On July 27, 2003 (Sept. 27, 2014 in the Roostville universe),  Kato Yasunori (Orga 99) challenged Roostville to a duel!
It was just an ordinary day in Roostville. Gamingboy was in his office, doing his normal governmental jobs. Everyone else was chatting happily with each other or browsing the various stores and Museum of Monsters. The town had started out pretty small at first but gradually grew until it became the whole purpose of living. It had transcended into a megalopolis of Tokyo proportions. Its success was based on the publicity and patience Gamingboy had carefully cultured to draw ALL Kaiju fans into the city and have it become another well known face to the world.

No one could have loathed this publicity and mad rush to go to Roostville more than Orga 99 (Kato Yasunori). To him, the hype was a lousy attempt to draw people in and place them in a city just as loud and cheerful as Tokyo. To him, it was all just a lousy ploy.
"Benefits for Roostville?" he figured. "What benefits, other than dragging them into the loudest, most crazy place since Woodstock and Tokyo?" Maybe he was just cruel or even jealous. He did know he was a schemist, and a bad-ass one at that. His schemes were never to bring goodness into the world. No, they were all about conquest, death, plague and  destruction. Especially conquest. He didn't care much about human life. After all, he was a necromancer; a demon from ages past. Plague, well, it struck when it did, usually after he had left. Destruction, oh yes! That was his second favorite. And he would get a kick out of his next plan, which involved a lot of that.
Grey clouds shielded the sun but that never deterred the residents from having fun outdoors. It hardly rained, after all. Such a good place to live! They could never have predicted the siege about to occur would shake the very foundations of Roostville. The clouds suddenly turned black and rain pounded against the ground. Thunder filled the skies as lightning blazed through the air.
A man stepped forth on the peak of a high hill. He was dressed almost entirely in black - military cap, cape, jacket and pants. Steel boots graced his shoulders and feet. White gloves covered his hands. Most noticeable of all was his head: not human by any stretch of the imagination, but like that of a robot - the Transformer known as Galvatron, to be exact. Everyone who was outside turned to see this being, not human but not machine either.
"Heed my words!" he roared, causing everyone to jump with his loud, angry voice. "This city was created in several weeks! However, it may soon crumble to dust within just one week as I - Kato Yasunori - will make sure of that. The pride of Roostville has corrupted its citizens and its future citizens! This megalopolis, therefore, should not be allowed to exist! I may spare your little, putrid lives if you leave now but if you choose to remain and fight, then Death will cast down her iron scythe upon your souls!"
Sheriff Varan stepped forward from the crowd, pistol drawn. "Sir, you are under arrest for making a threat against an entire city!" he roared at Kato.
"And you plan to lock me up and forget about it?" Yasunori spoke, obviously uncaring about the statement the Sheriff had made. "Have fun trying to even get close to me!" The necromancer pointed towards the ground in front of Varan's feet and a silver arrow shot from his index finger. It hit the ground and erupted into flames, sending him jumping back. "Will anyone else attempt to foil my plans?"
Catbert sat up and shouted, "ME!"
"Nara shine!" Kato bellowed and his hand rose up into the air, his palm facing Catbert. His fingers curved and an orange ball of energy formed in his hand. "With this, we won't even need to count how many times you strike out..."
Anguirus 55 still held tons of rallies for he was a very good friend to Kato. He lived in a three story house outside of town and hated most public opinion. He wrote music and song lyrics and most had been published. A couple of his musicals had been performe at the Roostville Public Theater.
"It appears that Catbert doesn't deserve to get slaughtered anyway," Kato said. "I guess I'm just doing what evil does. But since my evil doesn't motivate me to kill Catbert, I suppose I should change my aim..." Still holding the orange ball of energy in his hand, Kato turned his attention towards Ubergeek. The necromancer's eyes narrowed and the Geekspawn's also. "Hmm... I suppose the Roostville citizen named Ubergeek needs this more than Catbert does..." He pulled his arm back like a spring in a pinball machine and held it there. "Well, Ubergeek, would you like to battle?" he roared. "Knowing how you were-Godzillas live for the fight, you have two options:
1) You will battle me in the heart of Roostville, no matter what cost the city and its inhabitants pay or,
2) I will destroy Roostville and all who live here, including Gamingboy, Sheriff Varan and others. Make your choice, Geeky One. It may be the difference between Roostville, a thriving city or a smoldering pile of rubble, littered with the bones of the dead."
The Geekspawn groaned. Yet again, he'd been on his way to depart Roostville for a look at the Xians' new (and questionable) 'Duel of the Fates' project and yet again some depraved super villain saw fit to interfere. A new voice caught the attention of both combatants-to-be. "Yo, Geek...what's the deal?"
Recognizing his co-workers from Ogasawara, Uber responded in kind. "Ehh... Just another attempt to destroy Roostville, Jun. Only one guy this time but he looks fairly tough." Kato graced this assessment with an unusually articulate sneer, given his robotic facial features. Above the necromancer, thunder split the sky.
Squinting dead white eyes, an ancient sorcerer recognized an equally ancient associate. "Yasunori-san?"
Kato, himself recalling the wizened form alongside the dark-haired newcomer, raised metallic brows with surprise, then collected himself and smirked. "Yamoto. So the Reaper has yet to finish his work with you. What was it, half a century since last we met?"
Obake, lost in thought for a moment, scratched his bearded chin. "Seventy years, I believe, since the time I sealed you with that Ward of Unicron®. I don't suppose you've reflected on the errors of your ways?"
The necromancer snarled. "If I did any 'reflecting,' it was on just how to prolong your agonizing demise for that indignity!" Cape billowing up, the demon levitated, rising up a good fifty feet on a column of black wind.  Obscene energies, a pulsing aura of blood-red power, swirled about his mighty frame. Eyes crackling with their own eldritch force, the ancient mage below gestured with his staff, ushering his fellow were-Gojis off to the side but never taking his gaze off Kato.
"This duel is mine, my friends. If I should be unable to subdue him, join in at your discretion."
As one, Uber and Katagiri busied themselves gathering extra energy from nearby power lines, fires and other such sources. "Works for us. Just yell when you need a claw." At this point, Kato realized he might be in for more than he had bargained for.
"I see you are not just brainless children of the Mayor," he said. "I will call off my duel. However, I cannot guarantee your city coming out in one piece once I'm through. Let us see...ah, excellent! You couldn't live without your precious museum now, could you?"
"Oh god!" Gamingboy yelled. "Not the museum!!"
"Silence, or you will be the first to die!" Kato bellowed. The ball of energy in his hand dissipated but his eyes still flashed crimson as they scanned the city. "You know, this would be a lot more fun if there was something worth destroying alone...." His fingers curled up on both hands and this time, violet balls of energy appeared. "This will be more interesting..." The flames dissipated once more and ran up his arms as lightning crackled around him. He cried out in pain.
"Kato, what are you do-" he began but the pain caused him to groan as his knees hit the ground and he put his hands on his head. Throbbing pain, pain everywhere, pain that would not end.... And Kato's face became human. The pain suddenly ended and the necromancer was able to stand up again. "I see this method of unifying our power was unknown to me," he said. "But this does not change my plans." He threw his arms into the air and flames surrounded his entire body.
"The necromancer has no choice," Obake growled. "He will challenge me."
The flames extinguished and Kato stood staring at the citizens of Roostville. "If I made a show just coming here, I meant to introduce others. Let us see them!" The roar of an engine approached the Roosters from behind and the crowd turned to look back at what was approaching. The sea of humans quickly dispersed as a black motorcycle sped through, its rider a Japanese kid in black clothing and black spiked hair.
"Kyoji, my warrior." Kato crossed his arms, smirking as the motorcycle sped up beside him. The crowd of Roosters quickly rejoined. Gigantic footsteps approached from behind the hill on which Kato stood. "The time comes that the siege of Tokyo was re-enacted, here in Roostville," Kato said. "For behold, Bruticonn, the Devastator, approacheth." Everyone stepped back as a giant 50 meter tall humanoid came striding up over the hill to stand with its feet on either side of Kato and Kyoji. In its hands it held a seven barreled weapon. "Now let me introduce an airborne force,"  said Kato, gesturing at Bruticonn. Taking the weapon, the giant fired three shots into the air, the reports from the gun echoing all over Roostville©.  From high in the air came three blasts and red, black and yellow smoke trails started falling.
"Huh? First he terrorizes us, now he lets off daytime fireworks. What's going on?" said a puzzled Uber to Katagiri.
"Don't know.... Whoo!" As everyone looked up, something moving so fast it was just a blur shot between the smoke trails, leaving them twisting behind in its wake. As they watched, the blur slowed, taking on form. Like the smoke it had just passed through, it was red, black and yellow.
Hovering over the city, gleaming like a shiny diamond was the unimpeachable Jet Jaguar. "Behold, citizens! It is I, Jet Jaguar! I will save you... For a fee." Hard times had come for robots.

     "A savior, for this corrupt place?" Kato asked. "Don't you know that saviors always fall when they try to take on the big one?" 
     "Since when?" Jet Jaguar boomed. 
     "Optimus Prime fell when he took on Megatron. Tetsuo destroyed the SOL satellite. And Orga 99 crushed 
     "Those are all unfair!" the robot replied. "Megatron got jumped by Hot Rod, which stalled Prime! Tetsuo got 
his arm fragged by SOL before he destroyed it. And Orga 99, well, just wasn't fair!" 
     "Oh, hell." Kato turned to his robot companion, Bruticonn the Devastator. "Bruticonn! Destroy Jet Jaguar!" 
     "Ha ha ha!" Jet Jaguar laughed. "You can barely dent me, much less destroy me! Bring it on, Booby-con!" He 
laughed again. 
     "Talk is excessive. Time is limited." Bruticonn raised his rifle cannon, pointed it at Jet Jaguar's chest and pulled 
back the trigger but at the last second, the hulking Decepticon warrior's optic sensors were scrambled by a 
psychedelic strobe light emitting from JJ's eyes. 
     "Not so easy, is it?" Switching to IR mode, Bruticonn loosed a volley of heat seeking flechette rounds, only 
to 'watch' the low signature JJ easily somersault over 'em, then land a solid kick to his breastbone. Catching his 
foot, Bruticonn was knocked back maybe a foot or two. The Sentai-bot's usually cheerful smile quickly inverted. 
Bruticonn's dour features, in converse, warped into a gleeful leer. Bashing foes into slag was one of many things 
he excelled at. First up, the titanium-warping body slam, then a wince-inducing elbow to the back of the 
head. Then a stomp to the nerve center. A lance of nuclear power interrupted this last move just in time, putting 
Bruticonn on his alloyed arse with a howl of rage. 
Jun, now an 80-meter doppleganger of the Millennium Godzilla, glanced back at the Geekspawn. "I'll take this bozo if you don't mind."
Uber shrugged: "Take it away, dude." Thus encouraged, the hulking saurian barreled forward with a baritone roar that shook the terrain underfoot. Bruticonn, rolling up, took aim and fired, prompting Katagiri to spring skyward, clearing the white-hot laser blast and collide solidly with the 'Con's upper torso, wrapping powerful claws about his head and flipped the malefic mechanoid head-over-heels as he landed. This spectacular maneuver sent Bruticonn arcing far over Roostville's rooftops before landing somewhere with a tooth-rattling boom. Baring outsized reptilian fangs in a wide grin, the were-Mire-Goji® thundered off after him.
Meanwhile, a duel of sorcerers was fully underway: Kato and Obake were a spectacular and terrible blur of leaps, shields, spells and counter-spells. Black and white shiki swarmed about the two in oddly beautiful spiraling patterns, flinging themselves against mystic shields and each other with vicious abandon. Occasionally, one would zip through either mage's defenses, inflicting a painful cut and a grunt of irritation. Finally, Kato broke the deadlock. Roaring some profane incantation, he threw up his arms and the earth below them exploded in a wave of pressure which slammed full into Yamoto's ki sphere, throwing the ancient shaman off his feet. Kato grinned, then stared mildly stunned as his foe nimbly somersaulted through the drop. With a war cry of his own, he brought his bizarre staff up and around in a wide arc. Golden ki energy swirled around its length, then erupted in a sheet, swirling around the black-clad fiend and lifting him far off the ground, tossed like a leaf in the breeze. Breaking free with a pulse of dark anger, Kato seethed, his breath coming in metallic rasps. His foe, though sweat beaded the wrinkled forehead, graced him with an affable smile.
"Well played, 'old friend'. Perhaps you have learned after all."
Goggling at the aforementioned battles royale, Kyoji and Ubergeek reluctantly turned their attentions to one another. " feel like a dance?"
Kyoji grimaced. "Dude, whoever you are, that was too wrong for words."
Uber shrugged. "Yeah. About half the stuff I say comes out that way." He jerked his neck rapidly, popping the joints.
The biker shook his head. "Uh, if you're trying the Neck-Crack®, that was way too fast. Like this." Kyoji cocked his head slowly, deliberately drawing out the move.
"Ahh..." The Geekspawn tried it again, drawing a nod from his foe. "Well, thanks. I'll try to go easy on ya."
"Easy? When I'm done, they'll have to ID you from dental records!" Revving his engine to a throaty snarl, Kyoji popped a Wheelie© as he bore down on the Geek who seemed to literally shift shape in a blur of black as he sidestepped lightly and lunged. Sparks flew off Kyoji's chopper with the merge and the fighters were past one another. Glaring back, Kyoji got a shock. A fanged grin curling around his bike's crumpled fender belonged to a ten foot long saurian, resembling some mix of the Japanese Godzilla and 'Godzilla' 98's panther like build.
"Sorry 'bout the damage. 'Course, I might have a lot MORE to be sorry about shortly." Spinning his chopper around with a throaty growl, Kyoji's tires squealed against concrete and he was tearing off through the streets of Roostville with the were-Goji's feral bay shaking his eardrums as it streaked like a cheetah in pursuit.
"Kyoji, Bruticonn, fall back!" Kato roared, obviously pissed about the whole ordeal. "I'll take care of this wretched city myself!!" A bloody, bruised Kyoji stumbled back towards the hill while a tattered, creaking Bruticonn activated his jets and soared into the sky, disappearing above the clouds. "You are failures and for that I should KILL you!" Kato bellowed. "But I'm still not done with Roostville. Kyoji, you shall be the only witness to my power when I'm done."
"Master Kato, I will stay."
"Excellent. Then behold..." Kato's entire form suddenly turned white, shining as bright as the stars. "Raaaggh!! If I can't destroy these citizens, this city is still going up in flames!!!" Then everything turned white as Kato's form shone so bright that it blinded those watching. A sound akin to a crash of thunder filled the air and suddenly, it became very hot on the backs of the Roostville citizens. The blinding lights disappeared and everyone turned around to see one very large crater, with Kato at the center of it. He wiped the blood off his mouth, then cackled.
"That was almost too easy..." It became obvious what had really happened. He had missed the city and yet his aiming was perfect to where it was! He looked up as Jet Jaguar held the entire city in his hand like a plate, grinning down on the necromancer. Kato roared and disappeared in a white flash. Trading an array of utterly shell-shocked looks, Neo-were-Goji, Mire-were-Goji and demonically possessed sorcerer relaxed, then goggled at the towering sentai shape that had (literally) singlehandedly saved Roostville.
"Holy hell...that's it! From now on, I pay the extra two bucks for non-toxic spray," Katagiri muttered.
"Most impressive, cheerful metallic man," respectfully observed the shaman who hid his surprise that their most redoutable foe had been so quickly deterred. Obake had a feeling this wasn't over.
"Indeed," panted the Geekspawn as he reverted to human form. That biker had run him one merry chase. "I mean, where'd you get the kind of power boost for that level of size expansion, JJ?"
"Oh. I think you can set the city down now." The Sentai-bot did so with impressive care, only wiping out a block of chop shops in the process, then shrank back to human(oid) proportions and exchanged high fives with the trio.
"What about me?!" complained Catbert, poofing out of nowhere atop JJ's pointy noggin. "I...err..."
"Yeah, that sums it up." Accepting a day old pack of Skittles© from the Geek's massive backpack, the HR Director vanished as quicky and noxiously as he'd come. In a hurry to be on his way, Uber bid a fond (if brief) farewell to his comrades and was back on course for the Duel of the Fates®. Destiny, not to mention long gone friends, awaited after all. But there was still more yet to come...

Kato had retreated to a point outside the city where no one could find him. "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! They think it's over just because I disappeared. Well, they'll definitely think again, if they can think when I'm finished...." Golden lightning crackled around his form and slowly, he became larger...and larger...and larger. After 30 seconds, he was approximately 200 meters but still hidden by a sea of rocky hills and mountains. "This will definitely be the end of Roostville," he gloated, turning his gaze back towards the city. Then he disappeared in a flash of white.
Ubergeek was the only one remaining in the area after the carnage. The city had taken a bit of a pounding during the battles and some of the buildings crumbled after Jet Jaguar set it down but it still remained in reasonably good shape. Suddenly, a noise like the sound of thunder echoed through the skies and it became progressively louder. Ubergeek looked towards its source and was blanketed in a shadow as he looked upwards.
"For a time, I considered sparing your wretched little city but now, you shall's dismemberment!" Ubergeek ran like hell in the opposite direction as Kato's foot crashed down on a building. "Prepare for extermination..." Having put several blocks between himself and the necromancer, Uber still found himself in Kato's shadow as the monolithic fiend continued his rampage. It was patently obvious that he couldn't hope to match Yasunori in a head-on contest of power. A bit of surprise was called for.
Content to simply pulverize Roostville's environs with his sheer size for the moment, said necromancer chortled darkly at an approaching wingpair of JSDF RF-4EJ recon/attack jets. Behind them, a full squadron of F-2s spread out, using the rocky terrain and low altitude flight to mask their approach. Not that any of this mattered. Having probed into the recon crews' minds, Kato was fully aware of the intended surprise and murmured a relatively simple elemental spell as he walked. Within seconds, a great hurricane raged with Roostville at its eye.  The Phantoms never had a chance, colliding as mighty eldritch winds smashed them from the air. Six out of ten F-2s escaped, having correctly read the frantic final broadcast one RF-4 crew had screamed out. However, in the midst of deploying his own surprise, Kato had failed to check his immediate surroundings and was thus caught a touch off guard as something slammed into his shins, toppling the necromancer onto his face. Debris now marring his ancient Japanese Army garb, Kato rolled up with a snarl just in time to spy a black shape leaping at him, toothy jaws gaping. Swinging with an immense right arm, he bashed the attacking were-Goji at a paltry 100 meters' height and half his size aside with relative ease.  Sent flying halfway across the city, Uber came to a rather bumpy stop at the foot of Mt. Aso, then made a mental note as he shook away the stars: don't JUMP at enemies twice your size, dipstick. A horrendous laugh recalled him to the matter at hand (or foot) as Kato's left boot descended for the Geek's skull.
"Let's see how a Godzilla likes getting stomped for once!" Since Uber was on his back at that moment, the necromancer missed a telltale dorsal glow and thus got yet another inconvenient surprise as a blue-hot atomic ray slammed into the bridge of his nose. Sent reeling backward, Kato teetered precariously for a moment, then dropped upon the landscape below as a sweeping tail clipped the right foot from under him. Both combatants quickly regained their footing, Roostville's destroyer-to-be with an inarticulate roar that shattered glass constructs in a 10 mile radius. Positively maddened that such a comparatively puny foe had felled him twice, Kato retaliated with prejudice: a bolt of mystic force projected from glowing crimson eyes sent his foe springing back with a yelp. Fighter-sized shiki, streaming out of some void space, drove the were-Goji into a full-out run as he charged up for a Pulse to stave the little devils off. Then a wave of quake force, catching Uber midway through said Pulse, threw him into the side of the mountain. A small avalanche ensued, obscuring the fallen were-kaiju's position with splintered rock and rising dust clouds. Raising gloved hands above his head, the necromancer prepared his final strike.
"Do tell me what Hell's like, changeling. I should stop by for a visit in, oh, a century or so." With that epithet delivered, Kato levelled open palms on the center of the cloud, then unleashed a bolt of indescribable nihilistic power, screaming in some best-forgotten tongue as he did so. A truly immense explosion ensued, reducing fully half of Mt. Aso (and a good chunk of the terrain behind it) to powder. Satisfied, Kato began a maniacal cackle as he turned away, then released a shocked "#$##$#$$!" as the ground collapsed under his feet. Those few Roostafarians not fleeing for the hills (or what was left of 'em) were treated to an unsettling sight: Kato's gigantic black-sleeved arms flailing furiously as they slowly disappeared underground. As the abyss consumed him, Kato knew he had only one chance to escape and that was by going up. Kato's stature quickly shrank from 200 meters to his usual height of 7'-3" before he disappeared in a flash of white light.
As the biker-warrior Kyoji was pummeled by the crowd of angry Roostafarians and Bruticonn was taken apart by people looking for extra parts, evidently something had been missed along the line. It seemed odd that Kato would not bring along his most treasured warrior, the man-dragon Megalus. For that matter, why didn't he bring his very own firelord Kaiju, Biokamitra? It had been assumed that both were dead but then the more sinister truth came to light: Megalus actually HAD been in Roostville during the battles but since everyone was preoccupied with running away or fighting, he just left. For Biokamitra, the fire demon seemed to be stuck in another dimension where he had blasted Osaka Castle. Oddly enough, there appeared to be some flesh creatures fighting on top of the structure even as it burned. 
And there were other matters as well. How many had actually died during the carnage? Where was Kato? And what the hell was Gamingboy doing, apparently running after something outside of Roostville? Oddly enough, the news was okay: only about five people were killed and 20 injured. Kato was assumed to have plunged to his death. And Gamingboy was trying to nab his hat which had blown off in the wind.
Kato reappeared at his mansion outside of Roostville. As he wiped the blood off himself with a towel, he figured out where he had gone wrong: the point where he appeared in Roostville. 
"Evidently, a full scale assault is not the way to go. I'm going to have to blow out Gamingboy's brains in the privacy of the night. Say... wonder what happened to my Galvatron half?" Kato glanced into the mirror on the opposite side of the room and there it was: his human face was now replaced by a horrendous looking robot's.
"So I see..."