Episode Number 1: Revenge of Apocalypse (Prelude)

(Premiered June 20th, 2004 by Lord Khandejifer and taking place in 2017)

After fighting off the many Theos Gaia legions that had raided his mansion and helping Rodan2000 escape, Hellspawn's ghost returned to the vault between his and Lord Desutoroia Khandejifer's mansions which held the tomb of Mephistophelian the Conqueror. Hellspawn had been assigned to guard the tomb and ordered to keep it sealed at all costs. While his soul watched over the crypt, he began to cogitate the circumstances that brought him there.

"I don't know where it all began... Maybe it was when shadowy forms appeared and promised me everything I ever dreamed of having. Mallory alive again... IF I did one little favor for them...

"Maybe it was when Zax, the ruthless man who ran the Maser City Mafia... No matter, I will never forget the consequences it brought about.

"After so many years of gathering followers to the dark side, forging the Todd McFarlane Cult and manipulating the Roostafarians, they made me murder one of my best friends. There was something about him, or what he might become, that they were afraid of. Whatever the reason, I was never informed. All they requested was that I murder Desutoroia.

"GAMZILLA, one of my most precious followers, fulfilled that duty for my master, Kronos of the Wises, when I placed a curse over his mind, draining him of his free will. Given to him by myself was the LaMent Configuration, a pathway to Hell constructed by LeMarchand centuries ago, using the very flesh of Hell's Lord Leviathan.

"I prolonged my services and continued to serve my master like a pet. I organized a group of terrorists and began a new chapter in Roostville history: The Dark Ages. Not even my own Cult was aware that I was responsible for the terrorism destroying the Kaiju Nations. I appeared so innocent in the eyes of the Mods but there was remorse inside of me. I was regretting I ever made a deal with the Devil and murdered my friend but it was too late, my soul had been bought.

"The thought of it all was too much to handle and I went psychotic and even admitted to Roostville that I was the one who led the terrorists. However, no one ever figured it out that I killed Desutoroia until it was too late. I was thrown in prison but mere bars weren't enough to hold me! Kronos allowed me to escape and told me about the Black Mass. He advised that if the blood of a pure person was shed, the world would be consumed by chaos, the Council of Death would be able to enter the human world and I could live forever in happiness with my love, Mallory.

"I retreated to my secret domain where I was holding Desutoroia's wife captive. She was pure and if her blood was shed about the altar, then everything Kronos told me would come to pass. Melkor got in the way and HIS blood was shed that night instead of the Princess'. But it wasn't a total loss. No, it was a temporary victory! I was transformed from a mere mortal into a full-fledged demon! I was invincible! I was indestructible! I would not be denied my destiny!

"The forces of good were strong and went against my love and I being rejoined. Desutoroia and GAMZILLA's spirits crossed over to our world and aided Melkor in his struggle against me! In the end, I was exiled to the Evil Realm as I had failed my master's wishes. There was no Armageddon and the world was safe for the time being. Matthias of the Dark Sages wished me be destroyed for failing the Council of Death yet again but Kronos was against it. He had a special mission for me, a simple and easy task.

"I was given the form of an elven creature named Garland and sent to Mt. Rodan to retrieve a valuable artifact, the Black Fire Rodan. Just like with Desutoroia, they wouldn't tell me what purpose it served, just that they wanted it in their control.

"I searched for months and never found it until Ubergeek and Count Super Jet Jaguar arrived. They didn't recognize me in my new form and I used them to help me find the Black Fire Rodan. When I did, I was overpowered without my true demon form and buried in the volcano's lava. While imprisoned by its seal, I discovered that a great force was also trapped within the mountain. The mysterious ooze flowing through the rock was part of another entity, the Blue Devil, Super Jet Jaguar's arch nemesis. Coincidentally, the Blue King was sealed in the same chamber as the Black Fire Rodan. When I regained my strength and took on my true form, I freed the Blue Devil from his imprisonment.

"Somehow, the forces of Leviathan had mutilated Desutoroia as one of his own after he was resurrected. Desutoroia was on a mission for Hell - to capture the souls of all who were worthy. The Blue Devil and I joined him just as I had promised we would. Leviathan himself took Desutoroia's form to witness the fall of Roostville. It was he who fused the Blue Devil and I into a fierce warrior, a perverted and demonic entity with limitless powers known as Apocalypse! Thus united, we destroyed Afiag, the true form of Super Jet Jaguar. We nearly killed Melkor and fused Desutoroia with us, using him as fuel for our power. Together, we were going to crush the world around us. We came a lot closer to Armageddon than I had the last time but Morgoth... how I hate Morgoth!... was able to defeat us.

"When the Princess of Space sacrificed herself, the goodness within her touched Desutoroia, who was trapped inside Apocalypse. The Blue Devil and I both felt his loss. I couldn't stand to feel my friend's pain but the Blue Devil loved it and wanted to see Desutoroia suffer even more! Our melded minds were no longer one. The Princess' goodness healed Afiag who took the Blue Devil with him, sealing him away once again. I, on the other hand, escaped from Roostville just as it disappeared.

"The Dark Lords, not realizing they were under the influence of Kronos and Matthias, had removed Roostville from its plane of existence. It was now within another dimension but its citizens remained on Earth and set up camp at Monsterzeroville. It was during this time that my demon body underwent a mutation and one of the many people I used to be in a past life awoke: Mephistophelian the Conqueror, the Destroyer of Worlds... a fierce Bhaal Spawn born in Faerun millions of years ago. Somehow, a pathway had been opened when I went through the mutation process and Mephistophelian was allowed back. He possessed the Black Fire Rodan, nearly killed Melkor and gained control of a powerful alien object called the Universal Bridge. He used it to breed a Cyborg Rodan army and tried to conquer Roostville but was catapulted into oblivion when the spirit of Princess came back and the prophecy of Roostville was fulfilled.

"When I regained consciousness, I was standing in the crypt between Desu Mansion and my own, a mere shadow of my former self. I was a ghost or spirit and sealed inside the tomb was Mephistophelian, in my body. I knew that it was my destiny to guard the tomb and keep it safe. I made sure it was never opened by anyone, not even Rodan2000.

"Soon, Roostville was faced with two new foes other than Mephistophelian or myself. Sauron had taken on a new persona, the Comedy & Tragedy Killer. The Universal Dominator, one of the few members of the Death Council to spawn from the lower levels of Hell, had created a new warrior to finish what I started. Lord Zarak Khandejifer, as he called himself, was created to destroy Desutoroia instead. After months of terrorizing Roostville, both fiends meet their end valiantly and Afiag, who had disappeared, was back. The Fan Nest was fully explored and Desutoroia and his new wife were soon first time parents. All this happened while I kept Mephistophelian's tomb safely guarded.

"And now the year is 2017. My, my! Have I been away that long? Where am I? What is this place?" Hellspawn hollered out to anyone who could hear him. But there was no one. He was trapped within a dark room that went on for all eternity. "Is this my mind?" He couldn't move through the black void but in the far distance, he saw the shape of a man coming forward. He revealed himself to be an exact replica of Hellspawn.

"Mephistophelian!" Hellspawn gasped. "But it was my mission... to keep you in your crypt! What's going on?"

"The Council has a special mission for you!" Mephistophelian snickered. "One only you can complete." Hellspawn screamed in agony as Mephistophelian jumped on him and his evilness began to reshape him. Hellspawn's eyes started to glow a strange color and his muscles increased in size and strength, veins nearly popping in his body. His voice became deeper and more demonic as Mephistophelian transformed him into something new. Hellspawn drifted into the void of his mind as Mephistophelian smiled with joy.

Afiag, the Angel of Darkness, had been lurking in the darker regions of town for the past year, keeping himself hidden from his former friends. He now walked alone. Something wasn't right and everyone who had witnessed the demise of the Comedy & Tragedy Killer knew it. If he would only open up to someone! He came flying out of the darkness, passing over the business district and headed toward the Gamera Fields, his eyes glowing with pure power of incredible capacity. Raptor had seen him flying over her house and called Sheriff Jet Jaguar. They were soon in pursuit in his Ghost Car and drove along, right under him.

"It's about time he showed his face again!" Jet said. "Now all we have to do is get him to talk!" Soon, Afiag flew down like a bat and began walking towards Mt. Rodan, miles away. That was the original burial grounds of the Blue King, his arch nemesis. The Blue Devil. Afiag's eyes were glowing the color of blood. Jet and Raptor got out of their car and approached Afiag from behind.

"Count?" Jet called cautiously. Afiag just stood there, his back to the Sheriff as he glared at the stars above Mt. Rodan.

"Come on, Count!" Raptor said. "We're all friends! Why don't you just come back to Roostville with us and tell us what's going on?"

"There'd be a welcome back party, Count," Jet added. "After all, you are a hero to Roostville." Afiag spun around unnaturally and glared at them with his dark eyes. They were blinking red but soon started to glow bright enough to light up the night.

"I did not come back for welcomes!" Afiag spoke in a dark, cold voice. "I came back to WARN you of the Darkness! If you... MORTALS... do not arm yourselves, the Fates will have you destroyed! Prepare!" Afiag spread his wings and flew towards the mountains.

"Fates have us destroyed?" the Sheriff asked but Raptor didn't have any answers either. And Afiag's words didn't comfort them any as well...

Some hours later, Raptor shook her head. Something was wrong. The Count NEVER talked like that. Being in Hell really must have changed him, she figured. As she got ready for bed, she thought someone was outside her window. She looked out but saw nothing there.

"I'm letting this get to me..." she mumbled. Later, as she slept, the Fallen One stepped out of the shadows.

"Fools," he spoke coldly. "They heed not my warnings. Maybe a nightmare will open their eyes..." He waved his hand over Raptor's head...

It was a nice, quiet day in Roostville. She sighed and waved to Sheriff Varan, not noticing the black clouds approaching. A monstrous roar made her look behind her. The Darkness was taking form. She could make out Hellspawn, Apocalypse, Mephistophelian and Khandejifer but there were those she could not identify. Above was a shapeless mass that engulfed them all. It headed toward the town and they were not ready.

Raptor woke up in a cold sweat.

Afiag continued to fly through the darkness as he thought of the recent horrors that had come to pass: The ultimate showdown with the Comedy and Tragedy Killer over a year ago and the destruction of Apocalypse. Both were signs of a greater evil on the verge of rising from the ash beneath the feet of the interlopers who filled the Earth. All he cared about at the moment was preparing for his unsettling fate.

"I must keep my wits sharp," he said aloud. "Or else, the war will wipe me off the map of the cosmos!" Afiag landed on a grassy plain and settled there for the moment but his mind wasn't cleared of the dreaded thoughts of what awaited. The powers that be were planning something beyond human comprehension and he was going to make sure he would last beyond that day of Judgment when his arch nemesis returned. He knew this day was coming ever since he defeated the Blue Devil and took credit for killing Apocalypse. It was only a matter of time before the Devil sent the beast...

The Angel of Darkness soon passed through the grassy field until he reached the far side of the forest close to Mount Rodan. He discovered a hidden passage inside one of the fake trees that led deep within the mountain. After walking through miles of rock and dirt beneath the surface, he found himself in a small chamber. The room looked very much like the spot where he and Ubergeek had met Garland the Elf, who was actually Hellspawn in disguise.

"Haven't we met before?" An old man was levitating in the corner and appeared to be a cross between an elfish creature and a dwarf. In Afiag's mind, he was nothing more than a puny bug who deserved to be crushed. That's what he thought of Roostville and it was a miracle he wasn't evil enough to destroy it like his predecessors had tried to do.

"You must be from Faxanadu, right?" Afiag asked the small critter, noticing the writing on carpet beneath him. "No matter. You're useless and primitive to me anyway." One of the old man's belongings was a crystal that supposedly held the power of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. Afiag could see from the old man's appearance that he had been sealed within the mountain since early medieval times but how he was still alive remained a mystery to him. He grabbed the crystal and smashed it.

"What are you doing?" the old man called out.

"Don't you know that whether you're friend or foe, I'm not the kind of person you want to meet in an alley at night, let alone within a mountain?" Afiag roared.

"I could put up a fight... I wouldn't let you kill me."

"You look old enough to be my father," Afiag replied, sounding harsh and cruel. "And he'd be pretty weak by now!" Afiag aimed his fists and prepared to blast the old man until he noticed a weird marking on his shoulder. The mark of the Blue King, the emblem of the Blue Devil... There was an identical scar going down the old man's face. He was sure now, it had to be him!

"So...." Afiag said. "It really is you, father. I thought I left you to die in these volcanoes eons ago."

"A true warrior never dies, a master can never be conquered."

"We shall see!" Afiag yelled, launching a beam of energy which decimated his very particles, wiping him out completely. The old man, his carpet and his bag of magic were gone. Just an empty space among the rock remained.

"Now it's time to start training..." Afiag said, glaring into the future. "For the end..."

Raptor was not one to easily dismiss the possibility of ESP or other planes of existence just because she might not be privy to the actual workings of such things.

"We never did figure out how the Fan Nest came into being or how it altered its configuration from what the initial Ogasawara satellite photos revealed..." At least those images were safely hidden from public access or the place probably wouldn't be near as popular and successful as it was.

"Sometimes, things are best left alone and unknown but what if that dream is a premonition?" The resident Gypsy Woman would seem a logical source to consult but Raptor figured Melkor might be a better choice, what with his Middle Earth background and all.

"I don't think we're dealing with folk tales and tea leaves here so a mage would seem a more likely authority," she advised Sheriff Jaguar and made a point to get with the Dark Lord the first chance that presented itself.

Afiag raised a shield of hell fire and sent it out in all directions. Wave after wave into the walls made them crumble. He would not fall. He would not fail. He would survive. He... would... LIVE!!! With that thought, an explosion came forth from his body, destroying the cavern. His thoughts began to wander to his past, and what a troubled past it was. He recalled his lover, his allies, his enemies, his 'family.' In reality, he had no real father, just a creature that brought him up. But that is what these flesh creatures considered 'parents'. He was stirring. The One Beyond the Darkness awaited the day of Judgment when the Cosmos' Fate would come to pass. His thoughts traveled to the far future, when there would be no heroes to save the universe, when all would fall. He thought of when the Chosen of Light awoke and fought back to stop the awakening of the Dragon King. When he would fall before the Blue King. With every thought, Afiag's rage grew. With his rage grew his power.

His eyes snapped open. "It is time," he whispered in a ghostly voice. He flew out of the rubble that was once a cavern and headed back to the city.

Lord Jimifulss had been running for his life ever since some force from beyond had taken control of his body and mind and used him to murder Sheriff Yuri Manda and attempt to kill Mayor Gamingboy. It was the most terrifying moment of his life when everything seemed to stop and evil entered his world. It had turned dark as he remembered the day and as the fog rolled into his home, a shadowy figure stepped forth and grabbed him. The rest was a blank but the killings weren't.

Jimi had been a co-conspirator with Jet Jaguar and the KFC back in the day and their various "enterprises" often incurred Morgoth's wrath. He was never fond of Gamingboy becoming the new Mayor but tried to keep the peace. This was the life Jimifulss wanted but he could never go back now, not since his dislike of Gamingboy took him too far over the line. Not since the night of the demons...

It was his hatred of Gamingboy that sealed his fate. Hellspawn, one of the other mayoral candidates, came to him shortly after Desutoroia was murdered. He made him an offer and Jimi accepted, striking a deal with the Devil... He never realized how much resentment and horror he would go through, how the events to come would change his life forever.

"Are you the one they call Jimifulss?" the stranger had asked that night.

"Who wants to know?" Jimi replied nervously. The man approached and handed him a piece of paper with Hellspawn's picture on it that read, "Vote Hellspawn". As he stepped into the light, Jimi could see he was Hellspawn himself. A weird yet disgusting feeling had come over him when he first crossed paths with the Devil. He knew that striking a deal with the man would be like selling his soul but he had to do it! Gamingboy was an abomination to Roostville! At least Morgoth, the present Mayor, or even his adviser, Jet Jaguar (who was also a candidate), was a better option than Gamingboy...

"What do you want from me?" Jimifulss wanted to know. As Hellspawn looked at him, something about the fiend's eyes seemed to petrify him. He couldn't move or speak. He felt frozen by the Devil's sick and sinister look of evil.

"Gamingboy," Hellspawn replied. "Gamingboy must be eliminated from the mayoral race at any cost, even if it means resorting to illegal measures and counter-measures."

"Why?" Jimifulss wanted to know and the Devil's answer was short and simple.

"Because..." Hellspawn said with a cold and menacing voice. "I shall not be denied my destiny!"

"Yes. I will help you," Jimifulss replied as he was struck by a powerful blow from above. A force not to be reckoned with, an entity far more twisted than any he had ever known, came from the lowest regions of the darkness. He found himself standing in a dark room that felt empty and took a step backwards. The musical tone of a puzzle box rang out in the background. Pillars of death and blood spun around him as he ran into a wall. He collapsed and turned around to find a monstrous face staring at him, an evil, maniacal, demonic face of flesh and machinery... Lord Jimifulss was never the same person again. His soul had rotted overnight as his body and mind were taken over by the all-powerful demon and scientist, Matthias of the Dark Sages. Possessed by the monster, he formed a small gang and attempted to kill Gamingboy. He also tried to kill the vermin months later, failing yet again. After that, feelings of resentment, remorse, regret, anger, guilt and hatred filled his heart.

"What have I done?!" he shouted as he pounded the very gun he had tried to kill Gamingboy with against a wall in a dark alley. "How could I...?" He was scared and confused, unaware of what the right choice would be. He ran as far away as he could to avoid the Mods. They would never catch him... ever! He assumed a new identity among the homeless and poor, preferring to remain around the not so well known citizens of Roostville who wouldn't recognize him. Lord Jimifulss lived on the streets and under bridges, making friends with anyone who would take him in.

By the time Roostville disappeared, he was far away from there and Monsterzeroville, living on the outskirts of town. Most of the poor lived under or around the Ghidorah Bridge that connected Maser City with the Monsterzeroville Forest. Lord Jimifulss could often be found pacing up and down the sidewalks of the bridge and through the woods around Maser City.

"I can never let them find me... Never," were Lord Jimifulss' final words when he disappeared almost two years ago, only hours before the Comedy and Tragedy killings began in 2015.

Now, he had grown a beard and was known by a new name and identity, living in a small hut on the west side of Maser City, deep in a remote, forested area.

Meanwhile, at the RMB compound, we see Angillis pushing RadoGoji toward a big wall.

"What is it?!"

"I'm ready to show you my little projects!"

"Uh uh! No way in hell am I going into your hangar without a radiation suit!" Rado protested.

"Oh, come on! I deradiated it last week! Besides, we're here."

"Damnit... Okay, show me! Nothing better explode again..."

"Not making any promises," Angillis replied, punching a few buttons on the 'wall'. The HUGE steel plate that covered it moved out of the way, as did several other precautions. What lay beyond was a vast laboratory of sorts but Angillis was running toward five 25-30 foot robots. He punched some buttons on a control panel in front of them and two came forward. For hands, they had high-powered Gatling guns and mounted on their shoulders were a newer, more powerful version of the weapons. These alone could rip through solid titanium. The chest panels opened up to reveal thousands of rockets that could be fired nonstop. Their sides housed cadmium missiles. Both constructs were painted pure silver but their visors were different, one in the shape of an X, the other a V. They had no legs, just rollers.

"What the hell ARE those things?" Rado wondered.

"They are unfinished but I call them the All Terrain Battle Drones. You can climb in and work them. They only have two modes of travel, Ground and Sky. I still need to work on Space and Underground. What you see now is Battle Mode. I made one for each of us. Mind you, they have limited firepower. The other ones are just in their beginning stages so I will let you see them later."

"But we already have the Zords," Rado reminded him.

"Yes, we do, but those take up a lot of energy and would be easily spotted by smaller enemies. So what do you think?"

It was a cold afternoon in the hills outside Maser City and Lord Jimifulss was sitting alone in his home on the top of a hill. His pet dog and only companion was by his side as he stared into the old television he had acquired from a Maser City flea market. He sat there day after day, following the Roostville News Network and was aware of all that had happened in his absence. As he sat, Project Pimp and his gang were marching towards the small hut. There was only one thing they wanted from Jimi and that was his rent. He may have been living like a hermit but the property was still owned by the government. Jimi had already forgotten to pay for last month and if he didn't ante up, he'd be given another month before they kicked him off their land.

"The old hermit better have his rent this time!" declared Monster Master, Pimp's newest recruit. "Or I'll personally pay him another visit with the Legion of Doom."

"Shut up, MM," the Pimpster growled. "The Legion of Doom has greater responsibilities for Maser City's sake. The old hermit can be dealt with easily enough by the power of my fist. Besides, he knows the score." As they came closer, Lord Jimi's dog began to bark loudly until he got it to stop.

"Hush, puppy," he whispered quietly. The Pimpster and his gang were pounding at the door, demanding that he open up immediately. They continued, nearly breaking it down until he opened up and greeted them.

"Well, hermit! You know why we are here?" demanded Monster Master. Lord Jimifulss just looked at the sorry excuse for an official city representative. Spam was written all over him.

"Yes, Mr. Deese. We've come to collect this month's rent, as well as last month's," Project Pimp said in a rather nice tone compared to Monster Master's.

"I'm sorry," Lord Jimifulss said to his superiors. "I don't have it..."

"And why not?" Monster Master yelled, furious at the dirty hermit. "Why?"

"I... just don't," he answered in a soft tone.

"Well, you know the way things work around here. You've got another month to gather your fee or we are taking action. And by that, I mean kicking you off our precious property," Pimp said calmly. "Can't afford to have a single penny go down the drain. Maser City needs taxes from its citizens. We need funds!" Lord Jimifulss did not know exactly what Pimp meant but he understood the rest loud and clear.

"One more month!" Pimp reminded him. "See you then, hermit!" He and the rest of the officials left and headed back to Pimp Hall, the equivalent of City Hall. Lord Jimi quickly started to pack his few possessions as he wasn't going to be staying here any longer.

Afiag flew above the desert, whipping up sandstorms as he went. His thoughts wandered again to his past. His lover... Elizabeth. He would not suffer the same fate as she had. HE WOULD NOT! He thought about the War that was to come and the final battle between him and the One Beyond the Darkness that would decide his, and Roostville's, fate. He would not be destroyed by the Fates. No, he had lived too long for that now! How many years had it been... how many years? He knew the answer without thinking about it. 7707 years. 5690 years working for the Blue Devil and 2017 years fighting him and being hunted. And 2019 years of stopping HIM from being reborn. From stopping the resurrection. Afiag knew it would be many more millennia before his struggle was finally over.

He spotted the town up ahead. How puny they were. How weak. How insolent! And yet, the Keeper of the Light was with them and he would be needed in the final fight. But at the moment, even he did not know of his true self. He would not know until the end. His end. But when it came, his Light would shine forever onwards until the Perfected One and HIM were brought back. Then the Light would fade away.

Afiag hovered above the city of Roostville as some of its residents watched in awe while others cringed in terror. Many applauded him. He landed on his feet, crushing the road and sending out shock waves. He opened his eyes and looked at them.

At the Mod Station, Raptor was fieldng phone calls right and left about a strange, somewhat evil looking being landing in the middle of town. She paged out the Mods and headed there, hoping this would not turn into a confrontation.

Afiag looked about him, seeing the look of horror and awe on the faces of the Roosters. The crowd parted as Raptor, Jet Jaguar and several other Mods arrived.

"You hath yet to prepare, Raptor. Was not the vision I sent you strong enough? Or must I show you Roostville's fate?" It was not a question but an answer as Afiag wrapped his wings around his body, strode over and grabbed her by the head. Before anyone could move to stop him, a circle of Hell Fire blocked off any means of getting to them. Afiag's eyes glowed with a fierce fire, looking down at the puny mortal in his grasp. He could easily crush her skull but instead showed her the path they were choosing, the path of Damnation.

Raptor's world was engulfed with darkness as she felt like she was hurtling toward something, she knew not what. She arrived at her destination to see something that frightened her to no end. Roostville was in ruins. Bodies lay everywhere. The color of the sky was different. She looked up and was shocked to see two suns. One was the normal sun and the other, pure black and twice its size. It seemed to engulf all light. She stumbled over some bodies and fell, then screamed when she realized they were laying in a pool of blood. She looked at the faces of the slain and knew who they were. The Guardians, but all dead! She started to back away when she tripped over another body. It was a young child who had had her throat ripped out. She started weeping as demons rose from cracks in the Earth itself, forming into one entity. She backed away and nearly fell over another body. It was Lord Khandejifer. She heard something and turned to see an army of Roosters charging the black void. They passed right through her as if she was no more than a mere spirit. She saw them charge and heard their battle cry but knew what would happen and turned away as a bright light engulfed everything. Nothing remained, not Roostville, not Earth, not anything. Only her and the Black Void.

Her eyes snapped open to see the Mods and several other townsfolk gathered around her. She shuddered as memories of the grim future flashed before her eyes. The things the demons did to their victims, even after death... How everyone knew what was coming, yet charged. The dead bodies of Ubergeek, Jet Jaguar and the others. She had only one question.

"Where is Afiag?" In itself, there was no true answer for he was Darkness and Darkness was everywhere and yet nowhere.

Just past the city limits, a small black hole opened and closed abruptly after depositing a tall man who wore baggy white pants and a black T-shirt. He had dark hair and piercing red eyes which stared out upon the city of Roostville.

"Well, at least I'm not too late to do anything..." Zearatul muttered as he levitated into town.

In the suburbs, Kiryu Goji was working in his dinosaur hatchery. The velociraptors generally took a while but the shuvuuia babies had already hatched, as well as the first of the saltasaurs. The triceratops and Hypacrosaurus eggs had just been laid and he was still waiting for the carnosaurs and thyreophorans to lay their eggs. He heard a booming voice all around him and went to investigate, amazed at what he saw.

Afiag soon addressed all of Roostville, saying, 'I have come to warn you of the terrors ahead. If you do not act quickly, nothing can save your city from certain destruction.' Kiryu listened intently, for he deeply cared about his city and friends. He had heard of the Dragon King, of the Apocalypse, the sun being blocked out and the overall destruction of Roostville. He immediately did the only thing he could think of and ran to the Jalepino Club to warn his friends.

Battrarules strode back and forth, pacing in his boiler room. He was uncertain of what Afiag meant until it came to him with a start.

In his mirror, a face was staring at him, that of his true form. With his soul at stake, Battrarules made his decision to become good and confronted Gamyaris. A long, agonized howl of pain burst from his lips that could be heard all over Roostville.


"It's been an unpleasant journey that has gotten me nowhere in life," Lord Jimifulss said quietly to himself as he glanced upon his reflection in the river below. "But the pain I can bear..."

He continued to walk along the outer perimeter of Maser City, passing over grassy hills and through vicious swampland. The forest that once again surrounded him became silent as the light began to dim unnaturally, as if some unknown force was taking control of the area. Lord Jimifulss soon felt pain, tripped over something and fell into the dirty waters of the swamp. He could feel the life being sucked from his body as an unimaginable force overwhelmed him. He was drowning, yet enjoying a strange sense of pleasure. The darkness was consuming his soul. When it stopped, Jimi came out of the water and saw himself standing in a darker world.

"Where am I?" he asked out loud.

"The very core of your own twisted nightmares, Sir Lord Jimifulss. The surreal reality of your own paradox! Another dimension entirely from your precious Earth, found in the core of your heart... and your mind. Yet, this is not the world of the dead, either. It is a realm that you created, a place that allows me to interface with your soul itself!" said a deep voice in the shadows.

Jimi found himself standing alongside a river, a beautiful and grassy place filled with happiness. The spirit and essence of his younger self was running around, playing games and enjoying life to the fullest. On the other side, blackness and chaos was everywhere and another entity stepped forth, a monstrous beast that was a twisted machination of mankind which combined demonic properties with advanced technological matter. A hideously deformed face was covered by creepy looking mask and its hands had sharp ends...

"It's been a while, hasn't it, Sir Lord Jimifulss? A long time since last we met," the entity laughed demonically as Jimi stared at it nervously. "Remember me?" The memories were slowly resurfacing but the answer remained at the back of his mind.

"Matthias of the Dark Sages. The demonic master of science over the power of magic. You... You... It was you..." Matthias laughed with glee.

"Ah, yes, but of course it was me. It's been me all along, manipulating you like a puppet, and I am the master. I would have never succeeded in tampering with the balance without your assistance, Jimi. Even if the Phoenix Guardian didn't remain dead, we sure put the Guardians through a minor setback, wouldn't you say?"

"You forced me into killing for your own... sick games! I lost everything because of you. My friends, my dignity, my respect! Everything! You couldn't begin to feel what it's like, you... MONSTER!" Matthias came closer, stopping at the edge of the water.

"Oh, but that's where you're wrong, Sir Lord Jimifulss. You see, you and I aren't so different. I was once a man as you are, in search of answers to the greatest question of all. And I, like you, lost everything, even my life but it proved to be something wonderful in disguise! And if you serve me willingly, you too will be rewarded. Just as I was."

"Damn you, demon!" Jimifulss yelled in fury. "Of all people, why did you have to pick me? Why?!" Matthias continued his echoing laugh. "I see we have some catching up to do, Jimifulss. You seem to have forgotten that it was you who allowed me to find you. You played a vital role in being the chosen one. You tampered with dark magic and it opened up the void between us... allowing your spirit to contact mine. We are one because of it!"

"No! NO!" Jimifulss yelled as he took another step backwards. "I would never allow myself to be the puppet of a demonic possession!"

"Oh, Jimi. Poor, poor Jimi... This is more than just demonic possession. This is a fusion. Our souls are linked, we are one. A driving force of unstoppable evil not to be reckoned with. Give up on the past and quit looking back, my boy! Just ignore the pain because it's only going to get worse! We have bigger things to worry about, a glorious future is at our hands. We have become one, so serve me loyally and you shall live to see the day of the new world order throughout the universe. The War of the Cosmos is coming at long last! After millennia of preparation, the prophecy has finally fulfilled itself! Be one of the conquerors, be one of us!"

"Never! No, I can't," Jimifulss said. He was scared and the fear of the unknown was overwhelming him. "I will not allow it. I... I lost too much already! I want redemption now, not more of your sins to be placed on my shoulders!"

"Well, Jimifulss, I figured you might say that so I brought someone to help persuade you into joining my ranks. Say 'hello' to your new Emperor, Kronos!"

"What?" Jimifulss muttered as he was impaled from behind. He turned his head to see a monstrous serpent warrior staring back at him. He looked down at his gut from which protruded the arm of Kronos, merely a giant snake, the head of the serpent being Kronos' left hand.

"Ahhh!" Jimifulss screamed as he was thrown across the river to the other side. No longer was he stuck in his heaven but in a Hell that he himself had created. Kronos, covered by his cloak, loomed above, watching as the other members of the Council of Death came forth and began torturing Jimifulss beyond the limits of pain, preparing him for what was yet to come as Matthias merged with him. He awoke inside Jimifulss' battered body, laying on the shore of a dark swamp.

"Time for the end of the beginning and the beginning of Round Two!"

It was several hours later when Afiag returned to the base of the mountain and yawned. He could go a year without sleep but not more. He had trained himself to never sleep, for that was when his memories came, when SHE came to him... His eyes slowly closed as he laid down, placing his head on a rock.

Flashes, pictures almost, of a young, 25-30 year old woman went through his mind. She was about average height, 5'-7" or 5'-5" and had long, black hair that shined white in the light. She was stunning and carried a bow and arrows and two short swords. She was looking at Afiag with longing and love, a much younger, much... happier version without wings and with crimson eyes. Afiag shared these feelings as he hugged her from behind. Suddenly, they both looked up and grinned to each other as they took to the trees, watching as a family of deer came into view to graze. They nodded and in a flash, the deer were dead, their jugulars cut by swords and claws.

Cut to the next day as Elizabeth and Afiag are leaping from the trees and the ground, smiling at each other when suddenly, the sky darkens and a being comes down from above. Afiag and Elizabeth approach it...

Several years later: Afiag, now with pure black eyes and wings, looks at Elizabeth. Both look not to have aged at all and focus on the task at hand. He clenches his claws together as the village they were sent to destroy shrieks in pain and panic. Afiag and Elizabeth laugh as they rip apart the last survivors...

Years and years later, Afiag is locked in mortal combat with another warrior, his claws clashing against his opponent's blades, a wild look in his eyes, and yet... there are tears as well. The twin blades stab through his chest as he brings his claws up, ripping out his enemy's heart. They crumple to the ground together, Afiag holding the limp body of Elizabeth in his arms, covered in his, and her, blood.

She whispers, "Thank you..." and dies in his arms as Afiag's wings cover her body and lightning flashes in the background.

As all of this was unfolding, Afiag was twitching, jerking and convulsing as if fighting. Black energy bolted off his body and Hell Fire rose into the skies. In Roostville, Raptor saw these things at the base of Mt. Rodan and called Jet to go there.

Matthias lurked in the woods like a stalker in the night. He was traveling uphill and over the terrain Jimifulss had already crossed toward his old hut. At the top of a hill, it stood without pride, like an old shack. Matthias entered with satisfaction.

"Jimifulss no longer exists," he said with a dark tone. "No proof of this man can be allowed in the mortal world." He dropped a lit match onto the floor and walked away as the hut went up in flames, consumed not only by fire but by the remorse, pity, hate, regret, anger and confusion that Jimifulss had left behind. With his home gone, his spirit also died with it. From now on, there would only be Matthias puppeteering Jimifulss' lifeless body.

"The Blue King slumbers," pondered Matthias. "Now, all I need is but to awaken the Devil and at last, everything shall fall into its proper position." He glanced beyond the mountains, far past the boundaries of Maser City and to the edge of Roostville. The Nether Realms, the name given to the area around Mt. Rodan by the people of the region ages ago. There was a bridge that connected the cliffs with one another where the gateway to the Blue King's twisted dimension is located. Matthias was going to reach it in time.

"All that remains is an excavation."

At the RMB headquarters:

"Rado, come on!" Angillis shouted.

"What are we doing again?" Rado asked.

"Going to Roostville to pick up Abdel's other conponents. I need two to go so you're it!"

"...Okay, lets go," Rado finally conceded. They climbed into their respective cockpits, Angillis looking like he was right at home and Rado looking lost. He pushed a few buttons and the Drone's voice blared out.

"SELF DESTRUCT IN THREE TWO..." Angillis cut off the 'bot with a remote control and shook his head.

"Here, I'll switch yours to ground mode. That way, it's like driving a car with massive weapons of destruction." The ATBD sort of folded in on itself, turning into a giant vehicle with four rail guns on top. They sped off toward town.

Maser City is the devious city most known in all the Kaiju Nations for its perversion and vulgarity of society. But even with its faults, the Pimpster and his Legion of Doom try to maintain their own twisted version of order and structure. Every social group, as vile as some may be, have an even darker underworld side to them and for years, the Maser City Mafia and its gang of misfits and crooked thieves had eluded the Legion of Doom and National justice. Secretly, in their headquarters, some of their most ingenius strategists and crime lords plot the ultimate scheme, a day of reckoning when order and justice would be stripped away from the citizens of the Kaiju continent. The ministry cabinet of the Maser City Mafia was in session when a man came knocking at the door.

"Zax! Open up! We need to talk, old friend!" yelled the enraged AnimeFan, brother to the infamous GojiraFan85 who was a former citizen of Roostville and presently obligated to the Legion of Doom. "We've got a few things that need settling, you two-timin' bastard!"

Zax, King of Darkness, was the notorious Mafia leader. His simple motto toward his minions and underlings was, "I am the boss 'round here and all you are is just worthless slaves." Zax was not to be trusted as everyone who had ever double-crossed him was triple crossed in the end.

Space Gamera, a spy within the ministry, had been working undercover for the Legion of Doom for the past six months. He welcomed AnimeFan to the humble outer office.

"Zax will see you momentarily. Please take a seat." Space Gamera walked off to inform the chief of his arrival. AnimeFan sat down and pulled out a gun after making certain no one was watching him. He quickly checked it and hid it in his pocket, awaiting the meeting guaranteed to be his last encounter with Zax. He was unaware that the wise tyrant was already on to his little scheme of treachery.

"What's takin' that darned fool so long? He can't be that busy. Those counterfeit dollars could wait a while..." He was suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged into another room, screaming and struggling as he was thrown into a dark corner, his body smashing onto the floor.

"Disarm him," commanded a voice that could not be seen. As AnimeFan reached for his gun and drew it forth, he was overwhelmed with agonizing pain as a bullet pierced his hand. A foot then came down onto his face, knocking a few teeth loose and nearly destroying his jaw. A fist hit his back, sending him face first into the floor as more men came over and began to kick him.

"So, AnimeFan," the King of Darkness said. "I see you are still upset over losing the rigged bets at Roost Vegas to me. You lost a great deal of money, didn't you? An entire family fortune and now you want it back." AnimeFan looked up at him and nodded. Zax continued. "You came here to personally assassinate me and reclaim the money you lost. Oh, how pathetic is that, Mr. Fan? I am one of the most powerful men in the Kaiju Nations and one of the wealthiest. Taking me out won't be so easy. I have... connections. Friends in all places. Eyes and ears everywhere. Guards, scrap him!" AnimeFan got on his knees and pleaded for mercy but Zax's personal bodyguards shot him on the spot. The corner where he lay was covered in blood as red as fire itself.

"Now with that finally taken care of, Space Gamera, my loyal friend, come to my office. We have some things to discuss in private," Zax ordered.

"As you command, sir."

Zax brought Space Gamera into his humble office and motioned for him to take a seat as he went behind his desk and sat down. Unbeknownst to Space Gamera, Zax removed a pistol from one of the drawers, one that was heavy with fire power.

"Space Gamera, you have served me so willingly and have proved to be one of my best assets. AnimeFan tried to assassinate me today and others will follow. I also have word that there is a mole within my organization. Someone else who would, no doubt, want nothing but to see me fall, to have me removed from my present position." As Zax went to aim his gun at Space Gamera, the undercover cop pulled his own.

"Well, it seems you caught on to me but you're too late, Zax. Agents already have this place under surveillance and surrounded as we speak."

"Hurt me and my guards will turn you into compost, vermilion scum!" Zax snickered as his henchmen aimed their machine guns at the mole.

"Are you sure your goons would want to risk firing, Zax?" Space Gamera asked as he stared into the eyes of the cold-hearted mafia leader. "Well?"

"Actually, they would, Lieutenant," said a voice from behind him. Space Gamera kept his gun aimed at Zax but turned his head slightly to see another Zax step into the office and stand by the guards.

"Two Zax's?" he asked.

"When suspicious of being infiltrated by an undercover agent," the second Zax said with a sinister smirk, "the wise tyrant always ensures having a body double to take his place. Just in case an event like this is inevitable." Space Gamera stared into the cold eyes of the real Zax as he shot the body double and jumped behind the desk to avoid the bullets from the guards' weapons. Unfortunately, Zax's goons had enough fire power to demolish the desk within a few seconds. Space Gamera only had moments before he'd bite the dust.

"Guards, if you wouldn't mind. Finish him, now!" Zax ordered and Space Gamera was shot to pieces. Body parts and flesh flew into the air and what remained of the courageous cop was not very much.

Meanwhile, miles away on the streets of Maser City, the sick and twisted Matthias could feel the negativity and power flowing from the humble domain of the Maser City Mafia.

He sensed the presence of a great evil; a man who acted out of hatred, an emotion he could trust. Matthias had found what he was looking for - an emissary of darkness to help him unleash the Blue King from his grave.

Afiag was in a bright, white room now with only three things: a table and two chairs. He sat down and waited.

"Come on, you damn bastard..." he mumbled under his breath. Suddenly, in a bright light, a new form took the seat across from him.

"Has it been a year already, Afiag?" asked the Blue Devil. Afiag just looked at the being who had caused so much horror in the universe. The Blue Devil motioned at the table and up came a chess set with some pieces crumbled and others unrecognizable. The Kings on both sides were shrouded in darkness. "Would you like to continue our game?"

"Why not?" And so, they resumed a stalemated game which had started years and years ago.

While this was going on, the area Afiag was in had long since been obliterated, making it easy for Raptor and Jet Jaguar to find him. They approached warily, as even though the warrior was asleep, Hell Fire still burst from his body and they saw him twitch.

The Blue Devil looked up from the board, raising his head. "Afiag, I hope you know that soon, I'll be free."

"I've figured as much. But why are THEY helping you?" Afiag asked.

"I did the new leaders a favor once so they owe me. Plus, apparently, they fear you so they're bringing me back to kill you," the Blue Devil said. If he had a mouth, he would have been grinning.

"Like you could," Afiag answered with a snort. They looked at each other, fiery eyes meeting red visor. They nodded and as Afiag began to wake up, the Blue Devil left him with one last message.

"I'll see you later."

Storm clouds had formed above as rain and lightning struck the Earth with a force of nature not to reckoned with. As the storm was passing through Maser City, Zax found himself admiring the disastrous side of Mother Nature herself. The skies were black, just the way he had always liked them, black like the coldness of his tiny heart. He had been evil since birth and enjoyed every second of it.

"Two vermin eliminated in one night. Not bad, but we've done better," Zax commented on the killings of AnimeFan and the undercover cop, Space Gamera. "The worst part of it is the Legion of Doom is probably already onto us. I wouldn't be surprised if they've already surrounded this building... Who knows how long Spacey had been givng out information..."

Zax was in more of a panicky mood than usual. His guards were as tense and alert as they always were. "And you want to know something else?" Zax said while staring down Tony M., one of his top smugglers. "I blame you for this little predicament! Don't even start to look for redemption or beg for forgiveness... You're through!"

Tony willingly accepted his fate. The penalty he received was death, the prize for failing his task and allowing a mole to sneak in undetected. Before he could even mutter a single word, his heart was penetrated by the firepower of Zax's gun.

"Bravo! Bravo!" cheered the voice of an uninvited guest. "Magnificent! That was quite the show. When I felt your evil presence in the air, I knew you were the chosen one. May I stay a while so we may talk?" Zax's henchmen aimed their weapons at Matthias as he entered, still controlling Lord Jimifulss' body.

"Who are you?" Zax ordered with a bit of hesitation as to whether or not to trust this newcomer. "And how did you manage to get past the security here?" Matthias waved his hands and the guards' weapons were thrown aside.

"You will not need your weapons, elite guard," Matthias suggested to them. Zax didn't know what it was but there was something about this stranger he trusted. He could sense that whoever he was, their enemies would be a mutual threat. Zax could feel that this man was searching for an ally.

"Very well, dear sir. You may stay a while so we can talk," Zax said, welcoming him. "Now, guards, you know the drill when the master needs to negotiate business." They quickly left and Zax poured his visitor a glass of fine wine from 1782. "So, dear stranger, what is it that you want from me and my organization?" Zax requested of him. "And what is your name?"

"My name is not important. I merely wish for your assistance in a great battle that has yet to be fought on the frontiers of man's precious Earth!" Matthias informed him. "Here, let me show you what exactly it is that I speak of!" A mystical light poured out from Matthias' forehead as the King of Darkness became overwhelmed with visions of the future of the Council of Death, of both glory and power, when all shall be one under the order of Kronos, the wisest of the Council's dreaded members. "Those who help us shall be rewarded not only in life, but in death as well. Ultimate, unfathomable power will be theirs," Matthias said. "The price that those who oppose us will pay shall be an eternal sleep of torment. Join with us in this desperate hour and in the future... You will be able to own that which you've always dreamed. Knowledge, wisdom and love will have no meaning, just power!" The temptation was great, too great for even Zax to deny.

"What must I do, partner?" he asked.

"The Blue King and his army sleep within Mt. Rodan," Matthias informed him. "You must gather your forces and bring them there so we can unleash the mighty warrior and Apocalypse will at last be awoken again!" Zax agreed.

Afiag's eyes opened and he stood up. He knew where to go and if he wanted to, he could stop the Blue Devil's awakening. But he didn't want to. He wanted to fight him, to finally end his war, to finally end his suffering... Maybe even end it all but for this to happen, the Blue Devil HAD to be awoken. He would make sure that he was. He noted two bugs looking at him with fear in their eyes. How he would love to kill them! He shook his head and looked at the sky, wondering...

Raptor approached tentatively, nervous as she spoke. "Count... Come on, Count. Talk to me... Please..." Afiag spun around and picked her up by the neck and spoke harshly.

"Count Super Jet Jaguar is DEAD. Do you get that?! DEAD! He died when he chose to become ME!" With that, he tossed Raptor at a stunned Jet Jaguar, knocking them both down. Raptor coughed, trying to catch her breath as Jet approached the Angel of Darkness.

"What's happened to you?" he asked.

"I've never been better. This is WHO I am. I AM a warrior. I AM Darkness. And what are you? A pathetic, worthless piece of ****, that's what! You hath yet to see the Wrath of Darkness, the Wrath of the Fates! No more warnings. No more help. Follow me again, look for me again and you WILL die." Afiag then punched Jet square in the chest, knocking him backwards and flew off. The Sheriff of Roostville picked himself up and watched Afiag depart.

"That does it as far as I'm concerned! Whatever his 'problem' might be, he can deal with it on his own time."

"I don't think he meant 'no more warnings' about us being concerned about HIM," Raptor tentatively offered when Jet had finally finished his railing against their very unsociable local hero. By then, they were well on their way back to Roostville.

"There's that 'darkness' thing he mentioned," she pressed on when he didn't respond. "'The fates will have you destroyed' he said, also more than once. He was trying to WARN us, JJ, with all those crazy dreams and stuff because WE can't SEE it! You're a robot so YOU don't dream because your electronic brain isn't capable of processing the information in that form. Humans can. He was able to 'visualize' this 'darkness' taking the forms of Hellspawn, Apocalypse, Mephistophelian and Khandejifer. There were others without names but they ALL were overwhelmed by a greater entity with no form, only blackness; a void that swallowed up the entire town. We were not ready in the dream and we still aren't.

"Imagine the Guardians dead," she shuddered. "THAT was what he wanted to tell us that other time. There were also demons rising from the ravaged Earth that formed one single entity, this black void. Even good ol' fun loving Kiryu is spooked by this 'apocalypse' stuff and managed to convince the Jalepino Regulars. Rodan 2000 and Yuri Manda were scared out of their wits! Battrarules didn't help matters either when he scared the tweets out of the WHOLE TOWN!"

"OKAY!" Jet roared, slamming on the brakes so hard the Ghost Car ended up crosswise in the road when its forward momentum finally gave out. "We're going straight to Melkor and get to the bottom of this. Every resource this town has available will be marshaled against WHATEVER it is we're supposed to be 'preparing' for. Ubergeek is another one I want to talk to, what with HIS Guardian doings now. The other two Dark Lords can also make themselves useful instead of just sitting around looking important half the time. And if R2K and Manda are on to something, I want to know what!" Raptor could tell Jet was fired up, maybe from getting knocked on his shiny posterior but it sure beat having to look at him sitting there like a - ROBOT when you tried to get him to comprehend 'weird stuff' like dreams and visions he couldn't possibly have any concept of.

"Good deal," Raptor grinned, pulling down the MDT from the dash to page the principles he'd mentioned. "Even at the rate you've been driving, they all should be able to make it to your office by the time we get back."


"Angel of Darkness... Stop this... Stop this now..."

"NEVER! Not until I kill HIM!"

"We... will not allow you to... kill innocent beings... ever again..."

"You do not have the power to stop me! You can never stop me!!"

"Does not mean... we shall not try..." Afiag shook his head, flying alone in the night sky. He landed on the edge of a cliff just above the Nether Realms, looking down upon all that was going on. His head twitched as the voices returned... three of them.

"Angel of Darkness... We will not... allow you to... destroy Roostville!"

A new voice, gruffer than the others answered. "Like you can stop him..."

"Fallen One... We WILL stop him..."

"LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" Afiag yelled into the sky as he took off again, his head rolling around.


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