After the ROOSTVILLE ELECTION and THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA, Gamingboy was back on the campaign trail July 30, 2003 with this tale (August 2014 in the Roostville universe).
Gamingboy, Jet Jaguar, Ubergeek and just about every other major character was standing around.
"Where's Raptor?" asked Ubergeek.
"Off chasing Hellspawn," said Gamingboy. "The devilish fiend is believed headed for his SECRET SECRET lair, somewhere just off the coast of Roostville."
"ALRIGHT, FOLKS!  Here's the Damage Report! We need to finish this before you restart the Mayoral election!" declared Morgoth.
The projection came up:
    • Almost 900 billion dollars worth of damage
    • Restore electricity to non-essential places
    • Rebuild the Airport
    • Rebuild the Museum of Monsters
    • Up the security at the Prison
    • Rebuild everything else
"Okay. So that can't be too hard, right?" the Mayor inquired of the multitude before him.
"That's why you aren't gonna be mayor anymore!"
Despite the lone heckler, the Mayor proceeded with his latest State of the City analysis. "It's going to take each and every citizen (and you non-registered, tax-dodging freeloaders also) to get this town back up and running. Sheriff Varan, when we're done here, you might as well pay a visit to Catbert and get him roused out of his latest sugar induced coma. Him and his minions can be put to work repairing his share of the damage like everyone else."
"What about the TV cable?" a citizen shouted from the back of the crowd. Everyone immediately looked to Sauron, the resident provider of all things electronic.
"I defer to Jet Jaguar and Lord Jimi," said the techno wizard, waffling in view of the fact that the town's broadcasting facilities had once more been leveled.
JJ was at a loss to come up with a reasonable (or otherwise) response and suggested everyone go check out the latest tournament taking place at the Colosseum, which had somehow managed to avoid the latest round of mass destruction. "AFTER you have completed your work assignments," the robot added when he saw the Mayor's eyes flash a dangerous red in his direction.
A collective "awwwwww..." rose from the crowd. Morgoth had heard enough from his constituents and quickly ran down his list of who would be responsible for what.
"NOW GET TO WORK!" he thundered as Roosters scattered to their appointed tasks.

Catbert slept and slept. The only times he was awake, he drank X-MEN DEW and ate NUTTER SHADOWCATS. His orcish cat guards played Slapataire, read GET FUZZY comics and mainly wore no armor. The X-Men played Slapataire with the cat-orcs, read UNCANNY X-MEN and teleported to varied locations.
He finally got up and found he was a Nightcrawler look alike! "AAAAAAGGGHHHH!"
"Um, Cat, that was my- OMYHOLYCOW!" Scott Summers (Cyclops) screamed in agony as his mutant power backfired. "Sorry. I guess your Evil HR Genius of the Millennia portrait will have be repainted."
"Thanks, HERR."
As an ER team was rushed to the scene on Mr. Summers' behalf, the ex-Mayor-to-be turned to depart. He heard an oddly modulated whine approaching and groaned, stepping back to make room as a compact, stingray-shaped black spacecraft touched down in the parking lot. A hatch on top opened up, disgorging the craft's pilot: one of Roostville's many-tentacled ID4 'Greys,' forced to eke out a living alongside the city's human/kaiju/mutant population when one of their City-Busters was forced down in the East River. In fact, the Dark Lord recalled, most of the fighter pilots had elected to stay on when Ubergeek wangled a lease on the Buster's above water portion.
"Let me guess: a message from the Geek?" grunted the Mayor. The bio-armored E.T. emitted an obscene burbling noise, shrugged its narrow shoulders and handed over a large leathery briefcase before jogging back to its ship and roaring off. Noting an extra-large Sticky Note™ atop said bag, Morgoth narrowed his eyes as he read:

"To Whomever or Whatever it May Concern (didn't check the election results):
"I regret being unable to join my fellow citizens in the repairs but extenuating circumstances have come up. By which I mean the disappearance of several Roostville citizens, including Bato-Goji, Angillis (at this, Morgoth snorted) and Miyako Aso. That, and a fair portion of our space-faring monsters have mysteriously vanished as well, some of whom were serving sentences in the onboard penitentiary on D&D (Disorderly and/or Destructive) charges.
"I propose that said disappearances are closely connected with the latest Xian 'entertainment' project, which they've been less than forthcoming regarding details thereof. As such, I intend to do some less formal 'sight-seeing,' if you get my drift. I can't reveal too many details here but I'll see about rustling up some help (nobody hereabouts, so don't worry), then get word out if I find anything of an incriminatory nature.
"What I can leave you is the following:
  • Full access to the Buster™, with the provision that said access is used in either urban renewal or 'black ops,' if you get my drift. Medical facilities, force fields, ripping off hull plating for housing's entirely in your hands.
  • Several 'Grey' liaisons/translators to assist in said access. They'll be paid out of my account so that's taken care of.
  • Roughly 70% of said account, again for the purposes of civil service/anti-terrorist ops.
  • Use of the experimental Mech/fighter/attack craft wing, with assistance from JSDF and 'Grey' techs.
  • A direct line to Ogasawara Island's security forces in case our 'friends' rear their ugly heads again and some heavy support is needed.
  • Finally...a little gizmo I'm quite aware was outlawed around here a while back. If nothing else, it should be good for speeding up that urban renewal work. The batteries are good for another two hours or so of space/time work, so use it wisely.
"With any luck, I should be back in time to help repair a shop or two but I hope this helps in the meantime.
-Your Friendly Neighborhood Geekspawn™"

Shaking his head, the Dark Lord opened the case, rifled through pages of disorderly paperwork and blueprints and hefted the Temporal Remote©. For a moment, he considered what a stink the Japanese government might raise if neither were-Goji returned as they'd assisted in some of the best years Ogasawara's Kaiju Preserve had seen. Not a single mainland incident in the past three years or so. That, and if he recalled, Miyako's granddad had just become Prime Minister. Hopefully, the old man could render Uber some unofficial help.
Materializing in a pillar of blue flame, Saruman cocked an eyebrow. "What's with the Remote?"
"Eh, the Geek's run off on some goofy errand or other. Saving his girlfriend, I think, but he left us plenty of toys."
Saruman and Morgoth left City Hall, bound for a less conspicuous place in which to hatch their nefarious scheme. An unremarkable warehouse near the river was their destination. The two Dark Lords entered, soon discovering that their respective minions had been busy. Breaking up the full-out orc ruckus, the two adjourned to a long table that dominated the room. A tall cylon, its chrome body gleaming in the faint light trickling into the chamber, took up position beside the Mayor of Roostville; its red optic scanner zipping from side to side within the visor of its face, scanning for any sign of an intruder. Several bestial uruk-hai formed up beside their master. The other denizens of the hall took up places around the table as well. Morgoth glowered at all of them.
"My plans are well in advance of schedule," he announced, smiling wickedly. "The destruction of Godzilla Tower was just the thing we needed." He cast a snide look at the downcast features of the skaven delegation, mercenary saboteurs the Dark Lord had employed to undermine the recent political race. The skaven cringed under his gaze. "Much better than the doppleganger fiasco."
"I think we should try and shift blame for the disaster on the Simians," commented Saruman. "If we can pin the blame on alien terrorists, we might be able to divert defense funds as well as reconstruction costs into our project."
"As ever, there is no arguing with your observations," Morgoth said, his voice laden with irony. He directed the assembled minions to gaze at the maps strewn about the table. "As can be seen, we will soon be able to rezone the destroyed area, making it extremely simple to buy the land rights from the current owners. And with the site of the former Godzilla Tower firmly in our grasp, we will have secured the center of the future site of the Roostville Dome!"
"But wot doz da dome do?" a not particularly bright orc inquired. At a gesture from Morgoth, Red Eye the cylon put a big hole in the orc's head with its blaster. Morgoth addressed the other assembled minions.
"The dome will be pivotal in Phase One of the plan. It will become THE tourist attraction in the world, bigger even than Euro-Disney! And as the tourists spend their wealth, then we shall be in a position to execute Phase Two..."
The delegate from the Si-Fan adjusted the thick glasses that perched precariously on his nose and looked up from the 900 page print-out that was titled simply 'The Plan'. "But what about phase 342?" the Chinese cultist asked.
The surly features of General Urko of the ape high command snarled at the inscrutable Chinaman. "Eh? What is that, human? You question the ability of my troops to execute Phase 342?" The gorilla grunted with disgust and slammed a gauntleted fist on the table. "As I've always said, the only good human is a dead human."
Saruman stared at the Si-Fan representative. "If the gorillas are unable to execute Phase 342, we will send in an army of robot cylons to exterminate them." Sutech the Slaughterer, a grim figure in ornate Hersey Era space marine armor painted in the colors of the Thousand Sons chapter, pointed an armored finger at Saruman.
"But what if the cylons are pacifists?" the booming voice of the traitor marine echoed from the speakers in his beaked helmet.
"Then we will execute Phase 345, tangent alpha-4. We employ shape-shifting xenomorphs to destroy the cylons' power supplies", Saruman explained.
"Huh," grunted Warboss Spyder Froatrippa, a massive space ork with half of his green, fungus-like body replaced by ork bionik bits. The monster grinned a toothsome smile and flexed his massive power claw, the cybernetic limb riveted to the stump of his arm. "What ya gonna do if the xenomorphs revolt?"
"Then we will be forced to employ Phase 567. We seed the underground sections of the dome with Matango mushrooms," stated Saruman.
"What if the xenomorphs won't eat the mushrooms?" asked Kenny, dressed in the traditional school uniform of a Japanese kindergartner, despite the fact that he was now almost totally bald and fifty years old.
"Phase 867, we send in werewolves disguised as Gigan's Pizza delivery boys to give the xenomorphs several hundred 'supremes' laced with Matango mushrooms," sighed Saruman.
"But what if the underground has a cave-in?" came the metallic snivel of the Decepticon Starscream.
"Phase 876..."
Hellspawn's new base was a golden pyramid, located on one of the tropical uninhabited islands near Roostville. Two military jets soon came zooming in.
Pilot #1: "Alright... we've got ya this time, Hellspawn."
Pilot #2: "Launching missiles....what?! The controls are jammed... The missiles won't fire!" Suddenly, a beam/ray came from the Pyramid, destroying the aircraft. The island began to shift around and then went underneath the ocean.
Inside of the secret base, Hellspawn sat on his throne and spoke.
"I need Necromancer: The Book of the Damned Dead."
Minion: "What, sir?"
Hellspawn: "Necromancer: The Book of the Damned Dead, one of my most prized possessions. The book itself is a mere gateway to Hell. With it, I could open the void and travel through the schisms. Roostville would be mine..."
Minion: "Oh. Those witchcraft books. Sir, the Mods, they found 'em and thought they were Desutoroia's. They took 'em down to the Mod Station as evidence..."
Hellspawn: "Damned fools! I need that book. Without it, I can't travel across the schisms into the boundaries of Hell. Without that book, demons are not mine to summon... GET IT BACK!"
Demonic Serpent Voice: "Patientsss, my child, patientsss, the book and the powers of the Necronomiconians will soon be ours to command..."

The present Mayor of Roostville, Morgoth, had secretly gotten into the Evidence Room at the Mod Station. He was looking for something but couldn't find it and got out quickly. He went into the Sheriff's office and there it was: Hellspawn's witchcraft, cult, etc. books. The Mayor began looking through them. There was one that he specifically wanted but it wasn't there. The Sheriff walked in.
Morgoth: "Heard about the escaped convict. I came to make sure that you are doing everything to, uh, catch him. And uh, GAMZILLA... will he be seeing a release from the mental institution soon?"
Varan: "With Hellspawn, we're still searching for him. As for GAMZILLA, he's been declared mentally insane and mentally unstable. With treatment, he should get out of there within a year." The Mayor noticed that Varan was holding a book in his hands. It was Necromancer: The Book of the Damned Dead.
Morgoth: "Aw, what's that you're reading?" It was the book he was searching for.
Varan: "Oh, this..? It's called Necromancer: The Book Of The Damned Dead. Found it at Desu Mansion. Apparently, Desutoroia was into this weird witchcraft shit..."
Meanwhile, one of Hellspawn's minions lurked inside the Mod Station disguised as a cop.

The Lord Magnus hovered silently above the ground, his cape whipping wildly about in the howling, salt infested winds. The evil super villain's gloved hand scrapped slowly away at the dirt that was covering a dubious shaped rock in the ground. As more of the dirt was removed, a transcription of sorts was painstakingly revealed.
"In this chamber lies power beyond your imagination."
Magnus smiled beneath his mask as his hand activated a power within the rock as well and the transcribed symbols began to illuminate with light. The ground roared beneath him, falling backward and giving way to a darkened room. A flame leapt from the hands of Magnus, setting fire to torches and thus giving light to the darkened room. And yes, in the middle of this room lay an ancient artifact; a great, powerful one that could rule the world. It would do his bidding and obey his every desire. Finally, he had within his grasp the instrument to rule the very world.
There was a howl of rage as one of the great stone arms of Majin lifted into the air. Magnus laughed hideously.

Back at the Mod Station, Sheriff Varan put Necromancer: The Book of the Damned Dead on his desk and asked the Mayor to come with him. As they were leaving, Morgoth turned back to see a patrol officer walk out of the office with Necromancer.
"Shit," he mumbled. "Ya know what, Varan, another time maybe. I have to.. uh... get back to my uh... lair, er house. My uh, nephew is comin' over..."
"Oh, Mr. Mayor, is that so. In that case then..." Morgoth walked off and then rushed out of the Mod Station to follow the cop with Necromancer but he was on to him and with a little bit of movie magic, was able to escape without being seen. The impostor returned to Hellspawn's dominion and handed the Lord his mighty book. Hellspawn held it up high.
"At long last you are mine again! Now Roostville will fall before me... before us! The rise of evil!"
Demonic Serpent Voice: "Not so fassst. The book cannot give us the full power of the Necronomiconians. Morgoth is the Supreme Necromancer. He has the lassst item of the Necronomiconians we need..."
Hellspawn: "Then, my master, I shall take it from him even if I have to take it from his dead hands!"
Demonic Serpent Voice: "Nooo! C.L. Werner is the only remaining descendant of the ancient Necronomiconians as well. We neeeed him to perform the sacrifice... to make usss the eternal rulers of Roostville. FOREVER!"
Hellspawn: "So be it. Morgoth lives... for now. Hahahahahaha! "


Meanwhile, back at the Mod Station:  

Sheriff Varan was sitting in his office and Melkor came in.  "You called, sir?"
Varan: "I've been doing a little research. Remember the girl who died at the church during those terrorist attacks? (in THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA!)
Melkor: "The girl that claimed she was married to Desutoroia?"
Varan: "Yeah. That's the one. Any ways, she wasn't who she said she was. But she was one of Roostville's most notorious con artists. Desutoroia's real wife disappeared shortly after his death. I want you to lead the search for her."
Melkor: "Have you any suspects for the kidnapper if she's still alive?"
Varan: "Hellspawn... or possibly GAMZILLA..."


Hellspawn's dungeon:  

Hellspawn: "Ha ha ha! My dear, how are you enjoying your stay here in my palace?"
The Prisoner: "This is no palace!"
Hellspawn: "Come with me. We were good together. Promise you won't pull another fast one and I'll let you out of here."
The Prisoner: "No. After my husband died.. you... you..."
Hellspawn: "I what? And listen: your precious Desutoroia is no more. You belong to me now. He's dead."
The Prisoner: "No.. I.."
Hellspawn: "When you're dead, you're dead. Forget him. You belong to me."
The Prisoner: "How can you say that about my husband? He was your friend..."
Hellspawn: "Yes, well, now he's dead and you're mine. And so will Roostville. The end of one era and the beginning of mine! I'm only completing Des' unfinished plans for Roostville.. hahahahahaha! But I suppose if you don't want some freedom out of that cell, then... hehehehehe..."
Meanwhile, the Shapeless Demonic Serpent Voice saw all and thought,  "Foolissh Hellspawn..."
In Gamingboy's Headquarters where he was scouting eBay for construction tools, the computer started blaring: "WARNING! WARNING! BIG BAD DUDE DETECTED! Gamingboy sighed.

Hellspawn, the leader of the Todd McFarlane cult and his forces marched against Morgoth. On their way, many Balrogs had attacked them but they were weak compared to the McFarlane Cult followers. As they approached his castle, Saruman and Sauron appeared to fight them off but it was no use. Saruman, Sauron and the Orc armies fell before Hellspawn and now it was Morgoth's turn to come out to play. Inside the castle, Morgoth refused and hid.
From the dark depths of Hell rose up The Violator. With his demonic powers, he destroyed the castle, taking Morgoth prisoner. He returned to his abode while Hellspawn and the McFarlane Cult triumphantly marched toward Hellspawn's base with Morgoth in their clutches.

"News reports just in. The Castle of Morgoth has been destroyed. Eyewitnesses say the Todd McFarlane Cult is responsible and the disappearance of the Mayor..." Gamingboy flicked off the television.
"Damn 'Ultra Digital Q'! You can never believe anything on that program..."

Meanwhile, Hellspawn and the Todd McFarlane Cult gathered what they would need for their plan and left  their base, bringing Morgoth along to perform the ritual and Desu's wife to be their sacrifice. Melkor, who had been searching for her, discovered the secret lair before it was abandoned. He followed the Cult and while hiding to avoid detection, he heard a clicking sound. "Shit!"
"Get up. Now. Or I personally blow your brains out!" a Cult follower growled. Melkor got up slowly. "Hey boss. I caught a big one!" Hellspawn turned to see they now had Melkor also.
"Kill him," Hellspawn ordered but Melkor kicked the gun out of the villain's hand and grabbed it.
"Now, you're mine!" The cultist dropped to his knees.
"Please.. I.. I beg mercy! Please don't kill me." Five other guys came up behind Melkor and knocked him unconscious.
"Let's kill him!"
Other Cult Follower: "NO! Tie him up with the girl. We could use them both as the sacrifice."
Third Cult Follower: "What ever the master says is approved by me."
Hellspawn soon halted their march and pointed to an area in the far distance.
"You see that spot?" he shouted. "That is the border where all the kaijuu nations, Neo-Monster Island, Maser City, Kong Town, Monsterzeroville and Roostville border. Where they all meet, my friends, is where Morgoth will perform the ritual of the Necronomiconians." He walked back to where some of his followers were arguing. "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!"
"We captured him. We dunno what ta do with 'em, though."
"I thought my orders were to kill him!" Hellspawn roared. Then the disembodied Demonic Serpent Voice spoke.
"NO! Hellspawn, no! That is Melkor. He too, like Morgoth, is of ancient descent of the Necronomiconians."
"My Lord... I.. I thought Morgoth was the only one left..."
Evil Voice: "Look at the marking on his neck. Only the Necronomiconians bear such marks. Do not kill him. He could be useful to our plans of destruction!"
"Yes, my Lord, I understand." Hellspawn paused for a moment. "Alright. Don't kill him. Put him in the wagon with Morgoth and Desu's wife. We shall reach the border by sundown!"

 "Oh oh..." Jet Jaguar thought to himself as he descended from hover mode high above the massed formation and silently jetted back to his compadres.
"What did you find out?" Gamingboy asked, anxiously waiting beside the GAMINGMOBILE©. With him were Raptor, Saruman and Sauron, the latter two much the worse for wear after their previous encounter with Hellspawn.
"They got Melkor, Morgoth and Desutoroia's wife. They're also up to no good." For some reason, Saruman groaned especially loud.
"It figures!" Raptor growled, checking the feed belts to the dual .50 cals mounted on her vehicle of choice for such operations: a cut down Hummer/Land Rover/Jeep hybrid that was the envy of every GPN unit on several continents. The resident saurian was in a foul mood since discovering Hellspawn's lair had been abandoned (after a particularly rough trip out there in Dr. Dobie's antique sub). Back on the mainland (and swearing to seriously "upgrade" the CB Rescue Squad's pride and joy at the first opportunity), there was further bad news about the destruction of Morgoth's castle. Bad enough the colossal Godzilla Tower was no more (along with its excellent rooftop lounge, complete with piano bar).
More than one Roostafarian had gotten to wondering if their Dark Lord Mayor wasn't dabbling in realms he had best stay out of, lest the whole town come tumbling down about their earflaps. Still, he was being held against his will by an escaped felon and the Sheriff had 'requested' help in getting the demon back in custody.
"So what are we going to do?" Sauron wondered. "Their forces way outnumber anything we can throw against them without MAJOR reinforcements."
"Well, we COULD rescue their captives and put a serious crimp in their little ceremony," JJ suggested. Before the details could be worked out, the modified kaiju tracking device in the GAMINGMOBILE© sounded the same warning GB had gotten earlier on his computer:
Since their GPN clones had been reprogrammed to identify ANY kind of kaiju activity (especially handy for Gyaos season, which was year round), Raptor wondered why the contraption wasn't registering a signature.
"Maybe it's a new monster?" Sauron ventured as the ground they stood on heralded the behemoth's advance (which just happened to be in their direction). Suddenly, a shadow blocked the sun as Daimajin continued his trek across the landscape.
Waking with a hazy, dizzy feeling in his head, Melkor soon discovered his hands were tied to an ornately carved bar of steel, shaped rather like a swastika. To his left, he noticed the unconscious Morgoth, his  friend and Mayor of their city. With a sinking feeling, he uttered a grim chuckle, imagining what Morgoth's reaction would be when he awoke. To his right was Desutoroia's wife, who seemed to be sleeping. Melkor gazed around the dark zothecula and in front of him noticed a huge, golden vessel containing what looked to be cool, pristine water in a basin of gold and silver, ornamented with precious stones. Suddenly, the water began to smoke, causing violent columns of steam to rise. A red light, shining like fire, illuminated the room with a strange glow. His two companions were soon awake and entranced by the luminous display.
The strange disembodied demonic hiss began to manifest again; first a whisper, then an audible scream. Out of the darkness came the robed figure of the Hellspawn, entirely in black, carrying the Necronomicon in one hand and a dead rooster, blood spilling on the floor, in the other. On his head he wore the ceremonial headdress of the Pharaohs. He was adorned with icons of innumerable, ineffable Pagan deities whose functions Melkor dared not guess. The demon shone as if with a fell light. Drawing closer to his captives, the Hellspawn raised the slain rooster, sprinkling its blood at the three and eliciting a great wrath from Melkor as the once hidden tattoo on his back burned like fire. Hellspawn stopped his ritual and gave way to another persona. With an almost benevolent, wise tone, he talked to the three crucified upon the pagan symbols: Melkor on the swastika, Morgoth on the upturned crucifix and Desutoroia's wife on the ankh. She drew her head back and spat at the Hellspawn. Unfazed, the monster wiped his face with a sleeve of his robe.
"Brethren. The time has now come for you to surrender what wisdom you have left to us." And with that, the pool of water glowed anew and steam rose once again. The disembodied voice hissed and cackled with a demonic glee, awaiting eagerly the next step in its nefarious plan.

"God, this is just another day in the Roost," Gamingboy said in a sarcastic mood. "And when this is all over, I'm going to make some popcorn and rent ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE." Raptor and Sauron gave him a funny look.
The Todd McFarlane Cult marched its way through the Gamera Fields outside Roostville, heading to where all the nations meet, destroying everything and everyone that got in their way. Forward they marched, unstoppable. They came to a halt as their leader, Hellspawn, stopped to speak.
"At long last, my friends, we have almost reached our destination where all the lands meet. Soon, everything that we've been waiting, everything we've dreamed of will come true! Roostville and the other Kaiju Nations will be ours! We will have done something that no one in the past could have ever succeeded in doing. Hahahahahahahaha!"

Meanwhile, at the Mod Station:  

Varan, Roostville's Sheriff, picked up the ringing phone and answered. "Hello? What's that..? Hellspawn?! You've spotted him? Where is he? Marching in the great fields of Roostville with the Todd McFarlane Cult? Oh, shut up! The Todd McFarlane Cult is a fairy tale told to scare young children. Good bye!" Varan hung the phone up. "Shit, these loonies get on my nerves. Todd McFarlane... Jesus! And I suppose that Morgoth is Satan?!" Then Gorgozilla entered his office.
"Sheriff, we've got a problem.... a BIG SITUATION on our hands..."

As the sun was setting, Hellspawn and the Cult reached their destination and very soon, Armageddon was going to begin. The Earth would be consumed by the Apocalypse as the magic of Necromancy would strip the land of all life and forever would it be covered in darkness.
"Bring me Morgoth and Melkor now!" Hellspawn ordered. They were quickly brought to the Lord of Pain. "Bring me the book, Necromancer!" He was handed The Book of the Damned Dead by none other than his loyalist and most devoted follower, Goji Son. Hellspawn untied Morgoth and gave Necromancer to him.
"Now, my friend Morgoth, perform the ancient ritual performed by the Aztecs and Necronomiconians every one thousand years before the Aztecs' extinction."
"And what ritual would this be exactly?" Morgoth asked.
"Oh, you know which one, Morgoth! The one that your people fear... hehehe. Remember your old friend, Nathan Daniels, back in high school? You remember when they found him dead! Yes, he performed it alone.  Hehehe!" Hellspawn took the book back and opened it to the proper page and returned it to Morgoth.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Hellspawn, but uh..." Hellspawn got very irritated.
"But what?!"
"I can't read any of this. I don't know how... it's in a much more older and complex text.." Morgoth stammered.
"Arrgghhhh... Perform the ritual or..." Desutoroia's wife had been brought to Hellspawn. "I'll cut this innocent child's throat!" He had seen right through Morgoth's lie and had him begin the ritual.
With no other choice before him, Morgoth took the Black Book from the depraved leader's hands but as he  began, Morgoth could feel the presence of something... something evil; more evil than Hellspawn. He could feel it all around him. From his pocket, Hellspawn produced four brightly shining jewels: a diamond, a ruby, a crystal and an emerald. These he sprinkled with blood from his own wrist. He raised his hand and beckoned for a vassal to come. He came, carrying a container of strong incense and two bottles, one containing water, the other wine. He also brought a large consecrated communion wafer to be used in the foulest of foul deeds, the Black Mass.
Melkor looked at the elaborate preparations, conceiving his own plans. He saw the helpless Morgoth look  away as Desutoroia's wife was stripped of her clothes while he was bound by chains and watched over by thugs. She soon stood naked and another vassal brought forth more tools: an altar, a sabre and a myriad of candles. The Hellspawn signaled to bring everything to the great chamber where the ritual was to take place. It began and Morgoth read the first part of the Book, an invocation to the great Adonai through the use of the Divine Tetragrammation. Thunder rolled across the night sky outside.
Melkor had had just about enough of this treatment. Through some trick of incredible craftiness, he was able to swipe the keys left carelessly dangling from the belt of one of the thugs and able to free himself. A few minutes' work and the guards were down and beaten. Melkor now was free to find where the ritual was taking place. It was only a matter of minutes before the whole world and ail of creation would be engulfed once again in fiery Darkness.
Just as Morgoth was about to cut out the heart of Desutoroia's wife, there was a loud noise.
"What the Hell was that..?!" shouted Hellspawn.
Red and blue lights were flashing and someone yelled, "Freeze!" Sheriff Varan, along with Earth Baragon and Gorgozilla, had arrived just in time.
"Continue, Morgoth. Don't let them stop you!" Morgoth looked at Hellspawn.
"No?! NO! Arrgghhh! I'll finish it myself, then!" The disembodied voice once again spoke to the mighty Hellspawn.
"No! You can't do it! You were not raised in the ways of the Necronomiconians. You do not have the skills nor the training for such a task!" Hellspawn walked towards Morgoth, ignoring his master. He took the dagger from his hand and pushed him to the ground. The Sheriff drew his gun.
"Don't move, Hellspawn. Don't do it!" Varan shouted. Hellspawn just looked at him, staring deep into the Sheriff's eyes and smiled. A sudden 'fear' came over Varan as he fired a few shots but failed to stop him. The other Mods opened fire but were also unable to stop the devil. Desutoroia's wife began to cry as she knew what fate awaited her as Hellspawn stared directly into her eyes with an evil and twisted grin on his face.
"Have any last words before you die?" he asked.
"Yeah! Go to Hell!" The fiend turned around to see who said that, only to discover that Melkor was free and lunging at Hellspawn. They locked in war. and the struggle was like that of Armageddon, the prophesied scene of a great battle fought between the forces of good and evil to occur at the end of the world. The others watched while most of the cultists escaped. Only Hellspawn's loyalist of followers, such as Goji Son, stayed behind.
The Sheriff suddenly fell to his knees as his mind was overcome with grizzly, frightening and nightmarish imagery of Hellspawn and the Apocalypse; what Roostville would become if Hellspawn's ritual were to be completed.
"Sheriff? Sheriff!" A voice called out but Varan was too lost to hear and soon became unconscious. Hellspawn lunged to take Melkor down with the final strike!

Monsterzeroville, 1:33 AM:  

In the ruins of a once proud city, the cries of the wounded and dying still persisted as reassurances from too few medical staff provided a paltry undercurrent. Among said staff, one small but indomitable woman finally sank to her knees. Sleepless days and nights of such errands melded with the crushing tide of pain that wore at the walls of her mind had proven too much at last. Suddenly, the tide was halted and swept aside by something else. If anything, this new presence was worse. It reeked of sacrificial blood, of vengeance...of Wrath. The presence issued a command and Miki Saegusa rose to her feet, then picked her way across the moonlit jungle of debris, finally pausing at the summit of what used to be a multi-story parking garage. Before her, blasted earth, pockmarked with the tangled remains of skyscrapers and highway overpasses, spread to the horizon with two singular exceptions: a vast blackened crater to her left and the gargantuan rotting husk of a demon to her right. These macabre 'landmarks' were all that remained of Nightmare Gamera and Neo-Destoroyah; men twisted into monsters by the designs of Hellspawn. Shuddering at the sight, Miki turned a bolt of anger upon the force directing her. Why am I here? A response was not long in coming:
Little psychic, the natural order has been twisted. Earth itself cries out for retribution. You shall assist me in restoring the aberrations before us to their proper form.
With that, the force descended upon Miki, a dark hand guiding hers as she knelt to concentrate. Her right  hand seemed to reach out for the crater, beseeching something to come forth; the other hung limp at her side as she stretched out her mind. The malefic presence was using her as a channel for its power, calling out to some unknown element.
The darkness beyond spawned a legion of baleful yellow eyes, slitted and pupil-less, burning with primordial evil. Armored forms scuttled forth, provoking a strangled cry from the psychic as she recognized the Destoroyah. A sharp command lanced through her out to the horrors which turned as one and moved to envelop their descendant's remains in an oddly regimented swarm. The crimson mass was then obscured with fell blue-white bursts of light as some unspeakable chemical reaction took place.
Miki's full attentions were now directed upon the crater and a mass of dark dust, swirling in the air above it.  The power once more used her mind as a channel, tapping into lines of manna which ran through the earth deep below. Pavement and rock cracked, spawning jets of crimson light which flowed into the dust, then seemed to burst, merging with it. Settling to Earth, the dust formed a shape. A final eruption of light consumed the mangled forms of Neo-Destoroyah and the aggregate horde. Leaving but one trace, two former citizens of Roostville were reborn. Her role in the great balance completed for now, Miki Saegusa shuddered uncontrollably, feeling the horrendous force detach itself from her psyche. Somehow, she won the fight to remain on her feet and stared, eyes wide, at the restored forms of GAMZILLA and Desutoroia.
As from a great distance, the voice spoke again, not addressing her this time.
Collect yourselves, mortals. You have been granted this second chance for a purpose. Prepare to fight.
Seeming to instantly regain their senses, the pair snapped to attention, then were enveloped in a rift of flame which vanished as quickly as it had appeared, taking both Roostafarians with it. A great stone face, framed with armor and twisted by rage, flashed through the mind that had facilitated their rebirth. Then Miki knew no more.
Desutoroia and GAMZILLA had been brought back for this one mission alone. After their task was completed, GAMZILLA would return to the asylum and Desutoroia, back to the depths of the dead.

At the battlefield where Melkor is facing off with Hellspawn:  

"E.B., help me! We've got to get the Sheriff to a hospital!" Gorgozilla yelled. "Quickly! Help me lift him into the car."
Hellspawn, holding the ritual dagger, attacked Melkor head on. He struck and blood was spilt. Melkor fell back as some of his blood touched the altar. Hellspawn smiled but he had been a fool not to listen to his master. The blood of Desutoroia's wife was needed for this ritual. Melkor's, being different than hers, caused the ritual's results to turn out different than it should have. The Apocalypse wasn't going to engulf the world but Hellspawn's structure began to change. He curled into a ball of flesh and energy and his appearance was like that of Bagan in the video game 'Super Godzilla' before his true monster form was seen.
Earth Baragon, after helping Gorgozilla get Varan into the cruiser, returned and helped Morgoth free  Desutoroia's wife, giving her back her clothes.
Melkor watched as giant demonic bat-like wings spread from the ball. There was a blinding flash of light and before the Roostafarians stood Hellspawn, his appearance changed completely. No longer was he the image of Todd McFarlane's Spawn but a cross between Spawn and Cell.
"Hellspawn?" Melkor asked, shocked by the sight before him. Hellspawn looked deep into Melkor's eyes and like the Sheriff, Melkor was overcome with fear.
The former Hellspawn answered, "No." Now pure satanic evil in its darkest form, he opened his hand and launched a ball of energy at the weakened Melkor. The blast knocked him to the ground. Badly wounded, he managed to get up, his eyes bloodshot before falling to his knees. He and everyone else watching had been overcome with fear; a fear greater than any ever felt before. Hellspawn approached Melkor and looked down at him.
"You," the demon said in a calm manner, "are not worthy enough to fight me." Upon eye contact, Melkor had been so overcome with fear that he was traumatized. Hellspawn spread his wings and flew off. His loyal minion,  Goji Son, ran after him to avoid being arrested. Others had more important things to worry about and came to aid Melkor. Now, with this unstoppable entity loose in Roostville, every Roostafarian's worst nightmares were about to become reality as the former Hellspawn unleashed his powers of darkness, bringing the beginning of the end of the world. Roostville was now entering the dark ages of the Apocalypse.
"I have come to spread the message of the great Messenger." Hellspawn's fury had wiped out all the buildings in Monsterzeroville. Neo-Monster Island had been over run with corruption caused by Hellspawn's satanic minions. Maser City, which had already neared its destruction, was faced with a great war as its people fought each other in its mean streets. Giant demonic monsters that could crush Godzilla in the blink of an eye ran through Roostville, destroying everything and everyone in sight. All hope for the entire world was lost. The disembodied voice which commanded Hellspawn watched in amazement as his message of hate and despair was spread throughout the land.

Back at the Mod Station, a conscious Sheriff, Melkor, Morgoth, Raptor, Gorgozilla, Gamingboy, Earth Baragon, Jet Jaguar and Desutoroia's wife had regrouped and were in Varan's office. They were all shocked beyond belief when the transparent ghosts of Desutoroia and GAMZILLA appeared, along with Doug Wood's wife, Miki Saegusa. Miki explained that a supernatural power healed GAMZILLA of his mental illnesses and resurrected Desutoroia so they could aid their friends in this war against the evil Hellspawn. Miki also told them that once Hellspawn were to be killed, Desutoroia would return to the land of the dead and GAMZILLA to his prior mental state. He would have to be reinstated in the mental hospital.
Outside, an eavesdropper quietly listened.
"Temptation is only bitter sweet, my dear," Hellspawn said to himself. "I may have failed to eliminate you the last time around, Miki, but this time I shall succeed in your termination..."
The others in the Mod Station began discussing a course of action when a hole was blown in the wall. As light seeped in, the protagonists could see the tall dark shadow of the evil Emperor Hellspawn.
"Aw, Desutoroia, my old friend," he said. "How glad I am too see that you could make it to witness my coronation. But first, I have some business to settle." Hellspawn reached out his hand and cast a mind block over Miki so she could not use her psychic powers. He then used telekinetics to pull her towards him. She gasped and screamed but couldn't get loose from his evil grip.
"LET HER GO!" Morgoth shouted. With just a thought, Morgoth was sent flying across the room, crashing into a wall and landing on the floor. Hellspawn realized that Desutoroia's wife, the Princess of Space and his ceremonial sacrifice, was standing amongst the others.
"You could be useful to me." And like with Miki, he used his telekinetic powers to pull her towards him.
"DESU!" she cried!
"HONEY! NO!" he shouted as he reached out but it was too late. Within an instant, Hellspawn, along with Miki and Desutoroia's wife, had vanished.

As the world was being torn apart, ripped of its beauty and nearing utter destruction because of Hellspawn's black magic, the last remaining Roostafarians gathered at City Hall where Gamingboy made a speech:

"My fellow citizens of Roostville. If you vote for me for Mayor, I promise that I'll never, EVER let anything like this happen again! It's all Morgoth's fault! He is a fool! He can't do anything right as Mayor. Vote me! VOTE ME! Thank you for your time. Bye."
At the Mod Station:  
Morgoth, Melkor, Varan, Desutoroia and GAMZILLA were searching through old witchcraft and Necromancy books for a possible key to defeat Hellspawn.
"Guys, I know of a way," Morgoth said. "I know of a way that we can end Hellspawn's reign of terror and stop his Apocalypse from consuming the universe."
"What?!" Melkor yelled. "Why haven't you told us this earlier?"
"Because, Melkor," Morgoth started to explain, "it's very dangerous..."
"If you know a way," Desutoroia demanded, "tell us!" For a moment, Morgoth hesitated.
"Alright," he finally agreed. "Here's what we can do to stop this..."
As he explained, Hellspawn was spreading his master's message of hate. The Roostville/Maser City Military Alliance (what was left of it) marched to stop him. Their tanks and planes opened fire and soon had full confidence that Hellspawn was dead. When the smoke cleared, there he was, not even a scratch or a dent done to him.
"I have no time for games. Perhaps we'll play another day." Hellspawn unleashed a powerful blast from the palm of his hand, decimating what had remained of the military. "Or perhaps not." He then flew off into the sky.

Doug Wood had heard about Miki's kidnapping and immediately headed to the Mod Station.
"Where's Miki?!" He demanded.
"Well, Mr. Wood," Sheriff Varan explained. "It's quite the tale..."
"Where'd the BASTARD take her?! Where is Hellspawn?"
"Doug... We don't know. He just vanished with her. I'm sorry but we really have no idea as to where he could have taken her..." Desutoroia walked in.
"I think I know where he could've taken Miki and the Princess..."

Hellspawn's master, the disembodied entity without form, had heard all this and through telepathy, informed his loyal friend. Hellspawn prepared for Doug Wood's arrival. An hour later, he came busting into the old Catholic Church on Megalon Avenue.
"Where are you hiding, Hellspawn? Show yourself!! FACE ME! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL!"
Hellspawn's voice replied, "As you command." He walked out from the shadows carrying a crimson whip. Old curtains opened to reveal Miki strapped to a huge cross.
"Let us raise the stakes a little... my friend. If you fail to eliminate me, Miki shall be faced with utter destruction... and death in vain."
"And if I win?" Doug asked.
"You can have whatever your little heart desires most in this world." A big grin came over Hellspawn's face.
"Alright, 'Spawn... Let us begin!" Doug charged up into Ultraman Supremo mode.
With a sudden crack, Hellspawn's whip roped around Doug's neck and he was dragged towards him and lifted by the neck.
Squeezing, Hellspawn advised, "You have made a great mistake coming here. One that will indeed cost you your miserable existence on this plane of existence." Before the end, Doug's eyes came into direct contact with Hellspawn's and just like others before him, he was overcome with a fear greater than any he had ever felt in his life.
"NOOO!" Miki cried out.
KABOOM! Doug's headless body fell to the floor in a bloody mess.
"Ha. I win. I knew from the start you weren't worthy enough to fight with such a great warrior as I." With the snap of Hellspawn's fingers, Miki faded into oblivion, her body transported to the next dimension. As Hellspawn was ready to leave, the ghost of Desutoroia entered.
"You?" Hellspawn said, almost laughing as though watching AUSTIN POWERS or WAYNE'S WORLD for the first time. "Why have you come? To challenge me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
"You know what your problem is, Hellspawn?" Desutoroia asked. "Your over confidence."
"And you know what your problem is? You dwell way too much on yesterday. Dwell on yesterday and you have no today, no tomorrow." The ghost of GAMZILLA and the Lord Melkor also entered. "More friends of yours, Des, I assume? Come to play, perhaps? Well, I'm sorry... I have no time for children's games. I must spread the Message of the Great Messenger!"
"I don't think so," Melkor said. "We know how to stop you, Hellspawn, and in the end, WE will win!"
"The Universe is mine! You cannot destroy my destiny. That which does not become a part of me shall become one with the great void." Hellspawn then laughed twistedly. He was convinced that the three standing before him were not worthy enough of fighting him. He felt that he was The Great Lord of Everything and All of Time and with the Apocalypse nearing, he felt unstoppable. But as we all know, Hellspawn, like any living creature, must have a weakness. His arrogance would cause his downfall as he was unaware that at the moment, Melkor had been muttering an incantation of great mysterious power. As he finished, a huge doorway through time and space opened before Hellspawn and the others.
"What deviltry is this?" he demanded. It was more from amazement than shock. Melkor, being descended from the Old World, also was a master of magic. 
"It is where we shall fight, oh great one," Melkor said in a sarcastic tone of voice. "Unless you still think of us as unworthy..." Hellspawn smiled back.
"No," he replied. "I accept your challenge." He then turned to look at his old friend, Desutoroia. "And I can't wait to end your pathetic existence as well..." The ghosts of GAMZILLA and Desutoroia, along with Melkor and Hellspawn, entered the space gateway; some alternate dimension with no ground, no sky -  just bright and dark endless clouds. Hellspawn got ready to launch an attack at Melkor.
"No. Wait," he said. "I'll save you for later. I think I'll start off with you!" Hellspawn leaped at Desutoroia and the two were caught in a great struggle. GAMZILLA came to Desu's aid but Melkor just stood and watched.
The battle continued as Hellspawn fired blasts of negative energy from the palms of his hands at his foes but not many of his attacks had any effect on the ghosts. Desutoroia pulled out his Master Sword and took a big slice at Hellspawn who was able to deflect the strike and pulled out his own sword. As their weapons clanged, sparks flew everywhere. GAMZILLA tried to get a shot at Hellspawn whenever his guard was down but all his attacks failed to do anything. Hellspawn then kicked GAMZILLA, sending him flying far off into the distance and  continued the sword duel with Desutoroia until, just luckily, he was able to send his blade flying from his hands. Hellspawn threw his sword to the ground.
"I'll kill you with my bare hands!" He then struck Desutoroia with his fist. "No magic. No weapons. My bare hands..." He grabbed Desu's neck and began to squeeze very tight. 
"NOO!" GAMZILLA shouted but all appeared to be too late. Then, all of a sudden, Hellspawn let Desutoroia free as he collapsed to his knees and began screaming in agony.
"NO! What's happening to me!" A bright white light began to glow from inside Hellspawn's body.
"As you were fighting with Des and GAMZ, I was able to mutter the incantation Morgoth told me that was the only thing to stand in your way of spreading the Messenger's Message," Melkor said. 
"WHAT?! No! You cannot destroy my... DESTINY!" Hellspawn shouted. Desutoroia and GAMZILLA then faded from the realm; Des back in the land of the dead and GAMZ presumably returned to the Roostville Institution for the Mentally Insane.
"Sorry, Hellspawn. But this is where it all ends... You're finished." 
"NO! I cannot be destroyed so... EASILY!" Hellspawn's body, glowing very brightly, began to turn red all over. He started burning up like Desugoji from GODZILLA Vs. DESTOROYAH. 
His final words were, "You haven't seen the last of me, Melkor, for one day, I shall return..." Hellspawn then transformed into stone and crumbled but his soul remained and was sealed away in the Alternate Dimension as Melkor had ventured back into the Universe he belonged in.

A short while later, everyone was glad to see Melkor return and happy that with Hellspawn sealed away in the Evil Realm, His legacy - his spawn - had vanished and the world had been saved from the Apocalypse. However, everyone was sad that Desutoroia and GAMZILLA could not have stayed.
At the very moment Hellspawn had been sealed away, Miki, Princess and Doug returned to this plane of existence, back to their original states. It was truly a happy moment for every citizen in Roostville, especially Gamingboy. Hellspawn, who had blackmailed most of the city into voting for him to become Mayor, was now gone.  Gamingboy had the second highest number of votes and was declared Roostville's new Mayor.
Hellspawn, the great menace was gone but so were two great men and the whole world could rise up and live again.

But what happened to the disembodied entity who commanded the great Hellspawn? 
THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: HELLSPAWN'S LEGACY is the next tale in this story arc.