Episode Number 2: Revenge of Apocalypse Part 2: Liberation Of The King

(Premiered November 20th, 2004 by Lord Khandejifer and taking place in 2017)


In our last exciting episode of ROOSTVILLE THE SERIES, the legendary warrior, Afiag, returned from regions unknown after disappearing many months ago. He had a message for the citizens of Roostville: "I did not come back for welcomes! I came back to warn you of the Darkness. If you... mortals... do not arm yourselves, then the Fates will have you destroyed! Prepare!"

Meanwhile, the ruthless Matthias of the Council of Death had repossessed the body and mind of Lord Jimifulss and struck a deal with the mighty mob lord, Zax, the King Of Darkness.

We now begin our second episode of THE REVENGE OF APOCALYPSE...

William D. Fix was just another lackey, one of the men who served under the King of Darkness. How he hated Zax! How he wished he could just kill him. But, no... If he tried, he knew he would die. He cursed to himself silently when they killed the spy. He had become friends with him. He wondered what would happen now, with this new guy.

"Guess I'll find out, one way or another..." he said as he fingered his crucifix.

Kiryu Goji had come bursting into the Jalepino Club, yelling something about Afiag in downtown Roostville. He slid across the floor on his roller bladed feet and shifted at the last minute before impacting with a chair, stopping and landing directly in it before he could demolish something.

"Hey, you're getting pretty good on those things since the welder put 'em on your feet permanently," joked Godzilla Guy with a smile. Kiryu ignored him and continued yelling about Afiag.

"Whoa, there, Kiryu! What's going on?" the Prince of Space had asked him.

"Afiag is downtown, or at least was earlier and he was prophesying about the end of the world!" Kiryu gasped.

"That's not like the old Count! He's been acting kinda weird lately," said Rodan2000.

"Well, he's been talking about things like the 'war of the cosmos' and all sorts of strange, apocalyptic things," Kiryu added.

"Even more apocalyptic than a normal day around here?" asked Prince.

"Yeah, it would seem so. This 'war of the cosmos' seemed to be the gist of it and something about 'the fates' I still don't understand." Kiryu was pretty shook up over it all.

Godzilla Guy wanted to know more. "War of the WHAT?"

"Cosmos. War of the Cosmos," Yuri Manda explained, finishing it for him. "It's been prophesied for thousands, millions of years. My people were the ones who warned of it most of all but even they didn't know much about it."

White Rikku spoke up. "Whatever it is, if Afiag knows about it, I might be able to get some information from him, willingly or not. If I can get in close enough range..."

"No, you can't! He's too dangerous," said Kiryu. "He did something to Raptor, messed with her mind or something. I can only imagine what he'd do to someone indifferent to him."

"Let's check on it on the big screen. The news will no doubt have something to say about Afiag returning," Rodan2000 suggested. Turning on the TV, they saw Paulzilla with microphone in hand, talking to people who had seen Afiag and heard his prophecies. There was no sign of the Count being present any longer. From what was being said, they could tell that he had left the area and was being followed by Raptor and Jet Jaguar.

"Well, I hope that we're strong enough to win this war, whatever it may be," said R2K. There was a silent echoing of that thought throughout the rest of the club as they continued to watch the big screen avidly for any more information on the future of Roostville.

White Rikku had stepped outside. He knew he shouldn't interfere but how powerful could this guy be? He shook his head and took off to where the Angel of Darkness had appeared. He looked around, trying to figure out where to go next. He saw something going on at the base of Mt. Rodan and headed there, not noticing Raptor and JJ speeding along ahead of him. He ran ever faster, hoping to catch the being and find out what was going to happen.

When he reached the base of the mountain, he was shocked to find it completely and utterly destroyed. He saw something a few miles ahead so he charged forward again, not concerned about what might happen when he got there. All he cared about was finding out how to help his friends.

Afiag sensed a creature following him. He had warned them already. He had threatened them. Still, the bugs followed him. He would make an example of this one! He stopped in mid-air, waiting for it to show itself.

White Rikku saw that Afiag had stopped and hoped he wouldn't have to fight. He shouted to the warrior, "YOU! COUNT! TELL ME WHAT WILL HAPPEN!"

Afiag landed in front of the insolent being. His eyes narrowed as his claws clenched together. This... BUG... was telling him what to do? Energy surged through his eyes as he stood there, waiting to see what this thing would do next.

"Please... Tell me... I only want to help my friends," White Rikku pleaded again.

Fine, then, he thought. Have it your way. His eyes started to glow as he tried to read the warrior's mind.

Rikku shouted out like he had been struck. These... memories... They were overwhelming! He tried to shut the 'gate' between them but found he could not. He sensed something else inside Afiag's mind as his fist sent White Rikku flying backwards and crashing to the earth. He raised up and summoned his Sword of the Wind and charged, bringing it down upon the Angel of Darkness' head, only to have the blade snap in two. Rikku looked at his broken weapon in disbelief and was sent flying by a well placed kick to the stomach, knocking the breath out of him. Before he landed, he was caught by the neck. He raised his head hopefully to Afiag, only to see a deranged smile on his face.

Afiag slammed White Rikku into the ground, breaking some bones. Slowly getting up, he fired his energy beams directly into Afiag's face, hoping to get away while he recovered. No such luck as this only served to fuel his anger and rage. Afiag grabbed Rikku by the arm, bending it in a way it was never supposed to, making the creature yell out in pain. Afiag uttered a cold, hard, heartless laugh as he slammed him into the ground again. Deciding the thing had had enough, he brought up his claw to end its life but something stopped him... an invisible force... Afiag roared out to the nothingness as he flew off into the sunset, leaving Rikku lying in the crater he had created. Bleeding, broken and battered, his thoughts came back to R2K... to Manda... to Godzilla Guy. White Rikku wondered if he would ever see them again as he blacked out.

Mayor Ubergeek had remained in his office at City Hall when Afiag made his grand return in the middle of town, tied to the phones as concerned citizens called to inquire what might be going on with the one-time hero's odd behavior. Uber had as many answers as they did, which were none. He hoped Sheriff Jaguar and Raptor could get to the bottom of whatever was spooking so many people to no end, it seemed.

Since Afiag had departed and Jet had called a meeting back in town, he figured he would just stick around and turned on the television to see what was going on with the media frenzy. He wouldn't be surprised if they soon ended up interviewing each other when the locals who had witnessed Afiag's arrival got their sound bites in. He had told his secretary to put off any official statements to the press until he had a chance to talk to Jet and Raptor.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind being out there with them but I guess someone has to mind the fort..." he mused.

His first two years as Mayor of Roostville had gone rather well (all things considered) and he was actually settling into using his head rather than his claws to get things accomplished.

As Uber leaned back in his big high backed Mayor chair to watch the news reports, the room felt as if a fog bank had rolled in, enveloping him and everything nearby in its embrace. An ethereal voice he hadn't heard since his encounter with the Black Fire Rodan directed him in no uncertain terms to go to Mt. Rodan. With a shake of his head, the Mayor's office returned to normal but Uber's eyes now had an amber glow to them. Striding to the big window, he flung it open and jumped.

The various TV crews were about to pack it in when a roar was heard from the direction of City Hall. A colossal turtle had blasted straight upward on jets of blue-white plasma but quickly leveled off and was heading right for them. With a sonic boom, the Tortoise Guardian headed toward Mt. Rodan.

"Did you see that flying turtle go by?!" a Rooster yelled in amazement, picking himself off the ground. Cameras were quickly reshouldered and zoomed in on the rapidly departing Geekspawn.

White Rikku had been badly beaten by the horrific creature. The red eyes. The immense strength. The horrible memories. The pain. So much pain for one creature to endure. How had he survived? He felt weakness overcoming him. Afiag was still there but as shock overcame him, he looked up and saw the monster. He heard the roar. It took one last look at him and the glowing red eyes were full of hatred and pain. Oh, the pain! It was the force overwhelming him, pulling him into darkness. Rikku was losing consciousness and he wasn't sure if he would ever wake up again. He tried to fight it but only exhausted himself in his efforts.

The warrior turned his head and roared once more to the heavens as if some force more powerful even than himself was calling. Whatever it was, it must be of such extraordinary power that it should be either feared with morbid dread or worshiped almost as a god. Something of that power must be invincible but what was it?

He saw the mighty warrior leaving as the darkness overcame him, the darkness of pain, not his own but that of Afiag himself. That was the last White Rikku saw before slipping away into unconsciousness.

He didn't know how long he slept but as he did, he was being tormented by the thoughts and memories of Afiag's ancient past. Horrid thoughts of the warriors he had fought and slain, thoughts of the master he had served; thoughts of Elizabeth, the woman he had loved. And all was followed, proceeded and strung together by the pain - the ultimate, life sucking pain, one so great and so powerful that nothing could stop it, nothing could quench its lust for multiplying and thus causing more pain. He was enveloped by it, consumed by it, utterly dissolved into it. It was becoming him and he was becoming it, they were becoming one.

And within the merging, he felt a sense of sick and twisted, yet shameless pleasure. He was beginning to enjoy the pain, to feel the pain with relief and accept it with yearning for more. He wanted more, just as the pain wanted to give him more. They were thriving off of each other. The darkness was entering into him and he did not fight it. He welcomed it with feasting and rejoicing, as one would welcome a dear friend. And it was a dear friend, his only friend. They were the only two beings that mattered and they survived off of each other.

But suddenly, the darkness slipped away. He was brought back to reality and the pain slowly seemed to slip away. Before the last bit of it left him, it lingered for a few moments. He felt it once more, but this time, he felt it as a burden - a tremendous horror that should be destroyed. How he hated the pain that had fooled him and betrayed him and given him so much pleasure, only to take it away as one snatches food from a starving dog! He loathed the pain as everyone should and in the midst of his hatred, was relieved that once again he no longer felt a need, an addiction for it. He didn't need it, nor did he want it, nor did he even want to be aware of its presence. Finally, it stopped lingering, stopped festering and left him completely. It was gone and now, there was light.

His eyes opened to see the daylight and through the light came his friends. Sounds returned, sight, all his senses returned to him slowly but with ever increasing speed. Finally, he was in complete consciousness again and felt a different kind of pain. No longer the pleasurable yet perverted mental pain of evil but an unpleasant and sore physical pain that came with the injuries sustained in his recent battle. He had somehow survived. He didn't know how but he had and now he was alive and with his friends. He'd be out of commission for a while but he was alive. White Rikku turned to them and suddenly, a brief wave of the pain from Afiag returned, reminding him of his foolishness. He gazed at the nearest person, Rodan2000, and finally spoke. Slowly, he mouthed the words, trying desperately to let the pressure out of his body and through his mouth to relieve the pain.

All he said was, "They were there... they were in his mind... there was four of them... I could feel them... and they were in Afiag..." And with that, he slipped back into unconsciousness. Rikku was now at peace with the pain. He had conquered it and broke the addiction and didn't want it. He had survived, a scarred but now wiser being. He had lost a fight between himself and a warrior far more powerful than he but from that, he had won a small, inner victory and had conquered the pain inside of him. He would never forget it. Never.

Rodan2000 and most of the gang returned to the Jalepino Club. White Rikku was in the hospital, doing pretty good despite his terrible wounds. Hopefully, he would heal up soon. Rodan and the others sat around, very quiet and waiting. They didn't know for what and the only person who did was Afiag. From White Rikku's experience, none of them risked going to him for the answer. Instead, they sat around, contemplating what to do and wondering what exactly the War of the Cosmos really, truly was. What could be important enough for Afiag to be defending (if that was why he attacked Rikku in the first place) and in such a way as nearly killing the albino weasel creature? No one really knew, at least not at the moment. They mostly sat and kept their thoughts to themselves, waiting for something important to happen. Hopefully, something important and good.

Rodan2000 poured himself a glass of beer, being the bartender, after all. Taking a swig, he let the healing liquid rush down his throat. Looking around, he watched everyone doing their own thing. Tigerlily was curled up and asleep on a table. Yuri sat on a chair beside her, stroking the cat. Godzilla Guy and Kiryu played a game of checkers but neither was really into it, mostly staring into space, making ordinary moves back and forth. Prince lay on the couch, watching the ceiling fan spinning round and round. The phone suddenly rang and Rodan answered. It was White Rikku's doctor, with the latest report. Following a series of simple responses, he hung up and turned to the rest of the gang.

"Well, White Rikku's gonna be okay. He's woken up a couple of times but has only said 'there were four of them' and mentioned something about how he 'beat the pain'. No one is quite sure what either of those comments mean," Rodan2000 explained. Following the news, a sigh of relief swept through the bar.

The quietness had begun to settle in again when Prince said, "Who's up for some video games?" Godzilla Guy and Kiryu were fine with that and eagerly abandoned the checker board for the controllers. It was better than doing nothing and maybe it would get their minds off the depressing situation. It also brought with it something else.

"Hope," said Yuri as she sat there, petting the cat.

"What?" asked Rodan2000

"Hope," she repeated. "That's all we need for now because that's all we can do for now. Hope." They knew it was true.


"The darkness... yes... The darkness. I can feel it... embracing my inner spirit," Matthias said as he stared off into the far reaches of Mt. Rodan. All around the mighty behemoth were about a hundred or so men, working hard at digging up the deadly remains of one of the mightiest and most powerful warriors of all.

"The Blue King's resurrection is nigh and at long last shall the Council of Death rule what is rightfully ours."

In the distance, the screeching calls of Zax, demanding that his men work faster and faster could be heard and it sounded like nails on a chalk board, a sound which disgusted him. However, it was something he had to tolerate for the time being since he had formed a temporary alliance with the King of Darkness. Even though Zax was promised he would have equal power on the Council of Death, Matthias had no intention of fulfilling that end of the bargain. Unfortunately, Zax's greed was so lustful that he failed to see that he was being deceived by Matthias.

"How far beneath the surface does this wicked beast lie, Matthias?" Zax demanded of his partner. "I would also like to know how will we know when we have found him?" Matthias let out a small chuckle of triumph, followed by wicked and maniacal laughter as his eyes started to glow blacker than the night sky and twinkle with delight.

"An ancient burial chamber lurks beneath the hard and rocky surface of this monstrous mountain. It is from that chamber that the pathway to Hell will be opened and the Blue King shall find himself unleashed again to harvest sorrow for mankind!"

"That's all very interesting, yes? Limitless power being pumped by the liter," Zax replied. "But there's something you haven't explained to me. Why can't you and your supposed friends do this yourself? Instead, you seek the help of other life forms. Why?" Matthias seemed to stare off into space.

"My dear Zax. Let me show you something. Stand back a little." Zax did so to witness whatever Matthias had planned for his eyes only to see. The Mob King could feel the pressure getting to him as if he were in great danger. Matthias merely closed his eyes and lowered his head toward the ground. Zax was puzzled by what was going on.

"Huh?" Zax took a step closer when a transparent entity but a hideous beast, both organic and mechanical, flew at him, causing him to fall back and let out a loud scream like he never had before. He felt his heart starting to race faster and faster. Meanwhile, Matthias just looked at him and smiled.

"What you saw was my true form, dear Zax," Matthias said in a cold and calm voice. "Or merely its shadow. We, the members of Death's Council, have been locked away for millions of years in an alternate dimension known as the world of nightmares... or as we call it, the Nightmare Realm! We cannot enter this world in our true forms which is why we must possess the body and mind of humans and use others to our advantage."

Zax had gotten his answer, which only led to even more questions. Everything about the Council of Death, their Nightmare Realm, the seal that kept them trapped on the other side... He wanted to know everything. Zax knew, though, that Matthias would never tell him all he wanted to know as he seemed to prefer keeping most of his mission secret. Zax decided to ask anyway.

"This seal between the two... dimensions. Who put it there... and is there any way to break it?" Matthias just gave Zax a dirty look and walked a few feet in the other direction.

"Perhaps, Zax. Perhaps there is a way to break the seal... but the only man in the universe who knows how is dead."

"Who is this dead man?" Zax asked with a twisted snicker. Matthias answered with a cold and vile voice.

"Death himself."


Soon. Very soon, I will be unleashed. Foolish Matthias! Apocalypse will awaken again but not under his control. So... Zax wants power, does he? Fine. He will obtain his power but first, to strike a deal with the one of the Crucifix, Crucifer.

Wish they would hurry. Afiag is impatient. Might as well hurry the troops... Hmmmm... I sense mortals near. They might be trouble... Amusing. I will send one of my demons to take care of them. No need for cheap theatrics, after all...

Legion of Doom officers were already inside Zax's abandoned lair when the administration and government staff members arrived to assist them. Agents of all kinds were wandering about the offices of the underground organization, searching for the hidden exit Zax had taken to give Pimp's men the slip. They found nothing.

"What do you mean, they just disappeared?" Pimp demanded in fury and rage. "I cannot believe this at all! We had him! We had him! We finally caught the bloody thief red-headed after years of trying to expose him as the crook he is and he escapes!"

The Legion of Doom and Maser City Feds (MCFs for short) continued their search. Pimp knew there must be a secret escape hatch somewhere in the place and that it would likely lead to the perpetrator himself.

"Nobody rests until we've captured and prosecuted that bastard!" The Pimpmeister then ventured over the to the staircase that led up to the third floor where a few MCFs had been searching through the desks and files in Zax's personal office. He finally seemed to turn his frown upside down at the site of Zax's office. His suspicions were right! Zax had left in such a hurry that all the secret plans, schemes and evidence to all his treacherous crimes from petty robberies to assassinations had been left behind.

"This is it!" Pimp shouted, excited for a change. "More proof to the other Kaiju Nations that Zax is a thief, all here! He left in such a hurry, he forgot to destroy it or take it with him!" Pimp started to read through the top secret files of the King of Darkness. With each word, he became even more intrigued. They contained information on all of Zax's crimes, right from the beginning and as far back as 1999. Zax's father was apparently the boss behind one of the biggest crime syndicates in the United States and Europe.

This stuff is solid!" Pimp shouted with joy. "At last, we can avenge the death of our agent, Space Gamera, and put an end to the evil tyranny of Zax, King of Darkness." As Pimp continued to read about the low-life's past in the world in crime, his mood was becoming more positive. Pimp and Zax had a rivalry going on for a long time since Zax tried to take over Maser City through legal and political means. Well, mostly legal. Pimp had been on to Zax's involvement in the underworld since the election many years back when an assassin tried to kill Pimp, right out in public for everyone to see.

"Check this out!" he called overto a few of the MCFs cataloguing the files. "Zax has been involved in a lot over the years. Hijacking missiles and selling them to terrorists around the world. Assassination attempts on the leaders of Monsterzeroville... and MASER CITY! Smuggling drugs... Auto theft in the States! Multiple homicides all over Europe and the Kaiju Nations." This was the day Pimp had dreamt of ever since he won the election and became the ruler of the Maser City community. The day that Zax would be shown for the devilish crook he was. Zax had made such a fine impression on most of the powerful businessmen and rich folk around town so they considered him a highly respectable person with lots of connections. No one would believe he was behind one of the biggest crime syndicates ever! Most of the citizens thought Pimp and his Legion of Doom were bigger crooks than the real ones!

"Sir!" called one of Pimp's loyal lackeys. "Found this on the floor. It looks like a planner of some kind. The last entry says, 'off to the Nether Realms.'"

"Let me see that!" Pimp growled as he snatched the book from him and started to flip through the pages. "Look! It has the dates for all his schemes for this year and when they were carried out!"

"What about the Nether Realms, sir? Does that mean anything to you?" asked the officer. The reference sounded rather familiar to Pimp but he couldn't recall anything specific about the place. It was but a riddle to his ears and almost sounded like something out of a kid's show or a science fiction film.

"No, I am afraid not," he replied. "But that doesn't matter. I want you to make a call to Roostville. Also, contact KPA and Aaron Smith of Monsterzeroville and tell them to meet me in Roostville at the City Hall. I may have had my differences with those two but once we show them and Saruman our findings, every single law enforcement officer on this continent will be in on the manhunt for Zax!"

Pimp was feeling delighted today. Now that he possessed the details of Zax's organization, including their many bases of operations across the Kaiju Nations, Europe and the United States, there was nowhere on Earth the man could hide. Pimp knew in his heart that by tonight, Zax would be on America's Most Wanted list for his many crimes in that nation alone.

"No man, no matter how big his army, can outwit the Pimpster!"

Vice Mayor Melkor took the call from Pimp's administrative assistant regarding setting up a meeting with representatives of Maser City, Monsterzeroville and Roostville.

"I would suggest the Roostville Bureau of Investigation also be included." It wasn't a request as much as a courtesy note that his town's top law enforcement agents would be most interested in what the Pimpmeister had found out about the notorious Zax.

"Rather than making a public spectacle of the Pimp's and other city leaders' visit, let's just meet at the RBI Building." His counterpart in Maser City advised he would also pass on the change of location to Aaron Smith. Hanging up, Melkor hoped Ubergeek would be back from Mt. Rodan in time to attend.


"Welcome, fellow leaders of the nations of Kaiju Land," Pimp began as he opened this unscheduled meeting. "I've summoned you to Roostville because of precious information on a national terrorist that was discovered in the town of Maser City."

Representing the government of the Monsterzeroville community was their co-founder and leader, Aaron Smith, accompanied by King Goji and KPA, two of his most trusted and loyal men. Representing Roostville were Morgoth and Saruman. Unfortunately, Sauron was not able to make it after the Comedy & Tragedy incident. His body had not been recovered and even if he had been found alive, he still no doubt wouldn't be in attendance. Pimp came alone to represent his city.

"I believe we are all familiar with the famous Zax Industries, an industrial company that operates all over Europe and the United States, which happens to be the native land of most of us here." Pimp continued with his rant. "The information in these files and on this disk discovered at the Z.I. office building in Maser City exposes the company for the criminal syndicate it really is." Pimp distributed copies of the files to the other leaders of the Kaiju Nations. Each looked through them to see what information was contained within and it seemed that Pimp's suspicions after all these years had been correct.

"I also possess transcripts of Zax's many phone conversations," Pimp announced. "Plus, the plans for many of his illegal activities, ranging from assassination attempts, selling to international terrorists in the Middle East, smuggling of drugs, diamonds and other things and much, much more." He then passed around copies of personnel profiles found in Zax's office.

"We have even found names of people involved with Zax Industries," Pimp smiled with glee. "Hozay Garcia Nissen was enlisted in Zax's criminal organization from 2006 to 2007. According to the information collected, Mr. Nissen was hired in late 2006 for the assassination of Monster Zero representatives. Note that the attempt failed but my Legion of Doom paid the price in diplomatic relations."

Meanwhile, as Pimp continued to rant against Aaron Smith for politically humiliating his community all those years back because of Zax, Morgoth and Saruman were whispering to each other.

"Hozay Nissen... Why does that name ring a bell in my ears?" Clint asked sarcastically. "Doesn't it do the same for your ears, Saruman?"

"Indeed," Jeff replied. "Hozay was the man responsible for those nasty terrorist attacks and the Black Mass sacrifice back in 2014."

"Hellspawn," Clint said with a look of disgust. "Glad we no longer have to put up with him but I am surprised to hear he was connected with Zax."

Pimp was finished trying to ruin the reputations of his adversaries from Monsterzeroville once again and returned to ranting about the King of Darkness. He passed around more files and portfolios to his fellow officials and pulled down the giant view screen behind him.

"Now, before we move on, I have more startling information," Pimp advised everyone. "William D. Fix. I believe we have all heard of him. Wealthy business operative from Maser City. Sir Desutoroia Khandejifer, another wealthy man who resides in Roostville. Both have ties with Zax Industries!" Everyone in the room was stunned at this revelation. William Fix first appeared in the Kaiju Nations early in the previous year and established Exclusive Enterprises. He had built a fortune from nothing and risen to the stature of a celebrity among Roostafarians and the citizens of Maser City within the past seven months. Desutoroia, on the other hand, had been wealthy and was well respected for a while in Roostville.

"No criminal information on Desutoroia is mentioned in these profiles," Pimp noted. "But apparently, he spent his first year on this continent enlisted in Zax Industries. Whether he was involved with any criminal activity is not known but he was working for them. Now, if you'd please open the portfolios I passed out." Everyone opened their personal copies which had "For Your Eyes Only" stamped on them. Inside were pictures taken during many of Zax's crimes in the U.S. and eastern Europe. Information that linked Zax with the Taliban and the Janus Corporation of Russia was also included. It was enough to put Zax away forever.

"Yes, gentlemen," Pimp announced. "I do believe I have made my point clear, yes? Zax is very dangerous and on the loose and must be apprehended soon. The CIA, FBI and NSA in Washington have been contacted by my Legion of Doom operatives and Zax has already made the list of Most Wanted in America. He is believed to have departed for a place on this continent referred to as the Nether Realms."

"The Nether Realms?" Saruman asked. "Isn't that the term the people of the mining towns near Mt. Rodan used to call the mountain itself?"

"What?" Pimp demanded. "If you have any information of this place, please tell us, Saruman. We need to know!"

"The central area of Mt. Rodan," he began. "In legends and folklore, it was called the Nether Realms by the primitives who worshiped the Black Fire Rodan. The Nether Realms was the dangerous part of the mountain where the molten lava usually rose up to embrace the Earth." Pimp glanced at his watch.

"So, the Nether Realms is Mt. Rodan," Pimp said aloud. "Then, we send our forces there at once, Saruman the Wise. Zax is dangerous and must be caught. We've allowed him to walk free without paying for his crimes far too long!"

"Very well, Project Pimp," Jeff agreed. "As you wish."

Zax's henchmen continued to dig into the mountainside, searching desperately to find the lost burial chamber of the Blue Devil. The further and longer they dug, the darker the night sky became, more vicious and fierce as storm clouds circled above them. The setting was almost supernatural.

"The Blue King's liberation is nearly complete," Matthias muttered to himself. "And no sacrifice for the demi-god? How spiteful!" The twisted cries of lost souls and vengeful spirits from the beyond could be heard as clear as the sunlight that shines in the day. All around, the sickening smell of rotting carcasses rose to the surface as if the dead bodies of thousands were laying everywhere. Then came the crash of lightning, striking down from the uneasy heavens.

"Master," one of Zax's servants called out to him. "We've reached something! There is gold beneath the rocks!" Matthias waved him forward and went to investigate what they had uncovered. He seemed hesitant at first but bent over and took a glance at the solid golden surface. Ancient markings all over it quoted the Roostville Prophecy in alien symbols.

"The Blue King sleeps here," Matthias informed everyone. "And we shall awaken him from his slumber... And those who shamed him, Afiag and the Guardians, shall be rebuked for their sins against the mightiest warrior in all the universe!" Matthias took his fist and pounded the seal with all the strength he could summon into Lord Jimifulss' body and managed to punch out a fist-sized hole. He peeped down into the blackness but could see nothing.

"Dig faster," Matthias ordered. "I want this entire area uncovered!" He stood back as Zax's men somehow managed to dig beyond their own endurance. They were stressing their muscles to the breaking point, on the verge of their own spirits being broken but they would never stop, not with the prize of immortality and godship at stake!

"Dreams, black miracles, dark wonder," Matthias started to chant. "Everything shall fall into place, Zax, King of Darkness and soon to be Emperor of Darkness."

"May your words be true, Matthias," Zax said with a nervous tone. "Those visions you showed me were overwhelming. I would hate to spend the rest of my life behind bars when such power and control can be so easily obtained through these... rather primitive supernatural means." Matthias laughed with a sinister look on his face. Never had the Council of Death's victory seemed so close to reality since Mephistophelian and the Universal Bridge were catapulted into oblivion by the heroic champions of the Earth realm. Matthias loomed about and thought long and hard about Apocalypse. The perverse and maniacal demon whose face was as cold as ice had once brought total destruction and chaos to the people of Earth in favor of Death's Council and would aid them once again in their struggle to annihilate the pitiful creatures that had infested the realm for far too long. Or so the Council thought.

Matthias started to dwell on the Nightmare Realm. Ever since the forgotten war of the ancients millions of years ago, when Kronos and he were banished by the wisest of men in Egypt from the very Earth, Matthias considered the Nightmare Realm his home for the longest time. At last he felt his real home, of which he could feel the pleasures and luxuries of so many millennia, would be under his rule. Matthias would be able to return to his one true home, one which he had forgotten...

'I was a scientist once, way ahead of my time,' he started to ponder. 'Advanced with the vast intellect of the lost Atlantis race. My quest for answers brought me into eternal exile to the Nightmare Realm, away from my true home but with the unwilling aid of Earth men, we shall break the curse. Me and my Council associates will take back what is rightfully ours to rule!'

Matthias began to think even more about the past he had long since forgotten, ever since his admission into the Council of Death. He tried to remember the people he knew and had come into contact with before meeting Kronos all those millennia ago. Sadly, they had faded from his memories like the rest of his past. He knew nothing of who or what he was before, just the technologically advanced machination he had become in the world of demons.

His mind was soon overcome by thoughts of his defeats over the last three years since the original murder of Desutoroia scheme was hatched by Hellspawn. But the most humiliating failure of all was when the Universal Bridge was lost, perhaps even destroyed in an attempt to merge the Earth realm with the Nightmare Realm in order to rule it forever.

The Universal Bridge had the power of inter-dimensional travel and time alteration. It was an ancient alien vehicle used as a way to channel all realities, realms and planes and cross over from one dimension to the other. It was older than the Earth itself. A valuable asset was lost in a great struggle for absolute control over everything and the whole galaxy had been threatened. The proud warrior, Mephistophelian, had also lost his life valiantly during the war, fighting for the same cause as the Council and all its members. Mephistophelian the Conqueror. Mephistophelian, the Destroyer of Worlds, lost in the most humiliating defeat to the Council and their grand schemes. Even Desutoroia's triumph over Khandejifer was not as disgraceful to the most feared tyrants in the universe.

"Matthias," Zax growled like an insane animal. "What are you thinking about?" Matthias had stepped into a place where time stood still as he glanced upwards and noted that the moon was full and never seemed to change.

"Dwelling," Matthias answered. "On the delicious victory we are about to come face to face with on the Frontier, my friend."

"And we will win!" Zax shouted into the night. "Nobody will stop us!" Matthias and Zax joined together in a snicker of triumph over the great victory that was at hand. Nothing could stop them now, no one in the entire universe. Afiag may have defeated Apocalypse once, but only through sacrificing a person pure of heart. Fortunately for the Council of Death, few people in the world were pure of heart.

"Wrong," called out a voice a short distance away. Ubergeek was standing near the dig site and summoned up the mental powers to release a fire ball from his hand and launched it at Matthias and Zax. He then jumped into the air and transformed into his Turtle Guardian form.

"Keep digging," Matthias warned Zax's lackeys and underlings. "I will handle this mere interloper!" Matthias spread his arms far apart as the wind embraced him and he opened his mouth to let out a chant of evil and satanic origin. The ghostly forms of snakes started to appear all over his body and crawled around him as his veins stuck out and his blood hardened in his veins. There was an evil look on his face, impossible to describe and a ghastly stare that would scare even the bravest knights of yonder days. Matthias' mouth then opened up wider than any human would be able to as a monstrous beam of light shone from it as the ghostly spirits of all the dead souls he had killed in the past flew from his body and attacked Ubergeek. The evil spirits swarmed and bit at him, crushing his spirit and draining his life force from him.

Uber was thrown to the ground and reverted back to his human form. He laid there, badly beat up and bruised as the skeletal creatures that spawned from Matthias stood over him or walked around him in circles, preparing for the kill. He took a close look at Matthias and saw a friend in him, yet an enemy!

"Jimi, Jimi!" Uber cried out. "Lord Jimifulss! Is that you? What's going on here?" The remnants of Jimi's influence inside Matthias crept out for a moment, allowing the evil spirits that were brought forth to wither away and die. Matthias seemed to choke for a second before coming back to himself. He laughed hysterically as the lightning glared down upon him, creating a powerful shadow and an evil atmosphere for the hero to have to fight in.

"Jimifulss, my dear friend," Matthias said in a sickening voice. "Is dead. Gone. Forever. I am Matthias of the Dark Sages, who possesses him in body and mind!" Uber tried to get away but Matthias was too fast and agile for even him and unleashed another tornado of evil spirits from within himself to battle the Guardian. Uber fell back as he felt something slice his arm.

"Then it was you," Uber said. "You were the one who tried to kill Gamingboy and shot Yuri Manda three years ago!" Matthias clinched his fists hard as his Medusa-like stare glared into Uber's eyes and was slowly being etched into his soul forever. The closer Uber stared into Jimifulss' eyes, the more of the mechanical freak he could see within him. There was a monster trapped inside Jimi and Uber needed to help his friend.

"Yes, Ubergeek," Matthias gloated. "It was I, Matthias of the Dark Sages, who attempted to kill both your pathetic excuse for a ruler and the lady!" Dead bodies of forgotten peoples continued to rise up and swarm around poor Uber who was defenseless against these monsters of mayhem. Their bones were bashing into his already weakened body like crazy but there was nothing he could do.

"Jimi! JIMI!" Ubergeek cried out as blood dripped down his face like a waterfall. "Listen to me! I know you're in there! You must stop this madness! Only you can fix --" Something hard and heavy came bashing onto his head and knocked him cold. Seeing the enemy fall, Matthias wished away the dead spirits he had summoned so he could personally finish off the near dead Geekspawn.

"Jimi's not home now," Matthias muttered angrily. "But I am sure he'll be happy to see that a friend of his called." The sky continued to roar as if the gods were displeased with what had happened and began a civil war amongst the heavens. The Earth realm began to quake like a child having a tamper tantrum. But it was all amusing to Matthias who enjoyed such violence.

While the fight was going on, Zax made sure his men did not stop digging, not for a single second. Matthias kicked the fallen hero in the side and left him to rot as he ventured over to see how well Zax's men were doing. Clearly, they were doing fine. More of the golden surface had been uncovered and the Blue Devil would once again be reborn.

Unbeknownst to Matthias and Zax who were occupied with overseeing their project, Ubergeek started to come to and inched forward to catch a glimpse of the situation and hopefully, overhear their conversation. He hid behind a large stone and listened carefully to what they were discussing. The Blue Devil was mentioned a few times and from what he could gather, they were digging up a burial chamber, similar to the one that Garland the Elf (who was really Hellspawn) had led him and Super Jet Jaguar to. The fallen Guardian quickly learned that there are many secret chambers within Mt. Rodan, all of which are paths to Hell and can be used to awaken the Blue Devil if he is killed a second, or even a third time. Mt. Rodan and the Nether Realms were basically a giant shrine dedicated to him and the Black Fire Rodan gods who keep him sealed away and protect the pathway to Utopia.

Ubergeek began to recall the weeks in October 2014 when Super Jet Jaguar and him had gone to this same mountain with that small creature, Garland. He remembered how scary it was when Garland turned against him and even moreso when he took Melkor back later and learned the dreadful truth. Seeing the Blue Devil for the first time deep within the mountain was another frightful sight that Ubergeek managed to witness alongside Melkor. The awakening of such a beast was a horrible event to transpire. He hoped that would be the last time a monster like that would be unleashed upon the city of Roostville. Unfortunately, hopes don't always come true.

Mt. Rodan was a place that Ubergeek really hated and always would after that. Not only was the Blue Devil and Hellspawn posing a major threat but he was also reminded of the vulgar Mitchell Laurence who had many aliases (such as Matthew Laurence and Michael Lazarus). He was only human but shared devilish features and trademarks with the Blue King himself. Mt. Rodan had been nothing but a pain ever since the place became known to him.

'This has everything to do with that tablet,' Ubergeek started to realize. 'Those kinds of artifacts are cursed.'

Uber remembered the old tablet Desutoroia and Mitchell Laurence had discovered on the mountain a few years before Desutoroia was murdered. They had managed to translate most of the front side of it but the markings on the back had always remained a total mystery. Some symbols were more familiar to Roostafarians after the events of November 2014 when the Universal Bridge came into play. Even then they weren't sure what it said but now Ubergeek knew. It was a curse that referred to the Blue King.

"I need to get help," Ubergeek said to himself. "Or at least find a way to stop these fiends on my own." As he prepared to transform into his Guardian mode and take Matthias' lackeys by surprise, Zax approached to check on the once unconscious form.

"What?" Zax questioned. "Where did that man disappear to?"

"I'm right here!" Ubergeek screeched as he leapt into the air and transformed. Zax immediately pulled out his favorite weapon, a hand gun, which was rendered useless by Ubergeek's thick shell that protected his body.

"Blasted devil!" called out Zax as he threw his weapon to the ground, knowing that his struggle was a futile one. Matthias drew his attention towards the combatants. He stood there, once again seeming to be in a separate place where time was standing still. Through Jimifulss' eyes, he watched Ubergeek overpower and defeat Zax in a matter of seconds. Matthias had to draw his attention elsewhere as he sensed the presence of more people arriving to help Ubergeek. He knew now that the liberation of the king wasn't going to be an easy task... If he wanted to awaken the greatest warrior ever, he was going to have to fight for his release!

Back at the Jalepino Club, everyone continued to hang around and hope. White Rikku was still in the hospital while the rest of them just waited, not knowing for what.

Rodan2000 watched the guys playing in a video game tournament and had even taken part himself but lost out quickly due to not being able to pay attention. He now waited and watched as something felt wrong. Something awful, somewhere beyond the Club, beyond White Rikku, beyond Roostville itself. Something made him feel as if the entire world was threatened. He tried to put it out of his mind. Really, the world was always threatened. What should make this any different? He gazed about the Club, somehow still uneasy at the presence of some horrible, eminent fate surrounding them all. He couldn't explain it, it was like some sort of sixth sense but he knew something bad was about to happen.

He looked across the room at Yuri, her beautiful face was flushed as well as his own. As he watched her, she returned his gaze and smiled. Then suddenly, she gasped as if for air or she had been stabbed or grabbed by an icy hand of death and fainted. She fell to the floor, lying there almost dead. Involuntarily, she morphed into her Phoenix Guardian form, back to human and then Phoenix again. She continued this for a few moments before finally ending up in Phoenix form. She woke up lazily and with a struggle to remain conscious, lifted her head and barely was able to speak above a whisper.

"The war... has... begun..." Yuri Manda then fainted. She too was feeling the sixth sense, only moreso. So powerful was this threat, its invisible touch was affecting her and knocking her unconscious. Rodan2000 stooped over her body and curled over her, protecting her from any and all forces that he could with his wings as something dark was happening.

"Damn fool! Risking my 'rebirth' like this... Hmm... This hole is big enough..." The Blue Devil pointed toward one of his many soldiers. "You... Go through and delay the two insects. Matthias can handle himself against the weakling Guardian," he spoke in his inhuman voice to which the demon reacted joyfully, thinking he had been ordered to kill. He went through the hole, barely squeezing out as he turned into energy and went after Rado and Angillis.
Meanwhile, over at Desutoroia's house:

Desutoroia walked through his kitchen, rereading a note that Jennifer and the baby had gone out. He smiled at an untold joke as he reached the fridge, only to see a form come out of the darkness. Afiag.

He shrank back, trying to find any weapon he could. A knife, something! The Angel of Darkness grabbed him by the neck, lifting him up, his cold black eyes staring straight at him, narrowed in disgust. With one quick movement, he slammed Desutoroia into his table, destroying it as he stepped on his chest. Desu tried to find words and the ones he did were shaky, and scared.

"W-what do y-you want?!" he asked, frightened out of his wits. Afiag did not answer, only forced his foot down harder as if showing who was in control here. What Afiag said was as cold and unemotional as his eyes.

"She is dead. Never forget that." With that, he disappeared after knocking Desutoroia out.

The clouds above were blacker than the night sky and seemed to be consumed by the eye of the storm passing over Mount Rodan and everyone in its path could feel the Earth tremble beneath them. It was the end of a passion play, with the entire world crumbling away! Zax's lackeys continued their struggle to keep strong and dig up the burial chamber. They promised they would have the job done before day break and they also swore to keep that vow to Matthias and Zax.

Matthias continued to linger about, prolonging Ubergeek's demise. The heroic Guardian felt entranced into Matthias' unfeeling, spiritless void that made up the monster's false heart of nightmares. The Dark Sage was sharp-witted and splendid; he would not be broken so easily by the forces of Good. To Matthias, words such as Good, Kindness and Affection were mere signs of weakness. To him, all heroes were weak from the start, weakened by compassion.

"Jimi is dead," Matthias reassured his enemy. "His spirit died without any evidence that the man ever existed." His words seemed compelling and truthful but Ubergeek was sure it had to be a lie, a delusion or illusion created by the wicked member of Death's Council to break him but Ubergeek would not fall so easily. Matthias and him made the perfect rivals in the battles that would force them to oppose each other in the future that awaited. Matthias stood still, seemingly frozen in time as he glared. Ubergeek wanted to attack but did not want to risk hurting Lord Jimifulss, who he knew was still trapped inside Matthias somewhere. In Matthias' subconscious, Jimifulss was alive and well. If only there was a way to reach him! Ubergeek thought. A way bring him back in control of his own body and mind. Matthias could see what Ubergeek was thinking and tried his best to destroy his hope for bringing back Jimi. He brought Uber into his paradox where time began to stand still as Lord Jimifulss' body slowly took on a new form and shape to fight the Guardian. He spun and twirled like a tornado and became engulfed in a long black cloak. Skin on the left side of Jimi's face cracked and fell off to reveal the hideous machinations of Matthias buried within him. It truly was a devilish sight to witness as Matthias and Ubergeek came back into the present.

"A monster's been born," Matthias said. "And so shall your soul be torn!"

Zax became rather infatuated with the fight between the forces of good and evil and sat back to enjoy the lethal battle as it raged on. As Matthias stood tall and proud, he could see that he was truly the representative of Hell and the Devil while Ubergeek, who shone with brightness, was a symbol of the goodness of heaven. With each blow delivered by the two combatants, the fight seemed more like a bloody massacre as red dripped on the rocks at their feet. Matthias was baneful and destructive as his evil overpowered Ubergeek. His lustful cravings for his demonic desires to take control of the Earth kept him strong in spirit. The Earth realm was his home and he wanted to return to it for far too long. Being forcefully trapped in the Nightmare Realm had completely warped the mad demon over the millennia. He was going to take it back, by any means, at any cost. Whether anyone was left or not after the War of the Cosmos was no concern of his as long as the Earth realm was his and Kronos' to control forever more.

Ubergeek, with all his might at its highest peak in his powerful Turtle form, launched himself at Matthias to unleash the final strike upon his hated enemy to destroy him and end the tyranny of the Council of Death that had lasted long enough. He hoped that this would be the end of it. If he could stop Matthias and perhaps even kill his influence or spirit inside of Jimifulss, maybe it would all be over. All he had to do was get inside of Jimi's mind and cut off Matthias' life from him.

But even if Matthias was destroyed, there was another key figure in the never-ending game that Ubergeek had forgotten about: Kronos of the Wises, the Emperor of the Nightmare Realm and Chairman of the Council of Death. Uber remembered the legends and folklore and stories that had been passed down through Roostafarian history, all the stuff that Raptor and him had discovered during the time of Mephistophelian's nightmarish reign. So even if he did kill Matthias, the threat of Kronos would still exist.

The were-Kaiju charged, his feet pounding deep into the ground as he ran at the diabolical miscreant. Ubergeek unleashed every bit of power and engery he had, even though it was risking Lord Jimifulss' body but it had to be done. He knew that Jimi would not be afraid to die if it meant helping those he loved and cared about. Uber was constant with his brutal and cruel attacks, wanting vengeance for them all. He was going to brawl with the beast to the end.

"Such heroic nonsense," Matthias whispered into the dead of night. "Only a coward would quarrel with the hopes and dreams that you bear in mind." Matthias grabbed a huge chunk of rock and demolished it with his fist to show Ubergeek that the Guardian would suffer a similar fate, obliteration because he was finite. Just like all Earth creatures, they were bounded, limited, restricted. Terminable. Circumscribed creatures just waiting their whole lives for one single moment and that was to die. Matthias was going to make sure that Ubergeek's death was very painful. That was a promise he intended on fulfilling.

"Destroy him," Zax howled. "Crush his disorderly and chaotic spirit at once, o' great Matthias!" Matthias zapped the defenseless Guardian with black magic as he turned to confront his partner in crime and companion. He seemed displeased with the King Of Darkness.

"I shall destroy Ubergeek, Spawn of Kenny," Matthias promised as he lifted up off the ground. "But only once I am through with his vile torture!" Zax was thrown to the ground as Matthias managed to bend his body like a snake and avoid the unexpected attack Ubergeek launched at him. Zax managed to duck just in time to avoid being struck by the forceful blast.

"Zax, Matthias," called out one of the lackeys. "We've uncovered the sacred chamber, my lords!"

Zax got on his feet and ran towards his men to see what exactly they did uncover, and sure enough, it was the burial chamber in its entirety. Instead of the craggy mountain rock, the entire area was a flat golden surface that ran for about 20 feet in either direction. It still puzzledZax how they were going to get inside the chamber to reach the gateway but he knew that Matthias would come through for him. Zax laughed at his great triumph!

"Matthias," the King of Darkness ordered. "Get us inside of this wonderful... thing!" Matthias was angered by this as he was not finished with destroying Ubergeek. He did not want to hear Zax bothering him about the Blue King when there were heroes that needed to be eliminated first and foremost before they could prevent the Liberation of the King. Matthias' arm, in the form of a hideous serpent, shot at Zax and threw him aside a second time.

"Not until Ubergeek is destroyed. I want no witnesses!" His serpentine arm retracted and he flung it in the other direction. The monstrous fist pierced through Ubergeek's turtle shell and into his body, destroying many organs within in a shower of flesh, blood and other gore. Ubergeek fell to the ground, defeated, as he transformed back into his humanoid form and lay in a state of dormancy.

"The foolish hero from Roostville has fallen," Zax said. "Fallen like a dead angel!"

"Yes," Matthias replied. "And now, we must get inside of the burial chamber and open the gateway that will awaken the Blue King!"

Yuri Manda was telepathically feeling the blows her fellow Guardian, Ubergeek, was receiving at the hands of the demonic Matthias who supposedly had been banished from Earth and sealed away forever in the Nightmare Realm. It was the Guardians' destiny to protect the world from ever being invaded by him again but something must have gone wrong. She was now in her Phoenix form, seeing what Ubergeek was seeing at Mt. Rodan. The war had indeed begun once again and Ubergeek was calling out for help in defeating their age-old enemy.

"Yes, we are coming," Yuri said softly, but to no one in the room with her.

"What did you say?" R2K asked, very concerned about his beloved wife.

"JIMI!!" she suddenly cried out, truly startling everyone. They looked about, for it was as if she had seen him close by.

"Where is he? Where is Lord Jimi?" R2K gently asked.

"At Mt. Rodan. Ubergeek is calling him." Yuri spoke as if she were relating a routine bit of news everyone was already aware of. That not being the case, Rodan2000 quickly called the Sheriff's Office, only to be advised that Sheriff Jaguar was in a meeting at the RBI Building.

"Then patch me through to him!" the normally collected pterodactyl nearly shouted into the phone. "It is vitally important that I speak with the Sheriff, and NOW!" The receptionist assured him she would try her best and a series of clicks and buzzes came over the line. Finally, Jet came on, none too happy at being interrupted.

"I hope you realize I'm in the middle of a major operation that we are directing toward Mt. Rodan at this time," the robot advised. "What is so important, may I ask?"

R2K thought about apologizing for his brashness but not very long. "It's Lord Jimifulss. Yuri knows where he is."

"LORD JIMI?!" Jet shouted into the phone, immediately waving Raptor, Melkor, Saruman and Morgoth toward him. "And where may I ask is this felon?"

"Mount Rodan," R2K calmly stated.

Assuring him that his information was most welcome after all, Jet thanked Rodan2000 and hung up. Every Roostafarian was standing by him, thanks to the notoriety of the name of Jimifulss. Jet's one-time co-conspirator in the KFC and other doings may have incurred Morgoth's wrath but that was nothing compared to his actions at the onset of Roostville's darkest days. He had killed Manda right before Sheriff Varan's eyes. The heinous act had been the final straw for the great reptile whose mind and spirit had already been taken to the edge of depression. When Jimi escaped him, Sheriff Varan killed himself.

"I want him," Jet told his party. "Lieutenant Bagoth, you're coming with us." The RBI's resident archmage wasn't about to argue with the Sheriff.

Ubergeek was laying on the ground, battered and brutally beaten with a massive wound deep into his lower torso. His Guardian powers would help revive him a little and keep him alive but for how long, he wondered? His entire life started to flash before his eyes as he dwelled on everything that he could remember from his birth to the present. He could feel it inside and knew he was going to die. This was it...

The Guardian watched from the hard ground as Matthias began uttering a powerful chant to destroy the seal on the burial chamber which would allow them access to the gateway where the Blue King would be resurrected from his slumber a second time. Ubergeek looked away from the hideous sight as he continued to dwell on the events that had occurred over the course of his life.

He couldn't tell what was real or just a dream. Was the life that he had known in Roostville for real? He wasn't too sure of anything anymore. It was all slowly leaving his mind. Deep down inside, he felt the need to scream but he could feel a terrible silence stopping it within him. Ubergeek wanted it all to end! Now that the war was through with him, he began to wake up but could not see. There was nothing left in him! He was withering away faster with every passing second. Nothing was real but the pain now.It was all over. There would be no more days for Ubergeek. His childhood memories were slipping from him. He was beginning to lose his inner child and with it, a part of himself was gone forever. If he were to survive, he would not remember what had happened to him. Everything was fading away into nothingness. Fading to black.

"Where am I? What is this place? Father?" Ubergeek began calling out in his mind but no one could hear him. "I don't know whether I'm alive and dreaming or dead and remembering. How can you tell what's a dream and what's real when you can't even tell when you're awake and when you're asleep?!" The Spawn of Kenny had met his valiant fate at the hands of the evil he was sworn to protect the world from. The evil that was his destiny to fight had overpowered him into submission and now there was nowhere for him to go. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, with panic spreading beneath the surface of his remaining consciousness.

"Mother! Where are you?" Ubergeek screamed, in tears. "Mother, I'm having a nightmare and I can't wake up!" Everything, everywhere was all white. Pure whiteness that seemed to go on forever, just like Ubergeek, who felt he was falling forever. And then came the black... Darkness was imprisoning him, it was all he could see, absolute horror before his eyes. He could not live or die, he was trapped within himself. Ubergeek's body was his own holding cell! Matthias had left him with life in Hell! For the first time in his life, he truly wanted to be dead. The pain and sorrow took on physical form in his ghastly dream and began to crawl all over his body, tearing apart his flesh and biting into him, increasing his agonizing pain. Inside, Uber was screaming but no one was paying attention. He could yell for help but who was going to assist him? No one would, and he knew it. The pain and sorrow in its physical form began to dig itself deeper into him.

It was now a war not only on the outside between Matthias and him but on the inside for the right to live, the very will to live. Not much was left in Ubergeek but he tried his best to keep on. Survival is the basic instinct of all life forms and he was going to survive. Maggots crawled all over him, his pity in a physical form.

"Please, God," Ubergeek screamed. "WAKE ME UP!"

Once again, Sheriff Jaguar and Raptor were racing towards Mt. Rodan. This time, they had a mission and objective in mind. As they left the RBI Building, they saw Rodan2000 and Yuri Manda in her Phoenix Guardian form take to the air above Titanosaurus Terraces.

Bagoth was quietly riding along in the back seat of the Ghost Car, listening to Jet recite the full case file on Lord Jimifulss. Jet and his contingent would be going after Jimi and Zax, in that order. Maser City's Legion of Doom, under the leadership of Project Pimp himself, would be hunting Zax as their primary target.

Roostville's three remaining Dark Lords were marshaling their darker forces, as well as the military might of Roostville.

The closer they got to Mt. Rodan, the more uneasy the archmage was becoming, He could not determine what was disturbing the usually calm "signals" he received from the world about him but figured something was greatly amiss in the mortal plane they were in. Raptor and the robot did not give off any indications of distress. Of course, he wasn't able to get any readings from machines to begin with and Raptor did not command magicks in any form.

Steeling his resolve, Bagoth figured they would soon enough find out what might be going on at Mt. Rodan.

Everything was fading away for Ubergeek, his entire life. Everything he had ever known was fading miserably to black. Life seemed to ebb away, drifting further every second. He was becoming lost within himself. Nothing else mattered to him anymore, nor anyone else. He was trying to fight on so that he might survive to fight another day but he had lost the will to Death in his desperate conflict. There was nothing more for him now, he needed the end to set him free.

"Look to the sky, just before you die," said the voice of Matthias. "It's the last time you will!" Ubergeek was now wishing he could strangle himself but there was no way to kill himself inside of his own mind. Hopeless was his cause. Things were no longer what they used to be for him. Uber was missing something inside of himself, that one part no one will ever lose but it was gone from him. He was feeling hell as it began to freeze over and he couldn't stand it any longer or take much more of it. Emptiness was filling him to the point of agony, which was like a very sharp edge of a deadly blade. The blade of a scapel used by a surgeon to cut people open, and that is exactly where Ubergeek saw himself. He was looking down at himself laying in a hospital, covered in blood and crying as he begged for Miyako to kill him. End his misery, silence his suffering forever.

Ubergeek simply had nothing more to give to anyone. He once was a hero but now it seemed that hero was gone. To him, yesterday seemed as if it never existed. Death was sitting down, preparing to greet him warmly. Death, with his wondrous smile. A deadly one at that, but it seemed more delightful than the rest of the pleasures life left for him.

"Now I will just say good bye," Ubergeek heard himself say. "No one but me can save myself but it's too late." Sorrow had been building up inside of him to the point of self-destruction. Ubergeek was slowly coming to and now lifted his head slightly. In all his pity, he looked and watched the malicious Matthias and Zax as they gloated over their soon-to-be victory. The vile men were laughing like sadistic people, both at the great triumph that was going to befall them and over Ubergeek. The poor champion tried to lift himself up to battle Matthias a second time but he was very weak and fell back down. He growled in agonizing pain as Matthias and Zax continued to laugh at him. He was unable to stop them now. The will to live was gone in him, it wasn't enough to keep him strong. Matthias approached him to unleash the final blow that would put Ubergeek out of his misery. He smiled down at him and all the Guardian could think of in that moment was his friend, Lord Jimifulss. Matthias stomped on Ubergeek's face and walked away.

Uber fell back down, crying and screaming in pain as he started to think of his one true love, Miyako, the person who mattered the most to him in all the whole wide world. The one thing that would give him the strength and the will to keep on living. He would always be close to her, no matter how far distance kept them apart. She was the one person he would forever trust his life with. Everything he thought for her couldn't have been more from his heart. Ubergeek had a heart, unlike Matthias and Zax.

The Guardian never opened himself up with Miyako the way he did with other people. He really loved her a lot and nothing else mattered. He always sought out trust and found it in her. Every day they spent together was something new but nothing else mattered anymore. No one but her. She was everything to him and he was everything to her. There was just something between them that kept them together, standing strong.

Ubergeek had indeed turned his head to the sky and thought of his fellow Guardians, particularly the Phoenix. She, along with her chosen mate, Rodan2000, would be back in Roostville, unaware of his final moments. He had let everyone down and deserved this fate. His remorse had begun eating away at whatever resolve to survive remained in his battered husk. The pain of his emptiness was so great he barely even remembered Miyako, his dear and understanding consort. He was being consumed by his past as images of his father came to him from the far and forgotten reaches of the back of his mind. The man whom he honored, respected and always looked up to as his personal hero. Ubergeek remembered him with great admiration in his heart. It was a long hard road for him when his father died during his preteen years. He, his siblings and even his mom cried for many nights. His father was a true man. The family's hearts had been broken the night he died.

"Dad," Ubergeek said to himself, almost shedding tears. "I remember those days you were a hero in my eyes and you still are. I only wish I could hear from you again, dad. Please, to help me through these times!" He remembered his father as he looked the night he left his family forever. With his trimmed goatee, slicked back hair and dark tuxedo. However, there had been a darker side to his death. Something brought hate to Ubergeek in the past whenever he thought of his father. The manner in which his old man died, the circumstances. Everything. There was a lot of anger inside him and slowly, this hero was lost to him.

There was a time after his father died that Ubergeek hated him. It was what truly had broken his family's heart. His father committed suicide all those years ago. Drugs and alcohol had been involved. Apparently, he took an overdose and the most grizzly part was the note he left. Scars ran deep inside Ubergeek's torn body. He was keeping within him secrets he planned to take to his grave but he was okay now. He just wished the man would of listened to his own advice instead of solving his personal problems by killing himself in the most vile manner possible. But Uber understood now what could drag a man to do such horrible acts as he faced death himself and continued to dwell on his past. His father always told him he would go far in life and that he would do well. Which is exactly what Ubergeek had done.

He used to hate his father and tried to be nothing like him. He tried to be a better person than he thought his old man was. But had he decided to look at the good and positive things about him, maybe he would've realized that being like him wasn't so bad after all. Suicide wasn't a genetic disorder. His father was full of great talents and many wonderful things. His problem was that he lost sight of his goals and forgot what really mattered to him. This was Ubergeek's chance to make up for that.

"I forgive you, dad," Ubergeek said. "I miss you, dad! I miss you!" His father and Miyako were the two people who had the biggest impact on his life. And even though one of them was dead, killed himself trying to hide from the pain, he was still going to fight for the both of them. They were precious to him and meant too much to him. And since he lost his father, he was going to make sure he didn't lose Miyako. Ever! Matthias or noone else would never be able to stop his rage!

Then came a sound that both delighted and saddened Ubergeek. He could hear Lord Jimifulss' voice and he was glad his old friend was again calling to him. But, Jimi was in trouble and screaming out for someone to help him. Jimi had been lost and broken ever since he allowed the Devil to come into his life and ruin it, turning it into a hopeless and lonely melodrama. Lord Jimifulss was always smiling on the outside but hurting beneath the veneer. His eyes had been fading into nothingness while he let his own soul bleed ever since he opened the doors for evil to come in and destroy his life. They tore him apart on the inside but he tried to make everything seem like it was okay. No one could see his faith had worn thin until it was too late for him. He needed help and no one was there to give it to him.

"Help me, Uber! My soul needs filling," Jimi cried. "The wounds in my soul and heart have been opened for long enough and I'm bleeding everywhere!" Evil had a way of twisting the kindest and most innocent dreams of a person into a nightmare of living Hell for the people around them. The forces of evil, the powers of darkness encompassed all in the universe, twisting people's minds and slashing their dreams to pieces. In order to fight it, one must always be aware of its presence and lay their faith in the power of good. Always believe in the best and never let the dark side of things see you bleed. That was Jimi's biggest mistake.

Pure evil in its darkest and most malevolent form can be conquered by the one thing all humans have: the ability to feel, share and give. That is love, a form of purity in people. It is bright, beautiful and wondrous. Beautiful as the rainbows shining in the sky after a dark and cloudy storm. For everywhere that evil existed, love would also be there to counter its hypnotizing spell as long as people believed in it. And when the evil was gone, love would always remain. It was a strong force if only people would open up their eyes and start to use it for a change.

Now was that time. The Council of Death had spent the last three years roaming through the void and possessing the minds of innocent beings to further their twisted and perverted goals and conquer all life in the universe, to dominate the heavens and strip the world of its free will. Eliminate love and leave greed in its place. The only thing that would be able to stop their vengeful reign was the power of love. Sadly, most people in the world were filled with greed and lack of concern for others. It was one of the reasons Lord Khandejifer tried to destroy humanity and create his own world.

And with every second he spent dwelling on Miyako, Ubergeek's will to live became stronger and stronger. He started to gather his resolve to fight his enemies and this time, he managed to pull himself up even further than the last attempt. Blood was dripping off his face and all over his clothes. It was pouring down like rain. He succeeded in standing up. Uber started to walk towards his enemies, staggering and limping at first, but his gait became increasingly steady. He stopped limping and started walking normally, which soon changed into a run as he reached Matthias and threw his fist into the monster's hide, masked by Lord Jimifulss' flesh and blood. Both combatants were soon bleeding from the face down.

Matthias wiped the blood off his deformed face. His hand had dragged across it, wiping all the blood onto it and then he clenched his brutal fist, watching as the blood leaked from the sides of his hand. He looked up at Ubergeek and spoke to his adversary.

"Now it's on and you shalln't win!"

The moon was full and shone down upon the Nether Realms and all the people there. The night was a cold and vile one as the fog began rolling in, blackened clouds blocking even the moon's bright glare. Soon, the battle between the forces of good and evil would rage on, each combatant exchanging blow for blow, fist to fist, a parry for each stab.

"The dream of the Blue King's resurrection is no longer a dream," Matthias said. "The dream is my reality!"

It was the dead of night and nothing was what it had previously seemed. He was angered at Ubergeek, he was sure that the hero had lost all hope of life, that his demise was guaranteed. He could not believe he still managed to survive and how he did so was a mystery. Matthias had lost all memory of the feeling of love. He didn't even know the word anymore. From the distance came a loud shrieking noise.

"You hear that sound, Ubergeek?" Matthias asked. "It's the sound of horses, when the Four Horsemen ride. They have come to take your life, Ubergeek!" Matthias and Ubergeek stepped forward to continue their fight on the mountain as the night slowly changed into early day. Uber charged at his opponent and fought with all his might in his humanoid form. Matthias stood taller than him and looked down at the fists constantly punching into his chest every couple of seconds. He was observing the bizarre actions of Ubergeek, wondering what could have given him the will to fight again, having every bone in his body, along with his spirit, broken.

"I can see it, Matthias," Ubergeek said. "My actions are puzzling to you, aren't they?" He did not answer and merely decided it was time to fight back. He began to exchange punches with punches, only twice as hard but they failed to have any affect. Ubergeek was broken, Matthias was sure of it, but now it seemed that he had regained all his health and strength, both mentally and physically. Matthias became angered by his opponent.

"Your life is crumbling away, Ubergeek, and I am your source of self-destruction," Matthias said. "I see your veins are pumping with fear, feeding on your death's construction! Come crawling faster, Ubergeek, for you are the slave and must obey your master!" Matthias then leaped backwards as he could sense something. Once again, he felt the presence of others drawing nearer to Mt. Rodan to help Ubergeek. He could sense that Zax was in danger of being arrested by these outside forces. Forces he could not control. Matthias knew now it was time to stop toying around and finish what Zax and he had come for!

"Lost in your thoughts yet, Ubergeek?" Matthias asked his foe. "What are you thinking about? Destroying me? Well, let me tell you that there's a fat chance of that. Dost thou have any weapon that can conquer me?!" Ubergeek gazed away at the surrounding area, watching as he started to ponder about Mother Nature. He began to wonder if she would manage to survive these dark ages of man. Mankind was always abusing her and he was hoping for it to stop. After all, it was just Miyako and him, always fighting for their lives. And they were just sitting back while history managed to continuously repeat itself in the most negative of ways.

"Matthias," Ubergeek said. "You hide like a coward behind your human mask. Taking over innocent people who don't know any better! Come and face me, right here, right now!" Uber had always been a dreamer, he spent most of his early days dreaming his life away. In his youth, his father's death really affected him and he spent more time dreaming than trying to make his wishes become reality. Dreaming of everyone living in peace and serenity. A world without Matthias and other evils to corrupt and destroy it. That's all anyone wanted. Desutoroia, Raptor, Miyako, Rodan2000, everyone in Roostville. Even the wicked Lord Khandejifer with his twisted vision of purity and order wanted to just bring peace.

"You," Matthias told Ubergeek with great satisfaction. "You could not handle seeing me in my true form." Matthias was sly and slick like a vile businessman. In Jimifulss' body, he had the look and particularly that dreaded smile they all shared with each other. The one thing in common with distrustful and dishonest men in the world of business was the face and the smile.

"Or," Ubergeek suggested. "Maybe you are just afraid of showing it to me. Maybe you're afraid to see yourself for what you really are!" As they continued to throw their comments as well as their fists at each other, Uber dwelled more and more on the life he was leading and the one he used to have. Particularly, the fun times he had, just chilling out with his friends in the garage, listening to old albums like Van Halen and other stuff. If only he could have them back. It kept him strong, like a dedicated soldier trained to ignore the pain and keep on fighting until it literally killed him.

Miyako's image stayed in his mind most of the time and it was her that kept him alive the most. She was more than just a dream to him. As the years went by, he was racing the clock with her. He knew and she knew that if one of them died right now, the other would die also. Miyako always reminded Ubergeek of the times he used to know who he was.

"Until the day I die," Ubergeek started to repeat what Desutoroia said to Jennifer on the day of their wedding. "I spill my heart for you, Miyako!"

Matthias had violated his friend, Lord Jimifulss, in the most despicable manner possible. It was not Jimi taunting him as Miyako beckoned Uber toward the vast whiteness. Jimi also awaited him, the smiling, jolly, carefree bon vivant of Roostville, raising his hand in greeting as if welcoming a guest to one of his famous house parties. Uber smiled to Jimi and the brightness around him began to fade.

"What's happening?" he had asked Miyako, now beside him. She also just smiled. Uber was now calm and unafraid in the presence of his two friends.

"Help me," Lord Jimi had been calling from deep within Matthias' most horrible incarnation since he first set eyes upon him.

"I will," Uber resolved. Miyako nodded and vanished as the darkness also receded, revealing the moonlit night sky over the Nether Realms. Before him stood the evil Matthias, intent on awakening the Blue King. It was now or never, Uber realized.

"This parade is over," Matthias said. "The Council of Death has a date with destiny!" Matthias floated up into the air and came crashing down onto the golden surface which hid the burial chamber, using all of his might to break it open. And exactly as he predicted, when his fist came crashing down like a meteorite, it cracked like an earthquake's rupture and tore it apart.

"Quickly, Zax," Matthias ordered. "Get inside the burial chamber. Go near the gateway but do not touch it! I shall awaken the Blue King myself! The King will be liberated!"

Then came the roaring sound of helicopters in the distance, bearing the emblems of the Roostville Mods, as well as those of the Legion of Doom and the Monsterzeroville Administration. Through a loudspeaker came the booming voice of Sheriff Jet Jaguar stating that the two men locked in combat were under arrest and the entire mountain was surrounded by police. They quickly set about finding and capturing Zax, the King of Darkness.

"You're finished," Ubergeek told Matthias. "It's all over for you. The Blue Devil won't be getting resurrected this day, pal!"

"On the contrary," Matthias replied as he was encompassed by the massive shadow of a chopper hovering above them. He spoke loud enough for people miles away to hear. "I hold the body and mind of Lord Jimifulss a prisoner, Sheriff Jet Jaguar! Harm me and you harm him! Attempt to kill me and Lord Jimifulss will die. All I ask is free passage away from here!" Matthias then slipped through the burial chamber and went beneath the mountain's surface like a snake slithering into the ground. He was soon out of sight of the patrol and stepped inside. He used his magic to light up the place and there it was, as plain as day: the gateway to Hell and other dimensions of darkness. Somewhere on the other side was where the Blue Devil and his mighty army were waiting to be revived at long last for a second chance at destroying Afiag and Roostville.

Zax watched as Matthias spoke the chant that would unleash the Blue King and force them all into entering a new era of power and unimaginable glory. A world where evil ruled and the weak were killed. A world that cowardly men like Matthias and Zax would call a perfect world. Greed would be the dictator of such a world and nothing would be fair for any one. Governments would be destroyed. Only dictators and their vicious whips would enforce their rule.

"Yes," Matthias gloated as he finished the chant. "I have done it. The Blue Devil awakes!" As he stepped back from the gateway, the place began to light magnificently with many auras and shades of the color blue shining through. He smiled with great delight in his work as the Blue Devil stepped into the Earth realm again. He let out his battle cry as his minions, who were cenobiotical demons, began to swarm through the portal. Hell had returned to Earth and now there was no hope for mankind this time around...


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