and the fact that Sblade stole Afiag's daughter added more depth to them.

As for how Sblade came about that name, my sister used to have an old email address which was S-Blade and her name is Sonya. That is where the 'S' comes from. I decided to take this name for one of my characters because I liked how it sounded. Yes, it is that simple.

The origins of Count Super Jet Jaguar will tie into that of Afiag. ALL OF THEM.

The origin of Super Jet Jaguar:
Way back when, after my original computer died on me, I had to get a new forum name since I forgot (again) what the password for Angillis 333 was.

As was common back then, we used our online nick so a character called Super Jet Jaguar was born. I was awake during the day and asleep during the night so I jokingly referred to myself as 'Count' Super Jet Jaguar and it stuck.

My character became a cybernetic vampire. Over time, Ubergeek started referring to him as 'SVAMP' for reasons unknown to me. By then, I had tried to make Angillis a tad bit more serious but failed in the end so I decided to change my ideas into Super JJ. When THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA! A Tale of Suspense Amongst Roosters came around, it presented me the perfect chance.

Originally, SVAMP was going to face off with The Blue Devil so I created a weapon for him, the Red Button, which I now refuse to admit exists. After taking a quiz called "What is Your Vampire Name?", I received the name of Afiag. I thought about it and decided to 'borrow' it.

Original Ending:
SVAMP, before the creation of Afiag, was supposed to fight the Blue Devil on some moon and end the battle with a miniature black hole gun. Neither would have survived.

The original ending for Afiag, when he was simply a vampire and before he fought Apocalypse, was somehow tied in with these super werewolves that threatened to destroy Roostville if he did not come to them. He created a barrier around the town before going out to meet the werewolves. There would have been thousands, a virtual army that he would have faced. It would all build up to a final battle between him and the werewolf queen. They would fight to the death, fates unknown.

Original Beginnings:
Unknown for all except Afiag. Will get into his origins in my story, ORIGINS OF DARKNESS:Afiag's Past. I have left out that would have dealt with how the present Afiag that you know was created.
Is the Dragon King ever going to appear?
-- Neo-Crucifer
Since we changed the ending so a mob of angry fans don't kill me, no. Not that I know of anyway.
Where did the idea of the Blue Devil come from?
-- Neo-Crucifer
The Blue Devil - The Blue King - The Phantom Lord. Perhaps one of the mightiest villains of all when at full power (which will only be once) had a rather odd background.

Originally, I had this toy at the age of six that I had no idea what the name of it was so I called it 'the Blue Devil'. I learned a few months ago that it was an action figure from the show BEETLEBORGS, or whatever they called themselves. He was one of the villains that is really hard to find a pic of now.

I made up this origin for him about how he could steal souls and was some sort of super robot that was possessed by a fallen killer. I was obsessed with a soul-stealing robot at age six! Back then, he usually was just that: some kind of robot, either from the future or from the present but he always went down with the hero in the end.

He was one of the many characters I thought up back then. There was also 'the Unknown', 'Hawkeye', 'Vikion' (who fought The Blue Devil the most and usually was killed by him); 'Terror Scream', 'Veron' and many others. One time, I remember thinking up an idea about how Vikion and Hawkeye would meet up and fight each other until some other being (usually The Blue Devil) appeared.

It wasn't until I was older that I dropped the robot angle of The Blue Devil and picked up the Devil's son bit.

What was the "gruesome death" originally planned for Gamingboy in THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy?
-- Neo-Crucifer
He was, along with half the town, going to be vaporized by the warring Apocalypse and Afiag. This was way back when most of the town was going to be destroyed and Roostville was going to be abandoned. Quite a dark ending, actually...
Before Emp killed them off in Episode 5 of ROOSTVILLE: THE SERIES, what were you going to do with the alternate Afiags, like SJJ and the Demon Huntsman?
-- Neo-Crucifer
I was going to have them stick around, help out in the town, possibly fight in future battles. Stuff like that.
Where did the idea of Christ's Shadow come from?
-- Neo-Crucifer
Myself and a friend were trying to come up with a name for The Blue Devil since that doesn't really instill fear or anything. He suggested 'Crisis Shadow', which I heard as Christ's Shadow. I wasn't really listening, you see. I proposed the name to Emp and he suggested we make it into a character separate from The Blue Devil. So, due to my mis-hearing, we came up with Christ's Shadow.
Crisis Shadow sounds cool. Can I use the name for some other projects?
-- Rodan2000
Sure. Just keep me informed on it. I like to know where my characters go, even if they are just names!
Do any of your characters have multiple personalities? Do any of your characters have a basis in reality?
-- Kaiser Kronos
Actually, yes. About the MP thing anyway. Paradise, in my HAWKEYE series, was created from several different creatures and their minds entered his body. He was a real wackjob, him and the Grim Lord.

As for a basis in real life, that would be Shinotas, who I somewhat based off one of my best friends, DJ. That and some other odd characters which I'm more than likely forgetting.

Wow, this turned out better than EV's thread... Wonder why...

Because you're online more than EV is.

Are you going to explain The Dragon King's true identity now that his appearance has been nixed? Are you going to publicly reveal the original ending of THE CHILDREN OF ROOSTVILLE!?
-- Neo-Crucifer
Do I look like I want to be lynched?
STILL have questions? JUST ASK!


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