Hellspawn's Legacy
CHAPTER 3: Sheriff Jet Jaguar, Rev. Matthew Laurence and Goji Son
Back in Roostville, Officer Lightoller led a memorial service for the late Sheriff, accompanied by Raptor, Gorgozilla, Melkor, Mrs. Khandejifer, Bill, Bruce Parker, Gamingboy, Morgoth and Jet Jaguar. This was truly one of Roostville's saddest moments. 
Afterwards, Gamingboy went back to his offices at City Hall and plopped in his chair behind the monstrous desk he had installed when he got elected. Not only did he think it signified his new position in the scheme of things, it also provided a great place for numerous computers, surveillance systems and other fun stuff. 
The service had been solemn and dignified, with nearly everyone from Roostville in attendance. Residents of the surrounding communities were also there, as well as squad cars from every jurisdiction for miles around as their chief law enforcement officers paid their respects. The Mayor wondered what the funeral would be like if this small remembrance was any example of the impression Varan had made on the world. 
Despite routine duties of his office and having his "toys" at hand, Gamingboy felt there was something else he needed to be doing as he half consciously flipped through paper or more high tech correspondence and data. Not making much progress, he figured a little break was in order and checked out his favorite message boards and even tried to lose himself in a game or two. It wasn't working. 
That "something" was waiting on him, like a buried file beneath the clutter of his massive desk. Spying a parking ticket a citizen had asked him to "fix", it came to him: Roostville was now without a Sheriff! 
Quickly rummaging through his racing mind, he pulled up various rosters on the city database: Mod Squad, City Administration, the League of Un-Ordinary Gentlethings®, Roostville Rifle and Maser Society and printed off enough copies for all the Mods and assorted others he might have to confer with. 
Since the Mod Station was closest and its staff easiest to round up, he called the dispatcher to have everyone assembled there in half an hour. Knowing how things worked in the place (thanks to his curiosity and sense of power upon taking office), he darn well knew that not only would any "report to the station" calls go out over the Mobile Data Terminals the patrol officers had in their cars, there would be a flurry of messaging between them that no scanner belonging to nosy citizens picked up. As for anyone wondering why about every unit in the town suddenly began showing up, oh well. The main thing was that he would know what to expect when he addressed the law men. 

Oh, crap. we're screwed 
What did we do this time???? 
We're going to get a royall tail twisting for sure 
Damn Im out of uniform!!! 
Who called this frigging meting anyways/its my lunch breke"
They went back and forth. He made a point to use this little goody more often when things got slow and definitely planned to have a unit installed at his house. 
"The night crew probably plays 'Battleship' on these things," he figured. 
For proper effect, the Mayor made sure he was a few minutes late entering the muster room. Tosha had a portable with her to cover any radio traffic and routed the incoming lines to the extension phone by the door. Not wanting to keep her away from her post, Gamingboy stated his purpose. 
"I'm looking for a new sheriff. Anyone interested?" 
Tosha declined. "Thanks but no thanks, sir. I believe I can do more for the department right where I am." Gamingboy had to agree, as would anyone who had worked with her. She excused herself and went back to the communications center. 
Captain Crowell just shook his head. He wasn't a "desk jockey". Deputy Friar looked like he would have bolted out the door if Gamingboy hadn't taken a position in front of it. Little did the Mayor realize that Freddy had called Raptor as soon as the announcement of the meeting went out and would be telling her everything that went on. Fred had what was called "street smarts" and that was where he wanted to keep using them. 
Looking around the assembled staff, Gamingboy knew he didn't have any takers and wished everyone a good day. At least Tosha offered a "Sorry, sir," as he departed. 
"Well, on to the next round," GB figured. This batch of possible candidates would be on his turf as he had directed them to show up at the City Council chamber. He went over the the League of Un-Ordinary Gentlethings®, Roostville Rifle and Maser Society and Mod list, wondering which bunch would offer the best excuses for missing members. As the Mayor entered from the rear doors, he noted the only ones missing from The League were Count Super Jet Jaguar, Miyako Aso, Ubergeek, Sheriff Varan and Cam Eleon. The Sheriff and Miyako had been instrumental in forming it in the first place and Cam was still in the hospital. Space Varen, Sandworm Phish, Yongary, Melkor, Evil Genius Man, Angillis 333, Bato-Goji and Enshohma all had seated themselves together as he had told them he wanted this most unlikely group to help him out. They had a camaraderie that only their individual uniqueness could inspire and Gamingboy could appreciate what they had done to save Roostville from destruction (if certain members didn't blow it up first, including the missing Count). Raptor and Jet Jaguar were in a far corner, another "logical" team-up, he figured. The only difference was that where the League waited expectantly, Raptor was sullenly leaning against the wall and JJ was standing inert. He chalked up her apparent mood to "a reptile thing" as so many of them seemed perpetually grumpy (at least in his opinion). As for the Mods, Sauron and Goji Son were missing and there had been no contact with either one of them since before Saturday's horrible events. 
Strolling to the front of the big room as casually as he could, Gamingboy sat on the long table in front of the assembly area and used the same approach he had at the Mod Station (with the same results). 
"No takers, huh. Well, I guess if I don't get a volunteer, someone's going to have to get appointed." He looked directly at Raptor and JJ who both stared back at him like robots who had their batteries removed. The League of Un-Ordinary Gentlethings® (except for Melkor) stampeded out the door. When the rush was past, Raptor and JJ excused themselves and more calmly walked out. Gamingboy got off his perch and went to take the center seat, which was his in the first place. 
"Gentlemen, we have a decision to make." 
It was decided that the robot, Jet Jaguar, would be Roostville's new Sheriff. And what a fine heir to Varan's throne he would prove himself to be. 
While the Mayor and Mods were mulling over the likely (or otherwise) candidates to fill the untimely Sheriff vacancy, Raptor and Jet Jaguar had exited the building as fast as any League member once they got clear of the Council Chamber. Raptor had told Deputy Friar about her summons when she was called so he was waiting outside. The three of them high-tailed it for the back door of Space Cadet Comics and dashed in, advising the proprietor they needed to borrow the storeroom for a bit. Being regular customers, such arrangements weren't that unusual. With the door locked, everyone started talking at once on the latest developments. 
"I guess GB is only doing what he has to," JJ figured. "This town needs a sheriff now more than ever." Raptor mentioned the GAMZILLA case, which Melkor had made a point of reminding her about. 
"As you well know, Fred, a trial like that is no picnic and more subpoenas will be served than there are bootlegs of the latest Godzilla movie in this town. Also, there will be Varan's inquest..." She hadn't told anyone about the letter she had found in the Sheriff's desk, wanting to first check out a few things. The two of them had been at that crime scene themselves and neither had even completed their paperwork. When Raptor got with Jet Jaguar on Sunday night, they had discussed the previous day's developments at length but ended up with more questions than answers. 
"And that's how good police work gets done," Fred reminded them. 
"I'll help in any way I can," JJ advised. "I may not have the 'instincts' you humans do but I sure have a great memory bank!" His cohorts laughed good-naturedly but the robot had a very valid point: clues were like data to be processed to make a case. By the time it got to the trial phase, there is a MASS of stuff to be considered, often beyond the capabilities of the twelve peers sitting in the jury box. Too often, the judge himself didn't know what the issue really was in some civil cases. At least in criminal proceedings, things could be looked at as cause and effect, which should be right up JJ's alley. 
"If cops weren't as much social workers as law enforcers half the time," Fred figured, "we would have been replaced by robots and computers long ago!" 
"And if so many humans weren't such basket cases like Phish, Hellspawn, the Count and a bunch of others, you wouldn't need either one," Jet Jaguar quickly deduced. 
Mrs. Khandejifer was out for a walk, alone. She decided to sit at one of the benches in Toho Park and remained there for some time, lost deep in thought. A man came and sat down next to her, Rev. Michael Lazarus (whose real name was Matthew Laurence). He had performed her and Desu's marriage ceremony. The cleric was also the man who had been hiding in the closet at Sheriff Varan's office when Raptor discovered the suicide letter. 
"Princess!" he said. "Is that you?" Mrs. Khandejifer turned to Michael but wasn't really that thrilled to see him. 
"Hi, Michael," she replied. 
"Aw, poor child. I've heard what you've been going through... Your husband murdered and the Blood Mass. And the suicide of your friend, Varan. If there is anything, anything at all that I can do... You just let me know." She just looked at him. "Any ways... child," he continued. "I have some church related business to attend to. But if you just want to talk or need anything... give me a call." Matthew Laurence finally got up and left. From a distance, Melkor had seen him talking to Princess and came over to her. 
"Who was that?" he asked. Melkor had a bad feeling about the guy. 
"Oh, that's Michael. He's the guy who married me and...." She stopped. "Where were you last night? I thought you would be coming by..." 
"Oh. My car... got stuck in a ditch," he explained, leaving out the details of his vision of Hellspawn and encounter with Chernobog. Mrs. Khandejifer then got up and they walked off, holding hands. She had been seeking more victims to revive Desu fully and planned to use him but now, she wasn't sure if she could do it... 

Tuesday, Oct. 7 

Ubergeek and SJJ had been awakened rather suddenly by Garland. 
"Alright. Megalon Town is 50 miles south but you have to travel through desert sands first... and fog before you'll reach the sea." It is a small town, sort of resembling some of those from Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. Preferably, Darunia, The Mountain Town. Ubergeek checked his watch. 
"What?! 1:30 PM! Why didn't you wake us earlier?" 
"Felt you two young fellas needed your rest. Now come on. We shall see the Mayor of this town." 
"Why him?" asked Uber. 
"The townsfolk tell me he's the only one who knows the full story of the legend of the Black Fire Rodan." 
They soon arrived at the Mayor's house and Ubergeek immediately started to ask questions. 
"Calm yourself, Mr. Geek," he began. "I do not know of the exact location but it is said that in order to find the resting place of the Black Fire Rodan, you must first travel to the old cemetery. Once there, one of the graves is said to be a secret tunnel. It is supposed to lead the seeker to where the Black Fire Rodan is resting. But where exactly on the mountain, I do not know. Either way, it's a very dangerous path to take. No one who has gone there has lived to tell about it..." 
"What are you saying?" Ubergeek asked. 
"The mountain is said to be haunted," the Mayor advised. "It is said that the dead walk freely up there." SJJ was convinced this was all the work of the Blue Devil and that Ubergeek was just wasting his time. 
At first, the Mayor refused to tell them the location of the cemetery but gave in. The little party set out again on their quest. 
At the edge of town, they located the path which led up to the cemetery. In the lead, Ubergeek was determined to discover the existence of the Black Fire Rodan. As they cautiously walked along, the fog started and became thicker. Soon, it was as thick as the night before and they could barely see their own feet in front of them but there were lots of glowing lights ahead. Ubergeek fell to the ground, got back up and saw that he had bumped into a grave. 
"This is it! The cemetery! We're here!" Those strange noises from the night before on the mountain could be heard again. Ubergeek and SJJ started to get a little nervous. Garland, however, was prepared for this. The glowing lights got closer and the noises louder. Soon, shapes appeared. They were shocked to see they were surrounded by walking skeletons. SJJ got out one of his Red Buttons. 
"NO!" Garland shouted. "Don't! I know what to do." The skeletons circled our heroes, preparing for the kill. 
"Ubergeek," Garland yelled. "Find the tombstone with the L marking on it like the Mayor said. I'll try and hold these deadlings off." The fog was so thick that Ubergeek didn't see the grave marker in front of him and ran  into it. As he bounced off, it moved up to reveal a tunnel. 
"I found it!" he yelled. He and SJJ jumped down. Garland, fighting off the Living Dead, soon joined them in an underground cave. Garland quickly caused a partial cave in to keep the dead things out. 
"Let us continue our journey," he said. Within an hour's time, they had walked out of the cave and were now outside again, somewhere on the mountain. 

Back in Roostville, Melkor had stopped by Desu Mansion again to see Mrs. Khandejifer and most likely, take her out. Even though she was married, she didn't want to hurt the young man so they left together. As Desutoroia watched them from one of the windows above, Melkor could feel something watching him. He turned to look back but saw nothing unusual... 

Thursday, Oct. 9 

Ubergeek, the Count and Garland had traveled through the mountains, only stopping if absolutely necessary. On their journey, they dodged boulders, climbed large and dangerous cliffs and walked through small waterfalls. They slept in dirty old caves to keep safe from the dead that walked at night. 
It was nearing night time again and just as Garland was about to blast open a new cave, he saw an opening already there. Before the fog thickened, they entered. 
"Aw.. Just the way I like it. Nice and cozy," Ubergeek said. 
"I'm a Vamp. I like to hang from cave ceilings," SJJ reminded them. 
"So, Garland," Ubergeek started. "We've told you why we're here but you haven't told us why you are. Why are you here?" He gave the Geekspawn a stern look. 
"I too have been seeking the Black Fire Rodan. I've spent years on the mountain looking for it. I haven't left Mt. Rodan since I came here. Until the other day when we traveled to Megalon Town." They all turned when they heard the sound of rocks falling. There was also the sound of voices in the distance. 
"Who's up there, I wonder?" Ubergeek asked. 
"Not the Blue Devil, I hope." SJJ shuddered. They hurried to find out who else might be in this remote place. It was Goji Son, telling a group of people assembled before him about the day their master would return. 
"The Todd McFarlane Cult," Ubergeek whispered. "Hellspawn's cult..." 
"This Hellspawn must be popular back home?" Garland asked. 
"Yes, he is." SJJ sneered. 
"In a very negative way though..." Ubergeek explained. Goji Son noticed them hiding behind the rocks above his little gathering. 
"Show yourselves!" he commanded. Ubergeek, SJJ and Garland stood up. 
"It's me," Ubergeek called. "Geekspawn. Your old friend..." Goji Son was glad to see him and for the rest of the night, the three travelers and the Todd McFarlane Cult had a fire together, talked and sang songs. Never once did anyone mention Hellspawn. 
"You can't love him." Desutoroia was standing at the top of the stairs, dressed in a blood stained suit. His wife was a few steps down, looking up at him. 
"You know that I don't. So where's the harm?" 
"I said no! Then find me somebody else, quickly... Before THEY come looking." She nods in response. 
Mrs. Khandejifer had some errands to run and all the while, Desutoroia spent his time alone upstairs, Bill still completely unaware of his brother being alive. He sat, lost deep in thought, dwelling long and hard on the past, before Roostville. The thoughts seemed to be getting him angry as he clinched his fist and pounded the wall, endlessly screaming to himself. 

Friday, Oct. 10 

It was 5:30 in the morning and the fog was starting to clear up. Garland knew the skeleton creatures would be gone by now so he got Geekspawn and SJJ to come with him while the Cult was still sleeping. Outside the cave, they saw another entrance cut by hand some time ago to look like the face of something demonic, the Black Fire Rodan perhaps? 
"This must be where the Black Fire Rodan is!" Ubergeek figured. 
"Quickly, my friends. Let's go in before the Cult realizes we're gone," Garland whispered. SJJ and Ubergeek quickly followed. On entering, they saw what looked to be a giant ancient shrine and ahead of them, a huge crater in the ground. Garland approached it and saw molten lava. 
"This mountain is an active volcano. Quickly! We must wake the Black Fire Rodan if there really is such a creature..." 
"Oh, there better be!" Ubergeek exclaimed. "Or else this trip will have been a complete waste." The Elf pulled out an old book from his bag. It was very old, from medieval times when sorcerers and dragons roamed freely in the world. "Garland, what's in that book? Does it say how to unleash the Black Fire Rodan?" Ubergeek asked anxiously. 
"This book mentions something similar in every detail. Yes, I think it refers to the Black Fire Rodan..." Garland started to look around. 
"What's he doing?" asked SJJ. 
"I don't know..." 
"Searching... Aha! I found it!" Garland had plucked from the ground a rare mushroom which can only be found on Mt. Rodan. He continued to collect plants and other things from about the cave. When he had everything he needed, he began mixing them together and made some sort of strange potion. 
"Ubergeek... Drink this. It will make you impervious to the lava." 
"So you can be lowered into the lava as a sacrifice to awaken the Black Fire Rodan." 
"What?! I'll die!" 
"If you drink the potion, you won't!" Ubergeek drank it but SJJ had a bad feeling. An evil presence was there. He could feel it! Could it be the Black Fire Rodan or was this area the original source of the evil green oozing energy he and Geekspawn had found? SJJ and Garland lowered Uber into the lava as a sacrifice. 
"Yes! This is it!" Garland and the Geekspawn shouted simultaneously. In the lava, Geekspawn saw a blinding flash of light and a large hole in the wall opened and the lava started to drain. Garland and Uber waited but nothing happened. The Geek was very disappointed as SJJ started to pull him back up. 
"Ha! There is no Black Fire Rodan. It's all a myth!" Garland said. "I no longer need you two any more!" SJJ had now pulled Ubergeek up completely. 
"What?! What are you talking about?" he exclaimed. 
Garland was suddenly struck with pain as a disembodied voice called out: "Destroy them or you yourself will be faced with oblivion!" 
"Argghhh... Yes... My master..." Garland replied. 
"It's the Blue Devil!" SJJ shouted. 
"Hahahahaha! No... My master is anything but the Blue Devil. The evil presence you felt wasn't the..." Garland stopped as he heard the growl of a monster. It was coming from the hole which had opened when Ubergeek was lowered into the lava pit. 
"The Black Fire Rodan! It does exist after all!" Ubergeek gasped in amazement. 
It came soaring up and looked like a regular Heisei Fire Rodan, only more strongly built; completely black and with glowing red eyes. There was a second lava pit nearby. The Black Fire Rodan flew over the trespassers. Ubergeek and SJJ jumped for it but Garland was grabbed by one of its claws. As they were flying over the second pit, it let go and Garland fell head first and screaming. Goji Son and the Todd McFarlane Cult had heard the commotion and came rushing up. 
"Ubergeek! What's going on? What the Hell is that?" 
"It's the Black Fire Rodan! A mythical species of Rodan!" With the aid of Goji Son and the Cult, they made their way out of the cave. The Black Fire Rodan remained inside but there was no telling how long it would stay there. 
"So, Geekspawn... Is that thing why you are here in the mountains?" Goji Son asked. 
"Yes.. Yes it is..." 
"Ahem..." SJJ said. 
"No, it isn't. Me and my pal here sensed an evil presence on this mountain. We came to investigate after discovering a strange form of evil energy. Then we heard the legend of Black Fire Rodan and I wanted to see if the creature really existed. Why are you and your cult here?" 
"We are awaiting our master's return. We are exiled here until that day." Ubergeek and SJJ decided that since nightfall would be approaching soon and the fog came out at night with those walking dead, they'd stay on the mountain with Goji Son and his crazy crew. 
"Tomorrow," Ubergeek said to Super Jet Jaguar. "We'll head back to Megalon Town." 
To put it lightly, the Geek was in a gray funk. Not a month had passed since the 'Duel of the Fates' debacle in which an 'unscheduled' 2-on-2 match with Ancalagon the Black and one nasty child of Ghidorah, intended to cap off the Final Round's 'festivities,' had been thankfully crashed by an Ogasawara/JASDF strike team. With the 11th hour aid of those few Crimson Warriors© who'd survived the early rounds (not to mention the Black Dragon's hellishly volatile mate, Malystryx), the were-Goji couple had just barely crawled from the Coliseum when Hellspawn's demonic vanguard made their debut in Roostville. 
Returning to their respective 'day jobs' (Miyako to her Ogasawara post and Uber to supervising the Museum of Monsters®' repairs) was almost a cakewalk after such ordeals, though the three day R&R period (with emphasis on REST) they'd spent together certainly helped. 
Unfortunately, upon consulting Melkor and thus learning of Hellspawn's second attack (with a profoundly histrionic description of their Big Showdown), the Geekspawn was quickly brought low again. Hundreds of innocent citizens, seeking only an accepting home in which to ply their livelihoods, had suffered at the demon's hands. In the were-Goji's mind, all because he'd ignored his inner saurian's instincts and refrained from tearing that wretched Malebogia wannabe's throat out when he had the chance. Of course, considering what Melkor had told him regarding the fiend's 'last words,' Hellspawn might not have stayed dead anyway. 
That unsavory possibility, combined with his sense of guilt, had sent Ubergeek off on this ostensible 'research project' with the Count, of all people. And who should they run into but the redoubtable Mr. Mensik, complete with his cult of Hellspawn Acolytes®, not to mention an apparently supernatural Fire Rodan Derivative©, quite enough by itself. 
And to top all that off, you had Garland, who was apparently taking orders from some unseen power up to the point where the Ebon Mutant Pterosaurô dumped him into an active volcano. Again, considering Melkor's account, that should've raised an alarm bell or two, which only made Uber's  'sacrificial' offer seem insane, even by his standards. For one thing, no herbal concoction known to humanity could have repelled lava and it was doubtful were-Gojis would actually need such protection. And third, why? What had twisted the formerly level-headed Goji Son into heading this fey cult and why would anyone want to raise a monstrosity like the Black Rodan? 
At the moment, the Geeky one could only draw one conclusion: he was in over his head, not functioning up to par and in dire need of some additional support. OK, three conclusions. 
Having politely turned down Goji Son's room/board offer at the McFarlane Cult's chapter back in Megalon Town©, Ubergeek and the Count were camped out in a freshly excavated tunnel near the top of Mt. Eternity, an inactive volcano just south of Black Rodan's resting-place. The view, in a nearly full moon's illumination, spanned the valley below, the distant town and the live fire mountains. Said view was obscured as the Count touched down, back from a patrol/foraging sweep. Observing his comrade lost in thought, Super JJ offered a plump, fuzzy 'snack' (actually a Late Cretaceous multituberculate mammal). Uber gestured toward a pile of stripped and charred bones at the back of the tunnel; he'd done just fine on his own, thanks. Silently (for once), the cyborg Vampire© settled down to sup on his prize, leaving the Geekspawn free to dig out his laptop from the ever-present Uber-Packô. 
Addressed to Melkor, Raptor, the Dark Lords® and new Mayor Gamingboy©, the first email provided an update on the 'research' team's status. A second, intended for his fellow were-Gojis, added a request for assistance to said update and a third draft for Miyako expressed his less tangible suspicions, as well as an apology for his rather flippant note to her earlier. Sending all three messages on their way, the Spawn of Kenny joined Super JJ in scanning the night's inky depths. Even if this turn of events only led down more fell trails, such things were nothing new to his 'kind.' 

Saturday, Oct. 11 

The Mayor of Megalon Town had given them a map to find their way back to Roostville but somewhere along the way, they got lost and nightfall was nearing. Uber was planning to tell Melkor of the mythical Rodan and show it to him. God only knows what SJJ was planning to do upon his return to Roostville.. 
"Geekspawn... Those skeletal creatures will be coming out soon..." 
"Yes, I know..." He started to wonder if he'd ever make it back alive. Just then, the fog started rolling in.... 
"Look, Uber!" SJJ pointed. "It's the entrance to Garland's shrine!" Geekspawn looked up. 
"Garland's shrine. Then that means..." 
"Indeed, Uber! We're getting close to Rodanville! We're almost home!" Ubergeek and SVAMP spent the night camped in there, hiding from the evil skeletal creatures which were waiting outside. But they'd be gone by morning. 
Sunday, Oct. 12 
 After a night in Garland's shrine up on the mountain, Ubergeek and Super Jet Jaguar had continued their journey home, only to get lost again and travel around in circles. 
"Shit! Are we ever gonna make it back home, Uber?" 
"We will, SVAMP, we will... Somehow, we'll find a way." The heat was really starting to get to them so they  decided to take a break and sat down on the rocks. They were tired and exhausted from the days of traveling and heard the sound of a hideous, monstrous roar come from the Black Fire Rodan. They looked up to see it soaring through the clouds above. 
"Let's just hope that thing doesn't decide to go to Roostville..." said Ubergeek. He was convinced that if it were to ever be unleashed, it would make Hellspawn's reign if terror look like a picnic. Shortly, the Black Fire Rodan retreated back to its cave. 
"Wait 'til Melkor sees this!" he said. "Just wait..." 
Later, as they were walking, SJJ noticed it. "He's here. UBER, GET DOWN!!" the Count screamed as a red energy beam ripped through Uber's heart. "Blue Devil, SHOW YOURSELF!!!" 
"YOU HATH GROWN WEAKER SINCE I LAST SAW YOU..." said the ancient warrior, appearing before him. 
"AHHHHH!!!" he screamed as his skin started to change, muscles growing and eyes becoming more yellow. His claws were sharper and ears pointier. Clothes turned into an armored suit with a flowing black cape behind him. 
"I, AFIAG, SHALL DESTROY THEE!!" the transformed vampire screamed. A ball of hellfire appeared out of his claws, launching itself at the Blue Devil. 
Count Super Jet Jaguar snapped out of it. It was all a dream... or was it? It had felt too real to be a dream. Ubergeek was still fine and there was no trace of the negative energy. It was more like Melkor's recent encounters with Hellspawn; day dreams or in this case, they were visions. 
SVAMP had just prophesied the the coming of the Blue Devil. He wondered if he should tell Uber but decided it would be best to keep it to himself... for now. 
It was late and Queen Ghidorah had gone to the Roostville Catholic Church to see its pastor, Obi-Juan. As she entered, no one was there so she looked around. There was no sign of Obi-Juan but she heard voices down in the basement of the church. Matthew Laurence and some of his minions were playing cards there and she overheard him discussing some scheme to kill the Count, Super Jet Jaguar. She got out of there as fast as she could but Laurence heard her and intended to see who had been eavesdropping on his plans. Queen Ghidorah, hiding at the back of the church, got out her cell phone and dialed Raptor's number. There was no answer but she was able to leave a message. 
"Raptor! It's Queen G. I'm outside the Roostville Catholic Church... I overheard some people talking about an  assassination attempt to be made on SVAMP." Laurence, lurking in the shadows behind her, heard everything. 
"Now, now missy... No one likes a rat!" He grabbed her, kicking and screaming but Laurence seemed to have SUPER STRENGTH. "You're coming with me..." 

Monday, Oct. 13 

Raptor entered her office before any of the other Mods had shown up. She was startled to see a man standing there. Laurence then played the message on the answering machine. 
"I'm sorry, Raptor, but the fewer people who know, the better." He smiled happily. "Take her, boys!" A group of thugs came in and quickly removed Raptor from the building, placing her in the back of a truck with Queen Ghidorah. Laurence then hopped into the driver's seat and drove off. 

The Play at the Anguirus Theatre, Act I: 

Laurence stopped the truck just outside the old Anguirus Theatre, a couple of miles from town on the highway leading through the Gamera Fields. 
"Oh, how I once adored this place!" he said. "Now, let's take them inside." The thugs brought Raptor and Queen Ghidorah out of the back. Laurence then had them handcuffed and tied to chairs so they were unable to escape. 
"Let us leave these bothersome insects here where no one will find them and continue our trip to Mt. Rodan." He and his lieutenants left for Rodanville but just in case someone came snooping about, a few goons stayed behind. There was something in those mountains that he wanted but when their boss had departed, the thugs decided to have a little fun and called the Mod Station. 
Sheriff Jet Jaguar was sitting in his office doing paper work, easily enjoying his first week on the job when one of the Mods informed him they just received an anonymous tip that illegal drugs were being stored at the Anguirus Theatre. JJ got up, ready to take legal action. 
"Round up as many Mods as you can muster and let's get to that theatre!" the robot ordered. 
The thugs had made preparations for their arrival. Sheriff Jaguar entered the building alone while the others waited outside as backup. The place was dark but the curtains in front of the stage unfolded and there, strapped to a chair with duck tape over her mouth was Raptor. 
"What's goin' on?" JJ whispered. A man dressed in old medieval style clothing came on stage. Queen Ghidorah was then ushered out, dressed as a princess. 
"Thee shall duel me in a great battle for the love of these women." 
JJ jumped up onto the huge platform. "Alrightey. I except your challenge..." A spotlight came on and panned over the seats below where many mannequins sat expectantly waiting for the show to begin. 
"You've got quite the audience for your performance there," JJ said but he knew this was no mere play act. This duel was real. A sword was tossed to him. "Great. I always wanted to be like Errol Flynn." 
"JET!" Queen Ghidorah yelled out. One of the thugs covered her mouth with his hand. 

"Sssh! That part wasn't in the script!" 

CHAPTER 4: The RMB Mercenary Service