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Originally started on Dec. 6, 2003 by Super Jet Jaguar, we get to see several 'typical' days in Roostville. New arrivals have also presented their early experiences in this Kaiju town.

Det. Bagoth of the Roostville Bureau of Investigation also suggests A NORMAL DAY (at least for HIM!)

DAY ONE: Oct. 31, 2012
Orga 99, clothed in his usual necromancer garb, rose at the sound of his alarm clock, crowing like a crazed rooster. He dusted off his Galvatron-esque face and looked around.

"Another day of treachery and mayhem," he said. He headed straight for the pool in his mansion near Mt. Aso. "But first, I'd better do away with all this dust. It was a rough time this last day, after all. I was spit on more than a baseball diamond."

It was the first day of Orga 99's life as a resident of Roostville. Granted, he probably shouldn't have been allowed anywhere near the place. All people ever did was bad-mouth and attack him but there had been no murders, luckily.

"It's a pity that I am going to crush Kato so easily," Orga growled. "Or I might have a sense of satisfaction."

Zax still lay in bed at his mansion on the outskirts of Roostville when his servant snuck in and tapped him on the shoulder. Groggily, he awoke and yawned before his new machine started up.

Soon, his bed was carried along toward a bath tub. But just before he was to be deposited in the water, sparks flew from beneath it. The carrier exploded and the automatic taps only ran cold water.

Zax leaped out of the tub he had fallen into and immediately pressed the shutdown button. The whole device stopped and blew up but Zax wasn't worried about the mess.

"Servants! Clean this up." They immediately set to work as Zax got into his cloak and black clothes and looked at his schedule.

"Hmm... Ah, yes. I see I am going to make another bid for Pluto," Zax said with satisfaction. He walked outside and leaped into his hover car. He soon came to a town just outside Roostville where he headed directly to a tall building named the Museum of Science. It was a good name because nobody in their right mind would go inside. Zax went in and immediately entered the lift to the third floor where he walked straight to the man sitting at the table.

"Ah Zax. My bidder for Pluto. How are you? Hopefully, quite good as I. Anyway, I am afraid you may have lost the bid. Within three hours, we give the contract to the opposing bidder. Then I believe he is going to use it for testing or something similar. His bid is for - well, I believe, approximately three million dollars and fifty two cents." Zax' face was livid.

"How can fifty two cents outbid me!? I thought the rules said that it needed to be a dollar over so people wouldn't be bidding just one cent more!" The man nodded.

"Yes, yes. We simply changed the rules. Unless you can come up with any more money, then I suppose you'll have to be leaving," the functionary hinted. Zax didn't have any more money so he left the building and went back to Roostville and cool down.

He decided to head to that Jalepino Club that had become so popular but they were having a crisis with a bunch of celebrities. His fists tightened. Where could he go to relax??? He looked round. The city was bustling with anxiety. Then he saw his mortal enemy, Super Jet Jaguar. Some friendly competition wouldn't hurt would it? He walked over to him.

"Hello, Super Jet Jaguar," Zax snarled.

"You again? I thought you left Roostville," the vampire sneered right back.

"Well, here is some news for you. I have not. Now prepare for your doom!" But before Zax could get his laser beam out of his pocket, SVAMP did a series of complicated kung-fu moves that resulted with Zax on the ground with his hands pinned behind his back. Zax struggled to get back at him and escape the hold but he couldn't. Super Jet Jaguar then dragged him all the way to his castle at the edge of town where Zax was tied up.

The Count paced around the room, thinking what sort of torture he could do on Zax but his intended victim already had a plan. Zax was secretly reaching for the knife in his back pocket to cut the rope restraining him but ended up cutting his wrist instead.

"OUCH!" he shouted. Super Jet Jaguar turned immediately but fortunately, Zax had cut the rope and run over to leap out the window. As he jumped, he remembered how high up he was and plummeted towards the ground. Luckily, he landed in his hover car. He drove to his mansion and went into his bedroom.

It was now 6:30. Zax vowed that Super Jet Jaguar would pay - somehow.

"I WILL get him! But first, I must visit the Museum of Monsters tomorrow." He spent practically the rest of the evening arguing over the phone with Little Saruman's Pizza. The conversation went a little like this:

"Hi! May I take your order?"

"I want a cheese and tomato pizza."

"That will be $3.90."

"WHAT!? Don't you know who I am?"

"Uh, no. Not really..."

"I am Zax, the King of Darkness!!!"

"OK... Where do you live?"

"A mansion on the outskirts of Roostville."

"Roostville? Oh, sorry. We have too many lorries going there already."

"To who?"

"Count Super Jet Jaguar." Zax slammed the phone down. By then, it was 8:30 and he needed something to eat so he ate chocolate bars and junk food before going to bed.

"What a day of failure..." he sighed as he turned the light out.

Super Jet Jaguar was sitting in his castle. He wondered how long it would take for Zax to go completely mental.

"Hmmm... What's the next planet up for bid? Saturn, huh? Let's see how much Zax will pay for that one. Soon, I will own the entire Galaxy!"

DAY 2: Nov. 8, 2012
GodofPH was closing down the Wal-Mart late this rainy night. As he was walking towards the main doors to lock them, he saw something standing outside in the rain.

Looking closer, he saw a small brown humanoid wearing what appeared to be a dirty pillow case. It had large pointed ears that stuck out at an angle and a circular brown nose. Its large eyes were the size of tennis balls.

PH walked outside and asked to the creature, "What... I mean, who are you?"

It looked up at him and said in a squeaky voice, "Gorbin is looking for PH."

"Uhhh, I'm PH." The creature started jumping excitedly and then it bowed.

"My name is Gorbin the House Elf. I is to be serving you."


"I is a House Elf. We is bound to serve a family until we dies. You is the last member of the LeStrange family. I is to be serving the LeStrange family."

PH pondered for a bit. "Hmm... I seem to remember an Uncle LeStrange at some point..."

Gorbin quickly cut in, "Sir! I is to be your servant! Don't you have work that is needing to be done?"

"I don't think so. I just got done cleaning the place. But why don't you come in? Let's discuss this inside where it's warm and dry."

"Yes sir." PH walked the House Elf inside and as he walked by the news racks, he noted an add for a new business called Monsters 4 U! in a stack of papers.

DAY THREE: Nov. 21, 2012
A star ship explosion above the capital city of Coruscant creates a worm hole that drops a giant simian into the planetary metropolis. King Kong, lost and confused, began a rampage fueled by fear and confusion.

He was soon attacked by a squadron of Jedi and a battle began to subdue the beast. After finding that the Jedi Mind Trick didn't work on Kong, they had to resort to raw combat to subdue him. Several Jedi fell and some of them were eaten by Kong before the beast was finally subdued.

Perhaps because of the Jedi that Kong ate, the presence of midichlorians were detected within the large beast. When Kong calmed down, the Jedi saw that he was actually a gentle giant. Maybe he could be trained to become a Jedi. After all, his mind was not weak like a normal wild beast.

Kong befriended the Jedi and they began training him to be a Jedi himself. He showed great skill and was able to create a golden light saber with the capability of two blades. What was an even bigger surprise was that Kong was able to fluently wield two dual-bladed sabers in battle.

All of this happened during the Great Hyperspace War, a time when the Sith numbered in the thousands and the Jedi were engaged in a bloody war to defeat them. The Jedi saw Kong as what might be able to turn the tide of war in their favor.

Kong and a squadron of Jedi were sent to Korriban to assist those already stationed there in a battle against Sith forces. Kong and his allies charged into battle but it would end in disaster for all. Kong, being as large as he was, was an easy target for Sith forces and the simian was pelted by laser blasts. Kong's Jedi discipline slowly started slipping away and the beast he formerly was began to resurface. He was driven into a hellish rage and killed every being on the battlefield, including the Jedi who had fought alongside him.

Seeing that they had failed to ultimately suppress the rage within Kong, the Jedi excommunicated him from the Jedi entirely and left him at Korriban. The Sith lords, impressed by his strength and more importantly, his anger, took him in. They also taught him the ways of the Dark Side.

From that point on, the Sith would use Jedi Kong and his rage as their secret weapon against the Jedi. His Dark Side powers were very impressive because of his emotions and he was a commanding presence on the battlefield.

Jedi Kong was riding to his next battle aboard a Sith star fleet flagship to confront Jedi forces on Yavin 4. The flight went smoothly until Jedi snuck aboard the ship and a battle ensued. Kong was driven to rampage in the fight and accidentally caused fatal damage to the ship's fuel core. A great explosion ensued and a worm hole was created. Kong was sucked into it and dumped back on Earth.

The winds gently brushed the grasses of Gamera Fields. The ever-hectic Roostville Wal-Mart stood overlooking the crop lands in the shadow of urbanization.

GodofPH sat in a lawn chair in front of the store, playing with fire balls and torching flies as Gorbin, his House Elf, fanned him with a large fan constructed from feather dusters. His chihuahua companion, Burrito, was drinking rum out of a dog bowl. Behind the Wal-Mart was a huge bonfire. All of the XBox 360s shipped to PH's Wal-Mart were set ablaze by the Microsoft-opposing arsonist.

The sereneness was disrupted by a large worm hole appearing above the parking lot. From it came a large ape, looking to be nearly 20 feet tall. It had jet-black hair and was wearing, of all things, a tuxedo. It also had two light sabers hanging from a belt. The ape was Jedi Kong and he was enraged. He began thrashing about in the parking lot, smashing cars, throwing shoppers around, etc.

From his place of repose, PH saw the initial rage firsthand. The only words that could escape his mouth were, "Oh, God..."

DAY FOUR: Nov. 30, 2012
Super Jet Jaguar vs. Zax, the King of Darkness

Zax was walking along, wondering what to do next. He had to wait for his evil weapons to re-charge before he could create any really truly evil. He walked along the pavement kicking a stone when suddenly, he heard sirens. All the Mods had their guns drawn and aimed at the Jalepino Club.

"Come out with your hands up!" Morgoth shouted.

"NEVER!" was the reply from inside. They unleashed a hail of bullets through the windows that went into the walls. Super Jet Jaguar had Rodan 2000 pressed against the wall with a gun to his head. "Fire once more and Rodan 2000 dies!"

"We can't risk losing a valuable Roost member!" Saruman declared. Super Jet Jaguar flashed an evil smile. "What are your demands?" Saruman shouted into the building.

"Three million dollars cash in the next seven minutes!" the cyborg vampire replied.

Zax watched the plan unfold. He had to ruin it! He could not let his mortal enemy be known as the most evil citizen of Roostville! Zax leaped into the air and vanished in a puff of black smoke, only to reappear by the back door of the club, coughing with black bits all over him.

"I've got to stop doing that" he said, still trying to clear his throat. He opened the door and picked up a chair to throw at Super Jet Jaguar who had to release his hostage.

"You idiot!" the Count screamed. SVAMP somersaulted into the air and landed behind Zax. He then launched a powerful kick into his back. Zax hit the floor but grabbed another chair and threw it. Super Jet Jaguar was knocked out cold. Zax fell over as well from being worn out. Quickly, the Mods poured into the building and put Super Jet Jaguar in handcuffs. This revived both of them.

As they dragged him away, Super Jet Jaguar spat, "I will kill you when I get out, Zax! I am the TRUE King of Darkness!!!"

"I can't believe he fell for it!" SJJ laughed. Melkor let out a chuckle.

"Yes, your plan to turn Zax good, or somewhat good, is working."

"I can't believe he thought that bullets would hurt ME!" R2K laughed at the mere thought of such an idea.

DAY FIVE: April 10, 2013

In their lounge, the Ultimate X-Men, the Avengers and the cartoon Justice League were watching X2: X-MEN UNITED on a bootleg for the zillionth time. Kurt got guffaws out of his stupid Alan Cumming outfit. Was he a refuge from the '70s? Quicksilver was a bit annoyed that he wasn't in either X2 or X1. Jonz Jonzz wondered why movies like this were even made. Suddenly, on the screen of the TV, George Lucas appeared. Wolverine vomited popcorn all over Batman.

"I, George Lucas, will destroy your CGI brethren! BWA HA HA HA HA HA! KAFF! Along with all the AMERICAN IDOL rejects, bald monkeys, Alan Cumming, GINO fans and rabid squirrels, I will conquer the universe!" The three super groups quickly decided to recruit rabid Godzilla fans to counter the threat.

Ubergeek was playing GAMM for the 800th time when CRACK! The Flash slammed into the door and flew into a chair. "Hey, dude. Leave your door open."
NOTE: Catbert usually looks like a blue curly-haired, devil-tailed bespectacled panther should you happen to meet him.

The mayor of Whacked-Out City (also known as Xmenville, Catbert, was enjoying a long rest. Beep! Grumbling, he picked the phone up.

"Mr. Bert, a Kurt Wagner is here to see you."

"Swnd hwn wn."


"BRAAAPPP! Send him in." A ramble of German phrases could be heard in the background.

"Ja, I will kill George. Martha, call Morgoth. I need a Section 17-A Tolkien-like monster." Catbert quickly became fully awake like any other time: he was fuming mad.

"Gyrsgyuvyu!" Gyrsgyuvyu, his personal (and fat) bodyguard lugged up the stairs and broke through the floor - again. "Gyrsgyuvyu... I just got that freakin' floor fixed!"




"Oh... NIGHTCRAWLER!!!" There was a muffled explosion and blue smoke whipped into Catbert's face. "You idiot!" he screamed between fits of coughing.

"Yes, sir?" the blue-furred mutant asked.

"You and Beast get my (suspenseful music) Uraniumpoweredintradimensonaltransporter from Area 124343!"

"JA..." Catbert grinned. Three universes, more minions!

Dang you, Section 31 and the MIB! Just when the world was OK... Catbert muttered as he engaged the device. Instantly, five people appeared.

"Greetings, small... fuzzy... feline. I... am... Captain... James T. Kirk... aka... William...Shatner," the one in a gold uniform advised.

"Greetings, small fuzzy thing. I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard, aka Patrick Stewart," another said, but wearing a uniform with black placards and a red tunic. Two of the others were dressed likewise.

"I am Benjamin Sisko, aka Avery Brooks," said one with red placards and a black tunic.

"I'm Captain Kathryn Janeway, aka... something," said the final (and female) red-tunic-black-placards one.

"I am Scott Jonathan, aka Archer Bakula. I'm the idiot of the bunch, heh!" said one with a blue uniform with yellow stripes.

Catbert engaged the UPIDT twice more and four young 20-ish males (four cats and two dogs) appeared.

"I am Robert Wilco," said one without glasses.

"I'm Rob Fox," said one with glasses.

"I'm Gil Tumbleweeds," said the blond one with glasses.

"And I'm Waldo Guillotine, and these three cats are Lewis (the striped one), Kitty Smugg (the little one) and Lynk (or is it Ahab? ) He's the annoyed one."

"And the white-black dog is Nemo. The Siamese cat is Bucky Katt and the brown dog is Satchel Pooch." Robert explained.

The sign on a once-vacant building read NOW OPEN! SERVING GENTLEBEINGS FROM ALL QUADRANTS, GALAXIES AND DIMENSIONS! Owners of varied Roostville clubs felt the twinge of plagiarism coming from the establishment but it served anyone, even the occasional android.

Nearly everyone in Roostville (or at least about 365 residents) rallied with the heroes. As a result, a alliance was also born: The Rabid Godzilla Lovers Super Group!

DAY SIX: April 20, 2013
Shadow climbed out of bed and stared at his new surroundings.

"It's not as comfy as my master's dojo in Japan but it will have to do..." The 22 year-old ninja walked to the shower to wash off the grime he had accumulated on his journey to Roostville.

After cleaning up, he put on a fresh set of solid black ninja garb and mask. After gathering his weapons (twin swords, multiple shurikans and kunai daggers and a healthy selection of elemental balls), he headed out of his apartment at the Random Arms to continue his search for the target of his mission.

"It's not easy being a wandering assassin," he had to admit, forming a chi ball in his hand as he strolled down the street.

Shadow soon spotted his target and made the chi ball disappear into thin air so he would have full use of both his hands. He slunk into the shadows and scurried up the side of a building. On the rooftop, he began to analyze his target.

"Medium build, kind of chubby, balding and not much muscle mass." He pulled out the picture he had of Ronald Reiser. "It's him." Ronald was the president of a multi-million dollar company that produced various technologies. His rival company's president had paid Shadow to assassinate him.

"Gotta make it look like an accident," Shadow reminded himself. He chanted a mist spell for the art of disguise and transformed into a man in casual clothes before climbing down the fire escape. Shadow then strolled over to Ronald's limousine and sliced the tires, deflating them. Ronald was 500 yards away so he needed to hurry. Shadow pried the hood open and attached three elemental balls that have the power of an element in them that would release it as soon as it contacted the target or was triggered by an outside force.

He then scurried under the car and attached fire elemental balls to the gas tank. That completed, he chanted again in the art of mist and transformed into the chauffeur. Ronald walked up and climbed into the car. Shadow walked away and laughed as the driver, who had been asleep, woke up and started the car. It exploded, killing them both.

"All in a day's work."

As Shadow's diabolic scheme played out, the less-than-completely sane Komissar stared out of his 20th story apartment window. Not entirely sure what was going on, he leaned out and applauded vigorously.

Getting back to his eternal pondering of the meaning of life (which he was absolutely certain had something to do with why everything tastes like chicken), the pestilent Roostville denizen threw a large metal object out the window, to 'check gravity', as he did daily. As usual, he flattened someone.

"They should learn to move," he said lazily before shutting the window. The 16-year-old had already given up on life without respect to chicken and stainless steel nails since they probably had some sort of correlation. The most likely (at least, in his mind) was that the nails could be used as chicken feed, though most attempts to force-feed them to chickens ended in disaster and, eventually, cordon bleu.

After that, he hurled a plate of scrambled eggs across the hall at his neighbor, The Shiv. The Shiv poked his head out, looked around and cursed the Moon. It may only have been 10 o'clock in the morning but Komissar considered his day's work done.

Draco Starcloud
Deep down in a newly built secret lair somewhere in the general vicinity of Mt. Eternity, a figure was stirring.

"Is it noon already? Feh! Need lunch," thought Draco Starcloud as he rose from his bed. He had just recently relocated his secret lair so he could be closer to civilization.

He stretched, threw on a Goomba T-shirt and denim shorts and began walking towards the kitchen. When he got there, he scoured the cupboards and the fridge for food. Realizing he had none because he had just moved in irked him for a moment but then he remembered that Roostville was nearby.

"They're bound to have a restaurant somewhere that takes Monopoly money," he figured as he headed into a large hangar. Arrayed before him were his many creations: over 200 different mobile weapons of various shapes and sizes representing three years of hard work and meticulous labor.

"Which one shall I go with today? The Kuwagata Jet, the Dark Angel or something non-threatening like the Mecha Biollante?" After a few moments of careful consideration, he chose the Mecha Biollante.

"I'll blend in so well with this thing, no one will even know I'm there!"

Earlier that day, Angillis had been walking down the street when suddenly, he got hit in the head by a large object. Ten minutes latter, he heard someone cursing at the Moon. He had simply shook his head and walked on.

It was now lunchtime and he was headed for the ONLY restaurant in town that would give you a meal for Monopoly money. He saw a giant metal Biollante there and blinked twice.

"Just another normal day, I see."

RadoGoji's alarm had gone off and he had gotten out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, had breakfast, fed Boo, brushed his teeth and picked up his keys. He got in his golf cart and drove to Mr. Burger for the early shift, which he spent in the back of the restaurant flipping burgers.

The golf cart sped down the street as RadoGoji saw a giant metal Biollante. He just shook his head and headed on home where he planned to sit down finally and watch TV.

"It worked! Totally inconspicuous!" Draco declared as he hopped out of the control module and parachuted down to the street below. "Now to get me a fine meal!"

The dispatcher at the Mod Station got a 411 call from a concerned citizen.

"Hey, Fred! There's a giant metal weed mecha parked over by Barnhill's. Their Monopoly Money Special sure draws a crowd!"

"Yep," Deputy Friar agreed. "Looks like they're even drawing folks from Mecha City now. Guess a R&D crew wanted to get over here before the food ran out."

"Catch you later," the caller signed off. "I'm on my way over there myself. Too bad you have to work, pal!" Fred sighed and glared at his now cold Gigan's Pizza take-out.

Draco walked into the restaurant and sat at the counter.

"I'd like The Special," he said to the waitress.

"How do you take it?" she asked.

"Medium well."

"One special, microwaved." Draco raised an eyebrow.


Darkside Reject stood looking over Roostville from beside his wooden desk at his mansion. The only thing on it was an old typewriter. A crowd had gathered around Barnhill's and this caught his eye. A large plant mech stood in the middle of the parking lot.

An idea quickly came to mind and Darkside jumped into his chair to start typing.


Soon, the special came and shortly after, it was eaten.

"Ah! Delicious! My compliments to the toaster!" Draco shouted as the waitress handed him the check.

"That'll be $2.50 real, $250,000,000 Monopoly money," she states. Draco's eyes bulge at the price.

"WHA??? INJUSTICE!" he shouts.

"Injustice or not, that's still the total," the waitress replies.

"Curses. That's more than I brought! I only have $249,999,999 with me. What if... I combined the two mediums?" he suggests. "Can I give you $249,999,999 Monopoly and 1 cent real?"

"Nope. One or the other."

"Nuts..." Draco sighs. Thinking fast, he shouts, "Look! It's a rich news anchorman who recently divorced his wife and is looking for a dumpy waitress to marry him!" The waitress runs to the kitchen.

"Hey, Chloe! We got another heart-broken newsman for ya!" Draco quickly sneaks out and flies up to Mecha Biollante's cockpit.

"Away, my noble steed! We must inconspicuously sneak away!" he commands. One of the Mecha Biollante's tentacles produce a pair of sunglasses and put them on the mecha's head. Then, each tentacle puts on a pair of sunglasses.

"Perfect! No one will ever see us leave!" Draco cackles as Mecha Biollante begins shuffling towards the city limits.

Jet Jaguar was on routine patrol, cruising high above his beloved city of Roostville. Glancing down, he noted a strange mech over by that popular new buffet place all the humans we so excited about.

On closer inspection, Jet noted the machine had multiple extension arms. A pretty good crowd was around the thing and although JJ himself didn't need to eat, what if this octopus-like device camouflaged to look like a plant was out there sampling humans? The do-good robot flew in for a closer look.

The radar began beeping with the detection of the incoming Jet Jaguar.

"Ooh! Ooh! It's that mechanical super hero, Jet Jaguar! Begin 'Operation: Blend In'!" Draco shouted as he pushed several buttons. The two middle tentacles reached behind the Mecha Biollante and stuck a Richard Nixon mask on the tip of its nose and an obviously fake wig on its head.

"I am not a crook," said a horribly scratchy-sounding mechanical mockery of Richard Nixon's voice from a series of speakers in Mecha Biollante's chest.

"Perfect. You know what to do, right, Mecha?" Draco asked. A small monitor lit up and showed a 'thumbs up'. "Excellent."

The Mecha Biollante held its tentacles up, trying to make peace signs in further imitation of Nixon.

Bagoth had also found his way to Roostville and was still familiarizing himself with this beautiful, thriving community. Everywhere he went, citizens greeted him and welcomed him to the city.

"What a friendly place!" he thought as he took in the lay of the land and its many and varied enterprises. It was truly an eclectic setting with its hodge-podge of architectural styles and even the people all seemed quite different from each other. With their often fanciful dress, it was as if they had just stepped out of a busy movie studio and were still in costume. Those on horseback wore everything from jeans and western wear to English riding habit and native costume of lands unknown.

Vehicles from golf carts, econo cars, hot rods, sporty imports and luxury cars to hovercraft shared the roadways in a most orderly manner, their drivers often greeting each other rather than blaring their horns and thinking the streets were their personal raceway. Billboards advertised everything from Werner Weiners to theatrical productions, museum exhibits and television broadcasts.

As he marveled at it all, Bagoth thought he heard something over the general hum of the city. Looking ahead, he noticed a large, towering mechanical plant addressing a growing crowd of onlookers. It sounded like the strange thing was holding a political rally.

"I've never seen candidates do THAT before," he said out loud. "I think I will check it out also." Bagoth picked up the pace and ran towards where all the excitement was. Then he saw it: a giant Mecha-Biollante. He looked at the massive thing and muttered to himself.

"Well, that's interesting." He turned to one of the screaming citizens. "Is a mecha-Biollante a normal thing in this city?" Soon, all of them were screaming too hard and running in the opposite direction to answer.

"I guess that answers my question," Bagoth frowned as the Mecha-Biollante crept through the city in a Nixon mask. With a sigh, Bagoth floated to where the massive heads converged.

"Okay, uh, Mad Scientist Guy! Why in the name of all magic are you stomping around in a robot in the shape of Biollante which is wearing a mask of Richard Nixon?"

"What are you talking about? I am President Nixon." With a sigh, the Archmage blew away the masks, revealing the faces of the mecha.

"OK, already! I'm hiding from the super hero, Jet Jaguar," the mech finally admitted. Bagoth just figured that this was going to be a weird day in Roostville.

"Zoinks! Cover's blown! Fly, Mecha!" Draco shouted. A large question mark appeared on the screen. "Oh, yeah. You can't fly. Then... RUN!" An exclamation mark appeared as the Mecha Biollante began running away.

"We'll need a new observation tactic. I'll see if we have a needle and thread at the lair. Darn floaty guy! That Nixon plan was sheer brilliance!"

As the Mecha Biollante reached the city limits, Draco stopped and turned to look back. "Wow! Its amazing how a town based on Kaiju can stand rebuilding their city time and time again like this. It's like Tokyo in a Kaiju flick, It's destined for ruin. But not only do they rebuild, they do it in record time!" Draco said as he stood in the open cockpit hatch, letting a breeze brush his face.

"I think I'm really going to enjoy it here, Mecha," Draco said, giving the machine an affectionate pat. One of the tentacles reached up and faced the cockpit nodding in agreement.

"Glad you think so, too. We might have to set up shop like we did at Gaia. I'm sure someone here needs a souped up Zaku or a pink Jegan." The Mecha Biollante's cockpit shut once more and it resumed its journey to Mt. Eternity.

Angillis noted that the giant metal Bio had stopped and noted the humanoid figure in the cockpit. Several minutes later, he hailed it.

"HELLO THERE! Welcome to Roostville! I am the guy who destroys the city alot! I like to scream!" he yelled. Sadly, by the time he had started yelling, the Mecha Biollante was pretty far away and within a mind-boggling fast amount of time, it was back at Draco's secret lair at Mt. Eternity. It stalked over to its place in the hanger as Draco entered his lab.

"Greetings, droids. How goes my little pet project?" he asked a group of vaguely humanoid robots.

"Swarm 1 has tripled in population. If their numbers increase too quickly, we may have to expand their cavern or kill some of them off," a blue armored droid reported.

"We won't cull the herds until they've chosen a queen. Next," Draco replied.

"Swarm 2 isn't doing well. The latest egg sacs have hatched and the young look strong enough to survive. Unfortunately, three quarters of those from the last hatching died out and we're down to a tenth of the original generation," a silver armored droid reported.

"At this rate, none of them will survive to queenhood..." Draco muttered. "What about Swarm 3?"

"Swarm 3 is proving more adaptable than previously anticipated. In fact... um... oh dear. You won't like this..." the last droid, a gold armored unit, moaned. Draco turned towards it with a menacing stare.

"WHAT... won't I like?"

"A few members of Swarm 3 burrowed their way out of their breeding caverns. We managed to get their escape tunnel sealed up before anymore got out," the gold droid replied, trembling. "The rest are doing fine and have already chosen their queen!" it quickly added. Draco turned away from the trio and leaned on a table.

"How many?" Draco asked.

"A dozen, at most," the gold droid replied, trying to sound cheery.

"And we have to assume each one of those has a sac of eggs ready for laying." Draco said. "This could... no... IS bad. There are many good reasons why we don't want them running around Roostville and an angry public shouting for my head is one of them!" Draco turned to leave but stopped.

"Keep an eye on the rest of them. Call me right away if any more such jail breaks occur." He ran to where he kept his Power Armor suit and made a call to the hanger.

"Destroyah, load up on Aggregates. As many as you can hold." Draco stopped talking as he slid on his helmet. "We're hunting mutant Meganula."

NOTE: If you run into one of these, they are Battra/Meganula hybrids so they can shoot prism beams from their antennae. They are two meters long, just like a normal Meganula.
When Bagoth hopped off Mecha Biollante, he was about to go find himself a house and a job when Super Jet Jaguar popped up in a salesman's suit.

Imagine that. A cyborg vampire, in a salesman's suit yet Bagoth mused. Scary.

"Do you need a house?" he asked.

"Uh... Yes..." replied Bagoth.

"WELL THEN! BE SURE AND PURCHASE THE MACH FIVE TRAILER HOME!" he says in a big spooty voice and points to an old fashioned house trailer with plastic doohickies and other parts glued on. "YOU WILL ONLY PAY TWO (cough) million (cough) DOLLARS!" he offered.

"What a deal!" Bagoth signs a contract and whips out two dollars.

"I said two MILLION dollars, not two dollars!" fumed SVAMP. "Darn..." But Bagoth hadn't finished speaking.

"Uh... Yes. IF I had rocks for brains. But thanks anyway." He then stepped past the cyborg vampire and walked on, hoping to find a suitable job and a fairly decent home. He was still looking when a group of apartments caught his eye. They weren't real fancy but they had a pool and one of those bubble things. He just shrugged to himself and wandered in, looking for the manager.

"Hi. I would like to rent an apartment." The manager looked him over.

"Alright. It's a hundred dollars a month, understand?"

"Yes. Thank you." He gave Bagoth his key and he walked upstairs.

Bagoth saw that this apartment wasn't like the ones he had heard about but actually cared for and he could tell it. The Archmage then cast a simple summoning charm that brought all the stuff from his house in Faerun. He placed it where he wanted and went to sleep.

Shadow had walked back to his apartment in the guise of a cop. When he entered his room, he stopped the spell and looked like normal self again. He locked the door and went over to his couch and sat down. Turning on the TV, he was greeted with the face of Richard Nixon on the top of a gigantic mechanical plant.

"You don't see that everyday," Shadow admitted. Suddenly, his cell phone rang.

A raspy voice said, "Meet me by the power plant downtown in twenty minutes if you want to be paid." The line went dead as Shadow stared at the phone. He knew who hired him but he did not know who would pay him.

Not even having had a chance to rest, he headed back out the door and up to the roof. Traveling by roof-top seemed like the fastest way to get there and he probably wouldn't be spotted.

When Shadow arrived at the power plant, it was getting dark and it looked like many of the workers had gone home. He walked around back, searching for the man who had called him.

"You made it." Shadow turned around in the direction of the voice. It was the same as he had heard on the phone.

"Who's there?" he yelled. A man stepped out of the shadows. He was wearing a trench coat over his business suit. He had a briefcase in his left hand but the other was hidden.

"Oh, it's only you." Shadow recognized his employer's bodyguard and took a step towards him. The man let out a sharp whistle and almost instantaneously, ten armed guards came out of nowhere and surrounded Shadow. The man stepped forward and lifted his right hand. It was holding an Uzi. The other guards lifted their weapons as well.

"What..." started Shadow but the man cut him off.

"You see... business is business and our business is shrewd." The man took aim. Shadow threw down a smoke bomb and soon, it was difficult to see. Everyone fired at the spot where Shadow had been but he wasn't there. When the smoke cleared, he was not to be found and had disappeared before they began firing.

"You tried to screw me out of my money. That was your first mistake." They were looking around, trying to spot him. "You tried to kill me. That was your second mistake. Now, you don't know where I am and that's your last mistake." Kunai daggers flew down upon them, some piercing their necks while others hit their chests. Next, shurikans flew, piercing necks and skulls. The guards were soon dead and Shadow looked around for the bodyguard. He was running toward the back gate.

Shadow jumped down from the roof and gave chase, moving quickly toward the man and closing in. Suddenly, he was in front of the man. Shadow stuck out his sword and he ran right onto it, stopping him before he fell to his knees. He reached for his neck but his head rolled backwards off of his body. The body fell to the ground and Shadow grabbed the head before it hit also.

"Now to finish the job." He headed for his employer's company.

DAY SEVEN: April 21, 2013
Daniel Parks, Shadow's employer, entered his office on the top story of his company headquarters and sat down at his desk. He began to get ready for the day, arranging his papers, getting his supplies ready and checking his messages.

He then opened the bottom right hand drawer of his desk and found his bodyguard's head staring back at him.

"AAHHH!!" Daniel screamed as he fell out of his chair. He pushed the button on his desk, calling for his secretary.

"It's no good," Shadow said as he stepped out from behind the door. He looked exactly like Daniel. Using a mist spell, he had disguised himself as Daniel and given the secretary the day off. He transformed back into his normal self.

"So you tried to screw me over, huh?" Shadow asked. Daniel quaked with fear. "You thought I would do your work for free? Do you have any explanation for what you TRIED to do to me?" asked Shadow.

"I thought we could just take care of you. Get off without paying," explained Daniel.

"Well, you were wrong. Just ask your bodyguard. So, you better pay up before you go through something worse than he did." Shadow pointed to the head.

"I can't! I've pretty much driven the company into the ground. I embezzled most of the money for my own use. I thought that by killing off my rival's leading force, we would make more money. But now, more people are supporting them because they pity their loss," he tried to explain.

"You better pay me or you will never leave my sight. I will follow you everywhere you go. Every time you hear something creak, it will be me. Every time you see something in the corner of your eye, it'll be me. Watch what you do because I will be watching." On that note, Shadow grabbed the head from the desk and left. Daniel could be heard crying as he headed down the hall.

Bagoth awoke from his long sleep and summoned some breakfast for himself before leaving the building. Making sure he was dressed perfectly, he walked down to the Roostville Bureau of Investigation to get himself a job as an investigator.

He saw a monster burst from the ground and people running away from the thing. At first, he was hesitant because with his last encounter, the perceived threat was really nothing so he waited to see if this would turn out to be worthy of his attention or not.

His question was soon answered when the thing began to blast away with its prism beams. Bagoth ran to confront the beast, pulling a great broad sword from behind his back as he leapt at the thing. The hybrid tried to counter with one of his claws but the archmage did a twist to dodge the blow. Bagoth then cast a Blur spell, making him blurry and hard to follow by the hybrid's eyes. The champion got behind the insect and with a quick twirl, stabbed it right in the head, puncturing the brain. The thing fell over dead.

Bagoth wiped his weapon clean and put it away, still intent on seeing if he could get a job. He walked into the Bureau and up to the lady at the front desk.

"I would like to apply for a job."

"Okay. What type of job are you looking for, sir?"

"Oh, I was hoping I could become an investigator," replied Bagoth.

"I see. Do you have any skills in this type of work, Mr. Bagoth?"

He sucked in his breath and admitted, "Well, to answer your question, no, I don't but I can solve mysteries fairly easy and I have a butt load of Divination spells at hand. I think that about covers my skills." The secretary looked him over and nodded.

"Well, then Mr. Bagoth. You're hired." Bagoth smiled with glee and set about signing all the papers and such for his new job.

The Mecha Destroyah had quickly arrived on the outskirts of town.

"Here we are. How many Funnels you got in there, D?" Draco asked. A monitor lit up with a '30' on it. "More than I expected but not as many as I'd hoped. Oh, well. Spread out and search the city. Ignore any normal Meganulas you might find 'cause I think there are some of those around here but I'm not certain.

"D, go into stand-by mode and act as War Coordinator. We'll need to coordinate if we're to accurately search the city," Draco ordered. A question mark appeared on the monitor. "Yes, if you find one of our Meganula, you can exterminate it with extreme prejudice." Draco opened the cockpit and activated his jet pack.

On his way down, Draco saw the five panels holding the Aggregate Funnels open and the 30 machines come out in Flight Mode.

"Split up into groups of two," Draco ordered when they landed in an alley, accompanied by a pair of the 5-meter tall crustacean mecha.

"Over here! This one looks like it's been mangled." Draco circled the slain Meganula outside the Roostville Bureau of Investigation. One of the Aggregate Funnels chirped.

"The other teams have gotten the rest? Excellent. We'll just take this guy and..." Draco saw a pair of Aggregate Funnels enter a building. "What the heck? How'd they fit?" He chased after them, leaving his two escorts to dispose of the Meganula.

Draco walked inside to see the two crustacean-like mecha sitting there, listening to two people debating some issue or another. Oddly enough, they both spoke in the same screechy mechanical voice and both were wearing masks. The one on the right wore an Abe Lincoln mask and the one on the left, a George Washington mask.

"I cannot tell a lie," said 'Washington'.

"Four score and seven years ago..." countered 'Lincoln'.

"This is too weird..." muttered Draco as he approached the two spectating Aggregate Funnels.

Shadow had quickly gone back to the power plant. Using his Shinobi Hunter skills (a type of ninjitsu, usually used by Shinobi Hunters to get rid of all evidence of a rouge ninja that they killed to preserve the secrets of the ninja way), he got rid of the bodies of the guards and collected all weaponry that had been left behind. He collected his own and disposed of the guns.

The ninja had worked hard on this project and decided to head home. He closed the door behind him and locked it. Exhausted from his efforts, he went over to his bed and collapsed.

DAY EIGHT: April 22, 2013
When he woke up the next morning, Shadow went to the door and got his newspaper. Back inside, he sat down to read the headline story.

"It seems that Daniel took the coward's way out."

Local Businessman Commits Suicide
Police discovered businessman Daniel Parks dead on the sidewalk outside his company office building. Apparently, he had jumped from a window in his top floor office for reasons unknown.

"What a weasel! Now I'll never get paid. All that work for nothing..." Shadow threw the paper down and went back to bed.

DAY NINE: May 28, 2013
Battrarules and BattraKing awoke in their boiler room. Something was going on. The two looked around and saw hundreds of the super soldiers that had proceeded Battrarules.

He grinned and nodded to his apprentice and the began battling their enemies. Battrarules transformed into Ash Williams and used Lord Conqueror's powers to warp bullets.

BattraKing released prism beams by the score, punching holes right through the super-humanly strong soldiers. Battrarules used his chainsaw to lop off several hands. When about a dozen of the soldiers surrounded him, he grinned.

"Not your day, is it?" With a spray of bullets, every single super soldier who had surrounded him was dead. Battrarules then grew tentacles and bellowed, "Eat your heart out, Doc Ock!"

"You were saying?" asked Doc Ock as he led the second wave.

"Aw, bull..." This was going to be a long day.

"Perfect." Doctor Octopus swatted away BattraKing's beams. Angry, Battrarules released his own tentacles and the two monsters began a brutal battle. Then, Battrarules transformed into Legion. His EM beam tore open Doc Ock and quickly flooded the boiler room with light and fire. The soldiers were soon all dead. Battrarules restored himself to human shape and then moved out into the streets of Roostville before he would begin a brief Kenny-killing spree.

Kennyville, the home of the Kennies, was soon in flame. Kennies ran everywhere, screaming in terror as the golden dragon, King Ghidorah, and Battra blasted buildings into ruin. A hideous cackle emerged from KG's three heads as he released more gravity beams.

Battra used his prism beam to good advantage, causing block after block to explode in fiery ruin which caused even more Kennies to die. Finally, the two monsters flew off. About halfway back to Roostville, they turned into Battrarules and BattraKing.

Battrarules crowed, "Man, that was great! I haven't done anything like that since 2001 when I destroyed the Slasher Confederacy!"

DAY TEN: June 10, 2013
A creature stirred in its bed, trying to ignore the ringing of the alarm clock beside him. It soon was fully awake but it was not a man.

The thing was more of a wolf, with thick hair covering most of his body and two dog-like ears sprouting from the top his head. His body shape was human-like, except that each toe and finger ended in a sharp claw. A tail hung down from his back, not very long but dog-like. His head was that of a wolf's, with a long pointed snout. Even when closed, two fangs could be seen pointing down from his upper jaw.

The creature had been living in Roostville for some time now but had remained quiet. His name was Monster Master, the local Monster Rancher, Hunter, Gatherer, Carer and Knower.

Not many knew of him but he decided it was time to get his name out and quickly went to grab the morning papers. The ad was in there for The Monster Galaxy Ranch and the The Monster Archives. The wolf used to be a man so knew how everything worked. Being 430 years old was not the best thing in the world. He knew how to work computers and such but he missed the old times when dragons roamed.

"Oh, well..." he sighed as he opened the door. Outside his home, a reptile-like insect creature awaited, a loyal Acklay. It was a space creature from Geonosis. Somehow, a colony of these beasts had come to Roostville and MM had to collect them. He also gave them a home and started to breed them as they do make good companions, guardians and pets. The Acklay kneeled its head down, allowing MM to climb on. Beside him were some other things he needed for this trip. While he was gone, a droid would take care of the animals, feeding and grooming.

"I just hope this droid doesn't become Dinocroc's next meal..." he thought to himself as he looked back through the fences, seeing the monsters running around.

DAY 11: June 14, 2013
Sean walked down the slowly crowding streets as people parted and turned their backs to him. He had grown used to this and embraced it. He loved for people to fear him. But in Roostville, there was too wide a variety of beings that showed no fear and could hold their own in a bloody battle.

He still walked unarmed and careless and would even commit petty crimes here and there for within the shadows not far behind him walked his master.

Although Sean knew enough to save himself, he was not one to take the offense. Sithre would fight the battles and in return, Sean would gather information and handle the simple things that Sithre could not do without drawing out his enemies.

"...Go... back..." the words formed in his mind. Sean turned into the nearest alley and ventured into the shadows.

DAY 12: July 16, 2013
Call me Ishmael. Some years ago -- never mind how long precisely -- having little or no money in my purse and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. I have of driving off the--- JERK...

The train came to a stop and I was brought out of my concentration of reading MOBY DICK. The conductor walked down the aisle announcing, "This stop Roostville!"

Looking out the window, I saw a large sign reading WELCOME TO ROOSTVILLE! I had just begun my move here for the chance of starting up my profession of Kaijuology once again.

Call me Gojira2K. I had been a Kaijuologist for many years in Tokyo until I was kicked out for arguing with my professors as to the REAL origin of Godzilla's atomic ray. (A fiery breath from semen? Ha! Yeah, right...) But anyway, I heard of this place called Roostville and its Institute of Kaijuology so I up and moved here.

Stepping off the train was like walking into a new world; a place where everything and nothing made sense, where you eat a hot breakfast every morning and everyone knows your name. Kind of unnerving, really... I hailed a taxi and with briefcase in hand, headed out into the unknown, for better or for worse...

DAY 13: Aug. 4, 2013
We moved from Leafsville over to this place called Roostville. I didn't know what people I would meet.

"Hey, mom! When we get unpacked, can I go outside and find some friends?" Gzilla04 begged.

"Sure. It's good to make some new friends."

I went upstairs to unpack all of my stuff. I took out all of my Godzilla movies and placed them neatly on the shelf I had bought the week before. Then I unpacked all my clothes and folded them to put in the the closet.

"Mom! I'm going outside now."


"I'll be home soon." Gzilla04 went off into the unknown, not knowing what people he would meet.

DAY 14: Nov. 22, 2013
Kiryu Goji was pulling off his usual gags and he had a full schedule for today. At 9, he was going to blow up a toilet in City Hall. At 11, he would paint a city bus like a giant Tylenol and at 4, he was going to replace the sleeping pills at the nursing home with Skittles. No way around it, he was a Class-A nut case, he told himself as he placed a stick of dynamite in the men's room.

He remembered his very first prank, when he was but a lad of seven and still living in the distant land of New York City. He had started with just a simple rubber snake, which he put in his teacher's desk. It amazed him how the simplest jokes became so elaborate over the years. Within a month after the rubber snake prank, he had attached a Darth Vader voice changer to the Principal's microphone and filled the gym teachers' lockers with week-old egg salad sandwiches. After one of his pranks got out of hand and resulted in the explosion of a local McDonald's and getting kicked out of the city, he moved to Roostville where he quickly filled the niche of Top Prankster.

For years, Kiryu Goji was the undisputed King of Pranks in the Kaiju-loving city and he loved every second of it. Then, GodofPH came along and his first real competition had arrived. KG remembered that he was at work at his Wal-Mart today and should be an easy target. As he lit the fuse to the dynamite and threw it in the toilet, he thought, Let's see if there's time to pay a little visit to PH as he grinned evilly.


What could possibly happen next as far as a 'typical day in Roostville' goes? LET US KNOW!

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