Ep. 5: Revenge of Apocalypse: A Stake in the Devil's Heart

(Premiered February 26th, 2005 by Emperor Violenjiger and taking place in 2017)


After years of being locked away, the Council of Death's messenger of destruction, Hellspawn, emerged from the burial chamber beneath his mansion to fight alongside the forces of darkness once again in an attempt to claim the Earth Realm.

The Blue Devil, intent on playing mind games, appeared before Morgoth and Saruman, the Dark Lords of Roostville, and discovered their apprentice, Melkor, had evil hidden inside of him. Learning of this fact, the Blue Devil spared his life.

William D. Fix was crucified and mutilated by the Blue Devil's magic and turned into the Neo-Crucifer to kill Afiag. As the two became locked in mortal combat, Hellspawn and Zax, Emperor of Darkness, continued their quarrel. The Neo Crucifer was killed by Afiag as Ubergeek, the Spawn of Kenny, summoned the other Guardians to join him atop Mount Rodan.

The Blue Devil tricked Hellspawn into doing his bidding and sent him to kill Afiag as the Neo-Crucifer had failed. In the end, though, the struggle may have been hopeless as the Blue Devil and Hellspawn merged their minds with each other and Apocalypse was reborn! Apocalypse has summoned enough energy to blow up the Earth itself in one blast as we begin the fifth and final episode of THE REVENGE OF APOCALYPSE.

There was a feeling of anxiety among the living, a sense of hatred and depression, of all hope being lost spreading throughout the world like a madness. Citizens, wherever they might be, could see the blackened sky as thunder and purple bolts of lightning came crashing onto the face of Mother Earth and burning her precious land.

Somewhere in the middle of this insanity was Zax, Emperor of Darkness, laying dead on the ground, killed by the horrific demon, Hellspawn. Zax was now the proclaimed Emperor of Corpses. It was truly a pity to see his potential go to waste. The sight of his horribly disfigured and mutilated body was proof that all hope was lost for mankind. What was done to him would be done to others...

However, not all was as it seemed at first. Zax's body was bloody and beaten but intact. His mind and core conscience were still alive, along with every single part that made him who he was. He was not dead as everyone had claimed or gone from the face of the Earth forever. The Emperor of Darkness was merely lying in a temporary state of dormancy. A few small animals and other creatures that lived in caves and small holes on Mount Rodan soon surrounded Zax's sleeping body. Bugs and other nasty critters crawled onto him and began to eat. It was then that a purple bolt from above struck the body and reawakened the demonic Emperor of Destruction.

Zax's eyes popped open as it hit him. His fingers began to twitch and clench, his body to shiver and move. Slowly, Zax was recovering from both his injuries and the deep sleep. The proclaimed Emperor of Darkness stood up and using his hands, he wiped himself clean of the insects crawling all over him and chased off the animals still standing around. One was a small and furry creature which he grabbed before it could run away and escape his wrath. Zax observed and admired it. As a child, he was never a big fan of animals and enjoyed torturing the mice and other small beasts he found around his house. Zax squeezed the animal with all his might until it exploded in his hand. Blood splattered over Zax's face, and he knew that was what he was going to do to Hellspawn or anyone who got in his way.

The Emperor of Darkness was not in a mood for playing games anymore. With his powers replenished and at twice the strength of when he had been possessed before, he felt ready and able to continue serving the Blue Devil and the Council of Death in the Holy Wars against the Utopian Guardians. Zax was promised riches and power beyond his wildest dreams if he served them willing. He was promised a chance to rule as a dictator over all he wanted. Matthias had shown him the vision and he took great pride in working as hard as possible toward that goal. Zax would never give up in the struggle to reclaim the Earth from the pathetic creatures that inhabited it now. He would never give in and never yield until he possessed all or otherwise, he possessed nothing.

It was the time for action, not words, to set himself free of the shackles that held him and ascend into a more powerful, boundless demi-god. The time to take absolute control over all that stood in his way was now. He knew what he had to do and it wasn't going to be an easy task for him alone. It wasn't going to be difficult either, as long as he remained as the Zaxobite. The powers of the Leviathan, which the Blue Devil had bestowed upon him, were still active. Zax's true power was unlimited. There was nothing he couldn't do if he thought hard enough about it. But even so, his new powers were still somewhat of a mystery to him as he only knew the demon way of life.

"The ungrateful fool thought I had no idea what power truly is? He thought I was too immature, too inexperienced to appreciate it?" Zax laughed with an evil grin. "Can the Blue Devil not see now that I know more about power than he cares to realize? Knowledge is power. 'Nothing', he called me? Could I have made it this far if I were nothing? The fool greatly underestimates my true power and extra potential. I am no mere fool!"

Zax stared into his hands as they began to glow with the energy of the cosmos pouring in and out of them. He smiled as he knew the Dark Gods of Hell, the Leviathan, Kronos, Anubus and Lucifer were embracing him. He could feel the power of all the great war lords and monarchs of the demons being bestowed upon him, being poured into his heart and etched into his soul. The power of Hell itself was carved into Zax's face. He was being embraced by divine evil and hatred in its purest forms and soon enough, his endurance was at a greater resistance level than before. Zax WAS Hell. The embodiment of all the Dark Gods who fought to claim the Earth in the long-forgotten past had granted him their powers.

"I am the Chosen One," he said to himself. "Picked out singlehandedly by destiny to rule over this universe and all of its citizens who are destined to bow before me!"

The Emperor of Darkness stepped forward and called out to the Dark Gods to thank them for granting him their precious powers. Zax was pleased with them and promised he would make them all proud. He held his fists out as immense power began to shine from him in an aura of yellow as his cape blew in the wind. Zax then bolted towards the sky and found he was soon soaring through the air. There was a new power source he was sensing, a new and yet familiar presence. He took it upon himself to fly to this new warrior and investigate at once.

The presence that had been detected by Zax was the very life force of Apocalypse himself. The mightiest warrior ever to walk the Earth, the most feared behemoth of legends passed down over the ages. He was a monstrous beast, enormously tall and proud, towering over Afiag and all the Guardians. It was a magnificent sight to see as such a monster had only arisen once in the past. Apocalypse's appearance was the very personification of Hellspawn and the Blue Devil's twisted hearts and souls merged into one all-powerful life form.

Apocalypse drew himself forward as he smiled with glee. Everyone took the time to watch his hands as energy from all around was swirling like crazy and formed a massive ball, flesh and blood in the palms of his hand. They all knew the danger that came with such power. It was enough to blow up the Earth with one blast and Apocalypse was not afraid to unleash it. The total destruction of Earth did not matter to him; he could easily rebuild it once all of its souls were claimed as his own.

The Guardians were frozen on the spot as their mouths dropped open and they watched helplessly the great predominant potency that Apocalypse was threatening to destroy them all with. Afiag paid no attention to the energy; his arrogance and ego had driven him to the point where he believed he had nothing to fear. He truly believed that Apocalypse was a weak coward and could not destroy him. He also believed that Apocalypse's threat to destroy the Earth was a pathetic bluff. If the Guardians didn't intervene soon, Afiag would learn that this was no bluff... the hard way.

The Angel of Darkness had not moved an inch as his eyes came into contact with those in Apocalypse's head as well as all he could see. All Afiag could think of was the Blue Devil and the hate he possessed for him. He intently looked into Apocalypse's soul and all that was there was the Blue Devil, staring back at him and trying to destroy him. Afiag's hatred for the Blue Devil grew as he looked away and Ubergeek's eyes came into contact with Apocalypse's. What he saw inside of Apocalypse was Hellspawn's evil and arrogance fueling the demon. Hellspawn was the driving force of Apocalypse's powers, or so Ubergeek had thought.

The uprising of the Holy Wars had begun. Forces of both sides, dark and light, had been diminished easily. Now all that remained was a small band of heroes and a dark emissary of evil locked in a battle that would rage across the universe until the very end of time itself. The Holy Wars were reaching a rather vague end and the winner of this fight would determine which side would rule over the Earth Realm and the universe itself. This battle was more serious than any other ever fought in the past. Not even the previous battle with Apocalypse had the stakes raised this high. The end was near and would be seen by sunrise.

"Fear nothing, for soon it shall be over, my friends," Apocalypse had said to the Guardians, just as he had to Afiag and the RMBs in the past when he crucified them. "All over."

He was ready to unleash his powerful energy ball to totally wipe out civilization as we knew it. He pulled his arms back as they sucked up even more energy, making the ball even stronger and more powerful. Apocalypse wanted a weapon that could not only take out the planet but the entire solar system as well. As the energy was being pulled into the ball, his physical strength was being increased from over exposure to such great amounts of limitless power. Apocalypse glided into the air and flew far above the Guardians until all they could see was a tiny dot in the sky.

Afiag was looking up at Apocalypse and smiling. In his heart, he felt it was all a bluff or an illusion, that he would never risk blowing up the Earth. And for that matter, Apocalypse would never be able to possess enough power to do so in the first place. Afiag felt he could destroy TWO solar systems and greatly doubted (as well as underestimated) Apocalypse's great power. His own arrogance was shining greatly.

Everything was quiet as each Guardian watched helplessly and shed a tear since all hope seemed to be lost. They all knew that the only way they had defeated Apocalypse in the past was through a person who was pure of heart, willingly sacrificing her life to save her friends rather than herself. There was no one in the world who was pure of heart like the Princess of Space; at least no one they could find now. And if that person would be willing to die was another question... Everything seemed to be in favor of Apocalypse. It was now time for him to commit his revenge against those who defiled his dreams before. The battle was in his favor, or was it?

The sound of bats screeching could be heard as they came from the distance. The Guardians turned in amazement and were astonished at what they saw. Afiag saw no pleasure or amusement in this, just anger. It was an entire swarm of Afiags... his other personality components that were running wild, of past and future versions of himself. The Angel of Life was there in the crowd, as well as the unforgettable Super Jet Jaguar. Each of them came swooping in to ward off Apocalypse. Even in the darkest hour there is a light and in this case, the light was Afiag.

It was now that the tides were going to turn in favor of the Guardians and the defenders of Earth. Apocalypse finally let go of his energy ball and threw it down onto the Earth. Time began to slow as it moved through the air and he eagerly anticipated its impact with Mount Rodan. He could not wait for the collision that was about to happen. It would mean the end of the world for the humans and the beginning of a new era and age for the forces of darkness. Apocalypse had more of the Blue Devil's ambitions controlling him this time and hoped to take control over the Council of Death once the Earth was destroyed.

The swarm of Afiags flew into position and while airborne, attacked Apocalypse's powerful energy ball and consumed it. Some of them hurled themselves at it to try and destroy it while the rest formed a barrier in the sky. Each and every Afiag had been united together against the enemy and managed to deflect the energy ball into space. Unfortunately, they were all destroyed trying to save the Earth Realm. The Angel of Life, Super Jet Jaguar and the others were all gone now and forever. Dead. They could never come back and they would never be a part of the real Afiag again. All that remained was Afiag, the Angel of Darkness.

The Dark God Rodan came soaring through the sky and lashed out against Apocalypse who was still trying to overcome the aftermath of witnessing his powerful ball of energy be deflected and destroyed by a mere swarm of bats. He was not ready for what happened next and the Dark God's claws came at Apocalypse to force him into submission. He was facing a winged beast. As Apocalypse glared into the eyes of the Dark God Rodan, he saw the face of someone he had easily defeated in the past, someone who feared him and that fear became fuel for him.

It was man against beast as Apocalypse continued his clash with the Dark God Rodan. Blood was spraying forth from both of the combatants involved in the epic war of the ages. The Dark God kept swinging its divine claws into Apocalypse's hide, who countered by trying to break every bone in the Guardian's body. Both of them clashed like God and Lucifer locked in Armageddon, the never ending war between them being fought until the end of time. It was a truly horrific battle to witness first hand. Most of the Guardians wished they would never have to see this day in their lifetimes. Only Afiag wanted to be a part of such a war.

"Now," Apocalypse said with a cold and emotionless voice his opponent. "You shall pass unto your path to oblivion!"

The Dark God Rodan made one last attempt to dig a wound deep into Apocalypse's skull but it was a fatal attempt as he caught the beast's talons before it could make the necessary strike. Apocalypse clenched both claws in his hands and broke every bone in them. The Dark God howled in agonizing pain as it fell back and pulled away to stand defeated with his Guardian allies. Apocalypse was pleased with the pain he had inflicted in his enemy. The Guardians all stared back at him as he swooped down from the sky to within a few feet of Afiag. The beginning of this war was over and now it was time for the real action to take place.

The fire was still burning in all their hearts and Apocalypse took it upon himself to slit his own wrists with his finger nails and let the blood run red as a sign to his enemies that just because he had nerves did not necessarily mean that he could feel. Perpetual darkness was everywhere as the blood of Apocalypse dripped from his wrists and spilled onto the ground. The droplets caused a mysterious chain reaction to occur as it was corrosive like acid and had fallen in all the right spots to form the hieroglyphics of the Prophecy of Roostville. More blood poured from Apocalypse's wrists and etched the ancient writings from the tablet that M. Lazarus had discovered when Apocalypse first appeared.

"The prophecies of light that have shown you all the way of the hero, to overcome the darkness," Apocalypse declared. "These prophecies that were foreseen thousands of centuries ago hold nothing. The events they foretell have already come to pass and this is why we shall win on this fine day!"

Apocalypse was referring to the Prophecy and the Tablet legends. He took his foot and crushed the markings he had carved into the ground with his own blood. The destruction was to show his enemies that they had lost this fight. They were following the Prophecy for too long and it was leading them to a sudden dead end. That was what Apocalypse wanted them to think and feel. He had to do everything in his power to show them that their struggle was a hopeless one and that he deserved to rightfully claim their souls as his own. It was his destiny. It was Hellspawn's destiny and the Blue Devil's destiny.

"Prepare yourselves for eternity," Apocalypse whispered coldly. "And let your souls be embraced by my tainted magic forever more. Dine with me this night and bathe in the blood of a thousand dead soldiers that you shall be my brother."

Ubergeek, the present leader of the Guardians, no longer knew what to do. Apocalypse's attempt to blow up the entire Earth Realm was thwarted but what now? Apocalypse was still standing, a demon who towered over any and all men who walked the Earth. There were times when Uber thought that fulfilling the responsibilities of the Mayor's office was a stiff task. Becoming acquainted with his Guardian duties and trying to hold the line in a struggle that was seemingly hopeless always topped his duties as being the more difficult. He just didn't know what to do but had to remain positive and use his brain. He knew of no way to defeat Apocalypse.

The mage, Obake Yamato, was also feeling much like Ubergeek about the grim situation - doubtful. Even with all his mystical powers, there was not much he could do against a demon fiend like Apocalypse. Obake's magic and powers were practically useless against the dark arts that Apocalypse possessed. Under normal circumstances, he felt like a master mage but compared to Apocalypse, he was the apprentice and Apocalypse the master sorcerer.

Baracylton, the Seatopian High Priest, seemed to know of the only way to possibly defeat Apocalypse and it required more than just the Guardians, Obake and Afiag uniting together to take on the devilish beast. Every man that Emperor Antonio led, as well the dwellers of the upper world, had to offer to take up arms and fight the demon head on. The military forces of Roostville and the Kaiju Nations had been assembled but if they weren't dead, most had retreated. Baracylton took the diamond in his necklace and sent out a psychic call for help. Hopefully, the armies of Emperor Antonio would answer his call... and answer it soon.

At the little garrison where the last of the Kaiju Nations' forces still managed to survive the world's dire predicament, it was as if time had stopped for the defenders of all that was good.  The eerie phenomena was like when a tornado generating cell moved in, turning the brightest day into night, causing ears to pop and either fear or awe in the mind of every mortal facing such a display of power. It became very quiet as the demons and Cenobites even halted their suicidal attacks and less noisy efforts to sneak up on the defenders.

"Is this the end?" Darkside had asked.

"I don't know," Bagoth replied.

"The end of what?" Sheriff Jaguar needed to know. He stood perfectly still, cradling a machine gun he had salvaged from a wrecked tank and was trying to process the atmospheric changes as well as the actions of the enemy.

"IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!" a militiaman had screamed before flinging himself to the ground and beating his fists in the dust. No one moved to stop him as everyone present had their own thoughts. There were a few sobs but for most, a calm dread of the unknown seeped into the stoutest hearts. The more religious soldiers made the sign of the cross and quietly uttered a prayer, be it for their own souls or that of the Earth itself.

There would be no Princess of Space to save them this time, Raptor figured. Each and everyone there proved they were willing to die for what was good and just, heroes all. If this was indeed the end of the world, what better way to meet it than with comrades in arms, she figured. Still, something was wrong with the scenario. This was not like the tumultuous situation that had occurred 65 million years ago when a big rock nearly put an end to her ancestors' reign.

"BATS?!" she exclaimed as they could be heard rapidly approaching. Jet had picked up on them also but not making any better progress figuring out what might be going on.

There were several sighs of relief from the troops behind them even as Apocalypse heaved a great ball of energy toward the Earth. The bats deflected it harmlessly into space, blazing out of existence as they made contact with it.

"Points of light..." Darkside Reject whispered in awe. "Good versus evil as man has never imagined or seen before..." He was smiling, not in the grip of insanity but in realization of what had just happened. It was beyond Jet and Raptor figured he had been out in the sun too long.

"It works for me!" She also smiled and quickly scanned the area to see what their enemies might have made of the sudden turn of events.

RadoGoji attempted to swing the ATBD around to find out where he was when the visions appeared again. Not paying attention to where he was going, he drove across another slope, this time steep enough to flip the machine over several times and onto an outcropping of rocks, damaging many of the systems, including the comm system and the tracking beacon. He stumbled out of the drone, grasping his head. The images were coming at him too fast and it was too much for him. He fell to the ground and began rolling around, spasming in a fetal position, trying to get it all out of his head but the images overwhelmed him to an extent he'd never experienced before. RadoGoji soon blacked out.

Feeling very dazed and confused, he opened his eyes and let the world come into focus. The place he saw was very unfamiliar. His head hurt a little bit but he got up and dizzily walked around, trying to regain his balance. He saw what appeared to be a car of some sort, smashed into some rocks. Could this be his car? He tried remembering what happened, anything at all, but he couldn't. He had a vast knowledge of robotics and whatnot that he couldn't comprehend all at once, though he felt as though he should. He felt as if this knowledge was somewhat limited to what felt right to him. In fact, nothing felt right at all. He tried remembering but didn't even know who he was. He looked in a small pool of water near the rocks and saw his reflection. Brown hair, greenish eyes and glasses. Was this him? If it was, it was kind of a start to remembering. He took off the vest he was wearing and looked at it. There was a patch that said RadoGoji. The word seemed very familiar to him but he didn't know where from. His best hope of getting any information was to walk into the unknown before him and look for someone who might have some answers.

Zax was moving onto the battlefield like a disgusting rat. He crawled around and kept himself hidden from sight and managed to keep his power level low enough so that no one above an ordinary human would be able to sense his presence. His mystical shield was like a mask that hid his face. The best tactic in winning the proclaimed Holy Wars was the element of surprise. Zax had mastered such arts during his time as the merciless and cruel leader of the notorious Maser City mob. His past experiences helped give him an advantage in this war, as well as his newfound powers.

Sliding behind a rock as if he were a snake, the slithering Emperor of Darkness needed to make sure that everyone thought he had been brutally killed by Hellspawn. When he heard the footsteps of some humans snooping about, he crept behind a massive boulder and stayed out of sight. Zax did not want them to see him, for they could possibly alert Ubergeek and the others. As they passed by and Zax went unnoticed, he overheard them talking about the end of the world and among other things, their own past experiences with the Roostville Militia and RBI forces. One of them told of his life as a U.S. Marine who lost his family. The other was a grandson of a noble man who died in WW II.

The ruthless and pitiless Zax took the time to cogitate his own memories of what went on behind closed doors in the Maser City mob. The unique life of a mobster, always racing against the clock and trying your best to cover your tracks from the cops. Life in the mob had always been about the excitement for Zax. He enjoyed a good police chase and it was even more fun when the poor coppers got brutally executed at the end. He usually would send their bodies to their wives and children as "gifts."

The mob also paid well. It was the only way of life that Zax had ever known until now and the only existence he truly ever enjoyed. The criminal code was valuable to him and had special merit as well as personal meaning. Zax was the kind to shoot for a thrill. In the process of living such a horrid lifestyle, he had made the lives for many people a living hell but it was no loss to the merciless mobster, He never really cared for anything or anyone other than the endless thrills of killing. That was all he had ever indulged in from the moment he was born. Zax took so much pleasure from killing! It was charming when he saw people shot into a million pieces. It was denial for him when his victims escaped his clutches and survived.

Zax was looking at his memories of the Maser City Mob the way an old man might look back on his younger days of being a youth. He was getting the same feeling as the old man would. The mob meant to him what youth meant to the elderly. There was no way for him to ever return but he did not regret becoming the Zaxobite. It was a chance for him to start a whole new lifestyle, to make himself even more feared and recognized than he was as the notorious Maser City Mob leader. Besides, Zax liked change, especially when it was in his favor. Change was good when he had something to gain from it and Zax had everything to gain from becoming a Cenobite under the command of the Blue Devil. Power that was absolute was what he wanted the most.

Back to reality, Zax remained hidden. The humans had long since walked away from the area while he was busy cogitating his past and now the coast was clear for him to continue his journey to where the new presence was being sensed. Zax tried to feel for Hellspawn and the Blue Devil but he could not sense either of them. They seemed to not be present on Mt. Rodan, just Ubergeek, the Guardians, Afiag and someone new, someone he had not sensed or felt before. Likewise, Zax was undecided on whether or not the new presence he detected was friend or foe. Either way, it wouldn't matter in the end.

Zax started walking again and as he glided across the landscape of Mt. Rodan, he saw broken and beaten bodies laying everywhere. Bodies filled the fields; it was the hungry heroes' end. There was no one to play soldier now and no one to pretend to. It was true that the slaughter never ends.

Zax looked at the faces of the dead and dying. A lot of them were RBI and law enforcement agents he did not recognize or know personally. Other bodies were men who had served him in the mob, the various people who willingly served Zax as if he were an emperor, a saint or great monarch; the slippery worms he merely saw as slaves.

The Emperor of Darkness moved in and strolled through the bodies as his cape floated down and touched each of them as he walked by. The cold and heartless monster was looking around and glaring into each and every man's face. For each henchmen and lackey he got a good look at, he was filled with delightful memories of their time serving under his mighty rule. Zax continued to stare into the empty faces of his former underlings, weak and worthless now. Their fate was grim from the moment they allied themselves with a murderous bastard like himself. It was they who sealed their own doom and the heartless fiend felt no remorse over seeing his henchmen have their life taken away. Zax felt they deserved it. They were not worthy of the same fate the Blue Devil provided for him, not worthy of his fate as a god!

Zax began to remember even more about his time ruling over the dreadful Maser City Mafia. His fondest memories were the slaughter of that whiney swine, AnimeFan, and the horrific death of that Legion of Doom operative, SpaceGamera, two of the last few people murdered at his hands. He remembered it all too well; it was just before Matthias arrived at his headquarters when both men were personally executed in the vilest manner for their crimes against Zax and the Maser City Mob. AnimeFan was on his knees, both crying and begging for mercy like a poor boy begging for food in that dark corner as each and every man who served him loyally opened fire on him. Not much was left of the body when they finished.

Space Gamera had suffered the same fate. The agent had been assigned to go under cover and infiltrate their ranks so that Maser City would be free of the mob's nefarious reign of terror for good. Project Pimp himself had given Space Gamera the order because he had a grudge against Zax for years and had caught on to the truth about his involvement with the Mafia. Space Gamera's mission was to get proof that Zax was running it. It cost him his life, maybe even more. The murder of Space Gamera left two little girls fatherless and unfortunately, neither Zax nor Pimp cared about that simple fact.

As he continued to step through the field of the dead, there was another face that caught his attention. The Emperor of Darkness standing tall and proud like a dark shadow of the night walked over to a dead man who had proved himself to be one of his loyalist lackeys of all. His name was Jacob MacLeod and he was a great asset in Zax's organization. Tony MacLeod was his brother who also served under Zax. However, Tony was not killed in battle but was executed personally by Zax after allowing Space Gamera to enter his organization. Tony was the one who recommended him. Both Jacob and Tony served time in the Militia, as well as in prison after turning to smuggling.

Zax had enjoyed his short-lived stay at the field of bodies. It allowed him to take a wondrous trip down the virtues of memory lane but now, he was back in reality again and knew he could no longer waste any more of his precious time dwelling on those who served him and died. No, there were much greater stakes at risk. High stakes, and Zax needed to make sure the forces of darkness would reign supreme and that good would be forever wiped out of existence.

The Emperor of Darkness took to the skies and flew higher than ever before to meet up with the Guardians and the new presence. Today was a good day to be alive but perhaps, it was an even greater day to die.

Afiag's eyes suddenly turned white, as did his hair then suddenly, they went back to black. It was something no one noticed, not Apocalypse or even Afiag as it happened in mere seconds. Apocalypse would soon learn never to piss him off. Ever!

Afiag remembered what had happened when the Hero, or Angel of Life if you would call him that, had faced off against Apocalypse. Back then, Apocalypse was weak for the Blue Devil was only at 1%, not having time to gain back his energy and Hellspawn was a fool. The Angel of Darkness would have walked all over him but the Demon Huntsman gave control to the Angel of Life who, in his own right, was strong but to Afiag, the Angel of Darkness, he was a weakling who did not deserve to fight. Afiag ordered that he be let free so that he could end this fight between Apocalypse and himself but the Angel of Life had made a promise never to revive the Angel of Darkness so he suffered the pain.

Now the Arch Angel of Death, Darkness and Destruction stood up, ready to fight. Once he was called Kaiser Afiag, the Arch Angel of Darkness, Ruler of the Universe. He was not from hell, nor was he from Heaven. He was a force of rage, destroying all that was in his path. For some, the saying goes, "I think, therefore I am." Others say, "I hate, therefore I exist!" For Afiag it was simply, "I kill, therefore I LIVE." That was his way of life. Bounty hunters across the Universe wanted his skin but they found that hunting him was a mistake they would never be able to repent for.

Across the multiple galaxies, there was one legend of a Phantom Lord who had seized control of the Universe and his warrior, the Angel of Darkness. It claimed that the Angel of Darkness' power could 'level whole mountains, destroy immortals and defy the word of God' and that the Phantom Lord's power was so great that 'entire galaxies fell when he came forth from Hell; not even the gods themselves could stand before him and that the Universe was nothing more than a plaything.' It spoke that on the day that the Son of God died upon the Cross, the two would face off and the Angel of Darkness, who had destroyed entire races, would seal away the Phantom Lord within a mountain he had raised from the Earth. Afterwards, it was lost to time what happened to Afiag, only God knowing.

Afiag would teach Apocalypse to never piss him off and he had done more than that. He had taken away the Blue Devil before he could finally end their war, he had endangered Elizabeth and tried to kill Afiag. Apocalypse would soon learn and he would never forget that this was not a normal hero like he was used to fighting. This warrior did not care about the loss of life, nor did he care about pain. He was a being of rage and rage was a powerful thing for anyone to have. If anyone happened to look on Afiag's face, they would see no hint of anything, just a terrible emotion they could not understand. What Afiag was feeling was true rage, perhaps never before felt by a mortal.

When he landed on the battlefield, he saw the Guardians were falling. Apocalypse caught sight of Afiag and sent a powerful blast of Hell Fire, enough to incinerate any living being, even Ancalagon the Black. The fires from Hell enveloped Afiag's form but suddenly turned back and formed into a tightly packed fire ball, about the size of a fist. With a mere gesture, it disappeared and only shimmering air was left. Apocalypse was not totally surprised but he had not expected that. He thought Afiag would try to send the attack back at him, not send it away. Then he noticed the air in front of him shimmering from intense heat. As the fire ball reformed, Afiag's fist slammed into it, sending it flying at Apocalypse, causing an explosion that not only burned him but blew him backwards a good twenty feet. Apocalypse got up quickly and fired a blast twice the size of Afiag himself and he disappeared in the huge flash of light.

Ubergeek seriously doubted that Afiag was dead but he could not tell.

Minsc found Angillis looking out over the battlefield.

"Angillis! What's going on?"

"Apocalypse..." That very name turned Minsc's heart into an iceberg.

"Minsc, I have something back at the base that might help the guys out. Do you know where Rado is?" Angillis asked.

"No... We lost contact with him a little while ago. Let's go back and get your new project."

When they reached the base, Angillis entered his code and for the first time, Minsc noticed a massive form, covered with a tarp. A nearby computer platform had apparently been built right into the ground and Angillis was typing at it as he ordered Minsc to grab the tarp. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

"WHAT IS IT?" he exclaimed.

"Behold, Minsc! The ultimate in mobile equalizers, the HELL HOUND XA!" Angillis proclaimed, gesturing with both arms at his newest and greatest toy.

"What? Angillis, that's a friggin' helicopter! How in the heck did you get a hold of that?" Minsc asked incredulously. The device under the tarp was none other than what had once been an Apache helicopter, the greatest attack chopper in the world, which was now covered with new gadgets and attachments his partner had made. It rather reminded him of the way Rado would 'improve' on his old Lego toys by building what was on the box and then take spare parts to add to them to make the make-believe weapons even more deadly. Never mind that his additions would have made it impossible for the machines to fly, had they been real... And now, Angillis had gone and done the same with a friggin' Apache helicopter!

"Oh, don't thank me! Thank a wrongly checked box on some overworked bureaucrat's IN pile!" Angillis explained, clearly overjoyed at his new plaything.

"Angillis, those things are only supposed to be owned by the military! You can't have a military helicopter!"

"Oh, but Minsc, this isn't a military helicopter! This is the HELL HOUND XA!" Even with Apocalypse trying to destroy everything in existence, Angillis was as nutty as a fruit cake.

"How is this going to help at all?" he asked, giving up on his friend's sanity.

"Well, I got the idea to make this puppy after reading a story which featured a modified Apache helicopter that not even the Teen Titans could take out, so I improved on the original designs, enhanced the armor's heat resistance, increased the power of the shields and added some more weapons." Angillis was very proud of himself indeed.

"How much heat can this thing take?" Minsc asked, knowing he might not like the answer.

"Well... It survived a trip into a star OK so the answer is A LOT!"

"A star."

"Yes, a star. Hey, the Xians owed me one after kidnapping me one time!" He was referring to the Duel of Fates but Minsc had nothing to do with that so... "I have something else I want to show you!" He led him deeper into his 'Room', which had an assortment of all kinds of weapons, some looking downright illegal. Minsc also thought he saw a Doomsday clone in a tube but thought wise not to ask about it.What they eventually stopped at was something Minsc had seen many times before on a show called 'Gundams'.

"What tha... You built a friggin' Gundam?" Minsc asked.

"Yes. This is the only working one. The others I'm still tinkering with. Beauty about this baby is that it takes energy to charge up its weapons and it's core. It takes it from people. Like say... Apocalypse's energy."

Minsc's eyes widened. They were probably stretched as it was but he muttered, "Don't tell anyone I told you this but you are a genius."

"I know." Minsc hopped into the Gundam as Angillis slid into the pilot seat of his HELL HOUND XA.

What Apocalypse saw coming onto the battlefield was, for all purposes, a helicopter. What kind of an idiot would be coming here in such a thing to face him? It really didn't matter as he targeted it with a small blast. He immediately wound up on the receiving end of several green energy beams that knocked him backwards just as he was about to kill the Guardians. He looked back up to where the blasts had come from and saw the chopper, unscratched. It wasn't even scorched!

Apocalypse fired five more blasts at it, each one fizzling out against a green shield. He let out a roar as he flew up to punish the helicopter that was now mocking him. He slammed his fist into it, or he would have if the barrier hadn't been thrown up and 'struck back' at him with the same force he had punched the shield. He shook his head as he was blasted back to the ground, hard. When he got up, smoke was coming off of his body where the blasts had struck him. He then noticed four cannon-type weapons sticking out of the side of the machine. Apocalypse started to charge up another attack, determined to destroy this INSECT before anyone else. What he didn't notice was that the energy ball in his hand was shrinking quickly and when he put out his hand to blast the copter, there was nothing but a puff of smoke. A look of confusion came across his face until he was blasted in the back by a supercharged version of his own blast.

When Apocalypse looked behind him, he was staring down the barrel of a gun that was charging up. He rocketed out of the way quickly before it could target him and blasted the strange, metal being with his own blast of energy. It was absorbed, then returned ten fold. Apocalypse blocked it this time and was pelted in the back again. While it did not hurt him, this annoyed him to no end. He noticed the aircraft had sprouted a new weapon, which looked like a really large chain gun blasting little energy bursts, five hundred per second. This attachment was locked on him as it circled and blasted away at Apocalypse.

From the helicopter came a voice amplified by a speaker. "How do you like my new toys, ya bastard?!" Angillis' roaring voice was happy that Apocalypse couldn't break through his shield and that he hadn't stopped using his energy blasts, which were providing Minsc's GUNDAM its power. The only problem Angillis could see was that if Minsc tried to go hand-to-hand, he would lose. His weapons could not seriously hurt Apocalypse. They were designed to fight off giant monsters, terrorists - maybe even Hellspawn, but nothing like Apocalypse. Angillis was already planning a way to power them up.Rado was no doubt going to kill him when he found out that he had to drain all of the Shogun Robots' power cells to fuel his latest pet projects.

Angillis let fly his energy beams from his cannon type weapons, blasting Apocalypse who had completely forgotten about the Guardians and the 'dead' Afiag. He decided to get rid of this 'annoyance' first and flew up to unleash an uber powerful blast of energy which slammed into the shield. Then Apocalypse soared above the HELL HOUND XA and slammed his fist down into the shield with all his might, breaking it at that spot but his arm was violently thrown back and nearly dislocated as it slammed into the secondary shield, a blue layer that coated the copter in case anything found its way past the first one. Apocalypse tried to get stabilized when a pure white beam plowed him into the ground as it blasted him. He looked up to see the front of the copter opened up to reveal what looked like a searchlight. Angillis called this one his 'Obliterator'. Meanwhile, Minsc was closing in, having drawn the energy sword that all Gundams come equipped with, charging up for the next blast.

Apocalypse would not allow himself to be... DEGRADED by two INSECTS! He smashed his arm into the Gundam, crushing its gun arm and the weapon itself, sending Minsc flying backwards.

"Systems check!" he ordered the computer and a 3-D model of the Gundam appeared. The chest area had taken serious damage, as had the left leg and right arm (the Gun Arm), which was completely destroyed. He quickly got Angillis on the radio. "Hey, I took a serious blow down here! I'm calling the others for back-up while the computer does some internal repairs."

"Gotcha. I think I can annoy Apocalypse long enough for help to arrive. Tell the others to hurry. My cannons don't have an infinite supply of energy!" Apocalypse was now completely enraged at the fact that he could not crush one little helicopter and went berserk, ramming himself bodily at the shield. He could do that for about twenty years and it would never break. Angillis knew that because that's how long its battery would last. He flipped a few switches and fired his Drillers, specialized missiles as the name suggested, with drill heads on them made of diamond. They also shocked the target with a few thousand volts of electricity. While the drills themselves were ineffective against Apocalypse who merely grabbed the foot ball-sized ordnance, their second function worked perfectly.

Angillis started charging the Obliterator back up as Rodan 2000 flew into sight. He opened the door so he could enter the craft.

"What are you doing?!" R2K asked his friend.

"Playing around with Apocalypse. He still hasn't realized that he can't break through the shield!" Angillis laughed as he continued charging his weapon and firing more Drillers.

"Speaking of which, how did I make it past the shield?" R2K wondered.

"Easy. This shield is made of positive energy. A LOT of positive energy, so much that anything with a hint of negative energy will face a barrier. And believe me, Apocalypse is dripping with negative energy so he is not only repelled but whenever he attacks, it gets thrown back at him!" Angillis was clearly overjoyed at the fact that he was besting the almighty Apocalypse.

Obliterator is charged to 100% power, Angillis. When shall I fire?

"What was that?" R2K asked.

"That's my AI computer. Not yet. Wait until we have a point blank shot," Angillis ordered.


Apocalypse was madder than Hell as he flew up to bash the shield again. That thing COULDN'T last forever. Just before he got within striking distance and before Angillis could fire his point blank shot, hellfire rained from the skies, pelting the craft and blasting Apocalypse. Lightning flashed as Afiag flew down from the sky, his Hell Blade strapped to his back as he wielded his Twin Blades and roared.

"HE'S MINE!" Afiag landed on the ground, hellish flames consuming his body and emitting energy bolts. Angillis, in the XA, was hovering over both of them was getting ready for the showdown. One didn't care, one is evil, another good and things were about to get ugly.

The rage in Afiag's eyes was as wild as a college rave while Apocalypse smirked with a look of confidence. Angillis continued to hover about, accompanied by the Gundam device. The three of them were staring each other down, waiting for someone to make a sudden move... the wrong move. Afiag glared into Apocalypse's soul while the devil himself rolled his eyes back and forth between Afiag and Angillis as he put on that ridiculous smile to show that there was no fear in him. Apocalypse was starting to doubt his victory for a moment, which was unlike the Blue Devil or Hellspawn. There was a mysterious energy and power around the helicopter that kept him from harming it and its occupants. There was no way he could battle that thing forever! He had already made an unwise choice earlier in the battle, wasting all his energy trying to create a weapon powerful enough to destroy the entire solar system. Apocalypse was still trying to regain his strength from that failed attempt so he could try it again. He then spotted something lying on the ground:Elizabeth, with her arms wrapped around her body.

She was lost and broken, confused and lonely, lying there helplessly bewildered by what was going on. Nothing made any sense to her at all. It almost seemed as though she didn't belong here. Apocalypse's attention was drawn to her and he admired her in this rather helpless situation. He seemed to have some sort of attraction or desire that spawned from her confusion. Elizabeth was a desirable woman in his eyes, a delicious object worth everything. He knew that she was Afiag's only true weakness and thus, the instrument of his destruction.

It was now or never, Apocalypse thought, the perfect moment in time to make Afiag suffer like he's never suffered before. Today, the Blue Devil and Hellspawn would get their revenge on all who opposed their mighty wrath and they were starting with the dreaded Angel of Death, Afiag. Apocalypse eyed Angillis and winked at the crazy nut, hinting that he was going to be the first to make a move. Angillis loaded up his artillery and prepared to watch an all-out assault of beams and missiles at Apocalypse. He had no intention of letting him survive past this day. The terrifying reign in blood was stopping the very day it started.

Just as he was readying to pull the operating controls and fire, Apocalypse outstretched his arm to signal that he was going to attack someone. Angillis assumed he was going to release a blast of hellfire at Afiag and began pressing buttons and pulling switches because he did not want to give Apocalypse that chance. However, the demon was already one step ahead of him and as time began to slow down, Apocalypse used his psychic powers to pull Elizabeth into his grasp. He was using her as a shield against the HELL HOUND XA. Holding the girl tighter than necessary, Apocalypse held her out in front of him and toward the super weapon. Afiag's eyes widened with rage and sadness for there was no way he would let Apocalypse hurt her like that. Not ever! The seconds began to move like hours.

Afiag, carrying the Twin Blades of Aszhmer, rolled across the ground and leapt into the air, his arms far apart. He landed in front of Elizabeth and Apocalypse as the blasts from the chopper bore into him. It was just as Apocalypse had predicted. Afiag would sacrifice himself to keep her safe. The valiant warrior was blown across the ground as the result of the blasts.

Time seemed to return to normal as Apocalypse grabbed Elizabeth by her jaw and lifted her high above him. She was weak and could barely move, much less fight back against him. She couldn't kick him or shake herself loose from his grip if she tried. Apocalypse held her in place and kept a formidable expression on his face as Angillis and the Guardians watched silently. The demon just seemed to hold her there and stare at her, glaring into her soul and admiring how weak she was. Ubergeek and the others watched with disgust, not sure if they should try to pull a move on Apocalypse. Ubergeek didn't want to endanger the girl.

"You are as beautiful as ever, Elizabeth. Even more beautiful and desirable in all your pain and misery," Apocalypse said to her. "Never have I desired someone as luscious and ripe as you so I want you to know this... When the battle here is over, you shall be mine, bound to me forever." She was too weak to say anything back to him, or even nod her head in recognition of her new master. Delighted as ever, Apocalypse let go of her and she fell to the ground, hitting it hard. Apocalypse then turned away to face the area where Afiag had ended up.

With Elizabeth out of the way, it was now safe for the Guardians to attack with all their strength and might. Ubergeek ordered, "Go!" and everyone charged Apocalypse for a full scale attack. Angillis readied his weapons to counter any sneaky tricks he might try.

Ubergeek flung himself into the air and transformed into the Tortoise Guardian. Ancalagon the Black, Yuri Manda and the Dark God Rodan whirled toward Apocalypse like mad dogs chasing after an innocent forest creature. The Guardians were ferocious in their own right as they began to surround Apocalypse. The fliers stationed themselves on each side of the demon and began to swoop down and strike their claws into him and eat away at his flesh in an epic fight.

Still laying on the ground was Elizabeth who looked up at Apocalypse as his enemies swarmed him like flies and overpowered him. Her confusion was so great that she did not know whether or not to feel bad for him. She did not know if he was friend or foe. She began to look about for the strange angel who had risked his life for her but could not see him anywhere. Her confusion continued. Was he trying to rescue her from Apocalypse or steal her from him? Nothing was clear to Elizabeth; she couldn't remember anything that happened before this day that had taken place. Everything was just a blur... Suddenly, she remembered something and began to recall images of the past but even they were unclear to her. What she began to see were only bits and pieces of things that she went through in her forgotten past. Inside her mind, Elizabeth saw a closed door. She began to run to it as the portal was flung open and she saw two shadowy figures standing within, side by side. One had long hair and massive wings while the other was an indescribable shape. Both reached out to have her as she fell back and crawled across the ground. The two shadows crept closer and she closed her eyes as the winged crusader fought with the other and defeated it. When she looked upon them again, there was a hand reaching out to her. She grabbed it and was pulled up as she finally saw the face of her savior clearly. It was now known to Elizabeth that Apocalypse was not her friend. He was a disgusting and dreadful monster that should not exist at all. She knew now that it was the strange angel creature who was her only true friend.

Elizabeth could not remember much but she recalled his face and knew that there was some sort of bond between them. Her heart began to throb and she could not explain the feelings she felt inside of herself. Was it love that she felt for the angel? Were the two of them once lovers in the past? Nothing was perfectly clear to Elizabeth and for the time being, she diverted her attention back to watching the Guardians take on Apocalypse. Apocalypse was being utterly trashed as they outnumbered and outclassed him ten to one. None of the attacks from the Guardians were physically damaging but they had him in a position where he couldn't hurt anyone anymore. As the trio of Phoenix Guardians clutched onto Apocalypse and held him tight, Ubergeek and Catbert charged at the malevolent beast with all their strength and continued to beat him to a pulp, hoping that it would do some good in the struggle. Meanwhile, Angillis continued to reload all of his weapons systems, just in case Apocalypse managed to break loose from the Guardians.

Baracylton merely stood back and stayed out of their way as he watched them clobber Apocalypse with everything they had to offer. The Seatopian priest seemed pessimistic of the present situation as he knew their attacks were not damaging or affecting Apocalypse at all. He held on to his Utopian Bible tightly as it was his most valued possession and shed a tear down the cracked lines of his face as he began to mutter something. He had already sent out the call to Emperor Antonio to send reinforcements to aid in the battle against Apocalypse. He only hoped that they would arrive soon because it was clear that Apocalypse was holding back his true powers.

Angillis told Minsc (now aboard the XA) and Rodan2000 to hold on because they were in for the bumpiest ride of their lives. The crazy nut whirled about and flew over to give the Guardians a hand. He switched the laser blasters and other weapons to full power, preparing to take out Apocalypse forever and utterly, hoping to destroy what remained of the Blue Devil and Hellspawn with him. The Phoenix Guardians held Apocalypse in place as Ubergeek and Catbert allowed Angillis to make the final blow. All of them except Baracylton and Obake seemed hopeful that this would be the strike that ended the Holy Wars.

Apocalypse just stared at the HELL HOUND XA as it crept toward him like a Super X. Something in the distance moving behind it caught his attention and made the demon quake with irrational feelings that he never had the chance of experiencing before. Apocalypse put on a grim face of horror and there was terror in his eyes. Angillis was pleased at this and didn't realize that he was trying to hint that something was behind him. As Angillis prepared to press down the switch that would end the Holy Wars, he felt his advanced helicopter buck and jolt. Before he had the chance to fire, the HELL HOUND XA was blown into a million pieces.

The occupants of the HELL HOUND XA, Angillis, Rodan2000 and Minsc, were seen being catapulted into the air as the helicopter exploded and crashed onto the surface of Mount Rodan. Yuri Manda, one of the Guardians holding Apocalypse, let go her grip on him to fly after Rodan2000 and see if he was hurt by the explosion. By doing so, Apocalypse's left arm was let loose and he managed to overpower Ancalogan the Black and the Dark God Rodan. He grabbed the two and dragged them down into submission before ultimately throwing them into the air again and releasing a blast of hellfire at the warriors.

Zax was standing in the center of the fire engulfing the remains of the helicopter. It was he who had destroyed it. Angillis had used all its power on the weapons, even that supplying the shields which created a barrier that protected the craft from anything with a hint of negative energy. By diverting the shields' power, Angillis had taken away the protection it had from evil. That was how Zax had managed to destroy it. Apocalypse smiled at his ally. Now Zax had joined the party and things were only going to get worse.

Afiag rose up into the sky and looked down upon Apocalypse and Zax. He flew back down and grabbed Elizabeth and took her to safety. What Apocalypse thought to be his biggest weakness would soon turn into HIS utter destruction.

Angillis landed so hard that a jagged rock went through his back, cutting him open. He let out a roar of pain. His Helicopter... R2K! Was he OK?! Minsc! Rado?! Ubergeek!! All of these thoughts entered his head but only one thing stood out clearly: his rage. His vehicle had been destroyed. Now he would make them all pay... all of them would pay dearly. He lost his pupils as his body began to transform into an even larger version of Nightmare Angillis. This time, Zax would know pain, and he would know death.

Fire was blazing everywhere from the crash site as black smoke crept across the sky and polluted it. The flames were infernal and flared like Hell itself as Zax, Emperor of Darkness, remained stationary in their midst. The thickness of the smoke masked the sky and kept it hidden. The entire scenario felt like the melodramatic entrance of characters seen on film and Zax was the star. Apocalypse had thought he was dead because he had utterly annihilated him. He remembered it all too well when Zax had almost gained the upper hand until he started to get sloppy and Hellspawn countered one of the Emperor's moves. In the end, Hellspawn had beaten Zax to the ground and left him immobilized where he died a rather grotesque death from a fatal attack of epilepsy that had befallen him. Then why was he still alive after all of that, was the question on everyone's mind?

"You were destroyed at the hands of Hellspawn," Apocalypse said. "How is it possible that you live?" The flames continued to shine and burn with great keenness. The fire was intense and violent and crawled about as if it were a living creature. The blaze was like the slithering of a king cobra, and just like the snake, was equally as deadly and poisonous. And in the depths of the fiery flames stood Zax, drenched in blood and bleeding insanely. His eyes were focused on the ground and he slowly moved his head upwards and began to look around at the battlefield. The smoke was crawling in like fog and its thickness continued to obscure the entire mountainside.

"I... was chosen," Zax replied as his voice changed from soft to deep and his eyes from their normal color to an aura of bright green. "Chosen by the true Lord of Hell, the Leviathan, as a messiah for his people. That is how I still live. That is why I am still alive. I am the deliverer of Leviathan, chosen by his hand as the Messenger of Fear! From this day forth, my allegiance with the Council of Death is broken." The words of Zax were as true as the meaning of life and as he made his announcement to the world, a dark cloud moved in from above and began to shake the Earth with powerful bolts of lightning. The gods were angered and began to make the Earth Realm quake with great fear. Zax raised his hands to the sky and summoned from within himself enough dark powers of deception to kill the light. He had been granted great powers by the Dark Gods of Hell and now, the Leviathan was truly controlling his every move and action. The notorious mob boss who killed the innocent for mere pleasure was dead forever, gone from the face of the planet. Zax, the Messiah of Torment, was all that remained now, a fearless, wretch spawned from pure insanity by the powers of the Great Old One. The forbidden sites of Zax's true powers were finally revealed. His search for ultimate, pure, unfathomable, unstoppable power was over at long last in the only way it could end. The Hunter of Shadows had risen into an immortal in madness, dwelling there forever and ever. Not dead, the sanity of Zax was drained from his rusting soul and he became the thing that should not be.

"Watch out, Ubergeek," Baracylton warned. "Zax is no longer in control of himself. Darker forces unknown are controlling him. He is merely a messenger of sin for a greater evil..."

Afiag was rising up from his own Hell. He gripped the Twin Blades of Aszhmer tightly as he marched towards his enemies and to victory. He was a warrior, a fighter, a champion, a soldier. His motto was simple: Kill me or place me into a coma. Because if you don't, I won't stop fighting until you're dead. That statement was true of how he was feeling now. The Angel of Death, Destruction and Darkness was never going to give up his struggle against the Blue Devil and all his enemies until either he was dead or victorious. Afiag felt that in the end, he would always prevail and prove himself to be the victorious one.

"I am the Chosen One," Zax, the Messiah of Torment announced to the world. "Picked out single-handedly by destiny to rule over this universe and all of its citizens who are destined to bow beneath me! Falling to your knees, you'll suffer for my glory! You will! Bow to the Leper Messiah!"

At the Gates of Oblivion, Afiag stood tall and proud as his grip on the Twin Blades of Aszhmer became tighter and tighter. They were no longer weapons but a part of him as well. His anger and hatred had been built up to its limit and Afiag was ready to explode with rage and satisfy himself with another mad killing spree. Apocalypse had stolen the Blue Devil from him and that angered him greatly. Zax's arrogant proclamations of being the destined Messiah merely annoyed Afiag and he ached to smash that whining thief out of existence.

Ubergeek transformed from his Tortoise form back to humanoid and pulled back as he motioned for the other Guardians to join him. Apocalypse was amused at his actions but knew that the Roostafarian was up to something suspicious. Afiag looked at Ubergeek and thought the leader of the Guardians was being a coward and for a second, he considered walking over there and killing him for it. Zax was conceited enough to think his powerful speech had sparked something in Ubergeek, that he was willingly going to surrender to him so he smiled at the Guardians with great satisfaction.

The Dark God Rodan separated into Adora and her lover, Faliam, the original leader of the Guardians. Afiag was just aching to kill Ubergeek for what looked like a display of cowardice but he also wanted the head of the Blue Devil even more than that. And in order for Afiag to get to the Blue Devil, he had to get passed Apocalypse first, as well as take down the idiotic Zax. Both of the demon warriors marched toward the Guardians but Afiag was standing in their way. Whether he realized it or not, he was protecting them from certain doom, something he normally wouldn't do for others. Watching from above, Elizabeth hoped her warrior companion would prevail.

"That's crazy," Melkor shouted and the other Guardians agreed. "That's irrational! Ubergeek, you can't be serious about such a thing!"

"Yes, Mel, I am serious," Ubergeek announced. "Let me go against Apocalypse and Zax on my own. It is something that I know and feel I must do. I may not succeed in such a task but I must try!" That was the decision of the Guardians. Their leader, Ubergeek, the Spawn of Kenny, was going to fight Apocalypse and Zax alongside Afiag, without help or assistance from the other Guardians. It was an even match, two against two. Such odds might provide him with the adrenaline needed to win the Holy Wars and walk home a hero that day. He took a step forward and marched towards his enemies as he slowly converted from humanoid to were-Goji to a new form that was a cross between Tortoise Guardian and were-Kaiju. As Afiag, Apocalypse and Zax were staring each other down, Ubergeek swooped from above and leapt into battle.

His actions were sudden, surprising and not expected. Henceforth, Afiag's odd reaction as he lashed out with his Twin Blades let Apocalypse feel a powerful blade pierce through his stomach. Zax placed his right hand forward and bolts of lightning and energy could be seen moving all around it. Energy was flowing in and out of his hand as a mystical staff appeared within his grasp. It looked demonic in appearance and contained the very secrets of dark magic. There were spirals all over it, with a form like a skeletal arm and at the top was the head of a hideous beast with spikes driven through it.

The Angel of Darkness overpowered Apocalypse and the two began a vicious duel like many they had fought in the past. Afiag was foaming at the mouth and swinging his blades endlessly at the fiend like a wild animal with an infectious disease. He was going to penetrate through Apocalypse and completely obliterate the Blue Devil once he got to him. That was the driving force of Afiag's anger, getting beneath Apocalypse's deformed surface and killing the Blue Devil inside of him. When he was through with the Blue Devil, he might decide to kill Hellspawn also because it was his fault that Apocalypse was reborn and Afiag couldn't face the Blue Devil on his own.

With Afiag and Apocalypse duking it out in one corner, that left Ubergeek with Zax, the arrogant self-proclaimed Messiah of Torment. Uber took one look into his face and noted how less human Zax began to look with every passing second, slowly converting from human to Cenobite to something that looked even more dead and skeletal in appearance. It was a truly hideous and horrific sight. Zax was no longer just a servant under the Blue Devil and the Order of the Gash. He was becoming his own league of evil, a solo allegiance against the obstructing forces of good that plagued the Earth Realm.

Thoughts of Miyako crossed Ubergeek's mind again. Nothing else mattered to him except her and he never cared about what anyone else thought about his love for her. And now in his darkest hours, it was the love they shared that was keeping him alive against the rising forces of darkness. It was for her that he continued to fight on. Zax was blasting beams of darkened magic at him, hoping to destroy the wretched creature but it was to no avail. Ubergeek was faster and swifter than Zax's black magic.

"Evil has no boundaries, Ubergeek, and you shall discover that on this day," Zax commanded. "At the dawn, they sleep in the crypts of eternity where immortal devils lay and praise death. Reign in blood I shall, as the sky is raining blood and the criminally insane are set free to wander the Earth with scorn. South of Heaven will be filled with those willing to commit mandatory suicide as they spend the rest of their everlasting life dwelling in the seasons of the abyss! In the name of God, Ubergeek! I am the Anti-Christ. Fear me!" The Spawn of Kenny was not afraid of Zax, nor any of the crude and vulgar things he represented in life. Ubergeek had no intention of letting Zax's grotesque and satanic speeches get to him and fill him with fear. He was a warrior like Afiag and he was going to take pride in that and make a stand against this poor excuse for a messiah. The Guardian powered up all of his strength into one effort and ran right at the whiney Emperor of Darkness with every intention of destroying his mystical staff which Uber had a hunch was the demon's source of his newfound power.As he came closer, shining in all his glory through the eerie fire and smoke that blazed worse than the infernal fires of Hell, Zax readied himself to destroy all hope for the Guardians. The Spawn of Kenny was only a few feet away from him and hurled himself into the air to come crashing down on his whiney opponent. Moments before the instant that Zax was about to be crushed, he fired a black beam of magic and negative energy at the Guardian. The impact from his mystical staff sent Ubergeek flying far into the sky and landing miles away but still within sight.

Battered and broken, Ubergeek found himself slipping out of reality and drifting into a deep, deep sleep. The lights went out as he dwelt in his subconscious. He was no longer aware of what was happening in reality as everything began to fade to black for him. Time and space itself had completely disappeared from reality and all that seemed to remain was absolute nothingness. Much time seemed to be pass by before he became conscious again and when he was awake, he found himself in a whole new world of unfamiliar surroundings. He noted the area and paid close attention to its details, admiring the astonishing and rather thrilling scenery he was seeing, although he was still bewildered about how he got there in the first place, or where he even was to begin with. He noted carefully that he was inside some sort of temple, shrine or throne room. There were multiple doors, corridors and levels of the place and at the end, there was a large throne and next it was an altar where Afiag's Twin Blades had been placed. Behind the throne was a massive eye that overlooked the entire universe. There were skull shapes all over the walls and statues of godlike elders everywhere.

Then came the sound of wind blowing through trees and Ubergeek was mesmerized as the strange spirits of elders came forth from within the statues and stood around him in a circle. He watched the spirits as they came from every direction and took their places. Some seemed vaguely familiar to him, as if he had known them once in his lifetime. Others were complete strangers, men he had never met or known in the long since forgotten past.

"Who are you?" Ubergeek demanded. "What is this place?"

"We are the Elders of Roostville, Ubergeek, spirits of the warriors who survived through the Holy Wars and the War of the Cosmos. Now we are trapped within the corridors of this blackened place," they all spoke. "The Tower of Terror, home of the demons that presently rule over the universe. Each of them is a follower of the ghost face, Orestes."

"Who is this Orestes," Ubergeek asked them. "And where is he now?"

"Orestes is the most malevolent and malcontent being in the universe," they answered. "He's existed since the dawn of the Earth Realm, the founder of the Council of Death. He was once a man but a curse placed upon him by the Blue Devil turned him into a monster... He has long since disappeared but his followers still roam the universe and this very fortress... Still oppressing humans under his name. Well, what remains of humanity...

"Where is this place," Ubergeek next asked the Elders. "What time or reality is this?"

"Through our powers, we summoned your subconscious to this place you shall one day call the future," they advised him. "We've brought you twenty years into the future to show you the devastating results of what will happen if you fail in your fight against Apocalypse the Hellspawn and Zax, the Messiah of Torment." From the crowd, each of them stepped back except for one who came forward. He was Melkor. Ubergeek was speechless to see that his friend was one of the Elders.

"They speak the truth, Uber," Melkor said to his friend. "During our first fight with Apocalypse in 2014, my subconscious traveled to the future and I saw the horrible aftermath of how the world would be if I failed the Guardians. Now, Ubergeek, it is the time for you to witness the future if you fail humanity in the Holy Wars and the War of The Cosmos which has yet to come."

The Elders of Roostville pointed towards the Great Eye which was behind the demonic looking throne. Ubergeek turned his attention as it opened upon the universe to show him everything that happened, would happen and was going to happen if he failed. Once the Great Eye was completely open, all he could see at first was the endlessness of space and the stars. He admired how bright they were shining and noted how beautiful they looked at night, even during the most grim situations possible. Ubergeek snapped out of his musings as a new visual appeared, just like a motion picture. He was a little confused at first by the images of tidal waves and other natural disasters. It wasn't until more vivid and clear views came forth that he wised up. What he saw was frightening and gruesome. A more powerful, demonic and evil form of Apocalypse was standing before Mt. Rodan with an army of millions and millions of Cenobites behind him. They were his loyal servants, born to back him up as he carried the same staff Zax had used and reduced Mt. Rodan to crumbling ash within a matter of seconds. Cenobites crept into town and slaughtered everyone in Roostville and the rest of the world as portals opened from the skies and thousands of demons began to overrun the world.

It was like a bad dream gone extremely wrong. Apocalypse the Hellspawn was standing next to Kronos of the Wises and a hooded demon that Ubergeek did not recognize at all. The Spawn of Kenny watched horrified as the three entered the gateway to Utopia and took on an entire army of Seatopian troops singlehandedly. They managed to suppress the legions that served Emperor Antonio and in the end, they killed him as well. Ubergeek was disgusted like never before but continued to watch but terrified. From above, the Tower of Terror came and destroyed everything in sight.

Apocalypse, Kronos and the mysterious Reaper demon returned to Earth from Utopia with the secrets of its newfound power and continued to make the world quake with unforgettable fear. The sun was never seen or felt again as the three placed the world under eternal darkness. It was always night, there was always lightning and rain in the sky. The western world was under constant threat from tsunamis as the Earth Realm was literally ripped apart by the forces of darkness and evil. Ubergeek could not believe what he was seeing. The Great Eye began to close as the three demons moved towards the central core of the Earth. There was something down there that they wanted, something they wanted to control (or possibly destroy) but the Eye closed before he could see what exactly it was that they were after. Ubergeek was confused again; he did not understand why the Great Eye had shut before he could find out this important information.

"You have seen enough, Ubergeek," Melkor and the Elders said to him. "You know of the grave horrors that await the world if you fail the Earth this very day. Please, Uber, never give in to the dark side. The evil can eclipse the light but never embrace it. Remember those words, Uber... Good bye."

Ubergeek waved goodbye to Melkor and the Elders as he slowly began to fade away from the Tower of Terror and found himself flying through a time warp at the speed of light. The Spawn of Kenny went unconscious again and much like before, years of sleep seemed to quickly pass him by as he reawakened back on Mt. Rodan where Zax had left him. Ubergeek pulled his head upwards and looked around, checking himself out for any wounds. He still had the horrific and frightening images of the undecided future in his mind and wanted to make sure that what he saw would never become a reality. Ubergeek knew what he had to do, what was necessary to win this war. The Spawn of Kenny lifted himself from the ground and stood up. Bones in his battered body were broken but Ubergeek's courage, strength, endurance and strong will power were enough to make him surpass such deformities. His right leg limped and his left arm wobbled but it didn't matter because Ubergeek had the virtue it took to take all of that pain and ignore it so he could keep on fighting until he was dead. Blood was pouring from many wounds but none of that mattered anymore.

"You," the Messiah of Torment shouted with disgust as he saw Ubergeek fully conscious and running straight for him. "How dare you still live through that!" Afiag was too busy trying to beat the living Hellspawn out of Apocalypse so he could fight the Blue Devil on his own that he wasn't even paying attention to what was going on with Zax and Ubergeek. And for that matter, he did not care. He could kill them easily once he finished with Apocalypse and more importantly, the Blue Devil.

The Spawn of Kenny was more prepared this time around and knew just what to expect from the self-proclaimed Messiah of Darkness and was able to fly through the air and dodge the beams shot from his mystical staff. Ubergeek turned back into his humanoid form and then were-Goji for a full throttle attack. He was tired of Zax's bullshit and was going to put an end to the cowardly swine's pathetic reign of terror. Unlike Apocalypse, Zax didn't make Roostafarians quake with fear. Not anymore. The were-Goji was menacing but not enough to make Zax shake in his boots with fear. Ubergeek's jaw came crashing down as he tried to literally grab him between his teeth and rip him to shreds.

Faliam and the other Guardians were cheering for Ubergeek to take down Zax and end the mobster's deathly reign of terror in Maser City and the Kaiju Nations forever. Zax was asking to be killed from the moment he killed SpaceGamera and AnimeFan, maybe even before that. He was such a cruel man that he didn't deserve to live at all. Many who died deserved life and others who lived deserved to die. Zax was one of those who deserved to die.

In the abyss of flames that still flared, the battle between the forces of good and evil raged on. Ubergeek felt sure that he had just enough strength left inside of him to defeat Zax forever. Sure enough, it seemed as if time had run out for poor little Zax and he would finally get everything he had coming to him. He would finally know the one thing he thought he would never have to: death!

Ubergeek was just about ready to cobbler the miserable bastard when Zax pulled a sneak attack and blinded him with some sort of dust. Zax took the opportunity to fire powerful blasts of energy from his staff and knock the Guardian to the ground.

"Do you not understand the power of the Messiah, Ubergeek?" Zax asked. "Do you underestimate my power? I am more than Man could ever wish to be, Ubergeek! You are nothing to me. These people, just like you, are nothing to me. Nothing! I am the chosen one! I will rule this universe forever!"

Apocalypse couldn't help but overhear the pathetic things that Zax had to say. He immediately stopped toying with Afiag and turned all of his attention to the nut that kept yelling about being a messiah to all that is evil in the universe. A deliverer. Zax had done nothing for the cause of evil but rant on and on about his destiny. It was beginning to become annoying and everyone else thought so. What remained of the Blue Devil inside of Apocalypse had now realized that turning Zax, King of Darkness into the Zaxobite was one of his biggest mistakes.

"Zax, Messiah of Torment, have you learned nothing at all from your predecessors?" Apocalypse asked the fool. "You are merely an inexperienced child when compared to the likes of me, Zax. It is as I told you before: You have no idea what true power really is, do you? You are nothing! Here, Zax. For your arrogance, let Apocalypse show you what true power really is!" Apocalypse's chest and stomach turned to oozing mud-like stuff which flung itself at Zax and grabbed him. This material was covering the Messiah as if it were eating him alive. Zax began to holler, kick and scream as he did when Hellspawn first defeated him. He had hopes and dreams for the future, greedy dreams of lust and power which were now going down the drain as his body was being sucked in and absorbed into that of Apocalypse. Zax was entirely consumed except for his head, which was sticking out of Apocalypse's chest.

"You know, Zax," Apocalypse said with a sadistic look of confidence. "The ironic factor about messiahs is that if one dies, the Dark Gods can easily have him replaced." With that said, Apocalypse proceeded to consume the rest of Zax, making his lunch complete. It was a pleasure to see that the Emperor of Darkness and self proclaimed Messiah of Torment was gone forever. And as that happened, Apocalypse began to undergo a strange mutation. The minds and core components of the Blue Devil and Hellspawn that made up Apocalypse were merging with Zax to become an even more powerful warrior. Apocalypse grew massive horns on the sides of his head as a long cape and large bat like wings came out from his back. The mystical staff that Zax was carrying materialized in Apocalypse's hand. He was now an even greater threat than before.

"My grand ascension is finally complete," Apocalypse announced. "Now face the twisted scorn and power of a real Messiah!" The threat of the merciless Zax was at last gone from the world forever but even in his demise, a greater evil was born. It was as if Apocalypse had died on the spot and was reborn as a new and more powerful warrior than before. The minds of Hellspawn, the Blue Devil and Zax were flowing inside of the beast's body, melding into one sentient life form. Apocalypse had ascended into a more godlike emperor through his merging with Zax and was twice as powerful as he was before. He was twice as sick and evil as well. It was a scary sight. The ancient powers of the Dark Gods now belonged to him, and him alone.

"Kneel before your master," Apocalypse ordered with little patience to both Afiag and the Guardians who cowered beneath him. "The deafening sound of war nears and you can taste the leather on your lips... Surrender yourselves to me and kneel."

The Guardians did not have to speak as Afiag said enough for them. "I will never kneel to you!"

"Yes, you will," Apocalypse said grimly. "Or I will inflict unforgettable harm upon you for your defiance." Ubergeek managed to drag himself to safety and was now amongst his friends. Faliam and Adora helped him stand up straight as Afiag continued to defy the threats of Apocalypse. He noted how Afiag's madness had driven him into a state where he no longer could feel pain, fear or sadness. It seemed to Ubergeek that all Afiag could feel was anger and hatred now. The Guardian then took his observation elsewhere and thought about Apocalypse's merging with Zax, which reminded him of the last fight with Apocalypse when he merged with Desutoroia.

"Guys," Ubergeek whispered amongst his allies. "I have an idea. I think I know a way we can defeat Apocalypse and it might just work. The melded and fused minds of the Blue Devil, Hellspawn and Zax are what is making up Apocalypse at the present time. Is it unreasonable to conclude that we could also meld our bodies and mind into one sentient being to counter the looming threat of Apocalypse?"There was no time for argument amongst the group. Each of the Guardians agreed with Ubergeek one hundred percent. It seemed to be the only way they could defeat Apocalypse the Hellspawn and end the Holy Wars forever without the permanent destruction of the world. They lined themselves up, held each other's hands and concentrated extremely hard as Faliam and Adora used their powers that enabled the two of them to merge into the Dark God Rodan to help them merge with the other Guardians as well. A bright beam of light poured forth from the heavens and engulfed all of the Guardians as a bolt of energy struck them hard. Smoke and dust flew everywhere and when it finally cleared, the Guardians were gone. There was not a single one in sight, just the shadow of a warrior who equaled Apocalypse in strength and height. He stepped out of the smoke and revealed himself, a giant white knight in shining metallic armor.

"I am Valorous," the knight said to Apocalypse. "Guardian of Utopia and Defender of this Realm. I will protect the innocent people of this land from all who invade it."

"Pathetic," Apocalypse laughed. "This has merely been child's play all along, hasn't it? Well, I am sick of child's play so it is time to raise the stakes a little higher!" Apocalypse raised his mystical havoc staff into the air and beams of light and negative energy poured from it and covered the entire mountain. From within the ground and beneath the feet of everyone still alive on Mt. Rodan, the malevolent army of the Blue Devil that had been temporarily halted was summoned again for one last battle. All the Cenobite legions who served under the Blue Devil destroyed by Afiag were being resurrected by Apocalypse to continue the slaughter they had started with the RBI and Allied Forces. Apocalypse was levitating off the ground and called out to his legions, ordering them to begin the annihilation of humanity.

"It's about time we change the battlefield," Apocalypse declared. "Take the fight elsewhere from this mountain." Then came a sound that only Baracylton could hear. At first, the high priest dismissed what he was hearing as nothing but soon realized what it really was. His eyes widened with satisfaction and his mouth dropped with joy. Apocalypse saw the look on Baracylton's face and was utterly confused by it at first until he turned around and saw what the Seatopian priest was admiring. Emperor Antonio himself was leading a large battalion of Seatopian troops onto Mt. Rodan with the intent of assisting their Guardian allies in thwarting the intimidation of Apocalypse and Kronos.

"Your Emperor arrives, Baracylton," Apocalypse announced. "But he has come far too late. It is not Utopia I am after at the moment. It is the ultimate destruction of Roostville and the Earth Realm." With that said, he flew from Mt. Rodan to lead his own army of the undead and living dead onto the streets of Roostville. Apocalypse was planning on recreating the holocaust. Valorous and Baracylton quaked with great fear now. The battlefield for the Holy Wars had shifted from the mountain to the city where more lives would be in danger if they didn't get there soon enough. Valorous launched himself into the sky to fly after Apocalypse, as did Afiag. But first, the angel grabbed Elizabeth to take her with him. Baracylton ran up to Antonio and demanded that the Emperor send all of his battalions to Roostville at once. Antonio agreed.

"General," the Emperor commanded. "Prepare to send the troops into Roostville."

Gamyaris had been subdued for now. Battrarules was sitting in his boiler room, just sitting and stewing. He had become unbalanced by the taint of the eldritch daemon of his own soul. The man, or the monster? He wondered. He began to clutch his head as the raw power of Apocalypse and the Messiah of Torment began to gnaw at his very soul, as though it were some great conqueror worm.

"Ah-hahahahaha!" the laughter echoed, filling every nook and cranny of Battrarules' brain. "I have returned from beyond the grave, my former Annihilator. Sic Semper Tyranis!"

"No, you're dead! I killed you with my own two hands!"

"Am I, or is this all in your imagination? You'll never know, will you? There is a great music, a powerful symphony in blood. It calls to all who are of your kind. This is my nightmare that my greatest creation and strongest warrior should never know the exquisite pleasure of spilling human and meta human blood. Yes, that's your ultimate fate, Legion of Novus Fredriech, that you will become the master of bloodshed."

"I can't! I can't!" The noxious laughter echoed louder, ever so much louder.

"Oh, yes you can, and you WILL!" The struggles from Battrarules became ever more feeble as the eldritch form of his true nature, a bizarre combination of all his many forms, strode out of the boiler room. His roar echoed out as a challenge to all in that simmering Babylon, that dim Thule, that scintillating Hell known as Roostville.

Luckily for the infantry of Emperor Antonio, transport to Roostville was coming over the horizon. When Sheriff Jaguar brought down his crippled chopper at the little garrison at the base of Mt. Rodan, he radioed their situation back to Field Marshal Goji Son, who was manning the command post at the City Buster in the East River. The Roostville Militia presented itself at the local Armory and set up a bivouac, ready for the call to duty. Several squadrons had set out to reinforce the united RBI, Mod Squad and Maser City law enforcement detachment which had gone after the notorious mobster, Zax. Unfortunately, their mission was cut short by the many Cenobites out there who quickly cut them off from the garrison.

Now, the Transportation Corps had quickly fired up their personnel carriers when Jet relayed Apocalypse's announced intention to attack Roostville and the Earth Realm itself. The Emperor's forces would be a welcome addition to their defensive posture, considering what had befallen their JSDF and air units sent to engage the Blue Devil's return.

The Field Marshal had wisely taken a "wait and see" approach to commanding the Roostville forces, as Morgoth and Melkor had suggested when they left him in charge of the great city. Now, the Dark Lords were providing the first line of defense themselves, in the company of the Guardians.

Goji Son was particularly concerned when he couldn't communicate with the RMB at their headquarters. Boo the hamster was not doing a very good job of operating the radio... GS was well aware of the advances they had made in the way of mechs and such which could greatly assist Roostville in defending itself against even the likes of Apocalypse and his ilk. The duties of his office and responsibilities weighed heavily on him this day as he eagerly awaited the return of the Dark Lords and Sheriff Jaguar to lead the troops personally, or at least take over his command post duties so he could see some REAL action himself.

Speaking of Sheriff Jaguar, when he realized the dark forces who had held his little garrison under siege for so long were now madly dashing in the direction of Roostville, he saw an opportunity to take care of some unfinished details. Calling Raptor, Bagoth and Darkside over, he explained the plan.

"Bagoth and Darkside, you two get the troops back to Roostville on the double. Raptor and I have something to check out on the mountain." Darkside was rather surprised to be so delegated but snapped off a sloppy salute anyway. He still had the automatic Raptor had given him shoved in his belt and had gotten in a good bit of practice using it. Raptor got a firm grip on the robot's shoulders and hooked her heels on his armor. They were soon on their way to the crash site of Project Pimp's helicopter.

As they approached, it definitely looked like the leader of Maser City had gotten himself in above his head. There was very little wreckage visible but the area had been scorched black by either ignited jet fuel or a more powerful source of energy. Jet was not picking up any signs of life in the area, nor did Raptor. What she did notice was an all-too-familiar pattern of lighter colored ash against the charred earth.

"I think I found something," she called to the Sheriff. There was an outline on the ground not far from the center of the disturbed area that looked like a human's shadow. Raptor's sharp eyes caught the glint of bright metal in the soft dust and carefully retrieved something. What was once the golden badge of office of Maser City's Mayor had somehow survived the terrible heat that had reduced its owner to his most basic elements. Jet took a sample of the powdery remains and secured the packet in a compartment on his arm for later analysis.

"I guess we better be getting back to Roostville..." he finally spoke as Raptor just stared at the ashy silhouette. With a final salute, the two took to the sky once more.

Rodan2000 had picked himself up off the ground with the help of Yuri Manda who had flown down to aid him but remained only for a brief moment. Then, she had flown back to the fight against Apocalypse. He had watched the battle but everything was moving so fast, he could hardly believe what was happening. The Hell Hound XA had been destroyed, with him in it, by Zax. He thought he had spotted Nightmare Angillis but wasn't too sure what was going on with him. Zax declared himself the Messiah of Torment, only to be absorbed into Apocalypse, making the monster stronger. All hell had broken loose and it was only getting more dire as time went by. Rodan2000 then saw the few heroes who remained on the battlefield unite into a warrior of legend, Valorous. The shining white knight stood proud and true against the forces of darkness. He watched as the two titanic giants faced off against each other in this crescendo of the Holy Wars. Either all was won or all was lost in this battle.

Using the mental link between himself and his love, Rodan2000 sat and began to help the Guardians as much as possible with his mind.

Jet and Raptor got back to the garrison as the transports hove into sight. Operational vehicles and the glint of the Seatopians' classic armor in the sunlight provided a much-needed ray of hope after what everyone had been through. Darkside had regained his composure but Bagoth was the uneasy one, no doubt due to what was going on with the "big boys". The Guardians surely had their work cut out for them but the very streets of Roostville had also been targeted by the forces of evil.

Jet had been monitoring the military bands with his built-in communications capabilities and did not like what he had heard. He sure wasn't going to tell Raptor and the others about the transmissions until his organic compatriots were safely away from this cursed place.

No one knew what to make of the present situation anymore. It almost seemed to be hopeless but Valorous was filled with optimism for the future. The giant Guardian was flying through the air to catch up with his great nemesis, Apocalypse, as memories of the entities inside him began to cross his mind. Happy memories of times with lovers, friends and family from the distant past filled him. They were what Apocalypse was planning to take away from the world if he was ever given the chance to do such a thing. Valorous continued on as he dreamt of the pasts of many of the Guardians and wondered if the old way of life would ever come back.

The Seatopian Army, under the command of Emperor Antonio, could be seen advancing behind him as they prepared to move into the city of Roostville and assist in fighting the threat that had crept into their land. Each of the battalions carryied energy beam swords and they were wearing the classic armor as the Romans or Greeks may have centuries ago. They operated as a unit and marched in precise formation but each soldier was competent in dealing with a variety of missions. For protection, the Seatopians had rather large shields that appeared to be gold or bronze and were made of very strong material.

This was not going to be the end, Valorous thought to himself. It was not something the Guardian of Utopia and Defender of the Earth Realm would allow to transpire. The previous battle with Apocalypse had been a close one and this one was proving to be even closer. Afiag had been right about the Blue Devil all along and no one paid attention. Valorous realized how close-minded everyone had been. If only we had listened to Afiag earlier, he thought to himself, then maybe we would not have to face this horrific fight. Humanity could have avoided this if only they weren't such an arrogant race. But in his heart, Valorous knew this would be the end of it all.

Yuri's memories of every moment that she had spent with Rodan2000 were now running through Valorous' mind. More came seeping forth as Ubergeek's recollections of his times with Miyako surfaced. Soon, those of EVERYONE who had fused into Valorous gave the great Guardian much to dwell on, taking him deep into the past. He saw how these memories were created and what made them special to each individual. There was no way he was going to let Apocalypse steal that away from humanity over something as pathetic as greed. The new proclaimed Messiah of Torment and Deliverer for Evil was even more of a monster than before, now that he had Zax fused within his make-up.

Faliam and Adora's recollections began to creep into Valorous' mind but these were not of love or happy times with friends and family. They were of the tragic events of the first Great War ever waged on the face of the Earth which was unrecorded by history and made World War II and even the Holy Wars being fought now look like a schoolyard brawl. It was the original invasion of Egypt and Utopia, thousands of centuries ago in the ancient past when Kronos and Matthias fought long and hard for decades to obtain absolute control over the Earth and mainly, Utopia. Kronos had tattooed on his back the Prophecy of Roostville and was the protector of the scrolls of Utopia. He knew everything he needed to know about Utopia and almost succeeded. He proclaimed himself its ruler but luckily, Faliam managed to stop him forever. In the end, the serpentine traitor and his partner, Matthias, were banished from the Earth and exiled without any hope of return.

Fires burned on that day many thousands of centuries ago when the war against Kronos and Matthias had finally been won. There were no rivers of clean, fresh water back then. All that existed were endless lakes of blood and fire. The body count would make any of the World War II veterans or RBI agents who fought at Mt. Rodan quake with incredible fear. Words could not describe now different and gruesome Kronos' war for Utopia was from those being fought in the modern day of mankind. You had to witness it firsthand or else you would never be able to understand what transpired all those centuries ago. Having being fused into Valorous with Faliam and Adora, the Guardians who weren't around to witness that battle could now feel what it was like through their memories and it was utterly horrifying.

It had been a long time since that happened and a long road for the people of Earth. It had taken humanity a long time to get from there to here but Valorous could feel that their time was finally near as he could the change in the wind. Nothing was in his way; nothing was in humanity's way to pave the world for the future. Nothing could stop them from trying to make it a better place and Apocalypse wasn't going to hold humanity down any more. Valorous had faith in his heart and with his powers, he could spread his light to everyone and show them that dreams are worth working for. He was going where his heart took him and that was straight for Apocalypse. He believed he could do anything and he could. Valorous had strength of the soul that no one was going to bend or break, not even Apocalypse.

Ever since Ubergeek felt his Guardian senses dragging him to Mt. Rodan where he found Matthias and Zax trying to release the Blue Devil, the night seemed long for him to try and find his way. By fighting the Holy Wars and surviving, each of the Guardians had been through darkness and come out alive. Now they would have their day and would see their dreams come alive at last as they touched the sky. Apocalypse was going to be annihilated somehow, even without the presence of a person who was pure at heart. Apocalypse would never hold back humanity or the Guardians and most of all, he would never change their minds. Valorous knew the wind was cold as he had seen the darkest days through the eyes of the individuals that made up his personality. Many times in the past, the future had seemed so far and so grim at the same time. There were times that all hope seemed lost and when it more than just seemed that way. But now, what he felt were the winds of change. Valorous had been through the fire and the rain. The Guardian of Utopia and Defender of this Realm knew that in the end he would pull through for his people and he'd be fine.

Even with the propaganda of death staring into the face of light, Valorous managed to keep his head high. Thinking back to everything witnessed on Mt. Rodan, the Guardian focused primarily on the corpses rotting through the night in blood-laced misery upon the scorched Earth which policy had declared the reason for the siege. The pendulum had exchanged the blade for strafing air raids as Valorous pondered the burials that would need to be conducted. He continued to circle the front lines, using the supreme art of strategy to his advantage.

Racing with the wind on the ground beneath Valorous was the Nightmare Angillis, moving towards Roostville like a vicious wolf in the fold. He believed that Roostville was his territory, and like all wolves, would do anything to protect it. Valorous looked down and watched as the vicious beast ran on all fours with great speed and agility. Angillis wanted to attack Zax more than anyone else for destroying his Gundam and chopper but Zax was now a part of the evil make-up that was Apocalypse. And with him mixed up inside, Zax's scent was on Apocalypse and Nightmare would not hesitate to attack the devilish monster.

Unbeknownst to Valorous, Apocalypse or even Emperor Antonio and his troops, they were all being watched from above. Kronos of the Wises spied on them through the magic of the crystal ball that was a part of his havoc staff. The serpentine nodded and chuckled with grim appreciation of the situation at hand as he continued to note every move being made by the defenders of Earth. The wise shaman who ruled over the Council of Death felt positive that this time he would succeed at finally reclaiming the Earth and taking over Utopia. It was his one true dream to fulfill. Kronos would never give up until he was destroyed permanently or had finally won.

"Apocalypse will destroy the Guardian, Valorous," Kronos announced to the Council Members. "Then we shall crush Apocalypse and Utopia will at last be ours. The land I have sought after for centuries will be at our feet as we rejoice over the blood of those who died willingly and unwillingly for us. Good things come to he who waits and we have waited so very long!"

Returning his attention to the crystal ball, Kronos continued to gaze into it and watch with a sick look of confidence and arrogance as Apocalypse and his Cenobite legions, under the command of the Websterbite, his newly appointed general, marched forward in a few age of death and destruction, when all would be one under Apocalypse's mighty rule. Apocalypse had increased in strength like mad. Zax's powers mixed in with his own had turned the Armageddon bringer into a more powerful foe than ever before. With these new powers, Apocalypse felt whole and new. He was now the the Dark God's chosen Messiah and he could feel it flowing in his veins like the blood of a king.Apocalypse the Hellspawn had gone far beyond the boundaries of the Blue Devil's great powers, as well as surpassing Hellspawn and Zax's crude forms of black magic. The new messiah was increasing in strength and power with every passing moment, just as Zax had prior to being absorbed. Apocalypse could feel his muscles getting bigger and bigger as ascension into a more godlike demon seemed to continue. He was becoming unbeatable with every second that ticked by and Valorous knew this, which was why he was racing as fast as he could to vanquish him before his powers had gotten too great.

The predominant entity of all who had pledged his allegiance with the forces of darkness landed in the central heart of Roostville as the Websterbite and his mindless minions (the Hierophants) moved about as if they were wild dogs. Apocalypse ordered them to go through the city and begin its devastation. They were commanded to burn houses and wreck the place but not kill anyone as he had a sick plan of gathering everyone up and placing them in his own holocaust of pain and sin. The Hierophants and Cenobites slithered through the streets and began their pranks against the citizens. Apocalypse felt like a father watching his kids play as he admired them, corrupting the city of Roostville.

"The darkness is rising to embrace this world," Apocalypse called out. "Burn the village and take the peasants to my shrine on the hill. 'Tis there we shall bury them!"

The Cenobites scattered across the city as Nightmare Angillis moved in like a predator out in the wild. From behind a few buildings, he watched closely as Apocalypse remained stationary in the center of town, levitating above it. The demonic messiah was chuckling and smirking with great satisfaction as he readied to witness the people of Roostville and the rest of the world die. Nightmare had no intention of letting him destroy his territory and was going to defend it to the death! He jumped out from where he was hiding and marched forward.

"So you're alive, are you?" Apocalypse questioned after having witnessed Angillis' demise on Mt. Rodan. "Well, you've emerged to meet your doom! Uuuuhhhh!" Nightmare Angillis roared like a beast and released a beam, a nightmare blast from his eyes straight at Apocalypse but the messiah was able to dodge it. Roostville's equivalent of the wolf man then stood on two legs and fired energy blades from his talons but they were merely crushed in mid-air by Apocalypse's primitive psychic powers. Angillis then charged forward and from his mouth, he released his Tornado Roar but Apocalypse deflected the sound in all directions, causing devastation throughout the city. In desperation, Nightmare leapt into the air and began clawing into his arm.

There was passion in Nightmare Angillis' eyes as he fought for something he believed in. He was noble and courageous and did not plan to give up his hopes. Apocalypse had a mean look on his face as he stared into the eyes of the deadly beast that was ripping apart his arm and noted the spirit in them. He could see the courage of the savage creature and knew he had to break it. Like a child's play thing, he was going to completely destroy Angillis' bravery and make the dog cry beneath his feet and cower. Using the havoc staff, Apocalypse began to beat off Nightmare. He continued to strike the beast with it until blood was pouring from his forehead but the warrior was not going to give up! This was his territory he was protecting and Apocalypse was not going to be allowed to roam through it freely.

Apocalypse was angered by the courage that was showing within his foe and gave him a good smack with his staff. The impact knocked Nightmare Angillis off of his arm and sent him crashing to the ground with great impact and velocity. He then used his powerful staff of black magic to drain the life and courage right out of Angillis and turn the beast into a weak dog. He laughed with great pleasure as he watched Nightmare Angillis go from fearless to fearful within a matter of seconds. Apocalypse had stung him as if he were a venomous scorpion and now the beastly warrior couldn't move and lay upon the ground, his moans sounding like a puppy crying.

Everything was doom and gloom for the citizens of Roostville, or so it had seemed at first. Apocalypse was going to finish what the Blue Devil had started over two thousands years ago, along with Afiag, who had driven him into exile. There was a time when everything in existence belonged to the Blue Devil and now it would rightfully belong to Apocalypse, who would dominate with his strength and turn the world into another version of Hell. Under his rule, the Earth would be transformed into a Dark World.

Fires began to burn in the outlying city districts and Apocalypse could feel his work was being done as he smiled with great joy. Out of nowhere, Valorous, who had just watched helplessly as Nightmare Angillis was brutally beaten to death, came swooping down from the sky above and the impact between him and Apocalypse forced both combatants to go flying far off in opposite directions. Apocalypse jerked his head back and made cracking noises in his neck as he got up and stared down the noble Guardian. Valorous, brushing the dust and dirt off his shining armor, stood up like a valiant warrior should. He was proud of himself no matter what happened.

"So, you followed me all the way to the city," Apocalypse roared as his eyes gleamed with happiness. "I've grown more powerful since merging with Zax, mighty Valorous! Powerful enough to deprive you of the light that gives you strength! Powerful enough to destroy you all!" Valorous took out a mighty sword that was made from the powers of each of the individual Guardians. He aimed it forward but Apocalypse did not feel threatened by his marvelous weapon in the least.

"Live by the sword and help to contain the helpless minds of you all," Apocalypse said. "Die by my hand in pools of blood. Clutch yourself as you fall. Mindless tyranny, forgotten victims, children slaughtered in vain. Raping of maids by who they serve."

Soon enough, the sounds of troops marching could be heard in the distance and Valorous knew that Emperor Antonio and the Seatopian Army was entering the heart of the city. Baracylton, the Seatopian High Priest, had already arranged the battle plan as Valorous would take on Apocalypse while Antonio's army reserved their energy to fight his demonic minions.

As the Guardian of Utopia and the Messiah of Evil turned to look into each other's eyes, Melkor's voice could be heard speaking from within Valorous as Apocalypse maintained a rather Hellspawnish look on his face. They were watching each other very closely.

"This battle is between us," Melkor's voice called out to the Spawn of Hell inside monster before him. "As I always said it was."

"No!" Afiag called out from the sky above with great anger as he landed gently with Elizabeth in his arms. "This is between me and the Blue Devil, mixed inside of that creature!"

"Oh, how I look forward to smashing the both of you miserable rodents into oblivion," Apocalypse said in a daze. "Clutching you both in my arms as you gush out crimson blood and smile warmly with death in air! Gone from my recollection, for all eternity!"

"Enough talk," Valorous said as he pointed his sword at him.

"Yes," Apocalypse called out as beams of dark energy swarmed around his massive body. "Let this be our final battle! The war that ends all wars!"

Afiag stepped away from Elizabeth and left her in the background as he charged towards Apocalypse and flew around the messiah like a pest. Apocalypse's attention was focused on knocking him out of the air and used as much of the power from his mystical havoc staff to put an end to Afiag's recklessness forever. This gave Valorous the opportunity to zap Nightmare Angillis and give the beast back all of his strength and power which Apocalypse had literally beaten out of him. This was the end of the road for Apocalypse as Valorous and Afiag were going to stop this madness.

In the distance, the Seatopian troops also relied on magic as opposed to modern day weapons and technology. They were having an equally pleasant battle with the legions of Cenobites. While the RBI and allied forces were not evenly matched for them, the Seatopians were. The troops had what it took to do the job right and in the long run, give the Cenobites a good run for their money. Under the command of Antonio's general and second in command, the Seatopians fought a rather valiant battle, unlike the police (which got a lot of them killed). There was no doubt that Apocalypse and his servants were going down.

With his sword, Valorous took a swing at the preoccupied Apocalypse and cut deep into the demon's heart. He twisted his blade around, hoping it would cause some kind of affect. After removing his sword from the hideous body, the demon was sent flying forward as Afiag came down and attacked him from behind. The fully revived Nightmare Angillis jumped at Apocalypse and ripped his claws into him like a wild animal ambushing its unsuspecting prey. Apocalypse's anger built him and with the snap of his fingers, he blew his foes away from him and stood tall. There were no smirks coming from him now. He meant business this time around.

"Pledge yourselves to me," Apocalypse ordered. "You'll do as I say or you'll die!" The primitive mind of Nightmare Angillis was not sure what he was babbling about and his only wish was to rip him apart. The beast lashed out, again and again. Apocalypse was being tossed around but no damage had been inflicted upon him as Nightmare smashed through a few buildings in his crazed madness. Angillis growled at the moon as his speed increased rapidly and he bashed himself right against his foe, making the demon bleed. Apocalypse smiled with joy. No one had ever made him bleed before, not that it was of any concern as it didn't bring any harm.

"It's good to know there are foes worth fighting," Apocalypse announced. "But all good things must cease to exist and come to a bitter end as time goes on and we move forward. Now, you die!"

The fangs of Nightmare Angillis showed as he became enraged and bit down upon Apocalypse's right arm. Crimson liquid gushed out like water from a tap. He had bitten his foe so hard that he nearly ripped Apocalypse's arm right off before being beaten away with the mystical havoc staff a second time. Nightmare roared before lashing out at it but Apocalypse quickly sent the beast flying into the sky. Shortly after, Afiag, still wielding the Twin Blades of Ashzmer, swooped in and sliced into the back of Apocalypse.

"Afiag," Apocalypse whispered into the angel's ear as he spun around and grabbed him. "Your meddling ceases to amuse me, did you know that?"

Nightmare Angillis was preparing to pounce at Apocalypse but Valorous held him back so that Afiag would not be endangered or hurt. There was a distinct feeling of deja vu as the same thing that happened with Zax was now transpiring before the eyes of the noble Guardian. Apocalypse's chest and torso melted off its muscle, flesh, skin and bone into the awkward mud-like substance it was before. Apocalypse overpowered the Archangel of Darkness and strange tentacles from his chest came forth and grabbed Afiag. He was being eaten alive by Apocalypse, kicking, screaming and cursing with vengeance. Apocalypse felt power flow within himself like never before as he screamed at the stars above and felt a great energy source fill his body. All of Afiag's powers were now his as they had become a part of the chemistry that made up the uber powerful demon. He was almost approaching the status of godlike, ready to usurp Kronos and anyone else who would stand before his terrifying reign in blood and sheer terror. With Afiag mixing in with Apocalypse, his personality was overwhelmed with slight alterations as he became more arrogant and vengeful than before. Apocalypse was more than just an average demon of perversion and he was going much higher than that.

"You may ascend high, Apocalypse," Valorous spoke as the valiant warrior he was. "But you'll never reach godhood. That will always be out of your reach."

"You have no right to say such things to me, the Messiah of Evil," Apocalypse shouted as Afiag's rage and arrogance began to shine through. "I am the supreme ruler of this world and all who are presently cowering beneath me are merely cattle and fodder for my lustful greed!" The merging of his body and melding of his mind with Afiag refueled Apocalypse completely. He was now at his highest peak of power, as he was earlier when the Blue Devil and Hellspawn first merged with each other to form him again. Apocalypse had enough power now to summon up a second sphere of energy, powerful enough to destroy the solar system. The thought of this was pleasing to him and he smiled with great joy at the knowledge. He summoned all the energy he could as he began to drain both positive and negative and gather it all up into one sphere. Apocalypse was collecting as much of it as possible, from all the planets and life forms within the Milky Way galaxy. He then called on the power of the dead and drained the spirits of those who died in the past and used their souls as more fuel for his mighty weapon.

The Seatopian troops continued their war against the Cenobites but their foes disappeared before their very eyes. Apocalypse had even sucked his minions into his massive sphere of death and destruction as more fuel and power for his mighty weapon. Once again, he had collected enough energy to form the deadliest sphere known to man and this time, there were no Afiags to interfere with his plans. Apocalypse was preparing to release it and destroy everything as Nightmare Angillis lashed out and leapt at him. The sphere was too powerful and sent him crashing to the ground harder than ever before. Nightmare transformed back to Angillis as he slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

The madness that was driving Apocalypse was clearly evident as he slowly pulled his arms back but not ready to unleash his weapon of mass destruction upon the world. No, he was going to keep Valorous and the Seatopians in suspense as he flew higher and higher into the sky. The suspenseful tension was driving everyone mad as he had within his clutches the deadliest weapon on Earth, a sphere made up of energy and spirits that could destroy the entire solar system upon impact with the surface of the Earth. Apocalypse was drooling from the mouth as he stared down upon the Earth with his blood shot eyes.

It was in that instant that Baracylton ran forward and removed his cloak and robe as he held out the Seatopian bible and began to read from it. Valorous was not sure what he was doing, whether he was speaking some sort of enchanted spell to counter Apocalypse's dark sphere of death or reciting a prayer for everyone's soul to pass over gently into the next world. The High Priest continued to ramble on in his native tongue as he raised his right arm to the sky and shouted out to the demons that were threatening his world. And as a mystical object began to form within his palm, a mysterious bolt of energy from above came down and struck him. The High Priest fell dead as the bolt had drained the life out of him and absorbed it into Apocalypse's sphere of death.

"Your priest falls," Apocalypse yelled down. "Now who will save you from my eternal wrath?"

Valorous felt great anguish and hatred inside himself as each of the noble warriors that were a part of him mourned someone they knew as a friend dying. Even Emperor Antonio seemed rather distressed and remorseful to see that Baracylton had fallen to some demon that cared nothing about life and just wanted to take from others. The cleric was dead, killed at the hands of Apocalypse but those who knew him would not forget him. HE had always been there for the Guardians whenever they needed help in a situation, ever since they first met during the fight with Mephistophelian. He was a gentle and kind person who never wanted to fight but sometimes it was necessary. Now, Apocalypse would truly know the rage of Valorous!

The battle seemed to be hopeless at this point in time but Valorous had no plans of giving up. It was cowardly and unlike a true warrior to throw down his sword, even if his struggle was on the verge of being lost. Valorous did not believe in giving up until he was dead and he would not let Apocalypse claim his soul. The Messiah of Evil just looked down upon him and the other individuals who filled the planet of Earth. He could see them all now as he readied to release his blast but sensed Valorous flying towards him. Apocalypse was going to wait until he was only a few feet away and that would be soon enough.

"What's this?" Apocalypse cried out as he felt great pain inside his body. "What's going on here?! I demand to know!" There was something strange deep inside of Apocalypse, causing him to feel odd and be overcome by great agony. His skin began to bubble as if he were boiling inside and his temperature rose to great intensity. He could feel it as his inner organs were being sucked up into a knot and wrapping themselves around his bones. Soon, his skin began to crack. Afiag had fought the madness of Apocalypse long and hard during the merging process and was at last free from the demon's body. He flew out and absorbed all of the powers of the deadly sphere still in the demon's clutches.

"No..." Apocalypse muttered in disbelief., "I was so close!"

"Not close enough," Afiag called back. "It's over for you! I've won this fight and now you shall pay with your life!" Afiag had absorbed his sphere of death and used its power to create a new orb of his own. Apocalypse stared with disbelief and astonishment as Afiag's sphere seemed to be bigger and more powerful but not strong enough to destroy the solar system, let alone the Earth as that was not its intention. Afiag smiled as he whispered good bye and threw the sphere of energy at Apocalypse. It engulfed him completely as Afiag grabbed and threw the demon, hurling him through the darkness of space toward the sun. There was a bright light in the sky from the explosion caused by his impact with the fiery giant.

Some of the people who witnessed that night, such as Valorous, Emperor Antonio and various Seatopian troops could have sworn they heard Apocalypse's screams as he was catapulted from the Earth. As Valorous diffused into the individual Guardians, Afiag flew over to his resurrected love, Elizabeth. She smiled at his victory but Afiag refused to reflect her joy as it was something weak and pathetic to do. He raised his hand to her forehead as he filled her mind with the memories the Blue Devil had forced her to forget.

"Afiag!" she called out as she finally remembered his name. The two of them spread their wings and flew off into the night. It was a pleasant and rather unusual sight to see, Ubergeek thought as he watched the two of them disappear. Yuri Manda grabbed him and took him aside from the other Guardians to discuss certain matters in private.

"I've had dreams lately... They've been telling me things, Uber," Yuri started to ramble. "Every battle fought from Mt. Rodan to here was merely a test to see if humanity was prepared for the coming of the Blue Devil."

"And did we pass this test?" Ubergeek asked the rhetorical question.

"Thanks to Afiag, we did... Legends tell of a greater struggle that will come in the near future if we are fortunate enough to triumph in the Holy Wars."

"What is that?" Ubergeek questioned her with a little bit of fear. "What faces us on the horizon?"

"The legends," she began. "They tell of a powerful demon known as Death the Soul Reaper who will bring with him the War of the Cosmos which will be fought here. I've dreamt of this future, Uber! It's more grim than what we've seen these past few days."

"Tell no one else. We don't want to scare the others," Uber ordered. "In time, before it's too late, we shall let them know but now I suggest we stay quiet about this. I promise you, Yuri, we will come clean and triumph over all odds..."

As Yuri Manda walked away, Ubergeek felt a cold chill go down his spine as he sensed the presence of darker forces at work, watching him even now as he wondered about what the future might hold for him. He then took his attention from the worries of tomorrow and rejoined his Guardian and Seatopian allies. They began to plan a great ceremony to honor those who had fallen but would never be forgotten: Lord Jimifulss, Earth Baragon/James Webster, Baracylton and the others who lost their lives protecting their homeland like any true hero would.


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