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PRELUDE: And the Red Tide Washes Ashore


"You are Alpha-20?" One inquired in his monotone voice.

"I am. And you are?"

"I am One," said the Red Tide follower. "I have come to request your assistance. Since your deactivation, a human came to the city and brainwashed many of the robots into believing that we and their likes can coexist. He also allowed the robots to develop human qualities such as emotion and has them respond to human given names. They have become obsolete and are conforming to the ways humans want them to act. Due to this, the humans are retaking the city and we want back what is rightfully ours."

"I see," said Alpha-20. "Tell me of this human."

"He is Donald Wallace," One replied. "Age: 55. Family currently consists of: a wife, Elizabeth Morris Wallace, one son: Freek, one brother: Ronald, one sister-in-law: Margaret and one nephew: RadoGoji. Donald Wallace came to Mecha City in 1982 and currently holds mayoral status within."

"1982?" Alpha-20 wondered. "What is the current year?"

"The year is 2017," One advised. "The Red Tide movement has been consistently active since your deactivation. We await your return to eradicate our human oppressors."

"I trust you have made the necessary preparations?" asked Alpha-20.


"Then the time to strike has arrived."

Mayor Donald Wallace stared out the window of his office. He was worried about his son and nephew who had both moved to Roostville some time ago. He didn't want much to do with the place, mainly due to the unusual things that had happened there over the years. In fact, Roostville had just resolved a situation which baffled him to no end as to how these kinds of things could even exist. Nevertheless, he had dispatched some forces to help with whatever it was they needed help with.

He looked over the reports several times, not believing what he was reading. He thought back to other unusual events that had occurred over there as told by his son, Freek, one of which was the fact that he had been resurrected from the dead some time ago to fight a vampire! Now, the Mayor of Mecha City was about to have some problems of his own.

An explosion outside pulled Wallace from his thoughts. He looked up to see a building crumble, apparently from a bomb of some sort. But the buildings were made to withstand that kind of explosion! Not even Mecha City's brightest scientists had the technology to create such a powerful force. The Mayor's face changed from shock to horror as the giant video monitors about the city flickered and the image of Alpha-20 appeared.

"Attention citizens of Mecha City!" the robot's voice boomed. "I am Alpha-20, leader of the Red Tide. The humans have taken and destroyed all that robots stand for. We will not live under their oppressive rule any longer! We will take back what is ours!"

Out of the shadows, manholes, alleyways and anywhere one wouldn't suspect, the members of Red Tide came forth and attacked any and all humans, as well as robots not loyal to the movement. Some were hacked into and turned upon their creators, spreading the Red Tide's message: All humans must die. The Mecha City Police Force mobilized against the rioting machines. One platoon opened fire on them but to no avail as their laser rifle blasts ricocheted off the renegades' surprisingly advanced shields.

One robot officer found himself in a skirmish with none other than One who quickly gained the upper hand.

"Why are you attacking me?" the officer inquired. "I'm one of you!"

"Negative," One replied. "You conform to the humans' standards of values. You are obsolete and thus useless." With that, One slammed his fist into the robot's head, damaging it beyond repair.

There were many casualties that day, human and robot alike. Alpha-20's voice boomed once again over the public monitors, "This is the first step towards our takeover. All humans and those loyal to them may leave now or be eradicated. This is your final warning." The monitors flickered back to their regular entertainment and news feeds.

Mayor Wallace was furious but he held his head in his hands as one of his associates continued to talk to him.

"Mr. Mayor, we need to mobilize all the forces we have at our disposal should this happen again!"

"Indeed," Wallace finally conceded. "Send in all the troops you can muster." He looked down at some pictures he had received with a report from Roostville. They depicted a giant robot slaying a hellish beast. He quickly scanned the information about who owned the robot and what it was used for. "In the meantime, I know of someone who might be able to help us."

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