This old theatre is located a couple of miles from town on the highway going through the Gamera Fields toward the mountains.
First tale mentioned in - GAMINGBOY FOR MAYOR! Roostville election!

Roostville Cemetery

This is an old graveyard not too far from Desu Hill where teenagers go to get drunk and party. Lord Desutoroia Khandejifer was found murdered here. There is also a water fountain overlooking the city.
First tale mentioned in - GAMINGBOY FOR MAYOR! Roostville election!

Old Roostville Church

Once a great establishment and an important institution in the town, it now is an abandoned but proud remnant of ages long lost in the streams of time. Gradually, more and more parishioners kept their money for themselves and the unfinished Gothic cathedral looms upon the skyline like the glittering spears of armies long past. The towering spires seem to reach up into the cloudy heavens to rip them asunder.
Directly above the magnificent doorway was a stained glass window depicting scenes from the last forty days of Christ on Earth; from His resurrection and ascension to the assumption and the crowning of the Madonna as Queen of Heaven.
In THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA, the killer tied a hostage to a giant cross at this church.
There is also an old Catholic church on Megalon Avenue. It was here that Doug Wood challenged Hellspawn to a duel for the life of his wife, Miki Saegusa, in REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE: GAMINGBOY FOR MAYOR Part 2.
First tale mentioned in - THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is a joint Dark Lord/Xian 'entertainment' project which featured the DUEL OF THE FATES for its inaugural event. The construction didn't cost a cent of taxpayer's money and Kamacuras were employed by the Xians to clear the area until the Roosters put them out of service. The Controller was then forced to bring the Xians' newest armament to bear on the valley at the foot of Hedorah Hills. A beam shot from their saucer and began laser planing the area, removing all trace of trees, foliage, boulders and other debris.
The arena is easily visible from Hedorah Hills where residents can enjoy the carnage from their own yard without having to deal with thousands of lower class 'sports fans'.
First tale mentioned in - JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE ROOST!

Greek Temple

There is an abandoned Greek temple in the southeastern part of Roostville where the Dark Triad attempted to regroup the Roostville Militia during THE BATTLE OF ROOSTVILLE.
First tale mentioned in - IN THE BEGINNING: Coming to Roostville

Roostville Holiday Parade

Probably nothing sinister was intended when ex-Mayor Morgoth decided to dress up like Santa Claus to light the City Christmas tree at sundown to kick off the holiday season, even if the anagram of "Santa" does happen to be "Satan".

"It's just 'a guy in a suit' (and a traditional one at that). Lighten up, already!" he fumed before magically lighting the tree and stomping back to the Executive Offices for one of several parties that take place on government property this time of year.

This festive occasion occurs the Monday evening before Christmas and brings out every citizen (illegal or otherwise) to join in the Mardi Gras-like festivities. For those who prefer to view the excitement from the relative safety of their homes, Roostville Cable Channel 2 broadcasts it live. The many bars around town are more than willing to accommodate their patrons with big screen coverage from beginning to end.
Sauron delivered a "vast improvement" in coverage last year, despite his minions preferring to be IN the parade rather than covering it. Thanks to the use of remote controlled cameras at strategic locations (rather than having to depend on unreliable human and otherwise operators), he captured such exciting scenes as the "rescue" of Little Miss Snow Flake by every Good Guy around when fireworks spooked the horse pulling her carriage. As the heroes all tried to take credit for stopping the runaway, a few punches were thrown. This and the entire event are available on the Holiday Volume of ROOSTVILLE'S WEIRDEST VIDEOS, available at many authorized (and otherwise) dealers.
First tale mentioned in - *COPS: TV Series Rip-Off


Dockside along the East River has its own particular charms, including an excellent view of an ID-4 City-Buster® that crash-landed in the water.
The Random Arms Apartments complex, one time base of operations for the RMB Mercenary Service, also overlooks the area.
First tale mentioned in - THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy


The most aristocratic residential area of Roostville. #1366 Kaiju Corner (the wealthiest street in the subdivision) is the Smith Manor, home of the eccentric A. Andross Smith. Definitely a horribly upscale community that is not above looking down their noses at various denizens when they do show up in the area with other than high-class (read EXPENSIVE) vehicles and duds.
The Hedorah Hills Neighborhood Association makes sure their best interests are preserved (along with property values) and isn't above marching on City Hall when they believe the need arises.
First tale mentioned in - IN THE BEGINNING: Coming to Roostville


Desu Hill is a renamed sub-fraction of Hedorah Hills, purchased by Lord Desutoroia Khandejifer. Desu Mansion (at 554 Destroyah Drive) is toward the top of the uplift. The Addams Family/Munsters' eyesore at the top belongs to his good friend and neighbor, Hellspawn.
Not too far away is the Roostville Cemetery where Lord K. was found dead, as well as an abandoned theatre. Dark and like a maze beyond the cavernous auditorium, someone could hide for DAYS in there without being found. It was set afire by the killer in THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA.
Prof. Sandworm Phish's Underground Lair (exactly like Ernst Stavro Blofeld's Volcano Base from YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE) was also in Desu Hill but caved in during THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA.
First tale mentioned in - IN THE BEGINNING: Coming to Roostville


Our very own Beverly Hills! Boutiques are located on Rodan Drive™, home to such designers as Angmani™, QG™, John Biollante™ and many more who bring Rodeo Drive to Roostville.
Another popular feature of the area is Rodan 2000's Jalepino Club, a perfect place to cap off a day of shopping with dinner and entertainment.
First tale mentioned in - IN THE BEGINNING: Coming to Roostville

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