Hellspawn's Legacy
CHAPTER 1: Brother Bill and Sheriff Varan
Thursday, Oct. 2 
It had been a few months after the nightmarish incidents of rebuilding Roostville and the murder of Desutoroia. His lonely wife was living peacefully at home in Desu Mansion, rarely going out or doing anything when one day, a most unlikely visitor came calling. 
"Hold on a minute," she called. "I'm coming, I'm coming." She rushed down the stairs to find Desutoroia's brother, Bill (his real name being William) standing on the door step. 
"I heard what happened to my brother," he said. "I'm sorry that I couldn't have made it here sooner..." She invited him in. 

Friday, Oct. 3 

 Desutoroia's wife had bought a new mattress and Bill and some chivalrous men were helping get it into the house. "We're not going to get it in," one of them insisted. 
"Tip it! Tip it!" said the other. 
"Wait! Wait! Watch the paint work!" Bill shouted. 
"Look, do you want it in or not?" the first asked. 
"Just take it slowly," Bill said calmly. The Princess of Space watched them struggle with their heavy, bulky burden, her face mostly devoid of expression at the exchange. She was still holding so many feelings deep inside. The three sweating men had the mattress wedged in the door. 
"Alright," Bill figured. "Let's give it another try." One of the guys asked Princess if she had any beer. 
"There's some in the fridge," she replied. No one moved to get it and she certainly had no intention of being their hostess. She waited at the bottom of the stairs. 
"I'll get it," Bill offered. "I've got nothing better to do." He disappeared into the kitchen and Princess headed  upstairs, watched appreciatively by the two men in the doorway. One whispered to the other who laughed. She glanced back at them as the lecher licked his lips and continued climbing. Bill returned with the beer and they got back to work. 
Upstairs, she enters one of the dark old rooms with rotten boards at the end of the hall and takes a photograph of Desutoroia in her hand. Memories and flashbacks of the good times they had together at Rodan2000's Jalepino Club came back to her. Below, the men continued to struggle with the mattress, trying to get it up the stairs. 
"Have you got it?" one asked. 
"I've got it! I told you!" the other man replied. 
"Wait! Wait!" Bill shouted at them. "Slowly, will you? Slowly!" They had it moved across the hall to the bottom of the stairs. All three were weary and exhausted by now and getting careless. As they inched up the stairs, Bill's hand was moving closer and closer towards a nail protruding from the bannister. "Will you take the weight while I take a step up?" he asked. "Dammit, take the...." The side of his hand got impaled by the nail. The weight of the mattress, which he cannot relinquish, drives it deeper and gouges a long cut from the ball of his thumb to his wrist. Blood spills out. "Christ! Christ! Christ! Ah, shit!" he yells. 
"Eh, what's the problem?" 
"My hand! You idiots!" Bill is staring at his bleeding hand and the sight of his own blood is making him sick and faint. "Oh Christ! Oh... Christ!" He heads up the stairs, groggier by the moment. Princess hears him call out and turns from her silent communion with the room. Bill steps in, blood pouring from his right hand. 
"What happened?" she asks. 
"I cut myself... You used to be a nurse or doctor, right?" The blood has started to drip, unnoticed by either of them onto the bare boards. Bill looks very sick, his face clammy with sweat. Princess stares at him without a trace of feeling. 
"Is it deep?" 
"I haven't looked," Bill replies. "You know me and blood..." He leans against a wall and looks away as she unglues one hand from the other to examine the wound. The blood comes faster, hitting the floor between them. 
"I think this is going to need stitches," she tells him. 
"I think I'm gonna throw up..." 
"Trust me," she smiles. "You won't." Blood from Bill's hand continues to hit the floor as she helps him down the stairs and takes him to the Roostville Regional Hospital for treatment. 
Back at Desu Mansion, the blood on the floor begins to disappear as if being absorbed. A strange ooze begins to seep up and the floor boards begin rattling. There's something under the floor, alive... 

Later that evening, Princess was hosting a party. Bill was soon entertaining the gathering with the account of his accident. Other guests included Morgoth, Roostville's former Mayor; the recently elected Gamingboy; Bruce Parker, who had challenged the city to a duel and Rodan2000, owner of the Jalepino Club. The wise Raptor, Melkor, Vice-Mayor Ubergeek, Spawn of Kenny, Doug Wood, Miki Saegusa and GAMZILLA (who had been released from the Roostville Mental Institution the week before) were also in attendance. Nearly everyone except Princess was pretty much drunk that night but Bill still managed to amuse them. 
"Would you excuse me?" she said. "I am going to bed." 
Melkor, who was also quite sober, looked at her and asked, "Are you okay?" She nodded and headed upstairs as muted laughter wafted up from below. On the floor above, she heard something move. She stopped, rather puzzled before starting up the second flight of stairs toward the old empty room at the top. 
As she steps inside, the sound of laughter is considerably dimmed and barely audible. But there is another sound, a shifting in the corner of the room. She reaches for the light switch and turns it on but the bulb's burned out. She stares around the room, trying to make sense of the shadows. Nervously, she approaches the wall where four streaks of light from the window fall. On the far side of the room, there is a movement in the shadows. Princess almost retreats but she keeps staring into the murk as SOMETHING - the remnants of a human form made of twisted, blistered strands of flesh, raises its head. It is squatting against the wall, unable to lift itself into a standing position. Its eyes, however, have life in them. And hunger. 
The creature calls out in a pained whisper. "Princess..." 
"Oh MY GOD!!" 
"Don't look at me!" 
"Who... Who are you?" 
"I said... Don't look at me..." She turns away. "Help me!" 
"Tell me who you are..." 
"Desutoroia...." Her face registers horror and disbelief. 
"NO! God NO!" 
"Believe me. It's me. It's really me." 
"Wh-What happened to you?" 
"His blood on the floor brought me back." 
"Back from where? The dead?" 
"Just help me. Please, God, help me!" Someone is heading up the stairs. "Somebody..." Desu mutters. 
"Ssh!" his wife cautions. They can hear the opening of a door, presumably the bathroom. 
"You can't let me stay like this. Please. You can't..." 
"What do you want me to do..." 
"The blood brought me this far... I need more of the same. Or I'll slip back... You have to heal me." 

Count Super Jet Jaguar sensed something was up. An age old enemy of his was returning to destroy the world. Only one other person knew about this and he was Desutoroia. But Desutoroia was dead... Or was he? 
"Hm, there is always The Book of the Dead..." 

Tying up loose ends: 
At Mrs. Khandejifer's party, Melkor got a call from Sheriff Varan. The Sheriff told him it was important that he come to the Mod Station immediately. Melkor was in his office within 15 minutes. 
"So what's so important that it couldn't wait, Sheriff?" 
"Roostville's D.A. Now that GAMZILLA is out of the mental institution, he plans on taking the Desutoroia murder case to court and get him sentenced to death." 
"Shit, this is bad! GAMZILLA was mentally insane at the time, Sheriff. But he's been cured of those problems now." Varan gave Melkor a funny look. 
"That's where you're wrong, ol' buddy ol' pal. Before the case was closed, there were some loose ends... and some things that went unnoticed. Lots of things which were confusing. But the truth behind it all never came out. Until recently..." 
Melkor was fascinated. "Explain." The Sheriff did. 
"When GAMZILLA became the prime suspect, in his confession he said that he killed Desutoroia because he started the Anti-G.I.N.O. Campaign. And GAMZILLA admitted to being a G.I.N.O. fan." 
"Uh huh. And?" 
"Melkor... GAMZILLA was never a G.I.N.O. fan. He had been hypnotized by Hellspawn. Hellspawn wanted Des dead from the start. Desu's will left his entire estate, the Mansion - everything - to Hellspawn. It was fake and all a part of his plans. He hypnotized GAMZ into killing Des and then brainwashed him to cover his tracks." 
"How did you figure this out?" 
"The Roostville S.W.A.T. team retrieved some files and journals of Hellspawn's from his secret lair in Desu Mansion. We also found blueprints and plans for other stuff. You remember George Lucas and his mob? And Lucas claiming to be Gamingboy's brother and it turned out that Lucas was actually Michael Eisner? Yes, Eisner was one of Hellspawn's minions. A Cult Follower. His mission was to eliminate Morgoth and Gamingboy from the Mayoral race." The Sheriff paused for a moment. 
Melkor asked, "What else have you discovered?" 
"The terrorist attack at Maser City. They were also under the influence of Hellspawn." The expression on Melkor's face wasn't too happy. 
"Is that all?" 
"No. At Gamingboy's HQ, while Doug Wood and Ubergeek were battling the Neo-Destroyer and Nightmare Gamera in Monsterzeroville, Doug appeared there. But how could he be there AND fighting in Monsterzeroville at the same time? We hadn't really noticed this until it was too late but the Doug at GB HQ was a spy for Hellspawn." 
"Anything else?" 
"No, not really. We're not entirely sure but we think that Lord Jimi had been possessed by Hellspawn when he and his crew were trying to kill Gamingboy. Eisner most likely came into the picture 'cause of Jimi's failure." 
"What about Dr. Phish?" 
"Him? He was just nutty from the start. But yes, most likely Phish was either working with or for Hellspawn or he had been possessed or hypnotized, maybe even brainwashed." They then returned to the discussion of GAMZILLA's upcoming murder trial. 

Meanwhile, back at Desu Mansion after the party was over and all the guests were gone, the door to the room where Desutoroia was hiding opened and Princess was standing in the doorway. 
Desu raised his wretched hand and asked, "Well?" She stared at her surreal looking, skinless, walking dead husband moving in the shadows and answered him. 

Saturday, Oct. 4 

Desutoroia's wife awoke to find Bill watching boxing. He was one of those people who always talks to the television, screaming to the warrior he wants to win in any type of fighting style sport. 
"C'mon! C'MON! You can do it! Kick his ass, you little..." The fighter Bill was cheering for was defeated. "Shit... Shit.. Shit..." Princess wasn't very amused by boxing, a sport she didn't like. Bill turned to see her standing behind him. 
"Aw.. Princess. You're awake. Here, let me get you some breakfast." While Bill was preparing it, his older brother was lurking upstairs without any skin. Desutoroia was angry that he was different from everyone else now and couldn't leave his own house. The home he once loved was now nothing more than a prison to him. In his anger, he pounded the wall with his fist a few times. Downstairs, Bill barely heard it. 
"What was that? I'm gonna go look." He started towards the stairs. 
"It was probably nothing. A rat or something..." 
"Don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of. I'm just going to check what that noise was." She tried to convince him not to but Bill wouldn't listen and headed upstairs. He entered the old room where Desutoroia had been lurking but he was nowhere in sight. Bill could hear but not pinpoint the annoying sound of rats. 
"You were right. Must of been a couple of rats or something," he advised Princess. 

Melkor was lying in bed, still asleep but dreaming. Nightmares and foreshadowed dark events, darker than Hellspawn's Apocalypse unfolded before his mind's eye. He saw Desutoroia. A crumbling Hellspawn. Desutoroia's wife. Sheriff Varan. The presence of something so evil it made Hellspawn look like a good guy. Melkor woke up in a sweat but what did this all mean? 

Sheriff Varan, down at the Mod Station, was looking through papers and blueprints from Hellspawn's lair when he came across a letter addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Desutoroia Khandejifer of Roostville. It was from Hellspawn, sent before his arrival which said he was stopping by to see his old friend again. Varan was overcome with a sick sensation and started to remember back to the murder case. How innocent Hellspawn had appeared when in actuality, he had been mixed up in twisted plots that would scar Roostville for all eternity. 
He revealed his true colors when he had Morgoth and Mrs. Desutoroia kidnapped and the Blood Mass performed. Hellspawn was on the edge of consuming the entire universe into the Apocalypse before Melkor (with help from Desutoroia's and GAMZILLA's ghosts) overcame his black magic. The Sheriff remembered that afterwards, Morgoth had said that when he was performing the Blood Mass, he could sense an evil more hateful than Hellspawn. A third presence had been watching over the ceremony that night. Varan wondered if it could have been the devil himself or some demon from another plane of existence. Either way, he was convinced he would never find the answer. 
It may have been months but all Varan could ever think of was what Hellspawn did and Desutoroia's twisted murder, two cases he'd never forget. It was always on his mind, affecting his work and even his social life. Varan's relationship with Sheriff Manda from Megalon Town ended rather suddenly because of it. 
He picked up a photograph taken at the Jalepino Club. In it were Mr. and Mrs. Desutoroia, her brother, the Prince of Space; Rodan2000, Godzilla Guy and Kiryu Goji. 
"Why couldn't I have saved you?" Varan wondered. "Why had it already been too late?" He started to remember all the newspaper headlines about the murder case and the Blood Mass. None of it was pretty. Never had anyone in Roostville been murdered like Desutoroia was and never had so many citizens been lost before. Sheriff Varan was losing hope and GAMZILLA's trial was approaching. He began to think long and hard about ending it all. 
Varan had the gun up to his head. The effects of what Hellspawn had done were destroying him. His legacy was ruining the Sheriff, tearing deep at his soul like a wretched knife digging into his heart. Varan got ready to pull the trigger when there was a knock at his office door. He hid the gun in the desk as Raptor stepped in. 
"You still letting the past get to you?" she asked. 
"No," Varan stuttered. 
"You have to quit dwelling on it! Forget about Hellspawn! Forget Desutoroia and just move on. It's been months... I know what happened had a really bad impact on our town but come on! You're dwelling too much on yesterday. Dwell on yesterday and you have no today... no tomorrow." Varan just stared off into oblivion. "Any ways," she added. "Here's some coffee." Raptor left to continue with her work. 
Varan started to really think about what she said and put a lot of thought into it. He was letting Hellspawn get to him so much that he had pretty much forgotten to live his own life. Never had he been like this before. He would soon be unable to perform his duties in law enforcement if he kept this up. Hellspawn's legacy was becoming way too much to handle. He got his gun back out. He had nothing left to live for anymore and nothing left to lose. The gun in his hand was a way out. The only way out. He just wanted to escape from it all. He had the gun pointing directly at his temple, ready to pull the trigger. The Sheriff threw the gun across the room. As much as his life was being slowly torn apart, he wasn't going to end it so recklessly. Varan sat back and took a sip of his coffee. Hellspawn, Desutoroia and suicide still remained on his mind. 
 Morgoth was alone at home. He had also been traumatized by the incident with Hellspawn and had no idea how he would manage if he had actually cut out the heart of Desutoroia's wife. The thought sickened him. 
A man walked into the room where he sat and handed him what looked to be a very large and very old bible. But what Morgoth was holding was anything but the words of God. It was Necromancer: The Book Of The Damned Dead. At long last, it was once again with Morgoth. 

Gamingboy, at his headquarters, couldn't care less about Desutoroia's murder and Hellspawn's Apocalypse. He had no regrets or remorse. Just his usual self, convinced that with a Plot Hole, he could fix anything. But Plot Holes couldn't make people's feelings go away. Neither could Ignore Cannons. When asked how he felt about the situation, his response would always be, "Desu who? Hellspawn who?" 
No one had a clue what the robot, Jet Jaguar, had been thinking or feeling. 

Melkor was standing outside a tall building, surrounded by millions of passing people. In his hand was a card with the address and a psychiatrist's name written on it. He took a deep breath and went inside. 
"So tell me, what is it that you dreamt of, Dark Lord Melkor?" Galadriel, the psychiatrist asked. Melkor was lying on a couch as she took notes. 
"Well, I keep having recurring dreams. I see all of my friends, burning in the flames and I'm helpless to save them. I see Desutoroia and... Hellspawn..." Melkor paused for a moment. "Last night I had a dream, or more of a nightmare. Hellspawn was standing there, looking all dead like... skin hanging off his face... blood everywhere. He's being engulfed in flames and his right arm is reaching out to me and he says, 'I shall not be denied my destiny!'" 
Galadriel continued to write. "So, Melkor. Is this all?" 
"No, Doc," he replied. "The majority of my dreams concern one person... and that one person alone..." 
"And this person would be?" Melkor hesitated for a moment. 
"Mrs. Khandejifer... Desu's wife..." 
"And what is she doing in your dream?" 
"I.. I see her standing alone in a field of flowers, her face glowing in the sunlight..." Melkor stopped. "So, Doc. What do you think?" he asked. 
"I think I know what's going on and have the answer for you, Mr. Melkor." 

Mrs. Khandejifer was sitting alone at the Evil Lair when someone approached her. 
"Drinking alone is no fun, is it?" She looked up to see one of Dr. Phish's crazy experiments, a clone. This one  had been cloned from the DNA of Phish and the Geekspawn but he acted nothing like either of them. He had escaped from Phish's laboratory and the Mods were searching for him. His picture had even been in the newspaper. That's how she knew who he was. She also knew that with him being nothing more than an experiment, no one would miss him. Except, maybe Phish... 
"No, it isn't. Care to join me?" she asked. He accepted the offer, of course. 
Later at Desu Mansion, they enter the big house. She becomes very nervous as they step inside and she closes the door. The clone approaches her, the alcohol he consumed earlier making him drunk and a bit clumsy. He kisses her but she pushes him off. The clone's mood changes at being rejected. 
"This is what you brought me here for, isn't it?" 
Nervous, Mrs. Khandejifer replies, "I suppose so... Yes." 
"Well, then, what's the problem? Let's get to it." 
"No. Let's go upstairs..." They do and she guides him down the hall. 
"Is this your place?" 
"Do you care?" 
"No, not much." 
"Let's keep it that way, shall we?" 
"No personal details?" 
"That's right." The clone smiles as she opens the door but stops and stares into the bare, dark room. 
"This isn't the bedroom. What's going on?" he asks, nervous and anxious. 
"We don't need a bed, do we?" Princess smiles. 
"I suppose not..." 
"I prefer the floor," she says. The clone is becoming aroused as she moves toward him to remove his jacket. She then slips the knot of his tie. The clone takes over undressing himself. 
"You know, you're a very beautiful woman." 
"Am I?" 
"You know you are. Loveliest woman I have ever seen." Mrs. Khandejifer smiles. The clone stops unbuttoning his shirt. "Oh, Christ," he says. "Too much drink. Better empty my bladder." She steps out of his way so he can cross to the door. "I'll only be a moment."  As he's moving to the door, Mrs. Khandejifer removes a piece of cloth covering a hammer laying beside the wall. He grabs the door handle and tries to turn it. 
"It's stuck. Did you lock it?" Just as he's about to turn around, he is struck in the back of the head. The clone falls to the floor, unconscious but not dead. Princess drops the hammer and stares down at the body. In the back corner of the room, Desutoroia's shadowy form leans forward. 
"Don't look at me." She backs towards the door as the broken skeletal form crawls out of the darkness to claim its sustenance. Mrs. Khandejifer looks down the hall toward the landing, leaning against the wall. In the room, terrible sounds of feeding can be heard. As she re-enters, Desutoroia retreats into the shadows. There is a trail of blood leading off into the shadows. The body itself is a grotesquely misshapen husk now; the muscle and fat withered, the eyes sunk into the skull with lips drawn back to expose the gums. A ghastly sight. Mrs. Khandejifer looks at Desutoroia as he stretches his arm into a passage of light. His flesh glistens and pulses. 
"See? It's making me whole again. Every drop of blood you spill puts more flesh on my bones. And we both want that, don't we?" She nods her answer. Suddenly, they hear a sound coming from downstairs. The front door opened and Bill had returned. 

Raptor sat at her desk at the Mod Station. As much as she didn't want to admit it, the legacy Hellspawn had left behind was effecting her just as it was Varan. She just wasn't letting it bother her as much or let it get under her skin. She definitely wasn't going to let it take control of her life. 

Super Jet Jaguar and Ubergeek were in one of the many caves on Mt. Rodan, the tallest mountain on the land mass, across the great desert from Roostville. The Count had sensed something evil in the area but no one would listen to him. Ubergeek only came along because he also had felt it. They had blasted open an entrance via one of the Count's Red Buttons. Inside, they discovered a green glowing form of energy that was the source of the evil negativity. But what was it actually? And where did it come from? 
"God, no. Not him!" SJJ said with fear in his eyes. "UBERGEEK, GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!!" The green ooze started to surround the Geekspawn, turning him pure evil. The Count quickly flew to nearby Rodanville, only to find almost everyone possessed by the evil entity. 
"Why now? Why? The time has come and only I can stop this. But I must become Afiag again. My true self, the lord of all Vampires. DAMN YOU, BLUE DEVIL!!" The ooze was starting to spread and Uber had gone on a rampage, destroying what ever got in his way. 

Sheriff Varan's Departure 
Sheriff Varan was standing outside a playground, watching young children and their parents, playing happily. They were so innocent. He drew his gun and fired. A mother jumped to protect her child but the bullet pierced through them both, killing them instantly. 
"What?! What have I done!" Varan shouted, then fled the scene as fast as he could. He took to the alleyways, knowing he'd soon have the Mods on his tail. In all the confusion, Varan returned to his house to get something. 
Lord Jimi and his crew (Sandworm Phish and the ones who tried to assassinate Gamingboy so many times) were partying in his lounge. Jimi went into the bathroom, splashed some water on his face and gazed into the mirror before him. 
"What the Hell is going on now?" he shouted out loud as the images in the reflection behind him began to change into the remnants of some dark and vile place. "What deviltry is this?!" 
A voice then called out. "You belong to me now, Lord Jimi..." His eyes started glowing a dark green as an evil presence possessed his body. He was now under the influence of some strange force from beyond. 
As Varan arrived at his house, he could hear Jimi's party two houses away. The noise was bothering him badly as he entered. Luckily, no one had seen him. Varan was surprised to see Sheriff Manda sitting in his den, waiting for him. 
"Varan... We have got to talk. You've been ignoring all my calls. You really need to see a doctor about your problems..." 
"I'm doin' fine..." he said with a pissed off and kind of nervous attitude. 
"Listen, Varan! Please, I..." 
BANG! BANG! Gun shots rang out, penetrating the window and going straight through Manda's heart. 
"NO!" Varan cried out as she dropped dead on the floor. He turned to see Lord Jimi outside his window, eyes glowing a dark greenish color and holding a revolver in his hand. "Jimi? You maniac," he shouted. "How.. how could...." Varan ran out of his house and started chasing the fleeing Jimi, shooting as he ran. With all this stress, he was getting sloppy and missed. Jimi escaped and Varan was standing there, alone in the middle of the road. Soon, Mod cruisers arrived and the officers got out their rifles and shotguns and aimed at Sheriff Varan. 
"Drop the gun and put your hands up!" someone shouted through a megaphone. 
Varan just walked around in circles, shouting and cursing at them. "Back off," he screamed. "I have nothing left to lose... Nothing left in life to live for. I'll do it..." 
One of the Mods slowly approached him. "Please, sir, just drop the gun and it'll be okay..." Varan shot him. 
"Please, God. Forgive me," he whispered. The Sheriff put the gun to his head and fired. In an instant, the good ol' Sheriff had killed himself, dropping dead to the ground. The legacy that Hellspawn had left behind was too much for one man to handle. 


CHAPTER 2:  Ubergeek, Count Super Jet Jaguar and Melkor