Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Angillis 333
Godzilla Guy
Hozay Nissen
Kaijugal Dawn
Kato Yasunori
Kiryu Goji
Orga 99
Prince of Space
Super Jet Jaguar
The Universal Dominator
The Kaiju Girls
Neo-Monster Island
The Garuda .5
Maser City
Zax comes to Roostville
Kato Yasunori has
located his long-lost
brother, Orga 99
RadoGoji is visiting from
Mecha City
Raptor is checking out
Desutoroia and Hozay
come over from Maser


Started by Super Jet Jaguar on October 13, 2003 (October 12, 2007 in the Roostville Timeline).
Note: This is one of the earliest tales of Roostville and serves as a prequel to all Roostville stories that existed during the early years of the franchise.


All of Roostville had been invited to a big Friday night dance.
Zax was in his mansion on the outskirts of Roostville, pounding his fists against the table. He had just lost the opportunity to buy Venus when Super Jet Jaguar outbid him by one cent.

"Why!? Why does this always happen to me! I bid three million dollars! How can three dollars and one cent outbid me?! This is outrageous!" he sobbed as a trusted assistant cautiously came forward.

"May I suggest a less stressing activity?" he asked.

"But I had my heart set on Venus!" Zax moaned.

"There is a dance, sire. Maybe you should go," his aide suggested.

"Hmm. Yes. I can wreak havoc!" he said with a smile.

"Well, that wasn't really what I had in mind..." the flunky explained.

"You said the same thing about buying Venus! And the same about coming to Roostville in the first place! I only came here yesterday. I must wreak havoc! I also no longer need you as I would like a more evil assistant." Before his faithful servant could complain, Zax pushed a button and he fell into a bottomless hole that had opened up. It closed immediately after. "Now, it is time to go."

Zax headed towards the dance and saw a Spammerite that had been kicked out but was trying to sneak back in. The evil man gave him a cursed coin.

"Gee, thanks!" he gleefully responded. Within seconds, it exploded and when the smoke cleared, the vermin had been destroyed. Zax made his way into the dance with his black cape following. He looked around and laughed evilly...

Angillis 333 was walking toward the dance when he saw Durayga. She was sitting by herself and seemed lonely so he went up to her.

"Hey, want to go to a dance?" Her eyes quickly perked up.

"DANCE?!?! LET'S GO!" she screamed and grabbed him by the neck. They ran faster than the speed of light toward their destination. Only chaos could ensue.

RodanXMinya had gotten trapped in a portable pay toilet two blocks away, having paid to get in but he forgot to pay to get out. He began to pound on the walls but the stall simply fell over. RodanX pulled out a paper clip, unlocked the door and hopped back on his bike.

When he got to the dance, Van Halen's JUMP was playing so he sat down at the bar and bought an IBC root beer.

"Let us get our groove on!" a very young Rodan2000 declared as he walked into the crowded place. He was wearing a tux from SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and dancing shoes fitted for a pterodactyl. Accompanying him were Kiryu Goji, Godzilla Guy and Prince of Space.

"So where are all the other dancers?" R2K wondered.

"Yeah," chimed in Kiryu.

"We're still waiting for them," said Super Jet Jaguar. Rodan just stared blankly. He had never been to a dance before so he was a little new at this kind of thing. He looked around for someone to dance with until he found the perfect girl. Angillis had called up a good buddy of his, Shin-Goji of Neo-Monster Island, and told him to birng the Kaiju Girls along.

"HELLO! Everyone choose your favorite and grab a partner!" Putting a rose in his beak, R2K walked over to Hedrah who turned toward him with a big smile. He quickly dropped the rose and kept on going.

Suddenly, the doors flew open. A half-drunk GAMZILLA had decided to get out of the editing room and called up Kato Yasunori. As usual, Gam was bossing him around and convinced him to go to the big dance. They arrived wearing what looked to be MATRIX outfits. Kato stumbled to a seat while Gam headed for the bar.

Rodan2000 walked up to Kato and talked with him while Kiyru, Godzilla Guy and Prince gossiped in the corner. Soon, Kato cracked his knuckles and yawned. The place was huge, easily the size of a courtyard. The conversation with R2K soon ceased as they had not found anything interesting to discuss. That being the case, Kato's clothes suddenly transformed and he was now standing there in his usual garb - black, black, and more black.

"Ahh, how obvious the Gothic life is!" Godzilla Guy was also getting a little bored. No one was dancing, just sitting around.


"That's it!" he decided. "Time to get this disco back into the groove." He then stood up on the stage. "Hey, everybody! What are you doin'? Get up and dance to the music!" Then he realised a little problem when he noticed the song that was playing was a very boring slow number. Prince of Space got his stick out and flipped the record. Suddenly, the place burst into action and everyone was dancing. Kato jumped into the middle and started dancing like a pro. Everyone cheered him on.

"Hey! We have had our warmup now. Who wants to get the groove going? C'mon, someone have a dance contest with me!" Kato challenged. Everyone was silent when the music stopped. They just looked at him blankly. Kato sighed when Godzilla Guy jumped into the middle of the floor. The music started and the dance contest between Kato Yasunori and Godzilla Guy was on.

Soon, everyone was clapping and cheering. Kato briefly thought about his long-lost brother who he had only recently located in a mansion nearby, still alive. Kato had been told that Orga 99 had perished in a baptism of fire at sea but all his life, he disbelieved it, thinking him to still be alive. His thoughts had been true after all but he chose not to dwell on it any longer. Putting Orga to the back of his mind, he stepped out onto the dance floor as a faster song began to play.

With his dancing boots on, all eyes turned to him as he jammed his way through one song after another, striking karate poses and dancing like a beast. He only stopped briefly between each number to straighten out his back. Oddly enough, he felt uneasy despite all the attention. Orga... brother... please come to me, speak to me. I must know why you disappeared! Abruptly, Kato paused and looked at the roof. Why must you run, Orga? Why did you abandon our family like that? I must find the answers!

Kato shook his head sadly but his face quickly livened up with a child-like smile as he started up his groove again and got to dancing. Once again, all eyes turned to him. For over ten minutes, he jammed his way through three songs: Ram Jam's Black Betty ("Whoa-oa Black Betty, bam-a-nam!"), Battlelore's Bucaneers Inn ("You pitiful slaves now row..." ) and Feel The Power by Kick Axe ("I feel my blood surge, I feel my primal urge, I feel the POWER!!").

Any thoughts of Orga 99 had disappeared from his mind as he danced like a break dancer with a needle stuck in his butt. It was at this moment that someone walked towards him. This newcomer looked suspiciously like Kim Jong Il in a tuxedo to Kato but he did not say so. The man pointed at the necromancer and his face twisted with anger.

"I challenge you!" the old man growled. Kato raised an eyebrow. "I challenge you to a break dance contest!" Kato rolled his eyes.

"Now now. That's too tame. A break dance FIGHT would make my day!"

"Very well!" Kim moaned and dropped his black vest on the dance floor. Judas Priest's You Got Another Thing Comin' started up in the background as Kato readied himself, bouncing up and down. Kim stretched his arms out.

"Battle 1, fight!" Kato roared and instantly, the two of them dropped to their hands and feet, spinning every which way and shaking their bodies in unusual ways as they slowly danced towards each other. When the fight started, Super Jet Jaguar kicked them out. Kim walked off as Kato lay in the road, puzzled.

"Maybe I should just dance..." he thought and went back inside, avoiding SJJ but he still refused to cease his concerns with finding his brother. Scenarios of bloodshed, darkness and destruction plagued him now. His fists shook at his side.

"If you are alive at all, Orga," he muttered. "I will make you pay for the grief you've caused me." A green, clawed hand suddenly landed on his shoulder. Kato sighed and turned to see who it was.

"Why not end your grief right now?" the kaiju girl, Gina, asked him. The necromancer was repulsed by her happy-go-lucky attitude and just the sight of her. He placed his hand on her chest and snarled menacingly.

"Get out of my way!" he roared and with the strength of several men, pushed her. Gina went flying across the room and through the wall. Kato turned away and snarled. "I do not need love right now!" he stated angrily. "I need vengeance! If my brother is alive. I'll kill him!" With that, the necromancer vanished.

As Kato was leaving the dance in a furious fit of rage and anger, a creature appeared to him. Kato could not see any specific features of it except for the fact that its shape was circular and it had horns. There was also a bright aura of light surrounding it.

"Who are you? What are you? I demand that you tell me!"

"I... am the Universal Dominator. I... can grant you any wish you ask of me. Any..." Kato stood there in disbelief but he could feel that this creature spoke the truth.

"Anything I ask, eh? Well, there is only one thing that I desire... And you cannot give it to me!" he snarled. The Universal Dominator then slipped away from reality, unseen by naked eyes but he left a warning for Kato, foreshadowing his return in the future.

A lonely RadoGoji sat in the corner just watching people talk and dance. (This was before he met Minsc and Boo so he is a bigger wuss than in other stories, and friendless). He figured there was nothing better to do so he got out some plans for a work-in-progress, the Garuda .5, and started to add stuff to them. He had remodified it so that the cockpit was larger and could hold two people but he still wasn't noticed (which was to be expected since he goes through all that later in life).

Kato and Godzilla Guy had been having a dance contest but Rado was too wussy to enter. He then noticed that due to his newly written origins, he wasn't supposed to have arrived in Roostville yet and vanished. Of course, this didn't affect anyone else present, due to the fact that no one had noticed him anyway.

Gam continued to get drunk when Raptor entered the room. She had heard about this 'Kaiju town' and figured this would be a great opportunity to check it out. In the background, the song, Y'all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind, was playing.

"Sorry, guys, but I am NOT going to not dance tonight... Hopefully..." declared SVAMP. He promptly walked over to Raptor and asked, "Would you like to dance, Ms Smith?"

"Sure!" she said brightly and they started to dance to the music when all of a sudden, a bunch of demons showed up.

"If anything interrupts us, I will rip off their noses and make them eat them!" warned SJJ. Slowly, they backed away.

Chapter Three: DARK SHADOWS

Desutoroia and his good friend, Hozay, came inside.

"I never liked the school dances. How'd you convince me to come here, Hozay?" Desu asked for about the tenth time since they had left Maser City. Hozay just looked around. He also wasn't very happy, considering what a great time everyone else was having. He just seemed to be very depressed and down.

"You were the one who said I should come to get my mind off of things... and forget her," he reminded Desu. Something was wrong, and only a few others besides Hozay knew what it was. Soon, Desu was checking out all the chicks until one, Kaijugal Dawn, caught his eye. He went up to her and introduced himself.

BattraKing soon showed up. At 9 foot 10 inches tall, the Battra/human was greeted with considerable shock. He then astonished everyone by turning into a 16 meter monster version of Battra and volunteered to keep the riff-raff out.

As he guarded the door, he heard a whirring sound. The creature coming toward him was a human-sized Gamera! Battrarules had landed.

"Tell me. Would you like to become my ally? I can use sorcery to enable you to become a kaiju-sized Battra at will." BattraKing agreed. Battrarules also joined him in providing security for the dance.

This time, he had suckered a mighty were-Kaiju into his service and Battrarules would no longer be the only shapeshifting Kaiju maniac in Roostville!

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