Selected millennia ago to find and stop the Red King, Ubergeek, Shadow, Bagoth and Draco Starcloud were summoned by Saruman when he was nearly killed by his nemesis.

Their right hands glowed a golden aura of colors and ancient symbols appeared on the back and within their palms. The light formed an orb of pure energy and healed him of the wounds the Red King had inflicted.

Saruman then took them to the basement of City Hall and through a secret tunnel that led deep underground to a small shrine with symbols written everywhere - on the walls, furnishings and even the floor. Ubergeek recognized the markings from having seen them on the Universal Bridge and the Prophecy of Roostville. Sauron had also discovered this place and told Saruman and Morgoth about it but once it was located, events would be set in motion that cannot be undone.

Saruman told how he came to Roostville as a student and apprentice of Morgoth and about the Red King, his rival who had tried to kill both him and Morgoth and then fled into hiding. When Saruman discovered the hidden sanctuary and unlocked the mysteries of the Book of Kronos, he realized the second half of the prophecy was coming true.

Ubergeek is leader of the group due to his experience with Mephistophelian the Conqueror.

First tale mentioned in - *THE LEGEND OF ROOSTVILLE: Quest for the Potion of Power


Levitating above all else in the dark and surreal land of the Nightmare Realm is the nightmarish Tower of Terror where the demonic Council of Death meets to discuss the universe and its fate. The members only know each other by their voices as none except Kronos of the Wises and Matthias of the Dark Sages have ever seen each other.

Throughout the ages of Man from the dawn of time, stories of these evil men and the Council have been told. Most people consider it to be nothing more than fairy tales told to scare bad children. Legends say that Matthias and Kronos were once humans and best friends long ago who lusted after power and conquest of the ancient world.

A small group of humans were chosen by a great king to stop them and seal them away forever in the Nightmare Realm. They are known as the Guardians.

A great many of the members of the Council of Death were some of the sickest, evilest tyrants, madmen and murderers to ever walk the face of the Earth. Few of them are actually full-fledged demons not from the Earth, such as the Universal Dominator. They were so disgusting that even Hell wouldn't accept them. Hemokin was a perverse murderer in London in the 1880s.

When Kronos and Matthias were banished from Earth, they 'took' control of the Council. The evil beings lurk in limbo and CANNOT enter the human world physically so they must possess bodies to do so, which is why Kronos has Hellspawn do his bidding.

First appearance: RODAN 2000's JALEPINO CLUB.

Members of the Council of Death

E.D.C.O.L.E. (the Evil Dude Convention Of Literally Everywhere)

Composed of the VOORTACK, Kilaaks, Aliens from the Black Hole: the Intergalactic Evil Ninja Foundation That Doesn't Exist (IENFTDE), Kang and Kodos.

Evil Genius Man ("The TRUE evil one!") claims this organization is simply a benevolent fraternal order, like the Moose, Elks, Caribou, etc.

"The only difference is we only seek to further our own interests."

First tale mentioned in - THE BATTLE OF ROOSTVILLE


Andross Smith, chairman, CEO and president of the Smith Group of Companies, is supposedly a member of this cult which believes Godzilla's appearance in 1954 is a herald to the Second Coming.
First tale mentioned in - IN THE BEGINNING: Coming to Roostville.



This group of disgruntled (but influential) citizens is headed up by Mr. A. Smith and had to be dealt with by Judge Saruman during JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE ROOST!

They claimed a transmission tower on top of Mt. Aso would be "an eyesore" and SPORTS FANS would be everywhere with their lawn chairs, litter and even CAMPING TRAILERS as a result of the Xians building the Colosseum in the valley below.


Lord Desutoroia Khandejifer, unbeknownst to his closest associates, had Disassociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Syndrome), making it easy for him to be the founder and secret leader of a cult called the Kilokhan Clan.

Zarak Khandejifer was actually inside Desutoroia as the hatred and evil that co-existed within him. After the death of Desu's first wife in Kong Town in 2010, he founded the Clan as The Voice. The negativity that Khandejifer represented would block it all from Desutoroia's memory, making it seem like just a bad dream.

The dozen or so often mentally challenged thugs and hoodlums aren't above terrorizing the town of Roostville every chance they get, mugging and robbing when they think they can get away with it. Their uniform of choice is long leather coats with the emblem of the Kilokhan Clan on back, studs on the sleeves, big gold rings, fingerless gloves, raggedy jeans and leather boots. Other attention to appearance is neglected in favor of greasy hair and grimy faces in need of a shave. Their weapons range from switchblades, daggers and other knives to guns.

Nobody messed with them on the south side of town which they dominated with their motorcycles and fighting skills. Even the Mods preferred to avoid this gang of social rejects which was pretty much why their neighborhood was such a disaster area that spread like a plague under former Sheriff Varan. When people started getting killed in their "territory" over petty things, many residents moved out of the area and it became a ghost town of smashed windows and trashed houses.

There were also rumors that under the leather, Mustangs and bikes, they were secretly a cult following some mysterious man called "The Voice." They are indeed a group of religious fanatics, or more precisely, cultists, complete with proper robes for their blood masses. They can appear out of nowhere, ready to kill all who try to harm their master. The late Rez0007 was believed to be among the membership.


Grease Monkey

A filthy and scrawny guy hunched over like a monkey or a chimp who scratches his underarms like one, is another member who has been identified. He puts on a bold front, always ready to fight but not equipped to succeed, either mentally or physically.
Additional Background -

Thoglith (Deceased - Date of death - May 2, 2015)

He was the big but numbskulled guy who would even stoop to cowardly purse-snatching and muggings. He was with Khandejifer when he attacked Space Varen and cut him up badly as he recovered in the hospital from a blotched scheme to attack Desutoroia. His whining caused Khandejifer to strike him down and fall into an abyss, never to be heard from again during THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: Desutoroia X Khandejifer!.
Additional Background -


Also a member of the Clan.
Additional Background -


He was appointed the group's leader for being of passive mind and unable to betray his master. He would be nowhere without Khandejifer, other than maybe in jail.

He was knighted by Khandejifer with the sword given to Desutoroia when he was so honored. Everyone but Zorak realized their master had been driven to insanity because of his obsession to eradicate all organic life and mess with Desutoroia's mind. Zorak accepted that Khandejifer was placed on Earth to represent the evil within everyone and show the world that man's greed will only destroy himself.

Additional Background -
Khandejifer returned in 2015 to raise this miserable bunch from its squalor. Prior to departing for their new headquarters, they paid Mayor Gamingboy a visit, hoping to make his death look like a Comedy and Tragedy attack. Gamingboy went into a coma as a result of drinking poisoned punch.

Their convoy of jeeps soon headed toward the Parapa Desert of Misery where only one in possession of Necromancer: The Book of the Damned Dead would be able to travel safely. Lord Khandejifer had it. The top of a tower was sticking out of the sand and the Lost Palace of Doom was no longer lost.

First tale mentioned in - *RODAN 2000's JALEPINO CLUB


About 90% of Roostville's thespian hopefuls belong to this organization. Shows their members work on for stage, screen and television, either performing or behind the scenes, display a distinctive Comedy and Tragedy trademark, depicting the familiar masks of the theatrical arts.

In addition to being a casting and referral service, it has production facilities for independent films and plays.

First tale mentioned in - THE SEPARATION OF DESUTOROIA: Desutoroia X Khandejifer!


Hellspawn, the Council of Death and the Orcs create the League to field a near-invincible army of beast-things to take over the world. If the Roostafarians cannot beat the baddies in time, game over for everyone.


Formed April 10, 2013 in response to George Lucas' threat to conquer the universe!

The RGLSG is composed of the Ultimate X-Men, the Avengers, the cartoon Justice League and rabid Godzilla fans. Ubergeek was also recruited by The Flash. Catbert and the residents of Xmenville also rose to the challenge.

First tale mentioned in - EVERYDAY LIFE IN THE ROOST


The underground movement for robot supremacy which prevails in Mecha City.

It was responsible for the robotic rebellion against Rupert Smythe in the 1970's, led by a robot named Alpha-20 to overthrow the fierce, totalitarian "utopia" that Smythe had forced upon them. The robots killed Smythe and since he was the only human they had ever seen, they perceived all humans as evil and malevolent.

They could now run the city their way - efficient and routinely. Alpha-20, seeing his objective as complete, deactivated himself in 1974 and allowed history to take its course.

First tale mentioned in - THE MECHA CITY ADVENTURES

THE ROOSTVILLE MOB (George Lucas Mafia Corporation)

The Roostville Mob/George Lucas Mafia was initially led by George Lucas who had a personal vendetta against Mayor Morgoth. They assigned Spydrman Jr., one of their assassins, to kill him in THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA.

Morgoth is not stupid and captured Spidey and that's when it was revealed that George was not really George or his brother at all but Michael Eisner of Tri-Disney! Georgie had actually been killed by Morgoth six years earlier.



A rough history of the Confederacy:
1976 - The legendary serial killer, Friedrich Krueger, is killed and becomes the Avatar of Murder. He begins to recruit Jason, Myers, Ash and other legendary horror Kings.
1979 - Krueger summons a series of Legions. Ash commands the Deadite Legion, while Pinhead commands the Cenobite Legion. Jason commands the Thorn Legion, with Myers as its real power. It will later be renamed the Iron Legion upon his rise to power. Krueger commands all of the Legions, as well as his own troops known as the Army of Darkness.
1980 - Friedrich Krueger announces the existence of the Slasher Confederacy as his troops take over the capitals of a third of the U.S. and herd the survivors into death camps.
1981 - The Confederacy is recognized by the world powers. The U.S. begins a long rebuilding campaign to coincide with the election of two presidents.
1982 - Krueger officially becomes Kaiser and Jason begins an arms race within the Confederacy. Ash Williams becomes Despot of the Undead. Thus begins the Golden Era of the Murderer's Haven.
1984 - The Slasher Confederacy announces the Freddy vs. Jason project's beginning. Jason retaliates with a nuclear weapons program under Myers's influence.
1985 - The Freddy vs. Jason project births Baphomet who quickly dissolves. Work continues with some scientists getting the axe.
1989 - The project births Leatherface666. After a series of bloody massacres, the clone is terminated. It is ten years before the Confederacy attempts that again.
1992 - The War of the Nations begins with the U.S. and Britain battling SC troops and getting massacred by the thousands.
1996 - Ash Williams is given an adamantium chainsaw by Noctrinos, inaugurating friendship between the Undead and the Freddietown inhabitants.
1999 - Legion is born and doom soon follows as Battrarules.
First tale mentioned in - BATTRARULES: War of the Worlds


This cult is often believed to be a fairy tale told to scare young children but it was founded by Hozay Nissen/Hellspawn under the direction of Kronos of the Wises to bring servants to the side of evil and rule all the Kaiju nations and the northern hemisphere of Earth.

Goji Son was initially a member and one of Hellspawn's loyalist followers.

First tale mentioned in - RODAN 2000's JALEPINO CLUB


Its members are the French, SOME British; GINO fans, Unused Kaiju and Spammerites who planned an all out attack on every town that had anything to do with Real Kaiju.

Fortunately for the nexus of Kaiju Khaos that is Roostville, its administrators had been tracking signs of this terrible allegiance's plans for several months and were arranging a rather nasty surprise for the attackers-to-be.

"It's a bunch of degenerates and hacker pukes with too much time on their hands. Oh. And a bunch of Unused Monsters®. Now THOSE are the ones we're worried about..." Sheriff Varan (now deceased) figured.

In response to the threat, he formed the League of Un-Ordinary Gentlethings®.

First tale mentioned in - JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE ROOST!


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