Headquartered in an imposing building designed similar to the Pentagon in Washington, DC, this powerful government function was initially headed by Sauron. The Special Agents work closely with international counterparts from all over the world, including Britain, Russia, America, Japan, Hong Kong and other countries.

Sometimes seen in their dark uniforms, this elite unit is more often invisible as it goes about its tasks quietly and effectively. They were called on to help solve the "Comedy & Tragedy" killings, among other notorious cases. Their advanced training helped Inspector James Webster (Earth Baragon) become Sheriff Jaguar's top detective and bring the Mod Squad into the 21st Century as far as methodology of criminal investigations go. Following in his father, Agent Johnathon Webster's footsteps, he hoped to catch his killer and be able to assure the safety of all Roostville's citizens once again.

AGENTS - Morgoth | Melkor | Sheriff Jet Jaguar | Bagoth | Bato Goji | Gorgozilla


Although the local government edifice often comes under siege by protesters (among them, the Concerned Citizens Committee), ex-Mayor Morgoth was not above using his mighty war hammer to silence them if necessary. The focal point of City Square, it has managed to withstand even Angillis and his rocket launcher. What lies beneath its hallowed halls had been kept secret by the Dark Lords until Red King (Saruman's arch nemesis) set his diabolic plans in motion.

It was from the roof of City Hall that Gamingboy observed the carnage befalling Roostville (along with the destruction of the Best Buy) and realized THE BATTLE OF ROOSTVILLE made most of the Toho films look tame compared to THE REAL THING. The town could also make loads of much-needed REVENUE just filming the frequent kaiju and alien invasions the area seemed to encourage!

The Council Chamber on the top floor is great for a big party, for instance, Melkor's birthday bash, which was the subject of a COPS: TV Series Rip-Off episode. The denizens of City Hall begin planning for the yearly winter holiday celebration around December 1st while most everyone is still trying to figure out what to do with all their Turkey Day leftovers and/or gearing up for the big parade. Besides, ALL employers (including Dark Lords) suffer from the delusion that office parties are GOOD FOR MORALE, even if they do end up on the police blotter!



When Gamingboy returned from Hiatus, he may not have been the "winner" in the election but he had an Ignore Cannon. And thus, using Count Super Jet Jaguar's stolen BRAND NEW EXTRA LARGE Version 2.0, he rewrote history on August 5, 2014 when he realized something was going on in Roostville over the past six months or so. Every time a news worthy event occurred, something weirder happened. He undid events that had transpired in JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE ROOST! (except for the town being wrecked) and announced his candidacy for Mayor, which resulted in multiple attempts on his life.

The ex-Mayor of Roostville is FREAKING RICH (which is always a good excuse for being "eccentric" and The Nintendo Master, making him a sworn enemy of A. Andross Smith, the X-Boxer. He is also the biggest stock holder in the Museum of Monsters© and patent holder for the Neural Scanner© which will fry ten brain cells for each bit of B.S. one may cook up.

Gamingboy's humongous Mansion©-Invincible-Headquarters that is somehow larger than anything else because of a Plot Hole© is modeled after the Super Smash Brothers' Headquarters. Its arrival in Monsterzeroville during Roostville's "disappearance" attracted just about every refugee in camp, as well as a large contingent of locals, either for a complimentary tour of the humongous construct or to secure bunk space in its Little Tokyo Guest Quarters with its coffin-sized berths. In LOCKDOWN©, the mansion's automatic defense is on full alert and anyone entering would be DNA scanned. The only outside communication is the INTERNET© and being the safest place in town, the Mod Squad will use it as a temporary headquarters when their facilities get trashed. Security proved to not be so perfect due to the sewer system under the original location.

There is also his GAMINGMOBILE©, that corny James Bond-like special effects eye candy car from DIE ANOTHER DAY he drives too fast. It has a force field, Gamingbeam generator, oil slick, etc. GB has an upgraded M-1 tank with a .50-caliber maser turret parked out back, an aluminum baseball bat, Walther PPK©, a LIGHT-SABER™ and a M1 Garand® "just in case." He went to Kong Town with his bodyguard, Battlefield (see the CRIMSON BATTLEFIELD), during the Museum robbery with a Sherman tank to blow up a building and retrieve a gigantic black dragon, only to get swallowed by Ancalagon the Black but Malystryx saved him. Gamingboy did lose his car once in the ongoing Anguirus War but this time, he just suffered a brick to the windshield with a message about the stolen artifacts from the Museum. Another super cool vehicle is the ATMCS (All Terrain Mind Controlled Scooter), essentially a SEGWAY ON STEROIDS©.

Captured by his sworn enemy, Andross the X-Boxer, he went SUPERGAMING, pulling out Chaos Emeralds (see Sonic Games) and a super-sonic like aura enveloped him. He eventually got nearly all the loot back via eBay.

Ex-Vice-Mayor Sauron gave him the power of Homeland Defense when Roostville was in grave danger of an alien/ninja/rabid seagull/drunk monkey/terrorist/GINO Fan attack during THE BATTLE OF ROOSTVILLE but when serious muscle was needed, the Mods© were the ones who armed up. It wasn't unusual for the Mayor to go on vacation when things in town got particularly crazy. When not entertaining himself with video games, FIGHT CLUB bouts would suffice. During the reign of terror by the the "Comedy & Tragedy" killer, Gamingboy was poisoned at a banquet in his mansion and ended up in a coma from which he has yet to awaken. During his incapacity, Ubergeek is fulfilling the responsibilities of the Mayor's Office.

Additional Background -
MORGOTH - February 2004 - August 5, 2014



SAURON - February 2004 - August 5, 2014
UBERGEEK, THE SPAWN OF KENNY - August 5, 2014 - November 14, 2015



"SAVE THE LOT!" is the motto of the R.F.D. and not because it takes them a bit to get their act together. In addition to protecting city property from the ravages of fire, this department can also aid in the 'recovery' of burrowing Kaiju from tunnels, such a Baragon.

The Fire Department usually has their equipment cleaned up and back in working order in time for the Roostville Holiday Parade after the many Solstice fires they respond to. Soon afterwards, they can expect at least a few calls to rescue folks during the year-end festivities who climb the City Christmas Tree to "prove" their bravery and courage, quite often under the influence of LIQUID holiday spirits!


Mayor Ubergeek's latest haunt can be spied protruding from the East River®: a partially-sunken Independence Day© City-Buster®. The 15 mile wide alien craft, despite its pseudo-CGI nature, failed to vanish with the other Effectswraiths© that assailed Roostville part way through the filming of ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE.

Crash-landing at a 20-degree angle, the City-Buster currently rests in over four miles of water, which leaves a good 2-1/2 miles of ship protruding above the surface. Quickly filing some ambitious property claims following the chaos of BEHIND THE SCENES OF "ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE", Uber employed early revenues from the films to develop this distinctive bit of 'real estate', moved in and started renovating with a crazed passion.

The former City-Buster® now contains several miles of Daikaiju-sized cells fit for zoological/museum displays, experimental weapons testing (carried out in conjunction with the UKCC) and prison time for recaltricant monstrosities (everything from giant tapeworms to Bagan, hordes of homeless Space Gyaos and other Disorderly and/or Destructive miscreants).

A remodeled communications center, commanding an impressive view of the Roostville environs, serves as the Geek's sanctum sanctorum whilst massive hangar bays a half mile above water shelter private jets, crop-dusters, Super-Xes, JSDF squadrons and a couple of Uber's aeronautics projects, including several Experimental Delta-Winged F-16 Prototypes© and some four dozen refurbished 'Stingray' fighter craft (maintained by a dedicated staff of stranded 'squid' aliens). A massive K-MAX© studio/theater develops and screens such abominations as the MST 3000 REVIVAL©, GODZILLA: THE REVISED SERIES and live coverage of the DUEL OF THE FATES©.

All in all, a wretched hive of scum and villainy® as the Geekspawn's lair is generally a nexus of bizarre stuff the average Roostville citizen would be happier never hearing about (which is really saying something). Some of the many-tentacled ID-4 'Greys' chose to eke out a living alongside the city's human/kaiju/mutant population and most of the fighter pilots elected to stay on. Celluloid Critter Cells have also been set up in the #10 launch port. That big City-Buster in the East River can accommodate all kinds of "enterprises" so please contact the Mayor for further details about this unique venue.


Serving the Baragon Subway Lines, the station also houses a shopping area with a Chili's, an internet cafe and Gigan's Pizza.

Operated by Baragon2003, all local lines are underground and connect Roostville with many other towns on the continent. Expansion of the system is ongoing as Baragon seeks new and unexplored territories for his burrowing activities.


Previously managed by Sauron, the local cable company is the heartbeat of Roostville, providing television, internet and telephone service for its residents. When something went wrong, EVERYONE took it to heart (and out on Sauron).

Despite its ramshackle facilities and equipment, RC&T has some of the best programming available, thanks to local thespians and enterprising producers. Such hits as GODZILLA: THE REVISED SERIES, ROOSTVILLE: THE SOAP OPERA and COPS: TV Series Rip-Off soon found their way from local public access to underground cult status throughout the Kaiju Nations (and beyond).

The tumble-down shed that housed the server farm and broadcast equipment was destroyed during the filming of ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE and again during the election/murder/mayhem of 2014 but the service came back stronger and more popular than ever on March 8, 2015. SON OF C-R-V took over managing the franchise on April 26, 2015 when it was discovered Sauron was the notorious "Comedy & Tragedy" killer. If not for the quick response of Raptor and W.E.I.'s Thunder Chicken, the venerable facility would have no doubt been destroyed by irate citizens.


This was Morgoth's idea to make use of the site of the former Godzilla Tower which was destroyed following the THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA and the turmoil of the Roostville election. He and Saruman quickly rezoned the destroyed area, making it extremely simple to buy the land rights from the current owners. With the site firmly in their grasp, they would have secured the center of the project, which would be pivotal in Phase One of their PLAN. Saruman suggested pinning the destruction of the Tower on alien terrorists to divert defense funds as well as reconstruction costs into the project.

It would become THE tourist attraction, bigger than Euro-Disney! As the revenue rolled in, they would be in a position to execute Phase Two of the 900 page PLAN. Saruman, Sauron and former Mayor Morgoth were part of this scheme, along with the Uruk-hai, Orcs, Space Marine Sutech the Slaughterer, cylons, Kenny, the treacherous Decepticon Air Commander Starscream; General Urko of the Ape High Command and skaven he had employed to undermine the recent political race. Melkor had been a part of the scheme but was against it, even if he knew it would not become a place of eternal torture like it had in the undecided future he had foreseen. He sensed that something was up but chose to wait until he knew more. Little did any of them realize that Roostville's disappearance was not caused by the Dark Lords who had remained underground for nine days to secretly build the Dome. They had no idea about Mephistophelian re-awakening in Hellspawn and the war he was waging.

When the Dome had been completed and the Dark Lords were ready to return Roostville to its proper plane, it didn't transport back. Mephistophelian the Conqueror, the Warrior of Stygian born eons ago in Faerun, was reborn on Earth and had come to conquer this world for his masters, Kronos and Matthias, the leaders of the Council of Death. He put his "machines" to work for a second attack if his Black Fire Rodan hybrids and the Orcs failed to bring the world of flesh to an end. If the Dark Lords or the Utopian Guardians rose against him, he could transport the Dome (via the Universal Bridge) deep within the Earth's molten core.

In 150 years, it was mentioned by Zarak Khandejifer/Khan that those who did not join him would be trapped there for all eternity. His Sphinx would be located nearby. Melkor envisioned the former Lord of Hell and the Cenobites, Kilokhan the Leviathan, fusing Hellspawn and the Blue Devil into one and remembered seeing him (in Desutoroia's form), guiding Apocalypse and feeding on the negative energy and fear from the battle. According to Morgoth, the Roostville Dome was supposed to achieve peace instead of breeding the seeds of evil.


Roostville annexed a town created by an anomaly that was originally Sauron's plan for an "artist's colony" but the Roostville Dome got built instead (with disastrous results!)

Since the Fan Nest was there, The-Powers-That-Be planned to put it to good use before Orcs or whatever found out about it and tried to overrun it themselves. It would be a haven for Roostville's more creative types, like writers, artists and film directors. Since Sauron turned out to be the notorious "Comedy & Tragedy" Killer, you can be assured the Administration was NOT going to want his name attached to the area in any way, shape or form. Even if property and facilities in the new suburb are outright deeded to interested settlers and entrepreneurs, there would always be the specter of the killer hovering over them.

It was rather odd that as plans for an initial expedition to the area were being laid on the evening of June 4, 2015, several of the more astute members Vice-Mayor Ubergeek had called together noticed a drop in the barometric pressure, indicating a change in the weather, no doubt. Looking outside, it soon became evident from the blackness of the sky and that eerie calm before a storm feeling that something was not right with the world. At about 10 PM, the lights in the town of Roostville went out. It lay in total darkness without a single street light or headlight working. Back-up generators wouldn't fire up and all electronics were useless. It was like being in the eye of a hurricane - deathly calm and dark before a wind began to blow down from the foothills.

Two days later, they beheld the wonders of the Fan Nest, void of all sentient life. A facility comparable to Madison Square Garden was pretty much the centerpiece and even more elaborate than the Roostville Arts Center. Another magnificent two-story structure appeared to be a library with studio quarters above. At the outskirts of the town were more studios, offering glazed exposures in all four directions. A shopping area was centrally located on both sides of a major road, with airy covered overpasses at either end. Not a single sign indicated who the prospective merchants were supposed to be. There was also an Arena for Kaiju battles.

With the media in attendance, a triumphant march to the town for the annexation ceremony took place. Shortly after noon as Melkor was in the middle of his speech, once again the air pressure dropped and any hint of a breeze disappeared. The mage briefly paused in his prepared remarks but forged ahead.

"May the Fan Nest be an inspiration to those who come here seeking the company of fellow artisans and their works be a legacy to future talent yet to be discovered."
As he raised his staff in the air, interior lights in the buildings came on and the hum of machinery and compressors was once again heard, somewhat startling after the day and a half of only nature's sound effects. It was quickly determined that the area around Roostville had indeed returned to normal and the Fan Nest officially became a part of the City of Roostville.



"Doubting myself happens often."
Place of Origin - Canada
Species - Human
Gender - Male
Age - Mid-20s
Stature - 6'-0"
Occupation/Place of business - TV star, currently appearing in ROOSTVILLE: THE SOAP OPERA.
City affiliation(s) - Executive Producer of Roostville.
Alliances - Rodan2000, Raptor, Ubergeek, RadoGoji, Godzilla Guy, Hozay/Hellspawn and Count Super Jet Jaguar. Secret leader of the Kilokhan Clan and a former classmate of Melkor.
Roostville address - 554 Destroyah Drive (Desu Mansion) at the top of Desu Hill, a renamed sub-fraction of Hedorah Hills. There is a very dark room off Desutoroia's bedroom containing his files and books dedicated to religious and satanic cults, ghost sightings, resurrecting the dead and the paranormal in general. Surreal and nightmarish paintings adorn the walls. Hellspawn inherited his estate, including Desu Mansion because his family lived outside of Roostville and in the real world.
Appearance - Very handsome, attractive, cultured, debonaire and tall with smooth brown hair and blue eyes. He is usually dressed in a fashionable tuxedo. Loved by women world wide, Desutoroia is a popular television star and male model, as well as one of the richest men in Roostville, owning several banks about the town. But even with his fame and fortune, Desutoroia's life is far from perfect. On the outside, he tries to act tough and brave but on the inside, he's suffering deeply from past memories that taunt him day after day. The recent loss of his good friend, Hozay, has turned him into an emotionally neglectful person on the verge of lunacy. However, even with such flaws and doubts about himself, Desutoroia can be heroic if necessary.
Powers - Being human, he has no supernatural powers. After his death, his soul was temporarily brought back as Neo-Destroyah by Miki Saegusa to save the world from Hellspawn, his former friend, Hozay, who had gone mad. After his task was completed, his soul was once again in the hands of Leviathan until around two or three months later when Desutoroia was resurrected from beyond the grave when his brother, Bill's blood spilt on the floor of the room he died in. Leviathan turned Desu into a Cenobite and sent him on a mission to collect the souls of sinners in Roostville. He became one with Apocalypse and helped crush Afiag and RadoGoji but not of his own free will. When his first wife, the Princess of Space sacrificed herself, Desu was freed from evil's clutches and was pure again although suffering from depression.
Weaknesses - Mentality is not one of Desutoroia's strong points, nor is physical strength. His mind is the most fragile part of his being.
Additional Background - During the beginning of Roostville's Golden Age in the year of 2006, Desutoroia came from overseas with his friend, Jacob "Hozay" Nissen (a.k.a. Hellspawn) and his fiance to escape from his personal problems after the love of his life left him for someone else. He found himself in Maser City, where he and Hozay were soon working for a notorious mob boss and crime lord, Zax, the King of Darkness. But by 2007, Desutoroia had started a new life for himself in Roostville. With money he had inherited before leaving his home, he purchased a sub-fraction of the Hedorah Hills area and renamed it Desu Hill. Shortly after his arrival, he became a major success as a TV star, was selected to host the ROOSTVILLE: SURVIVOR! TV series and found himself very popular with the ladies.

Desutoroia still wasn't fond of his life and was often depressed and down. In 2010, he was reunited with the girl of his dreams but knocked unconscious on the night of her murder. As a result, he became even more depressed and lonely, becoming an easy target for the forces of darkness. It was revealed that Lord K. has Disassociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Syndrome) and was possessed by Leviathan, Lord of the Labyrinth, the supreme God of Hell and Cenobite master, who was adopted into Desu's mind as a second personality which took control of him and could possess his soul for his own twisted purposes. Desutoroia's thoughts of evil (nicknamed Khandejifer) almost seemed to come alive with Leviathan's powers and under his influence, formed a cult of his own, the Kilokhan Clan. Whenever Leviathan would take control or influence him, he'd use the Clan for his own purposes.

Desutoroia suffered even more until August 2012 when the Jalepino Club opened. Still a bit drunk and under Leviathan's influence, this was a night the now Sir Lord Desutoroia would never forget when he met his wife to be, Princess of Space. Life was given to him again when he found true love, something he'd lost two years ago. The couple appeared together as the Millionaires in WHATEVER ISLAND! (Gilligan's Island Rip-Off!) but not all was happily ever after. Leviathan and Desutoroia often fought for his body's control but in the end, Desutoroia won and Leviathan ceased to plague him. He got married and spent two years together with his new wife until the Dark Ages of Roostville began.

Hellspawn sent GAMZILLA, a slave under his power, to force Desutoroia to solve the LaMent Configuration, a gateway to Hell. Desutoroia's soul was torn apart and Hellspawn made it appear as if he was murdered. His soul was taken by the Cenobites on July 8, 2014, his body removed from the morgue and the TRUE potential within him, locked away by his mortal shell, was loosed. Hellspawn went to prison and GAMZILLA to the mental hospital but not a month later, their spirits returned to help Melkor defeat Hellspawn who had escaped and used satanic magic to transform himself into a pure demon. After defeating Hellspawn, Desutoroia's spirit was once again in the hands of Leviathan.

Desu's brother, Bill, had accidentally solved the LaMent Configuration, allowing the Cenobites to enter the human world. Leviathan had seen how evil Desutoroia had become, draining the life out of the innocent to regain his own. He realized he was a worthier slave and had him transformed into a Cenobite and sent him on a mission of mass destruction to collect the souls of sinners in Roostville. When Hellspawn returned and fused with Apocalypse, Desutoroia found himself fighting side by side with his former friend against the armies of Good. Morgoth brought Princess of Space to the battle in hopes of returning Desutoroia to the good side and she succeeded by sacrificing her own life.

Desutoroia was freed from evil's clutches but lost the love of his life once more and became depressed again. Raptor persuaded him to fight against Mephistophelian as he was the only one who could save Melkor's life. His wife's ghost came back to destroy the Universal Bridge and Desutoroia discovered she was at peace and moved on. But what he couldn't get over was the loss of his friend, Hozay the Hellspawn.

In 2015, Desutoroia had his good separated from his evil into another individual which named itself Khandejifer. To further complicate his life, a serial killer was leaving messages all over town for him! As dire as his life might have seemed at this point in time, Lord K. did meet his future bride, Jennifer Flemming.

First tale appeared in - THE ROOSTVILLE DANCE In the order the stories were written, THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA!


Place of Origin - Monsterzeroville
Species - Human
Gender - Female
Age - Mid-20s
Stature - 5'-5"
Occupation/Place of business -
City affiliation(s) -
Alliances - Married to Lord Desutoroia Khandejifer
Roostville address - 554 Destroyah Drive, Desu Hill
Origin - Jennifer grew up in a horrible household. Her younger brother, Jeremy, was born mentally challenged and her mother never cared much for him. She also had an older brother, Alexander, whom she always hung around with; his best friend, Zachariah McKnight, and their friends until Alex went missing one day and was never seen again.

Jennifer and her little brother had to take care of themselves as their mother was often out of the house with other men or getting drunk down at the bars. Jennifer's father was never around much so her mother would bring home a new man every night. Most of them tried to put the moves on Jennifer instead and one night, things went too far. Her mother came home drunk and with a couple of gangsters. When she passed out, the men forced Jennifer to perform a strip tease and other things against her will. They also mistreated her brother, Jeremy, as if he were a soulless being. The events were recorded and one of the men pulled a knife on Jennifer and threatened to kill her if she went to the cops. Unable to deal with life at home, she ran away at the age of seventeen and lived with some relatives of her father's until she graduated from high school. She was ready to leave her past behind and start life anew, moving to Roostville to study at the Kaijuphile University of Kaijuology. Understanding the creatures known as Kaiju had always been a dream of hers. She met Chris Glinski there but after graduating as the top student in all her classes, she moved to Monsterzeroville and took courses in Film and Video, studied art and worked hard at getting a writer's license.

Appearance - Jennifer is slim and good looking with her blondish brown hair; a strong and physically active woman who shares much in common with the late Princess of Space. Her interests and personal passions dwell into the world of writing, film making and the arts.
Powers -
Additional Background - First tale appeared in: THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: DESUTOROIA X KHANDEJIFER!

Vice Executive Producer BURKION



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