Episode Number 3: Revenge of Apocalypse: Countdown To Apocalypse

(Premiered January 3rd, 2005 by Lord Khandejifer and taking place in 2017)


With the help of the merciless and cruel mobster, Zax, King of Darkness, the evil Matthias of the Council of Death made an excursion to the Nether Realms, the central core of Mt. Rodan, to unleash the abominable Blue Devil and his army of Cenobites. Project Pimp of Maser City and his Legion of Doom have discovered shocking evidence to expose Zax Industries for the criminal syndicate it really is and also found documents linking Hellspawn and Desutoroia to the company of mobsters. All the while, Afiag is on the verge of madness, destroying everything in sight.

Sensing danger at Mt. Rodan, Ubergeek transformed into his Guardian form and went there to find out what was going on. He discovered the evil Matthias had possessed his old friend who had disappeared years ago, Lord Jimifulss, and was planning to resurrect the Blue Devil from his slumber for a second time. The evil demon succeeded in liberating the king as we begin our third episode of THE REVENGE OF APOCALYPSE.

Project Pimp and his Legion of Doom were not aware of the danger that was awaiting them in the Nether Realms. All they wanted was to capture Zax and put an end to his criminal syndicate which also reached across Europe and the United States. It was a personal vendetta between Pimp and the King Of Darkness.

The armies continued to march forth into the vast hills of Mt. Rodan, none of them aware that the Blue Devil had been released by the evil Matthias. They had not even heard of the Blue Devil or Matthias but soon they would know their names.

"Zax," Project Pimp screamed at the moon. "Your life is drifting on numbered days and those days have run out!"

No one except Ubergeek was aware of the Blue Devil's resurrection and the presence of the evil Matthias. He knew that this would be a day that would go down in the history of Roostville, forever. No matter which side won the battle and lived to tell the tale, this would mark the beginning of one of the most brutal battles in the modern age of man. It would be more dark than the two World Wars or the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Each of those wars involved mere weapons that were child's play compared to what the Council of Death had in store for the human race which they planned to enslave.

Ubergeek was glad to see the helicopters carrying his friends arrive and now flying overhead towards him. At least they might have a chance against the Blue Devil since Hellspawn wasn't around to merge with him and become the beast they all knew as Apocalypse. Ubergeek sat back and smiled at the choppers as they passed above and then, he suddenly collapsed. He dreamt himself into a better place and knew that with his friends here, they would surely beat whatever threat Matthias decided to unleash upon them.

Roostville had faced many great obstacles and challenges over the course of the last three years and Ubergeek now strongly believed that with love, he and his friends would be able to outsmart anything and anyone who tried to take away not only their land but their rights and freedom. It was something no one in Roostville or the rest of the Kaiju Nations would stand for. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings and life forms. To be stripped of your individuality and dignity was a nightmare to most people in the world. Unfortunately, nightmares were the kind of things the Council of Death fed off of. It fueled them and kept them alive.

And still, the clock was ticking as highly trained soldiers marched up the mountain to reach Zax, Lord Jimifulss, Ubergeek and anyone else who may be up there with them. Jets and helicopters ranging from the Mod Squad to the JSDF itself continuously passed overhead, checking the area. Zax and Matthias had disappeared and everything seemed to be quiet... too quiet. No one knew what to make of this except for Ubergeek, who was laying unconscious, dreaming about Miyako and his father as well. The two most valuable people that were and still are in his life.

Project Pimp was in his helicopter and circled around the spot where Ubergeek was laying at least a dozen times or more, trying to spot Zax, the Crime King of Darkness. But there was no sign of life at all, other than Ubergeek. The other person that Pimp had seen wasn't Zax and he was now gone also. Only Ubergeek remained and it frightened him. He began to get the feeling deep inside his gut that something was wrong and he just knew that something bad was going to happen shortly. What is was exactly, he did not know for sure.

"Continue to search the area, boys," Pimp commanded of everyone with a dreadful and serious tone. "I am positive he's here!"

Who could be too sure of anything anymore, though? Too much had happened in the last three years. If only Project Pimp had any clue about what's really been going on behind closed doors in the Kaiju Nations. He never believed in demons, ghosts, magic, spirits or anything of the sort. He ignored what he called "rumors" about Hellspawn's deadly Black Mass performance back in 2014. To him, it sounded like a rumor, just as the Todd McFarlane Cult had supposedly been a rumor. Even the Council of Death, he considered it a rumor. Folklore told hundreds of years ago to frighten small children but the legend existed long before then and every word of it was true.

Morgoth and Saruman were in one of the RBI helicopters hovering above and they could sense the familiar presence of a monstrous threat they had faced once before in the past. It was one they feared and made their hair stand on end and sent shivers down their very spines. They could feel the Blue Devil and they knew he was watching them from wherever he was. They knew he could see them and was feeding off their fears as they came closer to the mountain. Soon, the fight for all mankind would begin with each citizen taking up arms to fight for what they believed in.

Hell and the forces of evil have always been trying to take control over the Earth Realm since the beginning. They would corrupt a perfect world and transform it into one of lies, turn people away from their religions and discourage people from believing in doing the right thing. Forcing men into fighting pointless wars, blinding them from seeing what they shared in common and making them only see what was different in them. A war was brewing on this day and even if the War of the Cosmos had not yet arrived, this battle would surely prepare Roostville for the worst of it.

Champions fight on even when the battle seems hopeless just so they can preserve life. Even with the wars of man's past always looming in the background, Ubergeek knew that mankind would stand up and unite to face their greater common foe, the Council of Death and their pitiful lackeys. Man may have tried to wipe his fellow out before but not on this day. The war for life was going to begin and it was only a matter of minutes before the evil forces made their first move in this new era of warfare.

The Blue Devil was already planning his first move against the forces of good in the Earth Realm. The Blue King and his legions of Cenobites that formerly served under the Order of the Gash were going to teach the people of Earth a very educational lesson in the art of war. This was going to be a battle so big and brutal that mothers would smile at their own children being sliced into pieces. The battalions of Hell and of the Council of Death were prepared for extreme measures. They had much improved their methods over the course of many moons.

Through the eyes of Lord Jimifulss, a wicked and sinister man watched the recent events with glee as he laughed a snicker of triumph. A small sinister and cold chuckle from each of the Council of Death members came from their vile mouths in celebration of the uprising. They still hid inside their fortress which continuously levitated through the vastness of open space in the Nightmare Realm. The Councilors continued to watch over Matthias through the eyes of Jimifulss, assuring that he would fail his mission this time!

"Matthias' actions prove to be intriguing to one's eyes," said the Dweller in Darkness. "Zero percent probability of victory on his part though, considering his skills in the dark arts do not extend very far."

"Duly noted," Kronos of the Wises hissed like a freakish snake. "And ignored." The Dweller in Darkness was the only council member not snickering in triumph. He was vexed and seemed to be the only one to calculate probability in his thinking to determine that there was a chance of failure. The Dweller had felt a more experienced demon should have been sent on such an important mission. Hellspawn, for example, who was still being held within the Council's restrictions, was available for their personal use whenever they wished. Matthias was not as wise a choice as Hellspawn who was more experienced in taking on threats in the human world. Matthias was merely a mad scientist while Hellspawn was a warrior and a rebel!

"The humans," Kronos of the Wises said to the Dweller to clear his thoughts, "can sense their own lack of knowledge towards our species. We have much information on how to break humans and such intuitive powers shall make us victorious over thousands of their dead carcasses."

Were Kronos' words true, the Dweller wondered? The humans were able to present a serious impediment to the Council of Death's previous operations. Did Kronos underestimate them or did the Dweller underestimate Kronos? It did not matter because Kronos was not behind, responsible or even participating in the operation. It was Matthias' own plan and now, the Blue Devil was in full command of the operation. The Council of Death had to sit back and just watch the show and entertainment the Blue King was going to provide them with.

The fortress continued its voyage in space, the cold and empty void that seemed to go on forever. Kronos and the rest of his Councilors could sense and feel the lack of concern for the world in most humans. The deafening sound of their defeat was calling to the Council of Death. They were being greeted and welcomed by the humans who did not care if their souls or the souls of others were lost and forgotten forever. Humanity's lack of concern and caring was shining nicely in the sinister hearts of Kronos and his men. It was nearly sad how much the humans almost seemed to want to die before even getting a chance to live life.

If a giant planet-sized monster came to Earth to take the souls of all its occupants and consume the planet as if it were food, most of the humans wouldn't try to fight it with good and honesty. Instead, they would flee in panic and fear and hatred, furthering the monster's power and enabling it to triumph over them. Kronos knew that this would be the Earth Realm's downfall. Even if Ubergeek and a few people throughout the world could feel love and goodness, most humans had given up on such a custom.

The Blue Devil had just been brought back to the Earth Realm from the land of the dead of which the King had ruled over for the past millennia. He had stepped forward and three of Zax's loyalist men were summoned to worship and bow before the new 'god' who would be claiming all of their souls when the war was over between Good and Evil. When they had lost, the Devil would reign supreme over all!

Although Morgoth and Saruman could not see the Blue Devil, he was standing before them and could see into their souls. He spoke into their minds, hoping to twist and smash their dreams. He began to whisper demented and perverse secrets into their brains. He made sure they knew that he would be coming for them and that there was nowhere to run. The Blue Devil always gets that which he desires and the precious souls of Morgoth and Saruman were one of the top priorities on his list.

The Blue Devil returned his attention to the servants of Zax who were there to worship him. He was their lordship, the almighty God of Darkness. Hate was there to consume all the good. They could all see the visions of the innocent, weeping away their lives as chaos spread throughout the land. Buildings were destroyed and a fire blazed all the way across the planet as mothers watched their children die and wives cried at the sight of their husbands' heads being decapitated. The dictatorship of evil was going to completely obliterate the democracy that ruled over this land and Roostville would be the first place to be erased from the face of the Earth.

"Thou has been welcomed," Matthias said to the Blue Devil as he extended his hand. "We greet you with the warmth of our black and cold hearts, O mighty Blue King. 'Twas I who resurrected your spirit and brought you and your armies forth to enslave the vile race of man. I am Matthias of the Dark Sages." The Blue Devil made no attempt to offer his hand and merely kept it by his side on the handle of his sword. The Blue King did not trust or like anyone who appeared in the form of a human. Humans were weak and cowardly creatures that reminded him of insects. They were only worth stepping on and crushing their miserable shells. He enjoyed watching their blood splatter everywhere when humans were crushed like bugs! He was a master in the art of perversion and indulged in many sick pleasures that most would fear.

"Dost thou take me for a fool?" the Blue Devil asked his comrade as he grabbed Matthias by the throat. "Thou has ambitions of merging the essence that exists within this body that harvests sorrow with thou's own creation, Hellspawn, to give life to Apocalypse once more." Matthias was thrown to the ground as the Blue Devil turned to face Zax and the rest of his men to prepare them for a well thought out speech he had for the pathetic creatures of the Earth Realm.

"Hellspawn, how dare he carry such a name, for Hell is only the meaning of the word! The reality is much... much worse," the Blue Devil told everyone. "Hell will embrace you. Embrace your flesh... stripped into nothingness. We... consume... all who oppose us. You are nothing. The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. Thankfully, the world mostly consists of people who look on and do nothing! The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil. Good, being the one that should be forgotten by all who wish to serve under our new rule!"

"Actually," Zax said. "One could argue that there is no good or evil or even flesh in the universe, only power!" The Blue Devil was pleased with this particular human. He tried to sense fear in him, get inside his soul and make him cry like an innocent child fleeing from a bad dream. Torture his mind with thoughts of sin, but his powers did not work on this man. Zax was cold and without a heart, he was everything like the Blue Devil, minus the fact that he possessed no supernatural powers or abilities of his own. Perhaps the Blue Devil would have a use for this human's services conquering the Earth Realm.

"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster. And if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you," the Blue Devil said. "A phrase all evil should say to the warriors of justice before killing them. It lets them know that you can enter their soul whenever you want and never be conquered. And if they fight with you, they too shall became like us. And always remember, it is always good men who do the most harm in the world. When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail. And we shall!"

Matthias raised himself and stood up beside his comrade, Zax, King of Darkness, who was soon to be the Blue Devil's new apprentice. Matthias led the Blue Devil outside into the open air of Mt. Rodan where the helicopters were flying overhead and the soldiers were advancing. They could feel their presence marching up the rocky terrain to reach them and they would be here soon. Each of them were unaware that they would be fighting an army of supernatural demons alongside Zax's men. Hell had been raised and it was staying.

"The Council of Death has failed before," the Blue Devil said to Matthias as he zapped Lord Jimifulss free from the demon. "It was through you that I failed before. You shall not get in my way again." Lord Jimifulss was left unconscious on the ground and finally free of Matthias' wicked spell. No more did he have to run or hide, he was free. Lord Jimifulss could return to living the life he had wanted since Hellspawn took it away from him that terrifying night in July of 2014. If Ubergeek and the Guardians would be able to stop the Blue Devil like they did the last time, Lord Jimifulss had nothing to worry about.

"Zax," the Blue Devil ordered like a tyrant. "I demand to see William D. Fix now!" The King of Darkness and Crimes looked at the dark and devilish creature and nodded his approval. With the snap of his fingers, one of Zax's henchmen was sent to fetch him immediately. Zax took this opportunity to admire his new master and pay close attention to certain aspects about him. The Blue King was a devilish beast, an archfiend of infernal wickedness. Zax was gallant to the satanic powers of the Blue Devil.

"Before William arrives," Zax said, "who is this Hellspawn you and Matthias spoke of?"

"Hozay Garcia Nissen." Zax became distracted and confounded. Hozay Nissen, one of his former assassins. Zax took great pleasure in killing the man's girlfriend after some of his debt was not paid. Zax remembered it like yesterday, when he forced Nissen to watch Mallory die in that alley. It was a delightful memory. But Hozay Nissen and Zax shared even more of a history with each other.

"Nissen! That blockhead imbecile still owes me from that 2014 incident," Zax stated. "I lent him as many of my weapons and men as I could possibly give away and he completely decimated Maser City and got most of my top assassins put behind bars. I hope I see his sorry face again sometime soon!"

There was tension among the Mods and troops preparing to storm the mountain. Earth Baragon (also known as James Webster) had spent the last two years mourning the shocking and disturbing death of his father, Johnathon Webster. He was killed by a man of cruelty and shame known as Sauron, the Comedy and Tragedy Killer. Brandon was a friend of Johnathon and it was devastating news when James found out how his father had died. It was even more horrible to realize who was responsible for it. Ever since, James had devoted his life to making sure that no one else had to go through the horror that he was forced to endur. He had moved away from Roostville afterwards to one of the other cities in the Kaiju Nations where he went back to college to study law and how to be a proper detective. He returned shortly after the beginning of 2016 and vowed that no one in the city would ever die again.

James had become a ticking time bomb, just waiting to explode and he was ready to. Tense all the time and working alone, he kept to himself mostly and was pretty rough on anyone that the Mods apprehended. Teens would be taken to the station over vandalizing a car or smashing a window and he would flip like a mad man at them and treat them like dirt, like they were serial killers and sadistic men with perverse obsessions.

When Johnathon died, the kind heart in James also died. Anyone who looked inside would see that his soul was missing. He was withering away and a part of him was gone forever. He forgot all about kindness and couldn't remember how to love or show affection. James was as heartless as the killers he sought to destroy, only he was fighting on the side of justice for the betterment of the community. The people who stayed out of trouble, he stayed away from. In his spare time, whenever he felt bored with life and wishing he hadn't forgotten how to love, he could be found at one of the local strip clubs. He never knew why he was always going there; lots of criminals went there for some action but he never went for that. Perhaps he wanted the action also, just to know the feeling of pleasure again. But it never worked for him. He could never get the feeling out.

And now here he was, two years after his father's death and his killer was silenced, flying over Mt. Rodan with Jet Jaguar and Raptor, ready to arrest one the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST, criminals of all time. The target: Zax, head of Zax Industries, a criminal syndicate that operated throughout Europe and the United States, with many small establishments located at sea and even in Canada, as well as Japan. Zax had killed many people over the course of his life. Zax's father, unlike the father James had known, was a scoundrel and pickpocket all his life. It was from his father that Zax inherited the family legacy of running a crime world!

Zax's father was arrested in 1996 by Johnathon Webster. The original King of Darkness escaped police custody and fled to Florida where he put up his greatest struggle. Federal agents got involved in the deadly situation when the local P.D. got a major hostage crisis on the hands. There were rumors of gas that Zax's father planned to release into Disney World that peaceful day. The warning had come too late and an evacuation of the area couldn't be accomplished. They had to find the gas and remove it at once!

In the end, the battle turned out to be futile for Zax's father died that very same day. He was killed by Johnathon Webster after the hostages were rescued. The cop had spent the last six months trying to hunt him down and in the end, the two put up a good fight against each other. Zax's father used the last bullet in his gun to kill Johnathon but missed his mark, leaving him with a limp. He was shot in the chest and died.

The feud between Zax's father and Johnathon Webster seemed to be passed on to their children as James now would be facing the son of one of the worst criminals his dad had stopped from destroying the reputation of America. James Webster was out to get Zax and he wanted to avenge all the people he was responsible for killing. One the victims was a girl named Mallory. His theory was that her death drove the one known as Hellspawn down the path to evil. He would get revenge for the both of them.

James was carrying his usual weapon, a big, heavy automatic that made him feel like he was a Marine officer. He tried to imagine his life as one but it was cold and nothing like that of a cop that he had always dreamed of living. The senseless killing of the military was a pointless concept to him, unlike the serving of justice. He believed in the system and the law of the court, not mindless killing on the front lines but somehow, he knew that he would have to kill in a similar battle soon. Zax and his organization weren't just going to give up and surrender, they would put up a fight.

Even though EB was not aware of it, the cold that kept his heart black and empty all the time was keeping his soul free from the torment and mental torturing that the Blue Devil was inflicting upon those around him who could sense the beast. EB had a hate inside of him that made him just like Zax, someone worthy of being taken by the Blue Devil and transformed into a demon. Zax and James were the same, just on opposite sides of the law and the Blue Devil would sooner have him than later...

The Blue Devil's visor started to glow as he looked upon the face of William D. Fix, the Crucifer. The twin golden blades built into his arms glinted in the light as he motioned to this man. His soul was different... His mind, while able to be read like all the others, was different. There was something living within him, awaiting the day when it would be set free.

"Zax, beware! This man has plans to betray you," he spoke in his hellish tone. Zax's eyes opened wide as he looked upon the face of William. It showed fear... And truth. The Blue Devil was telling the truth! He was about to give the order to strike him down when the King's voice cut through his brain. "I will take care of the traitor..." With that, he shouted out and Mr. Fix rose up into the air. From the surrounding rocks, a cross was made and he was strung upon it. Chains covered in blue fire lashed out and sealed him against the cross, leaving him alive but in a constant state of pain and torment.

"Fix will die... Slow." As he said that, he knew that the Council would fail. They would never gain control over the Earth Realm. He could easily take this world and his old kingdom back but right now but he wanted to have some fun. After all, the universe would still be there, waiting for its god to return. But first, he had to take care of something.

Where Zax came from, there was a simple motto of how to take care of business and it went something along the lines of "Do unto others what they've done unto you." Very different form the "Treat people the way you want to be treated" credo. In fact, it was the exact opposite. It took a real man to really look at the world and wonder, "What is this world coming to?" The universe was just going to be blown into nothingness. It didn't matter what kind of warfare was going to lay everything to waste.

Eventually, as time passes us by, we soon realize that we all shall die, sooner or later. Not only life but time itself is like a fuse, both short and burning rapidly. It gives mankind the chance to just sit his life away and realize that Armageddon is here, just as the legends of folklore said it would come. And soon, their lungs would be filled with the hot winds that death provided. Only a fool could not see that even the gods were laughing at mankind. It was time for humanity to either fight for what they believed in or take their last breath.

As Zax prepared to fight for the selfish greed he believed in, his lips could taste the leather. His men were waiting, most also carrying whips, a pain that they were trained to take from the enemy. Their victims would soon be falling under chains and Zax couldn't wait to hear their crying moans of deathly pain as his fist of terror smashed through the boundaries. Zax was mad and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

The Blue King, who served as a Phantom Lord, had never failed in the past. The dark god of perversion was a master of deviltry and mischief. His armies always came through for him in the heat of battle. He was the Apocalypse and he did not need Hellspawn. It was Hellspawn that needed him. Smoke began to rise from the ground as the thoughts entered his mind. Soon, the world would fall to its knees before him. The people of the Earth Realm would hear the Blue King's war cries, louder than before. And he always kept his sword at hand. Crushing metal strikes, with one objective on his mind and that was to control the land around him. The entire world would come crawling faster and bow on their knees, praying for the dark god's forgiveness once he managed to take control of the Earth Realm. Supreme Emperor of Destruction would be his new title as he ruled over all that existed within reach of his army for all eternity!

"Cry havoc," Zax said aloud. "And unleash Hell!"

Rodan2000 flew on behind Yuri, both of them racing toward Mt. Rodan. The mountain was huge and part of a chain. The whole area was so large that one had to be a flyer to be fully immune from getting lost. Their landing spot definitely would be on the mountain itself but still hard to find and get to. It would be dangerous, seeing as there were powers present great enough to affect Yuri as violently as they did and as far away as Roostville. And powers that great were even more potentially dangerous in person.

He wasn't expecting a warm welcome but more like a group of horrific demons would be launching themselves at him and his mate. He mentally prepared himself for battle, or at least attempted to but as he flew further and the sky grew darker and the feeling of hopelessness pressed in on him to the point of crushing his mind and body alike, he realized with growing rapidity that nothing he could do would prepare him for the war that was at hand. He would be of a select few to witness the early beginning of the epic struggle, for here on Mt. Rodan it was beginning even as he thought about it.

As they flew on together, he saw a look of determination on Yuri's face, not knowing of what but realizing he would have to reflect it as well if he expected either of them to survive. The clouds below them suddenly broke and they were there.

Smothering the universe into nothingness, the groveling and sinful vipers that worked under Zax, King of Darkness, as attendants could feel the uneasy and perturbed pressures building up inside of them. Nuclear warfare had nearly laid humanity to rest before and now the wars of magic and deviltry would ascend even higher above all of them. Blackened was the end and hell was freezing over from its deep, dark roots.

Zax's henchmen, with their heavy artillery and big guns, came onto the battlefield like storm troopers out of that famous sci-fi film. Their timing matched that of the Kaiju Nations' forces who reached the burial chamber at precisely the same time Zax's men stepped forward to fight the war of the ages. Exploding shells could be heard in the far distance.

"We shall throw everything within sight into the obscurities of one's mind," shouted one of the lead generals in Zax's army, the renegade terrorist, Shawn Phalen. "We shall color this world our world, the color of our sins. Dark like blackness!"

Fire was unleashed onto the battlefield as Zax's men whipped out the dance of the dead and prepared to crush the RBI, RMD, Legion of Doom and Allied Forces once and for all. They failed to recognize that their struggle was blistering the planet they lived on, terminating its own worth. How can anyone have such a lack of concern as these people did? Greed was the origin of the evil that lived within these men. And just like deadly nicotine, they viciously and brutally killed all that might have had a chance to live had they decided to give it one! They couldn't wait until there was nothing left to kill, just enemies who would breath no more.

True was the death of life in the blistered earth laid to waste by two opposing forces threatening to wipe each other out of existence. The planet was dying from their fight, turning into the darkest color of a blistered and broken world. Both sides were mutilating Mother Earth, only caring about themselves. Termination was the object of the game and the human race was canceling itself out. Their mother was being put out to die and they would see her pass. If only they had the guts to put down their weapons and end the futile struggle!

Rockets and other weapons of mass destruction were being fired off from both sides as bullets pierced through the bodies of innocent and guilty men, destroying organs as blood was sent flying everywhere and the very flesh that housed humanity was ripped apart. The battle was like a smoldering decay and millions of years of Earth was going to be taken away in minutes. Never would the sun shine its face again after everything was said and done. Darkening would remain from the decadence.

"Look at that," Jet said to Raptor, looking down from the helicopter. "Our guys and Zax's men. It's like a full scale war down there. They're going to destroy the mountainside!" Was hypocrisy's outcome the darkest potency in the world? In the exit of humanity from the face of the planet, did our world have to be blackened by those wicked men with cruel hearts? Jet Jaguar and many others did not think so but saw what was going on at the moment. The exit of humanity from the face of the Earth, and as everyone was dying, villains were coloring it black. Corruption had befallen all from the lower depths of Hell.

"Not good," Raptor replied. "This looks like it could get real nasty. Worse than the terrorist incident that decimated Maser City back in 2014."

"It's possible," Jet agreed. "But only if we let things get out of hand!" The sound of shells being fired, followed by constant explosions was shocking to one's ears. It was a frightful noise that is not so well presented in the movies. They made it look like a thrill ride but this was no amusement park. It was a living hell for all who were forced to live through it. Things were blowing up down there and Roostafarians were dying, as well as criminals who didn't deserve life. It was sick and saddening to see such things happen in one's lifetime. It's why many Roostafarians growing up in this age wish they hadn't.

"Look down there!" Jet flew over a small hill on the mountain just above where the battle line had extended. "It's Ubergeek, and he's alive but barely!"

The fight that was raging was a catastrophic one. The war was worst than the great cataclysm of the ancient past. Jet Jaguar had to ignore all of that and put it behind him for just one moment while he tried to save his friend. Raptor piloted the chopper while Jet leaned out. She didn't land but was less than two feet off the ground when he grabbed the body of Ubergeek and pulled him aboard. As he was hauled inside, he slowly came to.

"Miyako, Miyako," Ubergeek started to call. "Left with life in Hell!"

"Ubergeek," Jet said gently. "Miyako's fine. She's safe in Roostville at the City Buster and nowhere near the battlefield." Things were still a little fuzzy for the Geekspawn, considering how much damage he had sustained in the fight with Matthias. Jet and Raptor were shocked to discover he could still survive after all he went through. There was a large hole in his shirt and a huge scar mark on his body as if something had pierced right through him.

"The Blue Devil," Ubergeek muttered as Jet tried to pour some water down his throat. "He's back!" The sounds of gunfire in the background continued to haunt Jet and Raptor but word of the Blue Devil's return was unpleasant news to their ears. This was devastating! The perverse god that was the key point of the monster Apocalypse had been brought back. And how, Hellspawn would return and Apocalypse would be reborn again for a second round with Roostville. It was now a countdown to Apocalypse.

"How is this possible?" Jet asked. "We came here to apprehend the criminal, Zax. How did that demon get released again?"

"Matthias," Ubergeek explained. "He's one of the members of Death's Council. He possessed Jimifulss... and found another burial chamber similar to the one Super Jet Jaguar and I had discovered."

"Wait!" Jet halted him immediately. "Jimifulss was possessed?"

"Yes, sir," Ubergeek replied. "It was also Matthias controlling him when he tried to kill Gamingboy and Yuri Manda. Both of them were a threat to the Council's plans for conquering Roostville." Their original plan was to work secretly and undetected by anyone and slowly take control though illegal measures and politics. It was the reason they had Hellspawn run in the mayoral election. Once he ruled over Roostville, the town would slowly be converted into what the Council of Death wanted it to be as the Armageddon swarm eliminated any opposition.

However, things never turned out that way. The original plan failed and they moved on to the Black Mass and eventually, through the Roostville folklore, their presence was made known to its citizens. Their cover was blown and now, instead of working undercover, they would simply resort to making a big entrance and blowing everything to hell with raw firepower. It worked for them as long as the occupants of Roostville were either enslaved or destroyed.

"The Blue Devil hath returneth to the Earth," Ubergeek said, as if someone were speaking through him. "This is what Afiag meant when he warned us to prepare our else the fates would destroy us!"

Melkor was piloting his heli-carrier, LEVIATHAN, high above the battlefield with his fellow Dark Lords, Morgoth and Saruman, now aboard.

"It does not look good for the future at all..." Saruman quickly deduced from the course the battle was taking. Rather than reflecting the concerns of his fellows, the mighty Morgoth clenched his mailed fists and silently gritted his teeth, steeling his resolve as he placed the Iron Crown upon his head.

"So be it, denizen of Hell. I am ready for you!"

Men at some time are the masters of their fate. Therefore, it is not in the stars but in ourselves that we are underlings. The lives of most men being filled with terrible misfortune, most of which never should have happened. It was important that men soon learn they are not prisoners of fate but only prisoners of their own minds. People needed to wake up and see that our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by mankind. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.

The question that was being asked by every one of the Mods and soldiers fighting valiantly on the front lines was whether or not the future was fixed; wondering if everything was preordained or if their decisions were their own to make. Each choice was theirs. How ironic it was that now they had no choice in this war. Some were going to die wondering and never knowing. Most people live and die with their music still unplayed because they never dared to try.

How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life? When one finds darkness not only in one's culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual becomes truly adult, it must be when he grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction because if all opposites were eliminated at once, life would collapse. There are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression by leaning into the light.


"Do not try to live forever," Earth Baragon said to the man who was standing next to him on the battlefield. "You will not succeed." And James meant what he said, even though he did know anything about him, whether he was married, had children or not. The man was a complete stranger but like everyone that was fighting on his side for justice to end the reign of an evil criminal, he was respected in his book. That is why he warned the man of trying to outlast the time you are given. He once tried it and his life was nearly gone in seconds. James had lost precious time trying to live forever instead of spending the time he was given wisely.

"I don't believe in an afterlife so I don't have to spend my whole life fearing hell or fearing heaven even more," the stranger replied. "For whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse." EB and the stranger hared something in common and that was their passion for philosophy. James had not spent much time in the past two years studying such a subject but it was always a hobby of his before his father had been murdered. They both could quote some of the most famous people off the top of their heads and understand what was being said completely. Perhaps, one day after the war, the two of them would meet again and go down in history with the rest of the Earth's famous philosophers. And in his mind, James began to recall a famous poetic phrase...

Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime,

Therefore, we are saved by hope.

Nothing true or beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history;

Therefore, we are saved by faith.

Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone.

Therefore, we are saved by love.

No virtuous act is quite as virtuous from the standpoint of our friend or foe as from our own;

Therefore, we are saved by the final form of love which is forgiveness.

It was here, battling against impossible odds on the front line that James Webster began to feel himself slowly becoming whole again. It was the first time he had felt like the person he used to be since his father was killed by Sauron. He started to feel a little brighter about his present stand, however the future of Roostville and the rest of the world still seemed questionable.

"'The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science,'" the stranger replied. "I can tell by the way you act that you have forgotten those words." The man's words were truthful. What he said was correct and James had forgotten. Now, he realized that the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead and his eyes are closed. But with the end gliding towards them, James did not know if he would receive a second chance to experience the mysterious one last time before dying.

"'Although the act of nurturing another's spiritual growth has the effect of nurturing one's own, a major characteristic of genuine love is that the distinction between oneself and the other is always maintained and preserved.'" Those were the very words that James Webster used to live by until his father had died. Finally, he started to wake up and smell the fresh air, rediscovering the truth. The rest of his life wasn't about revenge, it was about protecting and nurturing and love.

'The unique personality which is the real life in me, I cannot gain unless I search for the real life, the spiritual quality, in others. I am myself spiritually dead unless I reach out to the fine quality dormant in others. For it is only with the god enthroned in the innermost shrine of the other that the god hidden in me will consent to appear.' Were the thoughts running through the detective's mind.

"I..." James began. "I feel like me again. Thank you, brother," he told the stranger standing next to him. He stretched his hand out to shake as the man was suddenly struck by a spray of bullets that pierced through him and he fell, dead. James leapt backwards to avoid any other fire from the enemy and then crawled over to the stranger's lifeless body and grabbed his dog tag.

"Brother," James repeated, "Thank you for showing me how to live again. I promise you will not have died in vain."

The most pitiful among men is he who turns his dreams into silver and gold. And Zax was one of those who dreamt of such riches. It was because of his vile dreams that people were being killed right now. It was out of his greed that Matthias was able to dig up the Blue Devil and unleash his fiery might onto the world. Zax was always killing people, even if he wasn't the one holding the gun. He was always killing people.

The world has to learn that the actual pleasure derived from material things is of rather low quality on the whole and less even in quantity than it looks to those who have not tried it. Perhaps, it is this specter that most haunts working men and women, the planned obsolescence of people that is a part of the things they make or sell. If only someone would have been able to teach Zax these morals, then maybe none of this would've happened and none of the people here would be fighting.

"Money is like manure. It's not worth a thing unless it's spread around, encouraging young things to grow," James said aloud as he crawled across the ground to avoid being hit by enemy gunfire. "And Zax has not used his to encourage young things to grow!"

In the helicopter that Raptor, Jet Jaguar and Ubergeek were in, the door opened and a figure calmly stepped inside. Raptor sensed it as JJ heard the foot steps. They looked behind them to see Jimi laying on the seat, unconscious and unharmed.

"Who in the world..." Raptor wondered, before looking down and seeing a devilish sight below them. Yes, Zax's men were starting to lose, but from the ash and blood of the dead and fallen rose the demons, immune to human weapons. And above them all was the Blue Devil.

'The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of the aftermath' were the wise words of a mere peasant who was killed violently for protecting those weaker than himself, the innocent who were as pure as the rainbow and its many colors. The Blue Devil and his associate, Zax, did not see the beauty of the rainbow, just the dark and cold colors of space. And from the depths of darkness came their forces, prepared to consume all organic life in its darkened path, a blackened road of crumbling stones that used to shine with the yellow aura of gold.

Most of Zax's men had fallen before the hands of the Roostville Militia and Allied Forces. Bombshells and rockets were exploding as infantry with machine guns blasted each other. Blood and guts went flying through the air and splattered everywhere. What remained of Zax's forces were carrying the bodies of their dead comrades away as the Allies made sure the enemy remained under constant fire.

Project Pimp was so angered by his rival that he wanted not only his organization to fall but every man, woman and child with connections to Zax eliminated. Killed in a holocaust of vengeance and revolt. Pimp's anger was the kind that could keep him from seeing the visions sent by the Blue Devil to taunt and torment his enemies. Pimp was happily rejoicing over his victory; he had finally achieved his goal of the majority of Zax's employees being killed off. The rest of them, after dragging away as many bodies as they could, fled back into the burial chamber where they had awoken the Blue Devil. They were trapped like rats and Pimp was thrilled. Zax had nowhere to run this time and Pimp felt sure that the bastard would finally be captured and sentenced to death once the authorities got hold of him. However, all was not as it so wonderfully seemed.

Project Pimp felt a sharp pain in his stomach as his mouth fell wide open and his cigarette dropped to the floor of his personal helicopter. He was being overcome by a sickening sensation as a horde of zombified, dead creatures silently emerged from the depths of the mountain in massive swarms. Horribly mutilated zombies who were like carrion; dead and putrefying flesh. These demons were known as Hierophants. Theologians of the Order of the Gash. Their faces were brutal and mutilated beyond recognition. They were deformed, hideous and zombified and crept forward, walking like dead and mummified monsters. They were a living version of Hell itself.

These reanimated carcasses were ageless experimenters in the higher reaches of pleasure. They were the Cenobites and they could bring about the conditions of the nerve endings the likes of which one's imagination, however fevered, could not hope to evoke. The demons were covered with scars on every inch of their flesh, which had been cosmetically punctured and sliced and infibulated, then dusted down with ash. The creatures glowed with a blue phosphorescence and were normally invisible and not heard to people who had not summoned them but everyone on the battlefield could see them now. Their stench was creeping into the air, covered by the scent of vanilla. Normally, Cenobites needed to be summoned by the LeMarchand Configuration, a device to cross the schism into this world. They could not reseal the rift until they had taken someone back to Hell with them to torture with the machines created by the Engineer.

This time, something else had released them and there were more than the usual four or five that would appear to take one person with them. Swarms and swarms of Cenobites were marching from Hell as the minions of the Blue Devil, the sickest and most perverse dictator in the universe. Cenobites were demons that served under the Order of the Gash and were bound by the LeMarchand Configuration but these seemed to be unfettered by the box and no longer under the Order. They were allied with the Blue Devil and would bring Hell on Earth, now able to torture the life out of everyone they came in contact with.

The appearance of the demons was enough to freak out anyone. Those of the Roostville Militia and Pimp's Legion of Doom were frightened out of their wits at the ghastly sight. Sick and divine, these creatures took pleasure in torture and eternal punishment. The weapons the humans used were useless against the demonic foes. Right when it seemed the good guys were actually winning the war, the tide had turned. Soldiers were now running for their lives and only those noble enough to die for their country stayed to fight on against these impossible odds.

One of Pimp's men found himself cornered and trapped by a swarm of fifteen or more Cenobites and to make things worse, he was out of ammunition. They stared at him with their freakish, almost lifeless stare and crept towards him. Their arms were outstretched like the walking dead. Some of them had pupils but the scarier ones did not. Decaying flesh and hideously deformed mouths drooled like an infected dog. The agent was backing off but there was nowhere to go and they surrounded him, moving in for the kill. Within the blink of an eye, they jumped at him and began biting off pieces of his flesh and torturing his soul. His brains, his body was their food and they liked to eat their prey raw.

The agent had been devoured in a matter of seconds by the flesh eating Cenobites, his soul forever with them now and no other. His fate was the same for many others who he was fighting alongside that day. Maliciously attacked and eaten by flesh craving monsters while others had their souls torn apart or reaped slowly. Chains were flying from every direction, tearing apart the innocent and the guilty. The Cenobites were now the masters of the humans' flesh. This was more cruel than sorcery or deviltry, this was evil at its purest. And while others were being killed, some were offered refined pleasure by the female Cenobites before being brutally tortured and killed on the spot. The battle was becoming more horrific.

"Delightful," the Blue Devil said with a cold voice as he watched his army tear the humans apart. "The suffering, the sweet suffering. To indulge oneself in the fine arts of sinful pleasure and painful torture. The art of rape and murder, how delightful. To force a woman into the act, whether her body is dead or alive. She will be used by many for perverse pleasure both in life and even still when she is dead. To slit her throat and kill her man." The Blue Devil's words were frightening and sick to most of the humans on Earth. There were many ways of indulging the world of sinful pleasures and the Blue Devil did not care if his victims were dead or alive, he could still perform brutal acts. He preferred his victims, male or female, to be alive so he could hear them scream and beg him to stop, over and over again. He enjoyed making them bleed and forcing them to enjoy it. The more they screamed, the louder they begged him to stop, the more erotic it was to him. The more tears they shed, the more they bled and he would enjoy it, forcing them against their will to do these sinful acts. And Zax was exactly like that in every way.

"So it is true," Zax surmised. "To touch a woman's body and endear the pleasures against her will. To use her body like a child's play thing and then kill her once you are through with her. Even in death, her body is still an art form that can be used for pleasure." The Blue Devil and Zax both laughed, although Zax's laugh was more maniacal. The Blue Devil's was lower but deeper and colder. Both of them were really sick men and the Blue Devil could truly see that Zax was every bit his equal, except in power, strength and ability. When it came to the feelings that they shared and the sick hobbies they took part in, they were every bit the same. One was human and one was the Prince of Hell but they were both the same. Zax would make the perfect right hand man to the Blue Devil and his army of Cenobites.

With Zax, the Blue Devil would return to Hell, the Cenobites' domain. The realm of a vast black bird caught in a perpetual tempest with tinkling music and bells and troubled darkness. Sure enough, they would be able to rule over that Realm through the Lord of the Labyrinth (known as the Leviathan), the true devil who had spawned many, if not most of Earth's religions over the course of thousands of years. With the Order of the Gash gone, Hell and its servants would be able to cross over from all schisms and take back the entire universe with them to torture for eternity. It was an ambitious dream, but a dream nonetheless. Most dreams had a unique way of coming true for those who really worked hard and wanted it.

"Nothing is more pleasing," the Blue Devil said to Zax, "than to watch an unwilling participant go to the extreme to escape the fate they know is coming." The Blue Devil then looked up into the blue sky and stared into the helicopter with Raptor and Jet Jaguar aboard. He was smiling delightfully at them and when they peered through the windows, they to could see the face of a monstrous knight glaring back at them. It was he who had placed Lord Jimifulss' unconscious body aboard their aircraft. And even though he was so far away that they could not make him out clearly, they could see his evil smile entering their souls and minds. Jet Jaguar was only a little bit impervious to the Blue Devil entering his heart and mind. After all, he was a robot now but once he was human also.

"He has not changed at all," Ubergeek said. "I can still smell the horrible odor of perversion coming from his hide."

In the depths of the mountain, the struggle between mankind and the living dead raged on. Man was destined to fail, destined to die trying, destined to fall at the hands of the supernatural evil but even so, they would never give up and surrender.

Earth Baragon was alone and filled with an unsatisfying rage. As he walked through the battlefield, he managed to keep himself alive and well. Something was different about him and the Cenobites could sense it. He was being ignored by the zombified foes as he watched, horrified, as they brutally tortured and fed off of his friends. It was a nightmarish sight and returned him to feeling the rage that the death of his father had brought to him. He was being kept alive by the demons for some reason. Whatever it was, he did not know.

Nor was it of any importance to him. But still, it seemed strange to him to walk through a battlefield where the enemy was standing tall and proud and did not move to strike against him. Perplexing and mesmerizing it was, like a Chinese puzzle box. The same device that was the LeMarchand Configuration, the one-way ticket to Hell with no refunds.

The swarms of Cenobites creeping about were spine chilling and James soon started to look at them with a sudden sense of fear. As he walked down the mountain path, looking from one side to the other, they stared back at him. Their emotionless faces and rather large eyes were like something out of an alien documentary and the stare was being etched into his soul with its terrifying glare. It was an image he wanted to forget but knew he never would. They were like zombified "greys", as the UFO researchers had pegged them.

Something about these demons was frightening and one look at them would have you trapped in a nightmare forever. Some of them went about killing off soldiers and RBI operatives as if they were perverse monsters, obsessed with torture devices and pleasure. Other demons seemed to act almost mindlessly like zombies and these were the ones that were creepier to the see. While the torturers had a horrifying look of sin about them, the zombified Cenobites were mad, rotting flesh and acid spitting creatures that fed off all organic life.

The humans had been invited to the worst nightmare of all and it was unbearable for any of them. The pain, oh the sweet pain, and how much they wanted it to stop! It was evil and sick like the Blue Devil himself. And the bizarre sensations of the beast were forcing innocent humans into accidentally stepping into the reaches of Hell and losing their souls. Anger was released as sad victims cried out. Everyone who had lost their soul in this battle would never be returning from a supposed afterlife. The pain was eternal, along with the suffering. The feeling of pleasure was over for them. The perverse nature of the Blue King was satisfied.

"More souls to reap, more bodies to rape," the Blue Devil announced silently to Zax. "The pleasures of thou's own paradox shall be welcomed and enjoyed."

Time began to freeze for James Webster. He was moving at his normal pace in life while everything around him was slowing down. Not standing still, just moving at a separate tempo at a slower pace than he was. He could see three or more Cenobites grab one man at a time and brutally rip out one of his vital organs. Sometimes they would all crawl over a person and eat them as though he were a dead animal. It was sickening and enough to make him puke, raging his anger further.

"For you, stranger," James said. "I will kill those responsible!" James was in memory of the truth but inactively losing it faster than he was able to realize. And as he continued to watch his friends being slaughtered by evil creatures from another Hell, he could hear the sounds of children's music being played in the background of his mind. Puzzling, Jack in the Box music, added a freaky feel of demons and satanic witchcraft to the fight. The music seemed real and was scaring his soul. And for that one moment he was scared, the Blue Devil was inside of him but a second later, he blocked him out when he returned to his cold ways.

It was now time to embrace the new world as he felt a migraine headache coming on. Blood began to pour from his nose, the way water flows down the falls. And in the corners of his mind, James was undergoing a seizure of sorts, destroying himself. He whipped out his gun and threatened to kill himself when the feeling passed, but for what? He had no reason to die now, not if there was a chance of getting cold-hearted revenge against his most evil of foes. He was the last line of defense in the fight for something other than material needs.

"The darkest fantasies of this man's mind," the Blue Devil had said, "show a side of him worthy of my attention, whether it be for lustful sport or not."

Blood continued to splatter everywhere and soon, the mountain was covered in complete redness. Massive puddles of crimson drenched the entire battleground that was Mt. Rodan, none of the rocks could be seen anymore. It was just the red of the blood that was being spilt. It was a horrific and frightening sight. Never before had anyone other than the Blue Devil seen so much blood at once and he enjoyed the pleasures of it. Watching the humans die the most painful death his army could imagine, it was both delicious and arousing.

"Come and dine with me, Zax," the Blue Devil said to his associate. "Dine in thy eternal depths of death." They disappeared from the cliff where they had been watching the struggle and entered another burial chamber, one that Matthias had not discovered. This one was similar in design than where they had awakened the Blue King, yet different all together. Zax crept in, hoping not to awaken any more spirits that might want to harm him in any way, shape or form. He could feel a strange tension overcoming him. The Blue Devil's eyes shined a fabulous red within the darkness of the cave as he smiled with much delight. Zax turned to look around and at the walls and the floor and could see the many terrified faces of the dead who had died long ago looking back at him, deep into his soul. Zax began to freak at the sight for he had no idea what was going on or what the Blue Devil wanted with him here. It was a ghastly secret shrouded in mystery. But soon enough, the secret would be out.

"What is this place?" Zax demanded. "Why have you brought me here?" He could hear a whisper in his head telling him that he would know soon enough as he fell back and witnessed the horrifying and grizzly sights that were emerging from the ground. Holes had broken open and things were creeping up to the surface. Horrifying devices that resembled tentacles and weapons of torture and perversion. Zax peered through the cracks in the ground where the objects were coming from and saw a gateway to Hell. The sights were too shocking and disturbing for him.

Out of nowhere, Zax was grabbed by two of the monstrous tentacles and impaled all over his body by needles the size of butcher knives. He let out the loudest scream anyone had ever heard. Zax was used to giving others much pain, not feeling it and suffering himself. Therefore, his torment was a worse sensation of dread. Knives began cutting away at his face and shredding and piercing through his skin until he bled. Nails and pins were driven into his body and soon covered it. Zax was being transformed to serve with the Blue Devil. But the pain, he could not bear the pain of becoming a beast... He hated it and wanted to die but now he would never die!

Soon enough, the transformation was complete and now Zax was a Cenobite himself. He looked around and was bewildered at first. He started to wonder if everything that had happened since Matthias came to him was just a dream but as soon as he looked down at his hands and body, he knew it was no dream. Zax admired his mutilated body and watched as blood was drying on his skin and flesh. He was amazed and astonished at his new form. No longer was he just a mere mortal, he could now bring suffering to anyone for all of eternity and nothing would stop him.

"It opens doors," Zax said. "Why did I hesitate?" Zax, King of Darkness, was now rejoicing over his new Cenobite form. He was always in constant pain now, suffering greatly, but it was different. He didn't cry when he felt pain anymore, he laughed. To him, it felt like the pleasures of sex, even better. It was a good feeling that gave him a wonderful sensation and it was even moreso to make others feel the torture. To make others feel the way he did. Mirthful and happy all the time over the power of constant pain. It was a work of art to him.

Ubergeek and Raptor were aiding the unconscious Lord Jimifulss as best they could while the Sheriff piloted the helicopter. At the moment, it all seemed hopeless. Jimifulss was still alive but in his weakened condition, they didn't know how long he would last. When Matthias was inside him, puppeteering the poor man, he had the mentality to withstand the powerful blows of Ubergeek. Jimifulss, being only human, did not have the constitution it took to stay strong when his body was sustaining so much damage in the heat of battle.

Raptor watched intently as he just seemed to lay there motionless, except for his breathing which was slowing with each passing breath. He was fading fast and just as Ubergeek had experienced in the battle against Matthias, Lord Jimifulss was inside his dream. Raptor and Ubergeek could not see into his mind and view it but they knew that he was distressed and something was tearing his soul inside out. Perhaps it was the damage that Matthias had done to him mentally over the last three years. They were not sure but it was the most logical explanation of what was going on.

Misery, misfortune, anguish, torment, calamity, desolation - these were all words that had Jimifulss been awake, he could relate with and make connections. In his dream, he was feeling afflicted and despicable. Matthias had always told him he was valueless and now Jimi was believing what the demon had told him. He wasn't hanging onto life, it wasn't precious to him anyway. He had been deluded into thinking and believing he had no friends, that the people he trusted his whole life were using him and truthfully, they abhorred him greatly. Matthias had misguided Jimi onto a path of eternal damnation with no chance of redemption. He was crying while Matthias laughed at him and mocked him.

Wretchedness, that was what Jimifulss felt about himself. He honestly and deeply considered himself to be the lowest form of scum on the planet. Matthias had ruined him that much, stolen away his dreams and destroyed his ambitions. Jimifulss used to be attentive, careful, observant, considerate and thoughtful. Now, he was mindless, dull, senseless, sluggish, neglectful and disregarding of life. Jimifulss had hated his own life and himself to the point where he wanted to watch himself die the most gruesome and grizzly death he could imagine. Matthias had won the war within his mind and he had lost. His hope was broken, his dreams shattered... his heart was an open wound bleeding everywhere.

Jimifulss was so delusional that he now looked at himself as being only a reflection in the mirror, a copy and Matthias was the real version of him. He felt himself the prototype and Matthias was the finished work. This was leading to more of Jimifulss' present misery. Matthias chuckled at his suffering, using it for his mirth. It was cheery and hilarious to him to watch him suffer like that. Such misery was the kind of material the Council of Death used to fuel, feed and power themselves. Fear and misery. If only Jimifulss was able to wake up and see what kind of deceiver Matthias really was, he might have been able to gain more faith in what he used to believe in.

Lord Jimifulss used to be a splendid and great person on both the inside and the outside. Now he had been degraded and rebuked into nothing more than a misshapen freak he himself feared and wanted destroyed. Matthias would make sure that he killed himself in the most vile manner he could think up and reconstruct it as a beautiful image. It was now Matthias who was thinking for Jimi. The demon was mocking him and forcing his urges for killing himself to grow magnificently. It was like music to both of their ears. The pain went on and Jimifulss was not going to make it out of this situation alive.

Matthias had hardened Jimifulss into a catastrophe or nightmare that could not, and refused, to come undone. Jimi had been carved into a relentless and cruel man. Ruthless, unfeeling, unmerciful, unpitying and uncompassionate. Twisting the very spark of his life into a monster that even he was afraid of. He was a careless antic now and Jimifulss began to enjoy the monster he was being disfigured into. No longer was he the innocent man everyone had known; now Jimifulss was baneful, detrimental and mischievous. Lord Jimifulss was dead, his personality gone forever and in his mind was a new character, heartless and cruel. A beast waiting to awaken within.

Jimifulss had been changed into a deathless creature who was incorruptible, indestructible in its finest hour, glorified by the Council of Death now running his life. Jimi had no fears anymore to concern him, the creature that now contained his mind was born from his hateful thoughts and was ceaseless and perpetual. He was imperishable. Not a god but he was enduring and everlasting like one. Man was repairable but this new life form that spawned from the Hell of Jimifulss' mind was unable to mend or be damaged.

The original Jimifulss was imperfection. Crude, unripe and green, just like the immaturity children suffer from. An unseasonable wreck not worth a dime to the Council of Death, a raw and pathetic excuse for a life form, as were most humans to their standards. The new and improved Jimifulss was known as Belial and he was the opposite of the weak Jimifulss. This was perfect and met the standards of the Council that one needed to be considered a person in their melodramatic eyes. Belial was far from the defectiveness of Jimifulss. Belial was strong and powerful and carried with him the firepower to crush buildings with his fist! He would be a great successor to Lord Jimifulss.

"Jimi!" Raptor said with glee. "He seems to be coming around now!" Ubergeek came over quickly and both of them were shocked at what happened next. As he opened his eyes, his flesh and clothes ripped asunder as a new beast with red eyes of sin was standing before them. Jimifulss was no more. Belial was this demon's name and he was no friend to Ubergeek and Raptor. Belial was as pale as the snow that fell during winter and his face was similar in appearance to a skull. He had sharp fangs and eyes that shined the color of crimson blood. He was the perfect warrior in strength but he had the intelligence of a beast. Understanding the difference between good and evil was hard for him.

"Jimi, Jimi," Ubergeek called out. "It's me, Uber! We won't hurt you!" Jimifulss was dead. He could not hear Ubergeek and Raptor crying out to him. Belial was vicious like a wild animal and lashed out irrationally to unleash his rage upon Ubergeek and hopefully, rip out his heart. Belial was stomping around and nearly tearing the helicopter to pieces. Raptor and Ubergeek could hear Jet Jaguar yelling back at them, asking what was going on but they did not have time to explain. The Sheriff tried his best to keep the chopper aloft while Belial unleashed his primal rage at Ubergeek. Quickly, Uber slipped out of the way when Belial charged at him and the demonic Jimi went flying right out the door and crashed on the ground below. The monster soon joined the battle raging below.

Darkside Reject trudged up the steep trail that led up to the top of Mt. Rodan with his still camera. He needed shots for his new soon-to-be-a-major-hit series, "Misplaced". Besides that, he needed the exercise. Doctor's orders.

"I've got to get outside more," he thought to himself.

Darkside stopped his venture to take a quick break. His latest CD acquisition blasted in his ears loud enough that the crash of Belial's landing went unnoticed. He pulled his water bottle out of his pocket, pulled the cap off with his teeth and let the cool liquid flow down his throat. The war continued, unnoticed by him as the music continued to blast through his earphones. He licked the last drops of water up and continued his trek to the peak of Mt. Rodan. Darkside skipped and danced around a boulder and froze in fear at what he saw. The more he watched the bloody massacre, the more his fear spiked but he couldn't turn away, he was frozen in place like a statue. With shaking hands, he managed to slowly raise his camera and shoot a few pictures, still unnoticed by anyone below.

"Why didn't I just stay home and watch TV?"

"Why can't I go outside without my life being in some sorta danger?!"


These questions boomed and screamed in his head louder than the Linkin Park album that was still playing. The flash on his camera suddenly went off, attracting the attention of one of the faceless demons which charged at him. The monster screamed over and over as it picked up speed. Darkside managed to move from his position and dive to the side as the demon thing jumped to its death over the side of the cliff. He began to seriously panic, dodging and zipping around in fear and shock. He didn't know where to go or what to do. He couldn't stay for long as more demonic creatures would eventually find him. He couldn't find any place to hide. What was he supposed to do?!

The sound of a helicopter woke him from his trance. And sitting in the cockpit, with that sly grin of his was Jet Jaguar. Darkside began to calm down. JJ brought the craft about and hovered above the flat spot he had been directed to. With the chopper rising above him, he covered his face with his arm against the dust it was kicking up as a rope ladder uncoiled and dropped in front of him. Jet motioned him to come aboard. Dark eagerly grabbed the aluminum bars and clambered up. The craft swung around and rose higher as Darkside began to laugh hysterically.

Earth Baragon slunk about like a prowler in the vicious war that was raging and spreading like a madness. He staggered off course but no matter where he went, the Cenobites and their devilish stares were searching deep into his soul, trying to strike fear into his heart. James Webster had no fear; Sauron had taken away all the terror in the world that he had ever felt. Brandon made him cold and emotionless. The only feeling left in him was avenging the stranger who he watched die.

A stream of blood began to flow past his feet and when he stared ahead, he could see that many of his friends and allies had been impaled by the demons and their bodies placed in a large pile to bleed endlessly. There was enough blood to call it a river. It was the sacrament of the demons and it filled him with even more hatred. The feelings of good and romance were gone, just a fantasy or falsehood, a terrible lie buried beneath his skin.

It was hard to stay between the lines of his skin anymore as the Cenobites continued to indulge their obsessions with human flesh. And even though James had nerves, it never meant that he could feel. He never considered himself a very fun person to be with. Blood was pouring from various wounds on his body and he just wanted the blood to run red because he couldn't feel it anymore! He was going to gather his hate, yield his animosity and harvest it into a weapon that would destroy Zax, King of Darkness.

The power of aversion was in the hands of James Webster, repugnance his greatest weapon. For the stranger that was killed earlier this day, and for Johnathon Webster who was killed two years ago, EB was going to channel all of his revulsion and loathing into a ball of abhorrence. Zax was going to pay for his crimes, whether it was for the sake of justice or pure revenge. This war should've ended with Zax's father. How unfortunate it was to find that even the darkest of family traits get passed on to their ancestors. James was heartless and he was going to kill the unsympathetic. Revenge versus the seductive powers of greed.

James found himself at the entrance to the cabalistic cave which was a door to the transcendental burial chamber where the Blue Devil had taken Zax. He had no proof that Zax was hiding in the old cave but he could sense it in his gut; Zax was trying to remain hidden, his face behind a mask to avoid being detected by the RBI officers who were still alive and well. James entered the chamber with his gun aimed straight ahead to kill anything that popped out in front of him. The detective began to sneak down the long tunnel as a feeling of sharpness came into his gut... He knew that Zax was here and it was time to end his parade.

There was no tension or fear for James Webster, just a feeling telling him that Zax was here. He was not afraid of the mobster, not afraid of dying. He wasn't afraid of anything at all anymore. As long as Zax was put in his place and was killed, James would be able to feel happy over something. He didn't feel happy too often so killing Zax would provide a pleasure that he had forgotten. Croaks and murmuring were heard coming from the myriad paths ahead of him as he reloaded his gun before moving in for the kill. To him, it wasn't a kill, it was a simple objective and a necessary one at that.

James suddenly halted when he could clearly hear voices speaking only a few feet in front of him. It was the last of Zax's henchmen who had somehow managed to survive being killed by the artillery of the RBI Agents. They were carrying a bunch of boxes and being bossed around by a mysterious looking figure. James paid close attention to the disfigured creep who was ordering Zax's men around. Sure enough, it was Zax himself, mutilated into a mecha-freak.

James was mortified to see the grizzly sight. Zax had been transfigured into one of those insidious demons he had seen outside the cave taunting him and his spirit with no success. Zax was an abnormal and frightful beast. A revelation had taken shape inside the colossal son of a bewitched person. A ruffian miscreant was now a mammoth and prodigious sight who was both shocking and terrible in appearance. A stupendous wretch, yet fragrant and wonderful at the same time. Zax was now an even more powerful and evil killing machine than he was as a human.

It was time for action now and James Webster jumped forward with his gun blazing. While he was still airborne, he fired off a few rounds which missed Zax and his men but caught their attention. Once he was on his feet again, he fired off more shots, killing all of Zax's men, leaving only the fiend himself alive. The expression on Zax's cold face was a rather hard one to interpret and seemed perplexed. Zax began to walk forward with his hands outstretched. James was supposed to fear him but felt nothing at all but hatred for the demon. Now he would kill him.

"James," Zax said with a dark and demonic voice. "Come, come... Put the gun down now. What would killing me do? You feel nothing. Killing me won't change you, James, it won't make you feel any better. You'll feel even less and is that what you want? To feel less like a human and more like a cold blooded... more like... me?"

"Shut up, damn you!" James shouted with his gun aimed straight at Zax's forehead. "I'm already cold like you, with no way to go back. Why wouldn't I want to kill you?" He pulled the trigger three times, firing three slugs into Zax's disfigured and mutilated skull. A large chunk from the top corner of his head was blown off by the firepower but the demon remained alive. The mood and setting of the cave become murky and cheerless. James could feel that he was going to be lost in the obscurities of this place but not until he brought Zax down with him.

Suddenly, the voice of a bloodthirsty savage called to him.

"James... James," the Blue Devil said to the detective. "KILL ZAX!" He did not question the Blue Devil and charged at the Cenobite, fighting off his cruel torture devices and chains with all his might. James grabbed onto Zax and punched him over and over again while chains were coming out of nowhere and tearing apart his flesh, trying to get at his soul. He was bleeding all over his body but he didn't care and he continued to pound Zax into submission, trying to destroy the nasty man. He hated him, he hated him! A large dagger magically appeared in James' hand and he stabbed Zax with it, in the face and in the heart until finally, the beast appeared to be dead.

"Very good, James," said the cold voice of the Blue Devil. "You did what had to be done, the only thing that could be done." James began to feel happy now. He was happy again. It was satisfying to see Zax, that most despicable of men, dead at long last. Zax was dead, killed violently by the hand of James Webster. It was a pleasurable day for the detective. He turned to walk away from the cave when the startling image of the Blue Devil appeared right behind him. He did not fear it, he didn't even know who or what it was but he knew he could overcome it if he tried.

"Welcome to Hell," the Blue Devil said. "Do not fear the pain. Embrace, for once this is over, it's all you shall ever feel." The same machines that appeared and transformed Zax into a Cenobite had risen up from the lowest depths of Hell, deep within the Leviathan's Pit to be used at the expense of the Blue Devil himself. Slowly, he began to convert James Webster into a Cenobite who would serve only him. The Blue Devil made sure the process was longer, more brutal and more painful than Zax's experience. And unlike Zax, James would not have his memories of his human life. Zax and the Blue Devil smiled with glee at their new creation... James was now fully converted into the Cenobite of Anguish and Torment.

Ubergeek, Raptor and the others still alive on the frontier battling for the sake of mankind could sense the loss of a friend. They could feel the remorse that flooded their consciousness when someone who was close to them was gone. Another one had bitten the dust. First Jimifulss was lost to the madness of Matthias and now Earth Baragon was serving under the Order of the Gash as one of the Blue Devil's legions. How many friends would die this day, they wondered. How many more would be sucked into the world of darkness?

"I'm ending this war," Ubergeek said, "Before any more friends die, even if it means I myself must die!"

All William Fix wanted to be his entire life was one of the good guys but mistakes were made and he ended up working for one of the most evil humans ever to walk the Earth, Hitler, Saddam and Bin Laden excluded. Now, he didn't care about any of it. He felt the flames burn his skin, yet he felt no pain at all. He felt the spikes in his hands, yet they caused no discomfort. It was insane, all of it... He gasped as it felt like the chains were melting into this skin, as was the cross at his back. He let out a yell to the heavens as a great beam of light consumed him...

The Blue Devil was about to check up on him. The Crucifer would need to know his place.

"Where are you taking off to, milord?" asked Zax.

"None of your concern. You have your army now. Destroy all of them! I want no one left... Except Morgoth and Saruman. Leave them to me. Do to Melkor as you wish." With that, the Blue Devil left.

When he landed some fifty yards away, he noticed someone was coming. He stood about 7'-2", his face covered by a cross shaped helmet and he wore white armor, laced with golden designs. In his right hand was a golden cross like sword, each blade three feet long and on his left hand was a silver cross, melded into his armor. His skin was covered in many golden chains of blue fire and on his back was a cross. It disappeared in a flash of light and was replaced by white, angelic wings.

"What... what has happened to me?" asked the warrior. "What am I... Who am I?!" he questioned angrily.

"You are the weapon of the cross. With your right hand you wield the cross blade and from your left hand you wield the very powers of the cross itself. You were, in another life, a man known as William D. Fix. You are now, and forever will be, Neo Crucifer, Warrior of the Cross," the Blue Devil answered calmly.

"What is my purpose for being brought to this place, to be given this power?" the One of the Cross asked.

"Simple. You were brought here for one thing: to live your own life. Good, evil, you now have a choice in the matter. But you owe me one debt. The death of Afiag the Angel of Darkness," the Blue King stated.

"Why should I do this for you?"

"Because I gave you this new life. Besides, when Afiag learns of your origins, he will hunt you down himself. You can even kill Zax... if you wish it," the Blue Devil suggested.

"Zax..." the name had traces of recognition. "I remember him! Fine. I will kill this Afiag... But first, I'm going to destroy Zax!"

"Fine by me, as long as you pledge to kill Afiag. Until then, you are in my debt." Neo Crucifer nodded as he reached to shake on it. The Blue Devil's hand reached up and grabbed his in a forceful handshake.

Zax, King of Darkness, in his new and improved form, stepped forward from the cave, no longer afraid of being pierced by the bullets that Project Pimp would unleash upon him. Now, no mortal weapon could destroy his physical form, no matter what caliber or the amount of power they possessed.

The murky King had now risen to his status of Emperor of Darkness and floated above the battlefield of blood and guts as the sky darkened behind him. Zax was in power now, controlling and consuming all around him. Through the power he had inherited when he was transformed into a Cenobite, he began to open portals all around the mountainside so the forces of Hell could pass through!

The Army of Darkness emerged and a new era was about to begin on Earth. From the far off distance, fire, smoke and massive explosions could be seen coming from Mt. Rodan as giant chunks of the mountain went flying through the sky. It was an apocalyptic war to end what the Council of Death had started over millions of years ago before their banishment. With the armies of darkness drawing nearer, Ubergeek and Jet Jaguar realized it would not be long until the Blue Devil discovered the gateway to Seatopia, the mystical Golden Land of Utopia.

The apprehension and fear the soldiers were feeling was also drifting from them. As sluggish as it was, an uneasiness left them and was replaced by a deeper and darker feeling that was hard to describe. They saw through different eyes now, the lovely and charming world before them in all its glorious beauty was shattered like a broken dream before them. No longer did they feel like soldiers, but mere men watching the battle on television. They were seeing things as regular citizens of Roostville.

It was clear to Zax what was wrong with the soldiers and he could feel what they were feeling. He knew their weaknesses and their strengths. He knew how to get beneath their skin and reap their souls forever more. He had eternity to know their flesh but he didn't need that long. All he needed was to use his powers to their fullest potential and unleash the fury of Hell's might upon the Earth and then reap the land of its handsome grace. To destroy life was Zax's way. He knew no better feeling besides his own pain than to take away from others. Watching horrified faces was his delight!

Project Pimp was not sharing the same feelings as Zax on this day and continued to pass over the battlefield in his helicopter, not interfering in the war for fear of losing his soul to whatever it was that had been ripping people apart, literally. The Blue Devil and the Cenobites were legends to Pimp and he was unaware that they were what was causing the downfall of his men below. Had he known and only believed, perhaps a lesser number of lives would've been lost but all Project Pimp was concerned with was killing Zax. Unfortunately, his dream would never come true now that he had immortalized himself through the act of becoming a Cenobite.

Pimp ordered his pilot to turn around, telling him it was finally time to depart from Mount Rodan and return to headquarters in Maser City where he hoped to construct a new back-up plan for defeating the new enemies that had emerged from the Nether Realms. Suddenly, a large entity that was pure black and flying through the sky came crashing down onto his chopper and in through the front canopy. It was Zax, in all his demented glory. Zax paid no attention to the pilot and left him alone as he headed for Pimp.

"Hello, Pimp," Zax said with a grim look on his face resembling a mad man or a wild animal. "Zax is invincible now!" He gave Pimp a sinister look of hatred and insanity as he turned towards the pilot and viciously murdered him. The helicopter began to lose altitude as Zax smiled with great satisfaction in his work. He was invulnerable now and no one could touch him! Now Pimp was going to pay for even trying to stop him in his quest for absolute power. Together with the Blue Devil, Zax would be granted levels of ultimate power beyond infinite capacity! The power to harness and control everything born with a soul of its own.

"No, NO!" Pimp yelled. "You're a mad man, you pickpocket! Zax Industries shall perish!"

"Hahahahahahahaha," Zax laughed horridly. "Force it to perish then, Pimp. I've ascended into a far more powerful being... Criminal organizations are useless to me now with my newfound powers!" Zax abandoned the falling aircraft as Pimp was forced to go plunging to his doom. The helicopter was twirling around like a tornado when it crashed into a nearby cliff. A large explosion rose from the impact. Zax was laughing with pleasure. There was no way any mere human could've survived that, which meant that Project Pimp was doomed. That brought happiness to Zax who was always undergoing constant pain. The Emperor of Darkness then released a blast of dark magic at the crash site which completely obliterated the area, assuring him that no one would come out of there alive. It was now time for Zax to return to the bigger battle at stake.

And soon, a new day had begun. The forces of good and evil had been fighting non-stop from sunlight to sun rise again and still the war was raging. Each of the surviving soldiers was taking a stand before the evil that was threatening their homeland. The war had brought the loss of friends... It had brought agony, the sweet pain within and hope for a better tomorrow. It also brought emptiness, the feeling of sorrow.

Devastation was thrust unto this world from above and driven behind. Zax and the Blue Devil had poisoned the souls of the good and made them suffer even more from a war within themselves. Pain and misery were their most utilized weapons and they used them to their fullest potential. RBI agents could be heard screaming to them, to take it all away! Their lives, dreams, hopes, everything!

Drifting through the tragedy, some of the warriors battling for good were able to learn more about themselves through this struggle. Life was the process of growing up and finding out your true self and the war helped show people to find their identities in the world. And no matter how many forms they took on, they'll always have one identity!

Afiag flew twenty miles away from Mt. Rodan. There was a war going on but first, he had to stop them before they interfered again. He landed on a cliffside and slowly began to enter his own mind...

"Where are you?! Show yourself!" he roared out into the vastness of his psyche.

"Right behind you, Angel of Darkness," spoke a calm, heroic voice. And from the light stepped a 5'-11" black haired, swordless version of Afiag (as seen in THE RESURRECTION OF DESUTOROIA: Hellspawn's Legacy). Afiag the Hero. "I will not allow you to hurt any more people, Angel of Darkness!" he vowed.

"You didn't even have the power to stop that weakling, Apocalypse. You will never be able to stand before me!" Afiag snarled.

"Maybe he can't alone..." spoke up another.

"But with us helping him, WE will defeat you," finished a third. The figures who walked forward were Afiag, the Demon Huntsman and Super Jet Jaguar.

"Please, none of you can beat him," mocked the cold voice of Afiag, the Fallen One as he walked out of the shadows. Afiag the Hero launched himself at the Angel of Darkness as the Demon Huntsman and Super Jet Jaguar got ready to fling themselves into battle as well. Before they could, the Fallen One stood before them and issued them a challenge.

"Let them fight this out by themselves... You two have to deal with me!"

Yes, most of the people who were fighting this war had one identity but Battrarules did not. His mind was at war with itself. A demon battled with a super weapon in a duel of the ages.

Battrarules awoke. Gamyaris had won. An image of the Mt. Rodan carnage appeared in his mind. Moving not of his will, his body arose, Gamyaris now the puppet master. At the fastest speed he was capable of, Gamyaris flew there. A Cenobite saw a shadow and looked up, only to get speared by black energy and drained of its life-force. Gamyaris moved with superhuman strength and speed, tossing the Cenobites around like rag dolls. The ones in the air were drained, shriveled up shells falling to the ground. Their souls screamed as they were absorbed by the fires burning within Gamyaris. The children of Hell were at war within themselves...

Zax was now unstoppable and on the rise, soon to be granted the powers of the universe within the palms of his precious hands as the Blue Devil and him would ascend above man and even the Council of Death, conquering all in their path.

Nothing could stop them now, not with the endless amounts of power they possessed and the Cenobites they were commanding. The war of the Apocalypse that was being waged across the Nether Realms of Mt. Rodan was over and the forces of darkness were the supreme champions of the battle.

Was this the War of the Cosmos that Roostville folklore had made reference to countless times or just a battle to test mankind? Or was it fought and lost as the beginning of the predicted War?

These questions thwarted the minds of those who still managed to fight on.

"Yes, pain, oh sweet pain," Zax yelled as loud as a fog horn. "Beware the mark of thy Devil, for you all shall soon feel the wrath of the most powerful gods that lurk in this Earth Realm!"

The tanks of the Roostville Militia were destroyed now, decimated by the evil Cenobites and the minions of Hell. Fighter jets and other military vehicles covered the mountainside in thousands of pieces of debris.

The bodies of the dead were also scattered everywhere and from a birds' eye view, one entire side of the mountain looked to be the color red. Rivers of blood were pouring forth from the men who let the blood from their hearts spill for those they loved, to give others a chance at life. Their precious attempts to stop Zax had failed and he seemed thrilled over the massacre.

It could be seen in Zax's eyes now that he was equal to the Blue Devil in every way with his insanity and sick perversions. Zax was a monster housed within a mutilated body, bonded by abstract mechanical devices. Even when he was human, his soul was still the same as it was now. His heart was still black and he still cared nothing for precious life, only to destroy, kill and take. There was only one thing that remained different about Zax's human and new self and that was the fact that now he was always feeling constant pain. But unlike humans, he enjoyed every second that flowed through his empty shell like body. The perversions hadn't changed any but the need for them increased... he longed even more for lustful women to force himself on. To force them into acts of his sick ideas of pleasure and pain unwillingly!

The Emperor of Darkness levitated above it all, higher and higher into the sky until he was amongst the darkened clouds that were hiding the sun and the heavens from the face of the Earth. Zax drew to him a long black cape to add to the portrait of his character, making him look even more frightful and deadly than before. The Emperor of Darkness then set his feet onto the battlefield floor. Many humans were trying to run away and flee so Zax let them go. The Emperor of Darkness had no need for them at the moment and instead, brought his attention to the weakened humans who couldn't escape his wrath... all those who were laying on the ground, broken but still alive. They were the only ones Zax was concerned with. He passed by each of them, stealing their souls one at a time.

Zax's ascension as the Emperor of Darkness had changed him in the eyes of the Council of Death and its rulers. The Emperor himself looked up into the clouds and knew that the Council could see his face and that they were afraid of him. He could feel fear coming from the Nightmare Realm. There was only one there who did not fear Zax and that was Kronos of the Wises.

Kronos had known or shown no fear since the day he decided to betray his forefathers and take control of Utopia for himself, millions and millions of years ago in the distant past of the Earth. Kronos had no fear, he was stiff and would remain that way until the day he died.

"Fools," Zax roared at the cowering humans. "Is there no one who will stand up to my might, no one who will challenge the might... of Zax, Emperor of Darkness?!"

"In the name of all that is holy," said a warrior in the distance. "I accept your challenge." Zax turned around to face the holy warrior who had answered him. It was the Neo-Crucifer, a being of purity but inside of him, Zax saw the familiar face of someone else he had known. William D. Fix, or Bill, as he had always referred to him. Bill Fix, one his "trusted" associates when running a worldwide crime syndicate was Zax's biggest concern. Zax was excited to see that his former henchman and assassin had now been transformed into a being of pure light. Now he would crush the fool for his treachery. Zax marched forward, ready to unleash a mighty wave of Hell onto the hide of the warrior of light.

The Neo-Crucifer removed his holy blade, a sword blessed by the powers of the heavens and sliced at Zax. He then charged up his sword with everything he had and blasted a mystical ball of holy energy at him, throwing the Emperor of Darkness far back, crashing into a cliff and causing a slight avalanche. This battle was going to be bad, for Zax never really liked William and now it was time to take out his anger on the world by attacking him in his holy form and destroying him!

But the holy weapons were harmful to Zax's sinful hide and caused him to suffer greatly. Even more pain than what he was constantly feeling overcame him. Zax cried out. He was enjoying it but he wasn't going to let Neo-Crucifer know that yet. Neo was misled into believing he had gained the upper hand and continued to fight on as Zax was hiding his pleasure and pretending to be horrified by the agony he was being put through. The Neo-Crucifer took his fist and bashed him, making him bleed from the lower jaw and then threw him aside. Neo leapt into the air and landed beside Zax, his sword sticking through the Emperor of Darkness. He removed it and kicked the body away from him. He could see that Zax was undergoing hellish pain and it looked like the Emperor of Darkness was suffering.

The Neo-Crucifer walked over to Zax, who was laying face down. He knelt over him and rolled him over to see his face. Zax was smiling with the look of an insane lunatic and laughing like one also. He could see it in the Emperor's eyes now, all the pain he was putting him through only made him stronger. Neo had learned something: to the Cenobites, pain was everything, something they felt every waking moment of their existence and they always enjoyed it. Zax was no different from the other Cenobites, except he still held within him his human memories. He, unlike the others, had all of his personality still intact.

"You see, William," Zax said. "You can not kill a Cenobite, let alone the Emperor of Darkness... Pain is what we live for!" Zax stood up and unleashed a trilogy of hellfire, hoping to decimate his spirit but when the dust cleared, he discovered that the Neo-Crucifer was protected from the powers of Hell and the Leviathan because of his holy origins. Zax tried to keep his cool and just laughed and smiled. The Emperor of Darkness would not let this pathetic creature - this miserable excuse for something with a soul - get the better of him. Never in his life!

"The powers of Darkness will eclipse you and the light you serve," the Emperor chanted. "It's something that I promise you, William D. Fix!" He rose into the sky and flew high above the mountain once again but Neo-Crucifer followed him into the clouds to continue their battle. He was not going to give up until his quest had been fulfilled and he eliminated Zax. It was something that he had promised the Blue Devil but soon he started to wonder why he had even bothered to make that agreement. Oh well, he thought, it was in the past and there was no going back for him. The Emperor of Darkness, as he called himself, had to fall and soon.

Zax could sense that Neo-Crucifer was following him as he flew higher and higher until he almost reached the edge of the Earth's atmosphere. They continued their epic struggle to the death. Their swords clashed as weapons both Hellsome and holy struck fiercely. Zax lunged at Neo and grabbed him by his side and threw him far off into the vastness of the sky. Losing his balance, Neo-Crucifer drifted far off. Zax had no clue how long it would take for him to fly back but he knew it would be soon and since he couldn't destroy the holy warrior, he fled as quickly as he possibly could.

"Human scum," Zax said while he was flying close to the battlefield. He had noticed a small band of humans, loaded down with weapons, preparing to go another round against the Cenobites. "Can they not see that they have lost?" They had built up a small fort of rocks and vehicle pieces to use for cover. The thousands and thousands of Cenobite legions that were swarming around seemed to move slower as the last remaining soldiers realized the mistakes of their lives and how much they did not want to die. They wanted to live but knew they had no other choice and this was going to be the end...

Suddenly, a blinding flash of light came from above, along with a sign of the tide of battle turning. In moments, the mass of Cenobites that were surrounding the small garrison had been blown apart. The entire battlefield was covered by an immense white shadow that poured down from the skies as Afiag stepped forward, carrying with him a very evil looking double barreled sawed off shotgun and a sword with a red blade. Afiag picked up the head of one of the demons he had blown apart with his gun and it was the head of Belial, the demon that Jimifulss had become. Now it was certain that Jimifulss was lost to Roostville forever.

The Blue Devil, elsewhere on the battlefield and unseen by human or demon, could feel the presence of Afiag. His arch nemesis had arrived at last. This was going to be a fun showdown. The Blue Devil started to think about something he could use in his fight with Afiag... an old associate of theirs named Elizabeth. She perhaps could be the only known weakness that Afiag had. The Blue Devil would make sure to use her this time, unlike the last great duel he had with his enemy. But right now, he had other things to concern himself with as he entered Melkor's heli-carrier to confront Morgoth and Saruman.


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