Hellspawn's Legacy
CHAPTER 7: Apocalypse
At the Council of Death: 
"As you wish, my loyal servant. May evil embrace your world." With that, Hellspawn's failed plans from the past were now completed. The sky turned red and planet Earth slowly began to crumble apart. Rock and rubble drifted off into the dark skies above. Tornadoes and natural disasters spread worldwide. Fire burned grasslands in Satan's emblem. Circles also burned around the crosses where Boo, Rado Goji and Afiag hung. Apocalypse could sense that Rado and Boo were still barely alive. 
"Fear nothing for soon it'll all be over, my friends. All over." 
"You're right, it will be, Hellspawn!" He turned to face the familiar voice that called out to him. 
"Melkor..." Apocalypse said coldly. 
"And I've brought a friend." Ubergeek walked out of the shadows. 
"Why throw your lives away when you could live and serve the Council of Death? And bow before me as slaves? At least you'd have a chance at living. Look at poor Super Jet Jaguar. He had a choice and he made the wrong one." 
"If anyone is making the wrong choice, Hellspawn, it's you!" Melkor shouted. Apocalypse just smiled. 
"Maybe the last time we fought," Ubergeek said, "you were human. Your new powers and Melkor's stories don't scare me." 
"Words mean nothing." The true battle between good and evil was ready to begin as the laughter of sadistic maniacs drifted through the air. Melkor and Ubergeek stared at the evil before them. All around them was like a living Hell as fire blazed through the city. Apocalypse had disappeared. 
"Where'd he go?" asked Ubergeek. 
"He hasn't left, Uber. At least not yet..." Melkor walked over to where Super Jet Jaguar had died. 
"If only we had gotten here sooner..." 
"Melkor... Melkor..." A faint voice was calling him. 
"Mrs. Khandejifer?" He ran after her. 
"Melkor! No! It's probably a trick!" Ubergeek called out. But he didn't listen and was soon out of sight. Melkor saw Mrs. Khandejifer burning in the flames, screaming in pain. 
"NO!" he cried out. He ran to help her but she also vanished. 
Unbeknownst to Melkor, Apocalypse was nearby and a hand reached up from beneath the ground and grabbed his foot, knocking him to the ground. A second entity appeared, the Shadow of Hellspawn, and looked down upon the Dark Lord. Apocalypse then raised up and transformed into some sort of black energy and covered Melkor's body, keeping him from escaping. 
"This is it, dear Melkor. Our destinies will be fulfilled this day of darkness and doom. In a glorious manner, I will take what is rightfully mine and slay anyone who gets in the way of the path to victory... Oh, I'm going to enjoy making you bleed and making you enjoy it!" Melkor was too weak to respond or even acknowledge Apocalypse holding him down, draining the very life from him. 
"Kill! KILL! KILL! KILL!" a demonic serpent voice called out from beyond the grave. Apocalypse squeezed tighter and tighter, cutting off Melkor's air as the Shadow of Hellspawn flew off. The black energy choking Melkor and holding him became Apocalypse once again. Melkor could barely make out his shape and only saw those gloomy, disheartening eyes that seemed to float before him. 
"This is where I will leave you... to rot. It was a delightful pleasure knowing you, Melkor." Apocalypse disappeared into the flames and Melkor fell into unconsciousness, his mind entering some dream world on a spiritual level. 
"Am I dead?" Melkor asked himself, unsure of the answer. "What is this place?" A much older looking Ubergeek appeared before him. "Uber? That you?" 
"I hate you, Melkor!" Uber said. "How could you let us down? Your friends..." 
"What? What are you talking about, Uber?" 
"Miyako's dead. Gamingboy, Lord Jimi, Prince and Princess of Space. Mighty Morgoth... they are all dead. Them and many others and it's all your fault because you let us down. We believed in you, Melkor. We believed in a future. But we got... manslaughter..." There was a look of horror in Ubergeek's eyes. 
"What happened, Uber?" 
"They came and slaughtered every single flesh creature. No one knows who they were or where they came from... but they weren't human. It could have been prevented if you hadn't let us down and defeated Apocalypse the Hellspawn..." 
"Apocalypse... What happened to him?" The expression on Ubergeek's face registered great fear as he spoke. 
"The world had been torn apart by evil from the skies above... Those who remained stayed in hiding. Others left Roostville and began villages when 'they' camel... Apocalypse the Hellspawn was their leader... The rest of us hiding underneath Roostville in Phish's old lair began a counter strike led by Morgoth who knew the only way to defeat Hellspawn..." 
"What happened next?" 
"There was a great battle at Gamera Fields and Morgoth was killed trying to fight off Apocalypse..." 
Melkor couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Where's Apocalypse now?" 
"Apocalypse was destroyed by his overconfidence and arrogance, not by any of us... The details of his demise are unknown but after he fell by his own hand, his... minions... became corrupt. Only a few remain, hunting the last of the human race..." 
"I have to find a way back," Melkor declared. "Before it's too late and I become stuck in this possible future... forever." 
"Blame this world on yourself. You knew what you were up against... Why did you walk in, not prepared for the task at hand?" Those were Ubergeek's final words before disappearing from that plane of existence. 
"Uber? Wait! Come back! There is more I need to know! Come back! 
"Hahaha! Welcome to my future... Melkor. It's been a while." He could see no one but there was a dark cloud in the sky. 
"Who's there? Who said that?!" A dark shadowy figure appeared before his eyes. "Hellspawn?!" 
"Hahahaha! No! But you're getting close..." 
"What's going on?" he asked. "I thought you were dead long before Apocalypse ever came into the picture?" 
"Dead? I was resurrected from Hell... and became one with Hellspawn and the Blue Devil, merging with Apocalypse. When Apocalypse destroyed himself, I was able to escape. Desutoroia was gone however. The good and the evil within him had separated. I betrayed and murdered my good half, my weaker self." 
"You... you requested the annihilation of mankind after Apocalypse's demise?" 
"Don't be absurd. Those demons continued the slaughter in the name of Apocalypse... Not my doing. This is my doing..." 
Khandejifer pointed to his right, nothing but dry bare land, rock and mountain. On the far side of one of the mountains was a large building with a Sphinx (think of the outside of the Morlock's lair from THE TIME MACHINE [1960], only much larger and in a vast desert). 
"What madness is this?" 
"This, Melkor, is where I plan to recreate civilization and play God! This world will be mine.. Forever!" Melkor was filled with disbelief. 
"Will you join me, Melkor? You're going to be staying here for a long time!" 
"You think I'd join you and betray my friends?" 
"What friends have you left? Uber hates you and every one of your fellow Roostafarians are gone. The world is bare. Black and empty." 
"I... I can change all of that!" Melkor said with resolve. 
"How can you change all of this? Hahahahaha!" 
"If I could just find a way to return to my own time," Melkor figured. "I could save Desutoroia, Ubergeek, Morgoth and the rest of the world from Apocalypse's evil clutches." 
"To your time where you belong?" 
"Yes. I wasn't meant to see this place..." 
"Maybe you were meant to see what the world would be like if you fail! Hahaha! Have you been laying unconscious for the past one hundred and fifty-four years?" 
"No. I was near death... my mind traveled far into the future of my world... What did you mean by I'll be staying here for a long time? I thought..." 
"You're mad, Melkor. You'll be staying at my... Dome if you don't join me. Not that you'll be stuck in the future." 
"If I'm not from the past then why haven't I aged a single day?" 
"Suspended animation perhaps? You arrogant fool. Do you expect me to believe such a childish tale that you come from the past?" 
"Silence!" Khandejifer interrupted. "I have had enough of this foolish talk of changing the future. This world is the way it is and nothing you can do shall change that. This world is bare and broken and I need an assistant to help me rebuild it into my own empire. The few resistors are all old and weak. So what do you say?" He didn't know what to say. Had he really traveled to the future or had he been placed in stasis and remained alive, cryogenically frozen until now? Melkor was unsure. 
"I'm sorry, Khandejifer, but the answer's no!" 
"You were nothing but a psychotic maniac from the start..." Khandejifer and his dark cloud vanished. Melkor looked around and besides the sphinx, all he saw was mountains, rock and desert. 
"I might be able to find someone willing to talk to me." For miles he walked but the scenery remained the same. He tripped over something in the ground and looked at it, covered in dirt and dust. It was a sign pointing in the direction of Rodan 2000's Jalepino Club. The sign was probably miles from where it originally belonged. Melkor resumed his search for any signs of life. 
"I hope this place isn't like Planet X 'cause I sure don't feel like searching underground for any survivors."  Melkor stopped and in the distance, he saw an old and decimated city or town. Buildings were practically destroyed and there were no signs of life anywhere. It was a ghost town. 
"So this is the fate mankind and demon alike will suffer if Apocalypse gets his way. Khandejifer said it's been one hundred and fifty-four years. By the next hundred, humans should no longer exist... But what did he say, recreate civilization? Could Khandejifer be waiting 'til everyone is dead to produce... clones and repopulate the Earth? That would explain what he meant by playing God... The people of this place would begin their own religion with Khandejifer being the all powerful creator." 
Melkor knew this was not the fate he wanted for his world and his friends, to be killed and forgotten while someone got away with pretending to be God to subjects who didn't know any better. 
"There has to be a way to get me home where I belong. I have to fix this! I will not be denied my destiny, Hellspawn..." 
Melkor explored the old ghost town where he found signs of a great battle. He realized its people must have been slaughtered like wild animals by Apocalypse's minions. 
"Hellspawn... You bastard! How could you commit genocide and try to exterminate an entire species?! You monster!" 
After a few hours of searching, he came across a secret room in one of the destroyed buildings. A metallic door was hidden under a wooden floor. He went down the passageway to a room with a large screen and a holographic device. Dust was everywhere. Melkor activated the hologram which gave him instructions on how to use the screen. He took what looked like a small compact disc and inserted it into a drive under the screen. It was a message from its creator and he watched as Dr. Sandworm Phish documented everything that had happened after Ubergeek failed to unleash the Guardians and was defeated by Apocalypse. He told of the tragedies going on at the time and said he hoped humankind would still exist in one thousand years and this room be found so the sad history of Earth would not be forgotten. 
After watching it three times, Melkor realized how real the threat of Apocalypse was and how horrible  people felt of this demon. 
"Apocalypse must be stopped, no matter the cost... Who ever thought the world could have changed so much?" 
Melkor constructed his own timeline, beginning with Hellspawn and the Blood Mass, also known as the Black Mass ritual. When that failed, his body was destroyed and his soul trapped in the Evil Realm, supposedly for all eternity. Somehow, he managed to return in the body of an Elf creature and searched for a mythical Black Fire Rodan. 
Hellspawn, posing as Garland, met Ubergeek and Super Jet Jaguar and pretended to be their guide to get to the lair of the Black Rodan. He was thought to have been killed but waited for the moment to reveal his true identity. Once his presence was known to Melkor, his most hated enemy, Hellspawn merged with the Blue Devil to become Apocalypse who began his takeover attack in Roostville, aided by Desutoroia who he also merged with to kill Super Jet Jaguar. After killing the Count, his wish of eternal darkness enslaving the world was granted and the world began to destroy itself. The survivors of Armageddon went into hiding. 
Many of the humans who were laid to rest under the surface were frozen cryogenically. Apocalypse had already built an Empire and summoned his own armies of dead legions to command. The rode to the villages and towns and slaughtered the humans. 
Mankind was on the verge of extinction when Morgoth was awakened from his sleep deep to lead the human race to victory. At Gamera Fields, he commanded a great counterattack to take back his precious Earth. He was also the only one to have knowledge of how to defeat Apocalypse but he was killed in battle. The slaughtering of the human race continued. 
Phish constructed a secret vault where he documented the history of Man after the rise of Apocalypse. who was responsible for his own death. Desutoroia who had merged with him many decades ago, was free and split into two separate beings, one good and one evil. The evil one betrayed and murdered his good half and rose to greatness. Apocalypse's army became corrupt and weak without a leader but they continued their master's order of completely eradicating the human race. 
One hundred and fifty four years had passed since Apocalypse's first appearance and only a few humans, including Desutoroia (Khandejifer) and Ubergeek remained. The entire population of the world outside of Roostville, in Asia, Europe and Australia were extinct long ago and mankind had entered the Dark Ages. 
"The past is the greatest teacher but it couldn't teach my people enough to overcome that monstrosity. Now I know what the consequences of my actions will be if I fail to destroy Apocalypse in the past. The downfall of my race." 
"Times have changed indeed, my old friend. And I have changed greatly with it." 
"Phish? How is it that you are here?" 
"In order for me to escape mortality and live on through the ages, I was able to transfer, or program, my mind in the neural processor of this super computer using Xian, Nebulan and Simian technology." Melkor tried to touch Phish but his hand passed through the great genius. The area just became distorted for a second or two. 
"My body was destroyed long ago. I am now no more than a hologram with the mind and memories of a flesh-made creature. 
"This is really you? Not a computer program with Phish's memories... It's really you, Doctor?" 
"That is correct." 
"What is it, Mel?" He looked nervous. 
"Am I dead? Is this my Hell? A chance to live in the future I created by failing and letting the world down? Or is my theory correct and my subconscious has somehow traveled through the schisms of time to allow me to see what my mistakes will cost?" 
"I can assure you, Mel, I'm very real so this is no Hell. And definitely no limbo of some sort. My team back in the glory days of Roostville actually experimented with time travel and the subconscious/unconscious mind. One of my partners, while unconscious, did manage to travel to some weird world much like this one now is. So, anything is possible. But do you really think fate has sent you here because of your lack of self confidence against that... thing?" Melkor hesitated for a moment. 
"Yes... That's what I'd like to believe but..." He didn't know how to finish what he was saying. A map appeared on the screen and a red light started blinking in a sector not too far from the vault. 
"Could you pass me that Mobile-Emitter? I based it on the Star Trek design. It will enable me to leave this place and walk freely." 
"Why? Where are we going?" 
"You see that blinking light on the map? It's a human life sign. Someone is walking about and we're going to find that person. Most humans wouldn't go out up there as it's too dangerous. I'm assuming it's Uber since he's a were-Goji and they can survive in these terrains." Melkor passed the device to Phish. 
"Well, in that case... I'd really like to hear Ubergeek's story on how he managed to live to be over one hundred and sixty." They embarked on their journey to the surface to meet up with Ubergeek, even if a deadly sandstorm was raging. 
"Damnit, Phish. I'll never make it through this... I can't see..." 
"Don't worry... I'll guide you. My sensors can see through the sand molecules. Time to track down that were-Goji and get back to my secret vault." Phish's infra-red sensors began scanning the area for any signs of life but the device was failing. "Too much sand has gotten into my optics. It's making it harder to make out anything..." 
"Wait, Phish! I think I see someone or something over there." 
"Thought you couldn't see...?" 
"Barely, Phish. The sandstorm is making it much more of a challenge but I saw something move." Phish, using his Mobile-Emitter gadget, decided to investigate. 
"Stay here, Mel. You could get lost out there." 
"What about you?" 
"I'm a holographic image, a computer program... Things are different for me..." Phish disappeared as sand and dust blazed like flames, which reminded Melkor of his moments before going into the future. He could hear Hellspawn's voice as if he were right in front of him. 
"I shall not be denied my destiny." The voice echoed and Melkor could hear him repeating the same maniacal nonsense over and over again. 
"Temptation is only bittersweet... You are not worthy enough to fight with me... I shalln't be denied my destiny... You cannot destroy my destiny... One day, Melkor... I shall return!" 
"Ahhhhhh! Shut up!" Melkor screamed. The voices inside his head seemed to stop. 
"You underestimate me, Melkor..." It was the sound of Hellspawn's voice that began to drive the Dark Lord insane. Hellspawn and Apocalypse laughed at him. What he didn't realize is that it was all in his head and none of it was real. A pistol appeared in his hand which he recognized as the weapon used by Sheriff Varan to kill the mother and child at the playground. The same gun he used to end his life. Melkor aimed it at his temple. 
"Good bye," he muttered as a faint yell came from the distance. 
"Melkor!" It was Ubergeek and Dr. Phish. 
"Melkor! It's been ages! Where have you been? How have you been?" Ubergeek hugged him and was acting much different than earlier, as if their last encounter had never occurred. 
"Ubergeek... I thought you hated me..." 
"Hate you? How absurd is that? Where'd you get that silly idea?" 
"When I first arrived here..." 
"He's traveled from the distant past, Geekspawn. He wasn't killed one hundred fifty-four years ago like we thought," Phish explained. 
"Aw... As you were saying, Melkor..?" 
"Right. When I first came to this future... I was greeted by you and you blamed me for all this. Said it was my fault the world was the way it is. That I was responsible for Apocalypse annihilating the human race." 
"Well, my old friend. You can't trust what you see in this place... Demons do walk amongst us. They can possess you and take on almost any form..." Ubergeek informed him. 
"So, who exactly was behind Apocalypse? He used to talk with a voice that didn't have a true body or form on many occasions." Ubergeek seemed to hesitate for a moment as though he knew something that Phish and Melkor didn't. 
"Hmm... Kronos of the Wises, perhaps? I heard stories about him and the Council of Death, a demonic group of beings who lurked in limbo. They can't enter our world physically and need to possess bodies to do so. Throughout the ages of man from the dawn of time... stories of this evil Council and Kronos and Matthias have been told. Most people consider it nothing more than fairy tales told to scare bad kids but I don't know..." 
"What makes you think this Kronos is Hellspawn's master?" Melkor asked. 
"After Apocalypse killed Morgoth he quoted, 'You shall die in vain in the name of Kronos!' Kronos was also written in an ancient text on the walls of Apocalypse's castle. Could be just a coincidence but my gut tells me otherwise." 
"What about Matthias?" 
"Legends say he and Kronos were best friends long ago who sought to conquer the ancient world long before modern day science... The Black Fire Rodan and the Guardians were all once human. The legends said that their destinies were to protect our world from ever being invaded again by these two." 
"What happened, Uber? What do the legends say?!" 
"Kronos and Matthias were once humans who lusted after power and conquest. A small group of humans were chosen by a king to stop them and seal them away forever. After sealing Kronos and Matthias in the Evil Realm, the spirits of the humans who saved the world were turned into Guardian Protectors of the Earth for all time, the Black Fire Rodan being the leader of the Guardians... " 
"Uber, what exactly are the Guardians' connection to Utopia, er, Seatopia?" 
"Another time," Phish interrupted. "Looks like the sandstorms are getting worse and we're going to have to get back to my hidden vault. Once we're inside, Uber can explain what he was doing on the surface and finish his fairy tales of demons..." 
In a dark room, Khandejifer sat on his throne with a helmet over his head, long wires plugged into his body. He saw through Melkor's eyes and the moments on Mt. Rodan where Hellspawn and the Blue Devil first appeared to his last moments in his own time as Apocalypse left him to die. 
"What madness is this? Melkor was not lying after all... Nor was he crazed..." Khandejifer floated into the air. 
"If he goes back to his own time, he could ruin my chance to be a God among many. I must keep him trapped in this world forever!" 
At Phish's secret vault, Ubergeek, Melkor and the holographic Phish entered cautiously. 
"We made it." Melkor said with relief. 
"I knew I was going to make it no matter what. Wasn't too sure about you, old friend," Ubergeek replied. 
"I am going to deactivate myself. It's pretty much like going to sleep. I'll be reactivated in about eight hours, maybe less if there's an emergency or you two need anything." He did so and Melkor's face turned grim. 
"Ubergeek... What are the Guardians' connection to Seatopia?" Now he was grim. 
"Where do I begin... It must have been going on forever... Kronos, that madman... and Matthias. They nearly wiped us all out... The world was almost conquered when Easter Island decided to fight back..." 
"Easter Island?" 
"Yes. That's the connection. The Guardians weren't surface dwellers but descended from the ancestors of the Seatopian Empire. I'm descended from the Seatopians. Their blood runs through my veins." 
"How long have you known this...?" 
"Since the day that voice transformed me into Gamera-Geek. Sadly, after you were thought to have been killed, I couldn't awaken the other Guardians. Ancalagon, the Dragon Guardian was the only one who showed up. The Phoenix never answered my call... Later on, I felt her die... I could sense the evil of Apocalypse slaying the poor gal. She was young. This was long after Anc died... And the Dark God Rodan..." 
"Never shown either... Without my help, the Guardians couldn't all be summoned at once, could they?" 
"You're right, Mel." 
"Uber... Does this mean I myself have origins which not only lie with Middle Earth but with Seatopia and the Guardians as well?" 
"I... do not know.." 
Rado Goji looked around and saw that he wasn't on the cross. He realized this was only his subconsious and in the physical "world", he still remained. He walked into the nothingness and saw a familiar figure in the distance. It was Minsc who he had seen die some time ago. Someone else was standing next to him, an old man in a grey cloak. 
"Ah, hello, my son. It is good to see you again," he said. Rado was puzzled. "I'm not surprised you don't remember me," he continued. "What do you call yourself in this life?" 
"Rado Goji," Minsc said. "Or Rado for short." 
"What's going on?" asked Rado. "Where am I?" 
"Still on the cross, technically," the old man said. "Allow me to re-introduce myself. I am Gorion. I was your foster father in your past life." 
"Past life?" 
"Yes. Then, you were called Abdel. You were a great paladin, one of the many spawns of Bhaal, the Lord of Murder. They were not all evil and you were one of the good ones. You defeated your half-brother, the evil Sarevok, who tried to fill the world of Faerun with murder and blood. You risked your life to defeat the evil wizard, Jon Irenicus, and save your friend, Imoen. You discovered your true potential by stopping the evil of Melissan who tried to capture the very essence of Bhaal." 
"And I was with you every step of the way," added Minsc. "That's why I knew you in this reality. I needed to guide you to regaining your true power and stop being a baby." Rado was flabbergasted and didn't know how to handle this. 
"But I'm just a burger guy!" he protested. "What do I have to do to help Afiag and Morgoth and whoever else stop Apocalypse and Desutoroia?" 
"You must become Abdel again," said Gorion. "Only then will you be able to help defeat the evil that surrounds you now. The Z-Saber you wield is the sign of your courage and honor. Minsc's sword is the sign of your loyalty and trust. Combine the two and your true power will be revealed." Gorion and Minsc faded away as Rado woke up on the cross, seeing a dead Afiag and an unconscious Boo to his left. He knew what he had to do. 
All night Melkor was taunted by Hellspawn the Apocalypse in his never ending dreams. He woke up around 4:40 AM and Phish was still deactivated and Uber was asleep. 
"Ahhhh!" he cried out as visions of horribly deformed and tortured demons filled his mind. 
"We're waiting for you, Melkor!" One of the creatures said as the images seemed to disappear from his mind. 
Later that day, he and Uber had gone into the ghost town. 
"So where exactly are we going again?" Melkor pulled out a map given to him by Dr. Phish. 
"Here. To the Roostville Dome site. Khandejifer mentioned that those who do not join him would be trapped there for all eternity. I have to see this place for myself. I have to know what goes on there!" Ubergeek turned and glanced in the direction of Khandejifer's Sphinx and noticed something awkward about it. 
"Mel, look at that." He turned toward it. 
"What is it?" 
"The Sphinx isn't in the same location it was yesterday and the previous years. It's moved." Melkor got a sick feeling about the place. 
"Once we've checked out the Dome, Khandejifer's Sphinx will be our next stop." Visions of LORD KILOKHAN came to Melkor's mind. He saw the former Lord of Hell fusing Hellspawn and the Blue Devil into one and remembered seeing Kilokhan in the background at the battle, watching. 
"Someone else was there." 
"Huh? What do you mean?" 
"At the battle with Apocalypse. Someone else was there I hadn't noticed... Lord Kilokhan... The Leviathan. He'd... It had taken on Desutoroia's form... He was guiding Apocalypse like his apprentice and feeding on the negative energy and fear from the battle." Melkor seemed to be going crazy the way he rambled on. "Lord of the Cenobites..." 
"Snap out of it, Mel! That was a long time ago..." 
"You're right, Uber. I've just been having a lot of visions lately." Before Hellspawn's return, things never used to be like this!  
"I remember a time before I ever met or heard of Hellspawn, when things were peaceful. The only evil was EGM, EDCOLE, George Lucas, the Simians, Xians, etc. All minor threats compared to Hellspawn the Apocalypse." 
"Yah. That Spawn from Hell was one bad Mayor candidate. Blackmailed more than half the town into voting for him. There was also all that crazy shit he was into. The attacks on Monsterzeroville. And the Blood Mass..." 
"Black Mass, Uber. Black Mass was the ritual's... is the ritual's proper name." 
"Right. You're the expert on old Medieval, Middle Earth times magic. Not me." 
"Any ways. I say it's time we got moving and find out what Khandejifer might be up to besides playing God." They went in search of the Roostville Dome, unaware of the dangerous fate awaiting them there. 
"Alright," Melkor said. "The Sphinx is over there so the Dome must be... in this direction." He pointed opposite to the Sphinx. 
"Hopefully, no sandstorms'll gobble you up." 
"Hopefully." They set off, following Phish's map. 
Boo was still unconscious. He saw himself in a field and Minsc appeared. 
"Rado knows the truth now, Boo. You must help him. Quickly! Wake up!" 
Back at the battlefield, Rado Goji looked at his hands and feet and saw them nailed to the cross. The pain swept over him when he realized the existence of the nails. He knew he had to become Abdel again but only knew stuff about combining swords. He tried to pull himself loose but the pain returned. Rado tried not to scream when he saw the bad guys fighting someone else and didn't want to alert them to his awakening. Boo was disturbed, as if trying to wake up but unable to. He knew he had to help save Roostville from this unholy menace but didn't know how to escape the cross without feeling immense pain. He looked to the left and saw that Afiag was down and out. He felt even more helpless as these guys could take out Afiag who was more powerful than the three RMBs put together.  
The pain worsened as he became more helpless. Rado realized he needed to stop being pessimistic and start thinking up an escape plan. A voice filled his head. Gorion's voice. 
"Abdel, I will lend you power to start your revival..." Rado pulled his hands over the nails and the holes reconstituted themselves with no scars. He did the same with his feet. Running to Boo's cross, he pulled the hamster off and laid his hands on his wounds which healed quickly.  
Rado knew that as a level 34 paladin, his Lay on Hands ability would have to be as powerful. He cast a Protection from Evil spell on himself and located the Z-Saber and Two-Handed Sword +3. Using his newly rediscovered holy powers, he fused the swords into one, the Carsomyr +6, the most holy of swords in Faerun. Intaking the its power, Abdel was reborn and Rado felt something he hadn't felt before without stupidity: Courage. He was in the armor and accessories that Abdel was equipped with in his last adventure and realized who he was. With the Carsomyr +6 in hand, Abdel went to face the unholy ones. 
Ubergeek and Melkor had been traveling for some time in the barren desert, often going in circles. The long and exhausting journey had left them rather tired. 
"I was never any good at reading a map," the Geekspawn explained. 
"Uber," Melkor said, "I don't think that's the problem. This map was made fifty years ago. Much erosion has occurred and the different land marks are making it hard to follow. I just hope I make it back in time for Christmas..." 
"Christmas?!" Uber shouted. "Why, if I remember correctly, that night we fought ol' Apocalypse was around Halloween..." They sat down on a rock. 
"We should start looking for the Dome site again so we can find a way to send me back to the past so I can help you summon the Guardians, defeat Apocalypse, vanquish Lord Kilokhan and save the Earth from complete annihilation." 
"Spoken like a true Dark Lord would have, Mr. Mel." Ubergeek pulled out a water bottle from his backpack. 
"The good stuff in life." 
"Amen to that! "Hey. Got any beer?" 
"Nah, man. Pepsi Cola?" 
"No, thanks. Water would be nice." Ubergeek got another bottle and handed it to him. The expression on Melkor's face became more depressed and pessimistic. "When this is all over, Hellspawn better be gone for good. And the Earth safe from disaster. I hope that nothing like this ever happens again. Things were never like this." 
"You just got to go with the flow. Times change. People change. Society changes. Hellspawn caused much change in Roostville society. And once he is defeated, Mel, society will be very different. Many will be wiser but others will always be the same." 
"Your society will be changed too, Uber. And this place will be nothing more than a forgotten memory." 
"It's becoming dark. Let's set up camp for the night and start the search for the Dome Site in the morning." After setting up camp, they soon drifted off to sleep. Melkor dreamed about the very things he had discussed with Ubergeek, mostly made up of the memories of all who had associated with Hellspawn in one way or another. The town in his dream was peaceful and pretty much the regular weird town in the center of a very serious world until the sky went dark and he saw the murder of a young woman at the hands of a merciless evil. But no, it wasn't Hellspawn. It was someone else...  
Hellspawn was crying over the dead body in a dark alley in Maser City where the merciless evil loomed and talked with Hellspawn like the best of friends. But this evil wasn't Desutoroia either. Melkor saw how the beast that Hellspawn had become was born through a terrible tragedy. But the evil was hidden from his sight. Melkor watched as Roostville was peaceful. The only crimes committed weren't evil or sadistic in any way. ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE became a huge hit. Desutoroia became famous on television and popular with the ladies.  
Mitchell Laurence eludied the Mods. Rodan2000 built one of the best clubs in town and ROOSTVILLE SURVIVOR became one of the most popular reality shows around. But Melkor saw it all ending too soon and corruption setting in. 
It all began when Gamingboy fired off the Ignore Cannon and Mayor Morgoth was blamed for the incident which led to GAMZILLA (under the influence of Hellspawn) arriving at Desutoroia's house with a little gift: Death. Hellspawn had his friend killed and inherited everything. He had plans for Roostville. Soon came the destruction of Monsterzeroville, Maser City and the Godzilla Tower.  
In the end, justice was served when Hellspawn was thrown in prison but not even bars could hold him. Mysteriously, he escaped while Roostafarians made plans for rebuilding. Hellspawn stole Necromancer and kidnapped Morgoth and the Princess of Space. Where Kong Town, Monsterzeroville, Roostville, Maser City, Neo Monster Island, etc. all met, he had an ancient ritual performed which should have caused the end of the world but resulted in a change to his physical form. No longer was Hellspawn just a nickname that fit his personality; he was a true Hellspawn, a demon with great power. The mighty monstrosity continued the devastation he started, demolishing everything in his path. 
The ghosts of Desutoroia and GAMZILLA joined the fight against the fiend but without Morgoth, there would have been no hope. The combined strength of Good was enough to cast Hellspawn into the Evil Realm where he should have remained for all eternity, where the seal should have lasted forever. 
The next two months were very different from the usual. Hellspawn in a way, had never left as his presence seemed to haunt the place. His legacy led to the departure of a good man and one of Roostville's most liked, Sheriff Varan, who committed suicide because he couldn't handle the stress and tension. Varan knew many lives had been lost and there was nothing he could have done to help. But that was his job, to serve the public and actually do something about crime. But it was too late... there was nothing he could do anymore.  
Through Melkor's dream he could see it all and understood better than at the time of his suicide. He wondered if Varan was being haunted by the ghost of Hellspawn. Melkor also saw how sad the Sheriff really was; he was strong on the outside but crying to escape it all on the inside. Varan had seen the future and knew how grave and somber and sorrowful the world would become. His social life became a tragedy. Of all the Roostafarians, even Desutoroia and his wife, Princess, the Sheriff had lived the most tragic life. His suicide spawned the schemes of Mitchell Laurence, his arch rival and the only criminal to elude him and never get caught. With Varan out of the picture, Laurence returned to his career of crime. The leader of the Guardians, the Black Fire Rodan, had been revived to protect Utopia from Laurence and his greed. 
The Black Mass was the grand finale. His demise came shortly and once again Hellspawn had been reborn, the Blue Devil awakened after hundreds, maybe even thousands of years and Desutoroia was resurrected and turned to the side of evil by the forces of Hell. Melkor's dream ended as he knew how the rest of the story went. He got out of his tent and approached Ubergeek. 
"Well, it's certainly a nice day. No sandstorms, Khandejifer or nothing... What's the matter, Mel? Didn't sleep well?" 
"No... Not at all. Slept fine." 
"Well, great news. While you were still sleepin', I got up extra early and scouted this area and found the Roostville Dome Site. I didn't go near it but was 350 feet away, approximately. It's just behind those huge hills over there. Go look for yourself." 
"Could.. could you see anybody?" 
"No. It seemed to be deserted. But I did figure out it was built in the same spot as the Godzilla Tower, as originally planned by the government, one hundred and fifty-four years ago." 
"But the government only planned to build it. It was never actually built... Khandejifer took the original design and built it for his own maniacal purposes, perhaps?" 
"Whatever his reasons, we should go check it out and let curiosity be satisfied. At least we'll know why those who oppose him are sent there... Any visions about this place that might help?" 
"Nope. Sorry, Uber. All my visions concentrate on Hellspawn and..." 
"Never mind. She's not important right now. That Dome is what's important." 
"Well, let's go!" They set out, leaving their camp set up. 
"So what do you think we'll find when we get there?" 
"I don't know but it can't be good, whatever it is... " 
After traveling over rough rock and the hills, the Roostville Dome was within throwing distance. It wouldn't be much longer until they discovered the hideous truth that Khandejifer had been hiding about the long since forgotten place.  
Melkor began to get an eerie, almost creepy feeling about the area. Visions of death and destruction plagued his mind but none of it was very clear. Ubergeek had approached the main entrance but he was standing back a few feet, hesitant to go inside for fear of what terrible sights weren't meant for his eyes. 
"Well, what are you waiting for? This is it, eh? We've been traveling days to find this place at your request. You better not back down and decide to just go home and forget about it." 
"Silence, Uber! I have no intention of leaving. I was just a little hesitant to go inside. Something just isn't right here. There is no evil present but there was at one time. Some secrets should be left forgotten." 
"Fine. I'll go on without you!" Ubergeek then busted through the main entrance. 
"Man. He's changed a lot more than I had realized in one hundred fifty-four years." Melkor ran in after him. From the inside, the place seemed much different. There was little light except for a few holes in the wall and roof where daylight shined through. Melkor looked around and called out Uber's name but he could not be found. He resumed his search for Khandejifer's dreadful secrets hidden amongst the souls that had been lost here. The place become very cold and he began to shiver, as if a ghost was present. 
"Boy! I'm really starting not ta like this place very much." Melkor saw a door which bore the skull and crossbones and the radiation hazard symbol. He could sense the room was safe to enter but he knew that whatever was in there would be a terrible sight. Melkor wasn't going to give in to a fear bestowed on him by Hellspawn. He was much more courageous than that fiend ever thought him to be. He entered cautiously. 
"Oh my God! Mother of..." He saw Ubergeek, dead. Brutally, he was killed by an accident of fate. Melkor saw in his mind how he had rushed into the Dome moments before. As Melkor was calling to him, Uber had already reached the door where he met his demise.  
Melkor looked around and saw hundreds of thousands of rotting skeletons. Humans dead, scattered all over the room. 
"... Christ!" Visions of their vile deaths plagued his mind. The sights were as horrible as he had predicted. 
"So... Khandejifer took command of Apocalypse's army and used the Dome as a slaughterhouse..." Melkor stared at the body of Ubergeek which lay on top. 
"Don't worry, my friend. I'm going home to stop all of this and save you and everyone else! The Guardians will awaken!" Melkor ran out of the Dome, back toward the ghost town where Phish was hiding and into the desert. He walked through the deserted streets and stared overhead where he could see Khandejifer's Sphinx. Just the thought of the place sickened him. 
"Too many lives have been lost in a terrible war. It's time to end this once and for all." Melkor stepped outside the town and into the desert, open for an attack from the skies but all remained quiet. 
"Show yourself, you monster! I DARE IT!" Melkor shouted at the Sphinx. 
"Very well," a cold voice called back. "I shall show myself to the likes of you, arrogant flesh creature. But I can almost guarantee that you'll regret this... Melkor!" He then heard people, coming from the distance and saw it, a vast army of demonic forces on horseback. Floating above and commanding their every move was Khandejifer. He was going to make sure Melkor suffered for not joining his great cause. 
"Now, Melkor. You shall burn in the flames of Hell like all the others before you who tried to defy my leadership! That's something no one, and I mean no one, gets away with!" 
"Don't be such a fool, Khandejifer," he muttered under his breath. "I'll be the first to show you a thing or two about leadership skills."  
Two horsemen rode towards Melkor with swords drawn. He was ready and prepared to dodge the attack when one of them stabbed him from behind. The other then struck the Dark Lord in the chest. Melkor appeared to be dead and as they pulled their swords from his lifeless body, he fell to the ground. 
"No..." Melkor said as he could feel himself dying again. 
"Now... Let me take the final strike! Hahahaha... Huh? What's this?" Khandejifer was almost frightened as Melkor began to disappear, piece by piece before his very eyes. 
"You have seen enough of this treacherous world which may or may not be. That will be decided by you, young warrior. You shall now return to our own time, to your home where you belong," a voice spoke to Melkor. He was traveling through time, ready to fight Apocalypse when he reached the other side. 

The evil that was known as Apocalypse the Hellspawn continued his endless reign of terror, destroying peace, love, happiness and prosperity. Compassion was a word that had little, if any meaning to him and the more his rage continued, the more the world became filled with hate and most of all, fear which meant more power for both Apocalypse and the wicked Lord Kilokhan to feed off of. 
"For thousands of years this world that once belonged to me has reigned in peace. The corruption of man that once was is at hand. Nothing... shall... deny me... or stand... in the way... of my... DESTINY!" Apocalypse said. His voice sounded stranger than usual. Perhaps the Blue Devil was speaking. Apocalypse looked at the crucifix where he had killed the Super Vampire, Afiag, and floated over to the dead and lifeless body. 
"My dear, dear friend. First Elizabeth, now you," his voice sounding even more strange. It was an inhumane and demonic sound, yet high pitched and squeaky. "Why did you resist me? Love for your friends, you call it? I'm sorry to admit that I never have and never shall know what love is." Something in Apocalypse's voice made it appear as though he was hurt emotionally. "After killing you, who were once my right hand man, it is probably for the better." There was a little bit of sympathy. 
"Hahahaha!" Apocalypse laughed, sounding more like Hellspawn, deep and cold. "Foolish Afiag! To think you could dare challenge me? And come out still alive with no scratches? What were you thinking, you dirty rat?!" His voice began to change again; Hellspawn and the Blue Devil speaking simultaneously.  
"I killed you and felt great pleasure in doing so. Great pleasure in watching you die!" Apocalypse's voice began to undergo yet another change, now sounding very deep, as if his vocal cords had been scratched but still the sound was inhuman. "Everything you ever fought for was pointless. You claimed it to serve a purpose of good, yet deep within the complicated mind, you enjoyed the endless fights so very much. We weren't so different, you and I... We could have been great, you know?" Apocalypse looked up into the sky with his arms and mouth wide open. 
"No one's sins are ever forgiven, let alone forgotten in Hell. You killed Elizabeth, you monster, Afiag. Now I hope your miserable soul rots in Hell where it belongs, tortured by the Cenobites for all eternity! Hahahaha!" Apocalypse was enjoying his mindless taunting, even though Afiag was long since dead. 
"Now, where's that wretched creature, Ubergeek... Where's he hiding?" Apocalypse wasn't aware Uber had met up with Rado Goji and they were spying on him from one of the nearby buildings. Some strange force of good seemed to shield them from being sensed by the Hellspawn. 
"So, Rado. Got any plans, ideas?" 
"No. And my name is Abdel." 
"Right." Abdel held in his right hand the Z-Saber, ready to strike the evil obstacle in his way. But he didn't. He knew to wait... 
Back on the battlefield, a large three dimensional gateway opened up. Apocalypse was not amused for it brought back memories of Hellspawn's final fight with Melkor back in early August. Melkor stepped out, back in his own time. A grin appeared on Apocalypse's face. 
"So, you return from Hell? Did the Devil spit you out?" 
"Hellspawn! Listen to me and listen well. I know what you went through working for the Maser City mob. I know what happened. You lost a loved one at the hands of someone full of malice and hate. Someone... evil... This is your one and only chance. Although many years may have passed since the incident, I can help you. I can show you that she is at peace and in your heart. I can help society accept you. Just give it a chance..." Apocalypse was puzzled at first but his mind was quickly made up. 
"I... have no heart. I... AHHHHH! NO!" Apocalypse's face changed to Hellspawn's when he was still human, before the Black Mass ritual. "Help me, Melkor, but it's too late and he takes over... AHHHH! NO! Puny human! You can't stand in the way of my... DESTINY! AHHHH!" Melkor watched as Apocalypse's face changed from Hellspawn to Blue Devil to human Hellspawn to Desutoroia. They were fighting for control. Human Hellspawn fought the most to be free but Demon Hellspawn suppressed him and melded the rest into one consciousness again. 
"You came close, Melkor. I'll give you that much but not even you can stop me now..." 
"Oh, really." And that's when Ubergeek and Abdel leaped from the window above and landed at Melkor's side. 
"So. You've brought friends? No matter. I'll crush you all!" Melkor blasted Apocalypse like something out of Dragon Ball Z and sent him flying backwards. 
"Now, Uber. Quickly! We must summon the Guardians of the Old World before it's too late." He nodded. Melkor began to mutter an ancient spell as did Ubergeek. Abdel watched, amazed but wishing they could hurry it up as Apocalypse was flying straight for them. Just as he was an inch or two away, he stopped in mid-air, frozen in time as Ancalagon rose up from the ground. A young girl, the Phoenix Guardian, came down from the sky above. Ubergeek was filled with great power as from the far off mountain, the Dark God Rodan came swooping down. It became two Black Fire Rodans who transformed into humans wearing ancient Seatopian armor made from the strongest metal in the world. 
"The Guardians have been awakened once again to fulfill the prophecy and bring peace to a chaotic land," a God-like voice intoned from the heavens. They lined up with Melkor and Abdel by their sides as Apocalypse was freed from the time freeze. 
"So you've summoned more friends to take me down? Maybe your team of three was able to defeat Hellspawn but I have Hellspawn, the Blue Devil and Lord Desutoroia Khandejifer within my soul. Together, we can defeat anything that tries to prevent evil from obtaining its goal!" 
"Love always triumphs over hate. Seek and ye shall see, warrior of the Dark Two," the male Black Fire Rodan spoke. "Oh Kronos. Oh Matthias, why hide like ye cowards thou be and not face us in a real duel? Why send thou inferno in thee place?" 
"Enough of your pathetic talk. It's time... to play!" Apocalypse lunged full speed at the male BFR and bashed his head, hard. The Guardian Leader pulled out his sword and swung it upon Apocalypse. A green ooze poured from the cut. 
"His blood is the negative energy that was on Mount Rodan," Melkor said. The battle continued as the other Guardians moved in to help their leader. 
"No!" he called back. "I shall fight thy creature alone. Instead, lend me thou powers you all possess!" And with that, the Leader of the Guardians used telepathy to link the others with him and borrow their powers to use against Apocalypse. His sword and Abdel's Z-Saber became one as Apocalypse's rough skin clashed against it but Apocalypse managed to grab it and stab the Guardian. 
"No!" the others cried out. The Leader's body rolled over, his sword stuck in his left lung. He was able to pull it out and handed it to Abdel, now known as Rado Goji. 
"To you I pass this weapon of peace. Do not fail me, my son..." As the Leader of the Guardians fell into a coma, Rado promised to not let him down. Ubergeek and the Leader's lover aided their wounded friend as the Guardians' powers were transferred into Abdel to fight the devil. 
"You? I killed you before and I'll kill you again!" Apocalypse laughed and leaped at Abdel, grabbing him. Melkor jumped onto the demon's back but was thrown off. The monster soon had Abdel on the ground and his face changed to that of a hungry, savage, wild, monstrous animal. His teeth were huge and sharp as he got ready to take a bite. "Pain is the better way!" 
"That's... what... you think... demon..." Abdel was able to grab the sword while Apocalypse was getting closer for the kill. Just as he was going to take a chomp at Abdel's head, Apocalypse was stabbed in the chest and fell on his back, hitting the ground very hard. Abdel was breathing heavily from the effort. 
"Please... somebody tell me that... this is over." 
"Hahahahaha! Not quite yet, Rado!" Apocalypse's hands came from beneath the ground and grabbed his feet but Rado escaped his clutches. 
"This child's play is making me tired. You pathetic Guardians cease to amuse me. Give up now or be destroyed. What shall it be?" Abdel just stared at the beast. 
"I'd rather be destroyed than join you," he said. 
"Very well. Proceed on the path to oblivion." Apocalypse was about to kill Abdel when a voice called out. 
"STOP!" Apocalypse, the Guardians, Melkor and Abdel turned to see Mrs. Khandejifer with Morgoth, walking onto the battlefield. 
"PRINCESS," an evil voice said in a cold whisper. 
"I know of everything, Hellspawn. Morgoth has informed me of what's going on and what you're capable of doing," she said. "The lives of everyone... even my Desu are at stake... And this is your doing." 
"Hahahaha! Foolish lady, 'tis Apocalypse you speak with, not Hellspawn. We are the melded minds of many!" 
"I'm afraid this will be the last I see of Roostville, Desu and all my friends." The others couldn't figure out what she was trying to say. Princess looked at Apocalypse and stared into his eyes where she saw Desutoroia, trapped inside the demon.  
"Desu," she said. "Promise me that when this is over that you'll move on and find love elsewhere. And promise me that you'll never forget me and the time we shared together. I love you, good..." 
"Shut up!" Apocalypse interrupted her. "I have death to attend to! Arghhh!" He fired a ball of Hellfire at Abdel but Mrs. Khandejifer pushed him aside and sacrificed herself. White energy of innocence seemed to fly through the air as she died. Now everyone knew what her final words had meant. 
"Ah! My head... head aches... ahhhh! Pain! Body aches...!" Apocalypse crumbled and fell to the ground as Desutoroia appeared, free from evil. He was no longer a Cenobite but human again. Apocalypse stood up. 
"Must kill Desu and the others!" the Blue Devil said. 
"No, Desu is our friend and his wife has been lost to him. He needs us," Hellspawn replied. 
"Desu shall burn. No! AHHHHHHHHH!" Apocalypse was having a multiple personality conflict as Hellspawn and the Blue Devil battled within him. Hellspawn, who hated Desutoroia, had learned to accept and appreciate him when they fought side by side. He now felt sad for his friend. However, the Blue Devil didn't care either way. The two split back to their normal selves. Hellspawn flew up to the sky, his body turning to a pile of dust from which came a swarm of bats who flew off. He would be back. The light of innocence from Mrs. Khandejifer had resurrected Afiag who flew from the crucifix and grabbed the Blue Devil. 
"No escape today! You're coming with me!" 
"Wrong, Afiag! You're coming with my soul!" The Blue Devil opened a portal to Hell where he tried to send Afiag but the vampire pulled the Blue Devil in with him. 
At long last, it seemed to be over. Desutoroia mourned the death of his wife, the Princess of Space. As the Guardian Leader revived, he and his wife reverted back to their Black Fire Rodan forms and took to the sky.  
When the Guardians had departed, an earthquake shook the area and a dense fog rolled in. Within minutes, Roostville was gone. Ubergeek knew that wherever the Guardians were, they would be at peace once again. As for Roostville, it just disappeared.