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A fan fic by RadoGoji created April 6, 2004 and taking place in September 2012 of the Roostville Timeline.
September 2012 -

The monsters that had attacked Roostville were defeated and the Roostafarians had once again been successful in driving back the threat to their city. Among the defenders were several well known figures, such as the Jalepino Club's owner, Rodan2000; Space Varen, and even the normally evil Battrarules. Another was the normally stubborn and scared RadoGoji Wallace who had moved to Roostville two and a half years prior.

Since meeting his best friend and berserker from Rasheman, Minsc, Rado was constantly wanting to be noticed for doing good things for the city, a feeling he never had before. Rado helped solve a murder a year later but it didn't really increase his popularity. Wanting to help out the citizens yet again, Rado volunteered his services as a monster exterminator and was issued a robot pack containing the RadoBot, a powerful flying robot. He not only wanted to gain recognition from this deed but also used the opportunity to be brave and face his greatest fear: Hedorah, the Smog Monster. However, Rado's weapons were pretty ineffective against the monster and he had to be helped out by Battrarules. But later, Rado made a comeback and nearly obliterated Megalon.

Soon, the battle was over and the monsters defeated. The Roostville had won and its citizens were able to sleep well that night. At least that's what Rado had planned on doing. All the excitement had given him quite a shot of adrenaline. Besides, Mayor Morgoth was holding an awards ceremony the next day. Rado was finally going to get the attention he deserved.

The next day, Rado showed up for the ceremony and everyone was given a Medal of Heroism and the option of keeping their robot packs. Rado, being the technologyl and robotics expert that he was, happily accepted the chance to work on the RadoBot. As he left the ceremony, Minsc met up with him and congratulated his friend on his good fortune.

"It's so shiny!" Minsc exclaimed in awe. "We should buy some polish or something to keep it looking brand new."

"I'll put it in a case or something," said Rado. "This is truly a day to remember, Minsc. I'm finally getting recognition." Boo squeaked happily and looked at his reflection in the medal. Unknown to the happy group, Mayor Morgoth was approaching them.

"Hello, RadoGoji," he said.

"Oh, Mayor Morgoth, er, Herr Werner, I mean..." stuttered Rado. "Mr. Mayor, what can I do for you?"

"I Just wanted to congratulate you again for a job well done. I never expected you to show up for the battle," said the Mayor.

"Well, I guess I just want to do good things for the city, sir." Rado explained.

"Sheriff Varan tells me that you also helped us out a year or so ago with the 'forking' murders," continued Morgoth. "It seems to me that you'd do anything for this city, Rado. We're glad to have you on board."

"Thank you, sir," Rado said. "If you ever need anything, you can count on me."

"You also seem to be the only one who kept their robot pack," Morgoth added. "I hope you'll put it to good use."

"I will, sir," Rado assured him. "Well, I've got to get going."

"Ah, the busy citizen," Morgoth smiled. "Well, most are these days. Good bye, RadoGoji, and congratulations again."

"Bye," Rado called as they headed home. When the group got back to their apartment, Rado put his medal in a clear case and hung it on the wall for all to see. He then went to his room and started work on an idea he had in his head for a while. The plans were rather vague but Rado finally had the time to work on it. Minsc came in and saw what he was doing.

"What's that, Rado?" he asked.

"Plans for a time machine. I'm just working on one for the heck of it. It probably won't make much of an impact on anything." Little did Rado realize how wrong he was.

June 2014 -

After almost two years of work, RadoGoji had finally completed his time machine and was ready to test it.

"Are you sure this will work, Rado?" Minsc asked. "I mean, what if something messes up really bad and history goes kablooie?"

"History won't go kablooie," Rado assured him. "I've quadruple checked everything and if this test run goes as planned, we'll have a working time machine." He flipped a few switches. "So far, I've only gotten it to go into the past but we can keep a rift open long enough to get back into the present OK."

"So where, or when, rather, should we go?" Minsc asked.

"We can't go anywhere. The way this machine is set up now, the rift wouldn't be big enough for either of us to go into it. However, it's big enough for our test subject."

"Who's the test subject?" Minsc asked, then smacked himself in the head as he saw Boo walk in with a little helmet and a camera. "Boo is the test subject? Rado, this is where I draw the line! You can't put Boo into a strange place! What if something happens and he can't come back?"

"Boo will be able to come back," Rado assured him. "As long as something's in the rift, it can't close so we'll just tie Boo to this little rope, which is tied to my chair. If something should happen, we can yank him right back through the rift which won't close since the rope will be in it the whole time. I've set the coordinates for the time when Morgoth and Sauron bought Golemburg from the Hasidic Jews who first lived here. Boo will go back and take a picture of them, then he'll come back and show us the first moments of Roostville history!"

"Sounds like fun," said Minsc. "But only as long as you're careful, Boo. I don't want to lose my best friend." Boo gave him a salute and towed his Polaroid camera towards the time machine.

"OK, Boo," said Rado. "Are you ready?" Boo gave a thumbs up. "Does the camera work?" Boo took a picture of Rado which developed in a few seconds and nodded. "OK, then." Rado flipped a few more switches. "You're history!" He pressed a button and a beam shot from the machine, causing a small rift to open. Boo made sure that the rope was securely tied around his waist, then dragged the camera through the rift.

February 2004

Morgoth and Sauron were discussing buying land with some Hasidic Jews. Their city was called Golemburg and they were looking to sell it off to anyone, for any price. Luckily, they came across the two visitors who proposed a price of two cents per acre. At this point, unknown to those discussing the deal, a small time rift had opened and out came Boo, who had traveled ten years and five months into the past, dragging along a camera. As the Dark Lords were about to close the deal, Boo scampered up to them and listened for a bit. Sauron looked down and noticed that the hamster had a camera.

"Hey, little guy," he said. "How about a picture commemorating this event?" Boo squeaked, then backed up. He situated the camera on the principals, focused and took a picture which came out extremely well, considering that Boo was good at this sort of thing. He took two more to give to the Dark Lords and the Jews. He kept the other for Rado and Minsc back in the future.

"Thanks a lot," said Morgoth. Boo saluted the future Mayor of Roostville and headed into the rift from whence he came, dragging the camera behind him and into the future.

Rado and Minsc looked at the rift and noticed that the rope was moving. Boo was coming back. Rado pulled in the slack and Boo dragged the camera back into the present. After Rado had pulled back all of the rope, the rift closed and Boo handed him the picture he had taken. Rado noticed that the Jews and the Dark Lords were looking at the camera and thus were aware of Boo's presence.

"Now, Boo," Rado explained. "You really shouldn't let people know you're there if you can help it. If you're not careful, you could really bork up history."

"What's that?" Minsc asked, gesturing to some blackish dust on the ground. "Is it poisonous?" Rado took out his Little Computer Thing© and scanned the dust.

"Don't worry, Minsc. It's just carbon. Completely harmless. I guess that these rifts leave behind a carbon by-product. Oh well. As far as I know, carbon has no effect on history." He turned back to Boo. "Anyway, did the Dark Lords ask you anything, like who you were?" Boo shook his head and squeaked out a sentence which Minsc translated.

"Boo says they just saw him and asked him to take a picture. He took three and gave one to Morgoth, one to the Jews and this is the third one," he said, gesturing toward the photo Rado was holding.

"He took three, huh? And you gave one to the Dark Lords?" Boo nodded. "Let's go to the museum! I want to see if it's there."

Rado, Minsc and Boo got into the golf cart and quickly drove to the Museum of Monsters, which also had a Roostville History wing. They headed directly to said wing, to a section called "In the Beginning." Rado looked around and sure enough, there was the Polaroid picture in a glass case. Raptor, the curator, soon approached them.

"I see you're interested in the exhibit," she said.

"Yes, ma'am," Minsc agreed. "We are particularly interested in this picture you have here. If you could give us more information on it, that would be most helpful."

"Why, I'd be glad to. This picture was taken in February of 2004 when Lords Morgoth and Sauron bought the entire City of Golemburg for two cents an acre. That city later became the Roostville we know today."

"Interesting," commented Rado. "Do you know who the photographer was?"

"Well, not much is known about the one who took the picture," Raptor replied. "Mayor Morgoth says it was a hamster with a camera who happened along and Sauron asked him to take the picture. That's all we know."

"Well, thank you," Minsc nodded. "This visit has been very informative. You see, my friend just moved here from Mecha City a few years ago and wanted to know more about Roostville's history."

"Really," Raptor looked more closely at Rado. "What's your name?"

"RadoGoji Wallace. I helped out during the monster attack of 2012."

"Did you?" Raptor asked. "The name sounds vaguely familiar but I haven't heard much about you."

"Really?" Rado was somewhat puzzled. "I was at the medal ceremony and everything." Raptor went over to look at a plaque that had been mounted on the wall honoring the defenders of Roostville during that particular attack.

"Oh, here you are," she said. "You must be one of the lesser known heroes of Roostville. Sorry if I didn't recognize you at first."

"It's OK," replied Rado. "It happens a lot."

Meanwhile, near the base of Mt. Rodan:

An acute energy discharge from Rado's time machine had left a harmless, invisible ring of energy. It suddenly dissipated on the trunk of a tree and opened up another rift. Out plopped a suspicious looking egg. Some Kennies were playing around nearby when they saw the egg appear.

"What is it?" one of them asked.

"I don't know but I think we should take it home," another suggested.

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea," said the third. "But let's do it anyway." Before they could even touch the egg, it began to wiggle. Suddenly, it split in half and the Kennies ran away, screaming. The little creature that inhabited the egg came out and looked around. It sensed what had brought it here and decided to head towards Roostville where that something, or someone, was located.

Chapter 2: IRYS' ARRIVAL
RadoGoji, Minsc and Boo had just returned from the Museum of Monsters, very happy that their time machine worked and that Boo was indirectly a part of Roostville's history. Rado looked up at the medal he had received about two years ago, given to him by Mayor Morgoth himself. He pictured other medals next to it and then those in the Museum of Monsters, with a section dedicated to Rado as a Roostville hero. He snapped back to reality when he heard something pawing at the porch door.

"Gah!" he said to himself. "Darn neighbor's cats. They won't leave anyone alone, will they? I mean, the manager should... what the heck?" A squid-like creature was outside, scratching at the door with one of its tentacles so Rado opened it. "Well, hey there, little fella," he said. "What are you doing here? Are you lost?" The critter let out a soft, yet weird, sound and scootched up to Rado. "Woah, dude. Maybe you need to go home now. Your owner's probably looking for you." He checked its neck for a collar but it didn't have one. Minsc walked out of the bathroom and saw Rado holding the creature.

"What is that, Rado? One of Phish's experiments?"

"Not sure," Rado admitted. "It doesn't have a collar or anything. At first, I thought it was one of Ted's cats but I guess it's not. Maybe we should take it to Phish and see if it's his."

"That's a good idea," agreed Minsc. "Let's go to his lab." They got in the golf cart and headed toward the facilities of one Dr. Sandworm Phish. The local genius was a mad scientist but also a Mod, therefore making him a Good Guy. Upon arrival, Rado knocked on the door to the lab and the good doctor appeared.

"Can I help you?" asked Dr. Phish.

"Yes," Rado replied. "I'm RadoGoji Wallace and I was hoping that you could help me with something."

"What do we have here?" Phish asked. "Some kind of squid?"

"Actually, I've been hoping you would know," Rado admitted. "This thing just showed up on my porch and I thought it might be one of your experiments. If it is, you might like it back."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Wallace, but it's not one of my creatures. Where did it come from?"

"I'm not sure. It just showed up."

"Well, I guess I could take a look at it but I don't have an opening until next week," said Phish. "Maybe you can hold onto it until then. You know, feed it, give it a home. Then bring it back and let me examine it."

"Alright, I'll take you up on that offer," Rado agreed.

"Good," said Phish. "I'm always eager to learn about new species. Heck, it could be some sort of baby form of an unknown Kaiju. I have an opening on Tuesday."

"OK, I'll see you then," said Rado. They headed back to the apartment and started making living arrangements for the critter, a little bed, some food and whatnot.

"I think that since we are keeping it, we should at least gave him a name," Minsc suggested, taking down THE BIG BOOK OF PET NAMES. "Rado, give me a page number."


"OK, Page 78," said Minsc, turning to the appropriate place in the book. "Boo, give me a number." Boo squeaked. "19." He went down 19 names and his finger stopped. "Irys. That's a nice name."

"Yeah," Rado agreed. "Looks like an 'Irys' to me. What do you think, dude?" The critter just let out its little sound. "Well, Irys it is." Boo looked at Irys but felt some weird vibe from it. He shuddered and went back into his cage. "What's wrong with Boo?" The hamster started squeaking and Minsc translated.

"Boo says he's getting some strange feelings about Irys. He seems a little scared."

"It's OK, Boo," Rado assured their little pal. "We're only keeping Irys for a week." Boo seemed a little relieved but knew he wouldn't be able to stay too sane around the thing for long.

Meanwhile, the Roostville Mods had showed up at the spot where the Kennies said they had seen the 'weird thing'. Though they normally didn't handle anything pertaining to Kennies, they decided to take a look anyway and saw what they had been so excited about. This particular squad, led by Cam Eleon, wondered what the thing was.

"Hey, Enshohma!" Cam called. "Take a look at this!" The fire monster looked up from the report he was filling out to see what Cam was yelling about and came over to where his partner was.

"What the heck is that?"

"Not sure," admitted Cam. "Think we should call in Phish for this one?"

"Yeah, that seems like a good idea. I'll give him a call." Enshohma went and got his cell phone from the squad car and called Dr. Phish who was doing God-knows-what in his lab. "Hey, Phish," Enshohma said. "We need you to take a look at something."

"Alright," Phish replied. "I'm on my way." Phish used his Phish Co.© Teleportation Device™ to get to the coordinates Enshohma had given him. "Where's this thing you want me to see?" he asked.

"It's right over here," said Cam. "I can't discern what it is. It might be some sort of egg. Maybe you can help us out."

"Well, if it is indeed an egg, it seems to have recently hatched," Phish figured. "How long has it been here?"

"From what the Kennies told us, about 16 hours," said Enshohma.

"There's some weird patterns on the egg," Phish noted. "They look kind of like the marks on... wait a minute... of course! That thing's shell! The markings are the same and it showed up today! That must be it!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Enshohma.

"You actually know what this is?" Cam said.

"No, not exactly," Phish tried to explain. "But this is definitely an egg. I saw the baby that came out of it a while ago. Some guy named RadoGoji Wallace is hanging onto him until I get a chance to examine it."

"A baby?" Enshohma wondered. "What kind of baby?"

"Some squid like thing," said Phish. "It looked like it could be some sort of baby Kaiju."

"Who did you say had this 'baby'?" asked Cam.

"A RadoGoji Wallace. I don't know much about him but he lives at the Random Arms." Cam typed Rado's name into the mini-computer in the Mod car and the file on Rado appeared. "RadoGoji Wallace is a technology and robotics expert from Mecha City. He apparently solved the forking murders back in 2010 and helped out during the monster invasion of 2012. He's made quite a name for himself. You say he has the baby?"

"He does," said Phish. "He wanted to know what it was as much as I do. Maybe we should go talk to him."

"Alright," agreed Cam. "Let's get a move on. It'll take us a while to get back to Roostville."

Rado went to the fridge to get some pudding while Minsc and Boo were trying to feed Irys. He picked up a container but it seemed lighter than normal. On the bottom, he noticed something had punctured through the package and sucked out the pudding. Minsc had been known to do that and slurp out the contents but supposedly had broken that nasty habit two years before.

"Hey, Minsc!" Rado called, going into the living room holding the can.

"Just a second, Rado. We're having trouble feeding Irys. We can't seem to find a mouth." Boo was holding a spoon of baby food up to Irys' face and squeaked when Irys wouldn't eat.

"Minsc, how many times have I told you not to eat pudding this way?" demanded Rado. "You were doing well on breaking that annoying habit."

"What do you mean?" Minsc asked. "I stopped eating pudding that way a long time ago." Rado held up the container with the hole in the bottom and pointed to the hole. "Rado, I swear to you I did not do that."

"Then who did?" Rado wondered, picking up another pudding pack. "So far, you're the only one I've ever known to do that." He sat down and began to pull the cover off and open the individual serving when Irys lifted one of its tentacles and a blade-like protrusion came out, stabbing through the bottom. It then proceeded to suck out the contents. Irys looked satisfied. "I guess that's how it eats, then," figured Rado.

"I told you it wasn't me!" said Minsc. Boo, not wanting to let the baby food go to waste, began to eat it. He realized it tasted OK but not as good as hamster food. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Minsc went and greeted Cam Eleon, Enshohma and Dr. Phish.

"Roostville Mod Squad," Cam said. "We need to speak to RadoGoji Wallace."

"Of course," said Minsc. "Come in. Rado! The Mods need to talk to you!"

"The Mods?" Rado came back into the living room. "Is there a problem?"

"No, Mr. Wallace," said Cam as he took out a notebook. "I'm Officer Cam Eleon and this is Deputy Enshohma. You probably already know Dr. Sandworm Phish."

"I do..."

"We just need to ask you a few questions," continued Cam.

"Oh," Rado wondered. "What do you need to know?"

"Some Kennies found something in the woods near Mt. Rodan," explained Cam. "We asked Dr. Phish here about what it was and he said that it was an egg of an unknown baby Kaiju. He says that you came to his lab earlier today with an unknown life form which could quite possibly be the baby we were referring to. Is this true?"

"Yes, sir," said Rado. "I found the baby on my porch here, wanting to come in. We didn't know what it was so we brought it to Dr. Phish, hoping he could tell us. He said he could look at it when he had time next week and to hold onto it until then."

"So, you have been taking care of the baby since then?" Cam asked.

"Yeah," Rado said. "We just took it into the other room but we can bring it out if you'd like to see it."

"Yes," said Cam. "That would be most helpful."

"Hey, Minsc, could you bring out Irys?" Rado asked. "The Mods want to see it."

"Irys?" Cam asked.

"That's what we've been calling it," explained Rado. Minsc soon returned with Irys and Dr. Phish began to examine it, quickly noting the weird designs on its shell.

"Yep," Phish said. "These are the same markings as on the eggshell. Mr. Wallace, if you agree, I can take it off your hands until I can properly study it on Tuesday. Unless, of course, you've become attached to it."

"No, you go ahead," said Rado. "It's quite a handful and I'm not sure if Minsc and I can handle it AND a hamster. Besides, Boo's getting kind of freaked."

"Well, I still can't look at him until Tuesday so if you don't mind keeping him here..." Phish hinted.

"Oh, of course not," Rado agreed. "He may be a little much but I think we can handle him for a week."

"Alright," Phish decided. "Just drop it off at my lab on Tuesday and I'll study it."

"Well, that's all we really needed to know, Mr. Wallace," Cam said. "Thank you for your time."

"No problem, Officer," said Rado. "If there's anything else you need to know about Irys, just give me a call."

"We will. Have a nice day."

"Well, I guess we got Irys for another week," figured Rado, sitting down. Irys looked up and started nudging his arm as if it were a cat. "Hey Minsc. I just remembered that I'm going to Mecha City to visit my parents and my cousin. You wouldn't mind watching Irys for the weekend, would you?"

"Not at all," said Minsc.

"Good," Rado said. "I need a vacation."

RadoGoji left the grocery store with more groceries than he could carry. The weight of the sacks nearly bottomed out the golf cart. He headed back home where Minsc and Boo were once again feeding Irys. The creature had been with them for about two days now and almost all the food that was supposed to last them the rest of the week was gone. Luckily, Rado had gotten about three times as much as they normally ate and figured this would last Irys while he was at his parents' for the weekend.

"This thing is like a garbage disposal!" Minsc said as Irys slurped up another jar of baby food. "How much can one thing eat?"

"That's what Phish is gonna tell us next week, Minsc," Rado hoped. "Besides, it's a baby. What do you think it's gonna do?"

"Don't most babies sit around and poop in their diapers?" asked Minsc.

"Well, one thing we know about Irys is that it doesn't need any diapers," said Rado. "Anyway, I'll be up near Mt. Rodan where the Mods say they found Irys' egg. I need to see something. See you in a few hours."

Rado more or less knew what he was getting into. Though technically considered the outskirts of Roostville, that portion of the area was Kenny country and if he wasn't careful, his golf cart would be swamped by little kids in short shorts. The ride to Mt. Rodan took about an hour. Luckily for Rado, no Kennies were in sight. The weird thing was, he found a weak energy trail around the city that had probably been there a couple of days. The signature was more radial than anything, extending outward from Roostville. Rado made it to the egg site but noticed something strange: the energy trail seemed to stop at the spot where the egg had been discovered.

Looking at his Little Computer Thing©, Rado discovered that the trail extended from a central point and made its way outward, dissipating at the egg site. Maybe the egg was giving off a signal to disperse the ring or had absorbed all the energy to hatch. What came next was a shocker. The central point was the Random Arms complex, more specifically, his apartment! Just then, Rado heard something and looked to his right.

"Who's there?" he called and someone came out of the bushes. A Kenny!

"What're you doing here, mister?" she asked.

"I'm checking something out," explained Rado.

"The thing?" the Kenny asked. "Does it concern you so bad you had to come into our territory?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact. I happen to be looking after the thing that hatched from the egg."

"That's our thing and you can't have it," the Kenny said, showing a bit of attitude. "You leave it alone."

"Bugger off, kid," Rado said.

"You can't tell me what to do! Isn't that right, Ichiro?" the girl insisted.

"Ichiro?" asked Rado. "Who the heck is Ichiro?"

"That's Ichiro," the Kenny pointed to a little boy in short shorts coming over the hill.

"What's going on?" asked kid, sporting an annoying yellow hat and headphones.

"I'm not bothering anything," said Rado. "Mind your own business."

"This is Kenny territory," Ichiro stated. "And we don't like you here. This is our egg and we own it, as well as what hatched from it. We saw it first."

"You can keep the egg," Rado said. "I don't want it. Besides, the baby from the egg is a little attached to me right now and I don't think that you own it."

"Give the baby back!" the Kenny insisted. "You have no right to steal it."

"It found me. This is the first time I've been here and before two days ago, I didn't know what was out here. The baby came to my house so I'm hanging onto it. Now get away from me or I'll call the Mods. You may not know this but this is Mod jurisdiction." He took out his cell phone to let them know he wasn't bluffing. "He's gonna call the mean people! Get him!" The Kennies began to swarm around Rado and he was forced to climb on top of the golf cart. He then put up his personal shield and hovered his finger over the panic button on his key chain. Rado didn't want to kill anyone and refrained from pushing the button. He tried to think of a plan but the Kennies were already climbing towards him. He looked into the distance and pointed.

"Look! It's Gamera! And he's got candy!" yelled Rado.

"Gamera!" one of the Kennies yelled, obviously falling for the trick. They all ran off, screaming for joy.

"Damn, that was close!" Rado muttered after the last one was out of sight. Now that the Kennies were gone, he could examine Irys' egg. He saw something familiar about it but couldn't quite put his finger on it. He took out his Little Computer Thing© and scanned it, which came up as Unknown Material, Unknown Material, Unknown Material, Carbon.

Carbon! The by-product of the time rift! The time machine had left an energy ring, which for one reason or another, had opened up another rift that transported Irys' egg to this dimension! He had to get back and tell Minsc.

Halfway home, Rado saw something on the side of the road. It looked alive but it didn't look like it belonged there. He stopped to check it out. It was a squid like... Irys!

"Irys! What are you doing out here?" Rado wondered. Irys made its little sound which for some reason, Rado was able to understand. "You got lonely and went to look for me? What do you mean 'lonely'? Aren't Minsc and Boo there?" Irys didn't say anything. "How come I can understand you? Have we really bonded that much? Either way, we gotta get you home." The golf cart sped back toward Roostville and when he got to the apartment complex, there were Mod cars surrounding the place! He saw Cam Eleon outside on the sidewalk.

"Officer? What's going on here?" Rado asked.

"There's been a murder here," said Cam. "Someone stabbed your roommate and his hamster."

"Someone stabbed Minsc?" Rado was amazed at such an idea. "That's impossible! Many have tried to stab Minsc and nothing happened to him. Whoever did it must be really strong..." He watched as Minsc was wheeled out on a gurney and placed in an ambulance. A covered cage was also brought out, more than likely where Boo was. Rado couldn't see the stab wounds, which worried him. If he had gotten a good look, he could have scanned them or something and gotten an idea of who might have done it.

Back up in his room, Rado sat around. The TV wasn't on, he wasn't playing games. He was too sad to do anything. Irys came up and nudged Rado again.

"Who could have done such a thing, Irys?" asked Rado. "Who could have done such a thing?"


RadoGoji had just gotten done packing and looked at Irys. Someone had to take care of it so he decided to talk to his neighbor with all the cats, Ted. Ted was good with animals, well, more specifically, cats. While them somehow getting to Rado's porch every once in a while really annoyed him, he never had anything against Ted, who tried his best to keep them off of other peoples' porches. He was an all-around good guy and Rado knew he would be perfect to watch Irys while he was in Mecha City for the weekend. At first, Rado considered not going since he was still trying to get over Minsc and Boo's deaths. He didn't know who had killed them but he was going to find out and kill that bastard once he found him. Rado approached Ted's door and knocked. He heard a bunch of locks unlocking, probably due to the scare caused by the recent murders. The door finally opened.

"Hey, Rado," said Ted. "Can't be too careful, right?"

"I guess not. Uh, I'm going to stay with my parents for the weekend. You mind watching Irys for me?"

"No problem," Ted agreed. "I can watch your... uh..."

"Don't feel embarrassed," Rado joked. "I don't know what it is either."

"Well, I'll watch Irys for you. You have a good time at your folks' place."

"Thanks, Ted! See you later." Leaving Irys, Rado got into the golf cart and headed for the Ishiro Honda International Airport.


Ted came home from the store with a bunch of cat food and other food for Irys. Still wary that the killer might be around, he kept looking around before going up in the elevator which stopped at the 30th floor. When the door opened, he saw something he thought he would never see. A corpse was on the floor in front of him that seemed to have had the life literally sucked out of it. It had a stab wound right in the chest. He stumbled back into the elevator and repeatedly pushed the 42nd floor button until the door finally closed. Horrified at what he had seen, Ted felt like throwing up and kept telling the elevator to hurry up. It finally stopped at the 42nd floor. The door opened and Ted looked into the hallway, making sure no one was there. He passed by Apartment Q (Rado's), quickly walking to his place.

Ted opened the door and vomited all over the floor. As if the corpse on the 30th floor wasn't enough, his apartment was littered with dead cats. He immediately went to the phone and called the Mods.

"Hello, Mod Squad?" Ted yelled into the phone. "This is Ted Faylin at the Random Arms apartments. I'd like to report a murder."

"OK, Mr. Faylin," the dispatcher said. "What kind of murder was it?"

"Well, the corpse had a stab wound but it looked as though all the blood was sucked out of it," Ted tried to explain. Then he heard a sound.

"Oh my god! I think someone's in here..."

"Which apartment are you in, sir?" the dispatcher asked.

"42L," he said. "I think he's in here. OH MY GOD!" Something came out of nowhere and leaped at Ted. "My god! No! Get away!"

"What's happening?" the dispatcher pleaded. "Mr. Faylin? Mr. Faylin? What's going on?"

"It's the... AHHHHHHHH! NOOOOO!!!!!! OH GOD NO!!!!! AHHHHHHH...." Ted's final words drifted into silence. The dispatcher hit the TRANSMIT bar.

"All units. All available units respond! We have another murder at the Random Arms apartments. Code 3!"

"10-4, 10-19" acknowledged Cam Eleon who was on patrol.


Rado exited the airport terminal to see Irys waiting for him.

"Irys, what are you doing here?" he asked. It made its little sound. "Well, I guess we'd better get home. You didn't have to go looking for me. I told you I'd be back. I guess Ted really bored you, huh?" He took Irys over to the golf cart and drove back to the apartment, only to once more see Mods swarming all around the building. Not only that but numerous ambulances were surrounding the place.

"Mr. Wallace," Cam asked, running up to him. "Where were you? We thought you were killed."

"I was in Mecha City for the weekend," Rado explained. "What happened here?"

"A mass murder took place. Probably the same guy who killed your friend and the hamster. Aside from our men, there's not a person in there alive."

"Maybe I can help out," Rado offered. "After all, I helped solve the forking murders back in 2010."

"As much as we would like you to help," Cam pointed out, "Sheriff Varan has ordered that no civilians be let into the building. I'm sorry."

"It's alright," said Rado. "I'll find a hotel. Good luck finding the killer. I hope he pays for what he did to my friends."

"Thanks for the encouragement, Mr. Wallace," said Cam. "We'll do our best to track down the guy and give him what he deserves."

Knowing that the hotels in town didn't allow pets, Rado decided to see if Phish would take in Irys early. He was scared for his life, wondering what would have happened to him if he had been at home during the murders. He soon arrived at Phish's lab.

"Dr. Phish?"

"Ah, Mr. Wallace. Can I call you Rado?"

"Yeah, go ahead. Everyone else does."

"Alright, then, Rado," Phish said. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, the apartment complex I live in is under lockdown and I can't take pets to any of the hotels. Is it OK if I give Irys to you earlier than planned?"

"Well," Phish replied. "I did just get an opening. I wouldn't mind taking a look at Irys early. This will really help out our Kaijuology research, thanks to you, Rado."

"No problem, Dr. Phish. Just be careful. Irys eats a lot."

"We will," Phish agreed. Rado went to a nearby hotel and checked in. He lay in his room, silently wondering what was going on and what kind of sick freak would do such a thing. Only time would tell.

RadoGoji was wondering where the killer might be. When he found that sadistic bastard, his butt would be royally kicked, just as Minsc would have wanted. However, Rado remembered that the monster was strong enough to stab and kill Minsc, which was no easy feat. Minsc had even tried to get Rado to try and stab him, just to show how impossible it was. The knife just seemed to fold over when it hit Minsc's skin. If anyone was able to actually stab Minsc, they would have to be strong indeed, and with the fact that this guy was a major killer, the combination could not be good at all. Rado sat alone in his hotel room and pondered the situation.
Dr. Phish had just put Irys into a cage and turned on the monitoring equipment to show vital statistics and whatnot. He had gone into the kitchen to cook a Hot Pocket when he heard something crash in the lab area and then something screaming. He discovered Irys' cage was ripped open and empty.

"What the..." said the confused scientist. He looked in the cage and saw that something had torn a hole in the side of it. The giant lab rat in the next one over had been stabbed and was dead, as if the life had been sucked out of it, just like the Random Arms murders! Phish immediately went for the phone and called Sheriff Varan.

"Sheriff," he whispered. "I think I know what's behind the Random Arms murders."

"Are you sure, Phish?" Varan asked. "Do you have any evidence?"

"It's in my lab," replied Phish. "Come as soon as you..." He heard something behind him on the table as glass beakers crashed to the floor. "Get here as soon as you can! I'll hold it off." He hung up and grabbed his Mod gun. When he turned on the light, he saw nothing. "Hmmm..." He let out a yell when something jumped onto his back and stabbed him, the life being sucked out of him just like the rat and the Random Arms victims. Phish dropped his gun and everything faded to black.

Rado was visiting his only living friend, Desutoroia, when it happened. They were discussing plans for the Club For People Who Currently Feel Unloved and Neglected and watching old episodes of TRANSFORMERS when a news bulletin came on, live from Dr. Phish's lab.

"The killer has struck again," said Paulzilla, the news anchor. "Sources say that he is currently inside Dr. Sandworm Phish's laboratory. The Mods have been dispatched and are now arriving on the scene."

"Isn't that where you dropped Irys off?" asked Desu.

"Yeah," Rado admitted. "I know it's out of my hands now but I hope it's OK." The TV showed the Mods, led by Cam Eleon and Enshohma, heading into the lab.

The lights were on so the wreckage of the place was clearly visible. Cam looked down and saw a dead rat on the floor with the exact same stab wounds as the Random Arms victims.

"Yep, this is our guy," he said.

"Cam, you might want to take a look at this," called Enshohma, bending over a dead body. It was Sandworm Phish.

"Damn," Cam swore in frustration. "No windows or doors have been opened other than the front door and no one saw anything come out so it still must be in here."

"Unless it can teleport," Enshohma figured.

"Yeah," agreed Cam. "God knows how many teleporters we've had to try and catch lately." With their guns drawn, they looked around for what could be the killer. Enshohma went into the living quarters while Cam took the kitchen. He opened all the cabinets, the refrigerator, the oven - everything and found nothing. Just then, he heard a scream coming from the bedroom.

"Enshohma," he yelled as he rushed out. Enshohma lay on his stomach, lifeless, with the signature stab wound in the back. "Ensh? Ensh?" Cam pleaded. "Speak to me, man!" He shook him but he didn't move. His friend and partner was dead. "DAMN YOU!" he yelled into the room. "WHERE ARE YOU, YOU BASTARD? COME OUT AND FACE ME LIKE A MAN!" Something crawled up onto the bed and Cam looked at it. "You?" he said in disbelief. "YOU? How could you do this?" The killer didn't answer, just leaped at Cam. He saw it coming and fired about five rounds as it jumped and stabbed him also.

Rado and Desu took the golf cart to Phish's lab after the media had been cleared out to investigate what was going on (without the Mods' consent, of course, but this is how Rado solved the forkings in 2010 and he practically knew what he was doing). Seeing the dead bodies of Phish, Enshohma and Cam strewn about the floor, Rado wondered why the coroner hadn't come by yet. He looked closely at the stab wounds. They looked familiar, like he had seen them before. "Hey, Rado," Desu said. "I found the surveillance room."

"Great. Can you rewind the tapes to earlier today?"

"Yep," said Desu. He rewound the tape to about 3:38 PM. The screen was black but then the lights came on and there was Phish with his gun drawn. He screamed as something attached itself to his back and stabbed him. He fell over, the thing still on him. Desu paused the tape. It was a little fuzzy but the shape looked familiar to Rado. Desu zoomed in.

"It can't be..." Rado was astonished. "Irys?" Sure enough, Irys could be clearly seen, its tentacle plunged into Phish's back. Then, everything started to click for Rado. Minsc and Boo, the Random Arms tenants, the stab wounds and now the murders in the lab. "Holy crap!" he exclaimed. "It was Irys the whole time? I should have known!"

"Damn," said Desu. "Looks like you picked the wrong week to start taking care of animals."

"Indeed..." Just then, Desu's expression quickly changed from indifferent and joking to a look of horror.

"Desu?" asked Rado. His friend didn't say anything. "Desu? Desu, what's wrong? Desu?" Rado looked and saw something protruding from his back. A tentacle. He followed it to its owner. Irys. Rado screamed and ran out of the lab. He quickly started up the golf cart and sped off. However, Irys had some new tricks up its sleeve and was soon hovering above him. In the rear view mirror, Rado could see Irys undergo a slight transformation. It grew shoulder spike type things and more tentacles. He started to feel a little sleepy for some reason but he was alert enough to drive, no doubt due to the fact that he was scared out of his wits. He soon pulled into the Random Arms parking lot and ran inside. The investigation there was over so no one tried to stop him. He ran into the elevator and pushed the button for the 42nd floor. The door closed just as Irys entered the building. Rado then realized how Irys was able to track him down.

Psionics. He quickly ran into his apartment and to his room, shut the door and flipped a switch. He had installed a mind shield for just such an emergency. Since his psychic link was now severed, Rado felt like calling the Mods but on the way to the phone, he felt too tired to do anything. Something had sucked out his energy so Rado went to bed, hoping he would feel better in the morning.

Irys retracted the tentacle from its prey. The energy from the several Roostafarians it had consumed was taking effect and Irys began to grow. It was constantly evolving and becoming more powerful. Due to many reports of people being helplessly slaughtered, the Mods rushed in to try and stop the monster. Sheriff Varan led a large team against Irys who began unloading all they had into the creature but to no avail. Seeing them as some sort of threat, Irys knocked a number of them into a wall with its tentacle, severely injuring them. It recognized them as a form of sustenance and Sheriff Varan was the first to go as Irys pierced him and sucked out his energy. The other Mods soon followed in quick succession but this wasn't enough. It would need to merge with the Creator in order to become whole but he was, at the moment, untraceable.
RadoGoji woke up and noticed that due to being mentally isolated from Irys, it could no longer siphon off his energy. He flipped on the TV and noticed that the creature had definitely made itself known by slurping up the energy from every citizen of Roostville. Irys was now a giant monstrosity, rampaging through the city and searching for more to consume.

"That's what it's doing," figured Rado. "It's taking all the energy from people to become stronger." He saw footage of the Mod massacre and how worthless their attempt to stop it was. Something began to go on in Rado's head, left over from when he was mentally linked with Irys. It seemed to be some sort of message, as if Irys was trying to communicate with him. He had things like this in his head around Irys before but couldn't understand it. It seemed as though the message had found a way of making itself understood and began to decode itself into simple English:

Rado immediately began to put the pieces together from his last meetings with the creature. Maybe this 'creator' was him? He hadn't heard anything like this when Irys wasn't around so it was a very possible solution. Rado's time machine had brought Irys to Roostville and it didn't hatch until then so he may very well have inadvertently and indirectly 'created' Irys. It made sense but why would he need to be assimilated? Rado needed to know and the only one who had the answer was Irys.

Risking being tailed by the creature, Rado went out onto the patio to make contact. He immediately started to weaken and began to transmit his thoughts through his psychic connection with Irys.

Irys, he thought. I can understand what you are trying to say. What are you doing? At first, there was no response. Irys, answer me! Just then, a voice, presumably Irys', popped into his head.


"Who is the creator?" Rado demanded. "Am I the creator?"


"Why?" asked Rado. "Why must I assimilate?"


That's all Rado needed to hear before he felt Irys' presence approaching. He heard a crash to his left and looked to see a huge dust cloud rising. Irys was coming toward him. He dashed back into his room and reactivated the mind shield. There had to be some way to stop the creature.

"That's it!" he suddenly exclaimed. "I'll go back in time to stop myself from making the time machine. That way, Irys won't come into this dimension. It may destroy this portion of the timeline but it's for the best." Rado ran over to the time machine and set it for September 2012. He pushed the button to start the rift but instead, the LCD screen began to flash 'ERROR'.

"'Error?'" Rado wondered out loud. "What the heck do you mean, 'error'?"

Error 11237: Dimensional Anomalies Detected. Object or organism foreign to this dimension has been located. Further procedure can and will be hazardous to the space-time continuum.

"Damn!" Rado yelled. "It must be talking about Irys. I don't know of anything else out of place here. Great... In order to stop all this from happening, I have to kill Irys somehow. This is insane! Not even the Mods could make a scratch on that thing!" Never had such a responsibility been placed on Rado. It was assumed that if any Roostville citizens were still alive, they were probably no match for the behemoth. Rado paced around nervously when something caught his eye. Something shiny on the wall. It was the medal he had gotten for helping Roostville nearly two years earlier. He remembered what Mayor Morgoth had told him after the ceremony.

"It seems to me that you'd do anything for this city, Rado. We're glad to have you on board."

He couldn't let Roostville down. He had to think of something! Rado didn't earn that medal for being the cowardly person he normally was. He earned it for being brave and standing up against the monsters when they attacked. He also had a robot.

"The RadoBot!" Rado exclaimed and dug around in the closet for the pack that unfolded into the robot he had used against King Ghidorah and the other monsters. He thumbed through his filing cabinet and found the blueprints. "In order to take out Irys, I have to make some modifications." He searched in the files again and found another folder labeled 'Jupiter Particle Cannon Plans'. He remembered that at some point after the battle with the monsters, he made plans for a weapon more powerful than the laser cannon on the RadoBot. Now was his chance to use it.

After quickly sketching some details for using it with the RadoBot, he realized he also had to get some materials. In order to do that, he had to go outside the safety of his room. This was going to be difficult.

RadoGoji paced the room for quite a while, pondering how to get what was required to construct the Jupiter Particle Cannon, as well as basic upgrades for the RadoBot. Locating the resources was easy since there was a junk yard down the street. It would be getting everything back to the apartment building without being spotted by Irys that would be hard. On the TV, the news was still getting out so there were survivors. It showed Irys heading away from the dock area. This was Rado's chance. He noted Irys' slow land speed and deduced that even if he was spotted, it would take a while for Irys to reach his position. This would hopefully buy him enough time to make it back to the building's garage where he planned to work on the RadoBot. Since the area was unprotected by the mind shield, he intensified it so it covered the entire building. Rado figured no one would mind as they were all dead anyway. Thinking quickly, he decided to make a smaller version of the mind shield and put it into a helmet. It didn't take long to make and he had it on when he left the building.
The city was too quiet for Rado's liking. He got into the golf cart which he had hitched to a trailer and went to the junkyard where he spotted another survivor. It was Rodan2000, one of the Roostafarians whom he worked with during the monster attack in 2012.

"Rodan2000?" called Rado. The pterodactyl looked up.

"Another survivor?" R2K asked. "Where did you hide? Is it a good hiding place?"

"Behind my mind shield," Rado explained. "I'm the one this thing is after so it's psychically linked to me."

"Why is that?" Rodan was confused.

"An accident occurred while I was testing my time machine and it spawned here because of it," Rado confessed.

"You WHAT?" exclaimed the surprised fellow. "You mean to tell me that this thing is here because of you?"

"Like I said, it was an accident. An accident that I'll soon undo. I'll need some parts from this junk yard to make a weapon for my robot. Once I destroy Irys, I'll use my time machine to undo all this."

"Irys?" R2K asked.

"That's the monster's name."

"Oh. So what's this about a robot?"

"Guess I really am the only one who kept their robot," Rado replied. "It's the same one I used during the monster attack in 2012. That's how I know who you are."

"That WAS you, wasn't it?" R2K exclaimed. Rado looked at his list of parts and he and Rodan2000 began to scrounge up the materials for the cannon, laying them on the trailer hitched to the golf cart. Due to the attack on the other side of town, tremors began to spread outward from falling buildings, one of which reached the junk yard. The ground began to shake and a piece of metal slid off a junk pile, hitting Rado's helmet. While it was sturdy enough to stop Rado from getting a concussion, the mind shield was damaged and shut down. Irys suddenly picked up Rado with its psionics and located him across town. With a haunting wail, the monster levitated and some of its tentacles transformed into wings of sorts, the ends separating and leaving a translucent webbing between them. Irys took to the air, flying toward its target. Rado felt Irys' presence almost immediately and went to warn Rodan2000.

"Rodan! We've got to move! Now!" he yelled. "Irys is coming."

"We'll be fine," R2K figured. "It's still pretty slow on land so we should be able to get this stuff out of here with no problem."

"Good point," agreed Rado. "Let's get this stuff... what the heck?" He began to pick up on Irys' speed. "It's coming at us faster than we expected. It's... flying?"

"What?" R2k wondered.

"That's why it's so fast," Rado explained. "It can fly now." About the time Rado stopped talking, it was too late. Irys had already arrived. It looked at Rado, then transmitted its message to his mind again.


"Rodan! Get out of here!" Rado shouted. "Take the materials to the Random Arms Apartments and into the garage. Quick! Before it goes after you!" Rado tossed R2K his keys.

"What about you?" the pterodactyl shouted back.

"It's too late for me. Irys is siphoning my energy and I'm getting too weak to go with you. It will soon assimilate me and become complete. Try to upgrade the RadoBot and kill Irys with it as best you can. Go! Now!" R2k drove the golf cart away, toting the materials as Rado looked up at Irys. "Get the hell out of here, you freak of nature!" he yelled. "Go back to your own dimension!" The blue jewel on Irys' chest started to glow. "Fine! As your creator, I command you to leave!" The jewel opened up and a force began to lift Rado off the ground and towards it. "Damn you! Stop this! Put me down!" He was sucked into the jewel.

"NOOOOOOO!" The jewel closed behind him and Irys' voice began to ring out in Rado's head.


Rodan2000 made it to the apartment building and left the golf cart in the garage. He had seen what had happened to Rado and decided to fly back and help him.
Rado woke up in what seemed to be his room. He looked around at his surroundings. Could all of this have been a dream? Something wasn't right. He pulled back the curtains to his window, expecting to see the Roostville docks but saw nothing. Just a white void. It was all an image in his head.

"What kind of crap is this, Irys?" Rado asked. "You just expect me to believe that this is real? What are you doing?"

"It was necessary to do this," a familiar voice said behind him. Rado turned around to see Minsc standing there.

"Minsc?" Rado exclaimed.

"You could say that..."

"No," declared Rado. "You're not Minsc. You're just Irys putting images into my head."

"OK, you got me," said Minsc. "What do you want, a frickin' medal?"

"I already got one, in case you've forgotten," replied Rado. "What are you doing?"

"I am going to the next phase of the plan," explained Irys/Minsc. "I will eradicate all human life on the planet."


"To cleanse the Earth. They have been destroying our world if you haven't noticed. That was my intent in the first place, given to me by the planet. However, the humans sealed me away in a shrine in Japan. I could not escape unless one were to break the seal. However, a loophole occurred and I was pulled into your dimension by your time machine. I knew that since you spawned me into your world, I would only have to fuse with you to complete my evolution. Now, there is nothing to stop me."

"Not necessarily," Rado declared. "I'm gonna stop you and undo all this somehow."

"You can't bring the dead back, Rado," Irys mocked. "You were nothing but a fool to start this in the first place and there is no way to end it. The humans will be destroyed and it will be your fault."

"There is a way," Rado replied. "I can bring them all back but I'll have to destroy you first!"

"And just how is that going to make any difference?"

"Your presence is the only thing stopping my time machine from working," Rado explained. "With you out of the way, I can use it to go back in time and prevent the time machine from being invented, reversing this whole mess."

"You forget that you cannot defeat me since you are a part of me," said Irys. "You cannot because you are afraid. You are too scared to fight me. That is your weakness. You lack the will. That is how you were easily taken over. There is nothing you can do."

"I'm not going to be the one to go down so easily, Irys!" Rado yelled. "I won't be your puppet or your scapegoat! Say the last things you want to say to me now, Irys! This line has been disconnected!" He began to concentrate on breaking the link with Irys and it looked as if the walls of his 'room' were beginning to crack. The image of Minsc that Irys used to talk to Rado seemed to be saying something but Rado couldn't hear what. The link was already breaking. The Minsc image took out a sword and began to try to slash Rado but the blade shattered. Rado realized that this wasn't his physical form and thus could not be harmed. Rather, is was a personification of his will which was now strong enough to help him reach his goal. The Minsc image stared at Rado in horror. The cracks reached their limit and Rado's mental surroundings shattered, as did the image of Minsc.

Rodan2000 flew towards Irys who was now standing still, struggling to keep its contact with Rado intact. Rodan fired a heat beam at his target, which seemed to do little damage but was enough to break Irys' concentration. It immediately began defending itself, shooting out tentacles in R2K's direction. The pterodactyl was able to dodge them and found the blue chest jewel where Rado was being held. Rodan began to focus all his strength into one heat beam and fired at the jewel. Rado had just regained consciousness and the first thing he saw was the beam ripping open his door to freedom. Light blue fluid cascaded out of the wound, spilling Rado out with the flood. Rodan swooped down and caught him, leaving Irys to tend its wounds.

"Thanks, Rodan," Rado gasped.

"No problem, man! You OK?"

"A little shaken but not stirred. I was able to sever my link with Irys. Only thing left to do is kill it."

"Gotcha. Let's get working on the robot ASAP."

"That's the most sensible thing I've heard all day," agreed Rado.

Irys looked at its wound where the jewel used to be. It could no longer find the Creator and all of the knowledge it had collected from him was lost. It did remember one thing: he would be back to kill it and restore the humans. The only thing that Irys could do was wait. The wound slowly began to heal and Irys knew that this upcoming battle would determine the fate of the world and it wasn't looking to lose.
Going by the plans he had made, RadoGoji and Rodan2000 began work on the Jupiter Particle Cannon and the RadoBot, optimizing efficiency for the upcoming battle. The TV showed Irys standing alone in the middle of Roostville, waiting for Rado. The aspiring roboteer knew that the monster wouldn't go down without a fight. With the connection to Irys now severed, Rado could fully focus on upgrading the robot without weird voices and messages playing through his brain. The now-outdated wrist laser from the 2012 battle was replaced with the Jupiter Particle Cannon which, while normally pretty big, was able to be folded up into a space in the arm.

"How's that for compact?" Rado said jokingly as he installed it. The shoulder-mounted missile launchers were loaded with special drill-tipped missiles that detonated half a second after impact. They could drill into the target a bit and explode on the inside. The laser sword used in the 2012 battle was replaced with an upgraded version. Flight capabilities were now at their peak. Everything was ready when Rado donned the RadoBot pack.

"This is it," he said. "Show time."

"I'll evacuate any survivors in the area," Rodan said. "Good luck, Rado."

"Thanks. I'm gonna need it." Rado entered the elevator and took it all the way to the roof. Getting out, he walked to the edge and surveyed the Roostville skyline. He could see Irys amongst the rubble that made up much of downtown.

"You won't go back to your own dimension, will you?" Rado said out loud. "Well, you can't stay in mine!" He jumped off the roof. "RadoBot Activation Sequence!" The pack unfolded around the falling warrior and began to change shape. The arms and legs unfolded into position, missile launchers appeared on the shoulders and a head came out of an opening on the top. The RadoBot, now fully unfolded, landed on its feet and stood in ready position. Rado performed a systems check. Wings protruded from the back, the Jupiter Particle Cannon unfolded from the left arm and the missiles armed themselves. The wings and cannon went back into position and the orange robot began to walk toward the downtown area.

Irys looked up to see something heading its way. From what it could see, this something was about as big as itself and looked aggressive. This must be the Creator.

Rado looked at Irys from inside the robot. "This is it," he said, pushing a button. A compartment in the robot's right leg opened up and a rod of sorts pushed out a bit. The RadoBot removed the rod from its leg and pushed a button, revealing the laser sword. "No turning back."

Irys saw the sword as a threat and began to launch its tendrils towards the RadoBot. The robot was able to guard a few blows but the impact from the attack was pushing it backwards from its position. It fired off a couple missiles and Rado hoped that they would be effective. The projectiles reached their target, their drills spinning and digging into Irys' body before exploding. The two considerable wounds didn't stop the monster from matching the attack in kind. It opened the steel-like ends of its tentacles and launched fireballs from them. This was something new.

"Irys must have been taking people's abilities along with their energy when it absorbed them," Rado figured as the robot blocked the fireballs. "Those fireballs must be from Enshohma. I hope it doesn't have much more." As if responding to Rado's monologue, Irys grew jagged spines from its back which began to glow. A bright orange beam shot from its beak, blasting the RadoBot backwards against a building.

"Damn!" exclaimed Rado. "He got Ubergeek's powers, too!" Though Rado didn't know the Spawn of Kenny personally, he knew of the unique abilities that many more well known Roostafarians had. As Rado dodged an Aqualla-stolen ice blast, Irys formed one of its tentacles into a sword.

"Shape shifting, too, huh?" Rado recognized the powers that once belonged to Battrarules. "And I thought nothing could take that guy down..." Irys let out an eerie wail and charged, sword first after the RadoBot. The robot countered with its own weapon and the fight went on for a good minute. Rado recognized the form and skill that the monster had with its weapon. "Minsc..." Irys soon realized that this duel was going nowhere and unfolded its wing appendages to take to the sky, hoping to gain an advantage from above.

As Rado attempted to track Irys' flight path, it began bombarding the RadoBot with more fireballs. Rado, however, had other plans. He made the robot spread its wings and fly upward after the monster. The Bot increased speed and passed the monster, achieving a hit with its sword. It then locked onto Irys and launched more missiles. The pain was now getting to the monster, forcing it to the ground. More missiles were fired downward, causing more wounds in the monster's skin.

"Now who's the master of the air?" Rado mocked. Irys was not amused and flew up once again, turning its tentacle into a sword. The slashing began anew but Irys claimed victory in the skirmish by severing the RadoBot's right arm. It hit the ground, now useless. Irys looked down at it and let out what seemed to be a laugh, only to be grounded again by a drop-kick to the head by the RadoBot.

"It's not over yet!" Rado shouted. "Have at you!"

Chapter Nine: IRYS' LAST STAND
The RadoBot hovered over the downed Irys. RadoGoji tried to seize the opportunity to destroy it right then and there but when he reached for the button that would deploy the Jupiter Particle Cannon, he felt a sharp jolt as Irys rammed a tentacle through the robot's torso, forcing it to the ground.

"The hell?" Rado wondered. "That area of the body was doubly reinforced, compared to the rest of it. The tentacles shouldn't be strong enough to pierce the hull there. Irys must have concentrated all its energy into that attack." The RadoBot could function all right but one of its energy units had been breached. The attacks it was capable of were severely weakened. The only hope Rado had now was the Jupiter Particle Cannon, which had an energy unit of its own.

"It's the only way..." He pushed the button and the remaining arm on the robot opened up. The cannon came out of its compartment, unfolded and began charging. Irys, having spent much of its energy on its last maneuver, was still recovering somewhat. Using what little energy it had left, the RadoBot unfolded its wings and once again took flight. Rado looked down at the creature.

"You brought this upon yourself," he declared. "You shouldn't have come here!" Irys had regained its energy and boosted upward towards the RadoBot and began slashing with its steel-tipped tendrils. Gashes appeared in the robot's armor and the RadoBot backhanded the monster, causing it to topple downward once again. Rado got a lock on Irys, aiming the robot's cannon at it. Irys, in a fit of desperation, focused all it had to once again mentally link with Rado.


"You went too far!" Rado thought back. "You can't just go around killing people. I've no other option but to do this."


"The only way to make sure my kind exists in one way or another is to prevent you from coming. In order for me to time travel, you need to be gone," Rado declared.


"I'm afraid I can't allow that, Irys," Rado replied. "Just because one doesn't approve of the way a bunch of people do things doesn't mean that one has the right to genocide."

"WE... COULD... RULE..." the monster insisted.

"Oh, like I haven't heard that one before," retorted Rado. "It's too late for that. You've already caused me too much distress. I've gotta make sure that the world sees a better future than the one you have planned."


"I'm not the only one who doesn't approve of your crap, Irys!" Rado declared. "There's a lot of people here who don't like the way you're planning things. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." The RadoBot continued to point the cannon downward at the fallen Irys. A display in the cockpit informed its pilot that it was now fully charged.

"This one's for Minsc!" yelled Rado as he slammed his fist on the firing button. A huge bright blue sphere of energy erupted from the cannon, headed towards Irys and the ground below, leaving a spiral path behind it. It sped downward, smacking directly into its target. Irys cried out as the blast hurtled it to the earth. The result was an enormous dome of energy which expanded rapidly, wiping out at least a radius of 700 feet. When the energy dissipated, all that remained was a crater. Irys, along with much of downtown Roostville, was destroyed. After the blast subsided, Rodan2000 and some other survivors he had picked up emerged from their hiding place in the Random Arms garage. They arrived at the blast site as Rado was exiting the cockpit of the robot, riding a zip line down to the ground. Rado walked to the edge of the crater and looked into it.

"And stay down!"

"Rado," R2K rushed up to the monster's killer. "Is it..."

"Yep," Rado replied. "Now let's get to that time machine."

June 2014

RadoGoji, exhausted from the battle, returned to his room. After resting up a bit, he went to his time machine and punched in the coordinates for September 2012. Rodan2000 came in and noticed him working with the machine and realized what he was up to.

"So, what's going to happen to us?" he asked.

"Well, things will change," replied Rado. "The people who Irys killed will more than likely be alive, Minsc and Boo will still be living here, the RadoBot would still be out of commission - that kind of stuff. A new timeline will have spawned and in it, none of this will have ever happened."

"No, I meant us. In this timeline," R2K explained. "Will this timeline keep going or will we no longer exist?"

"According to my calculations, the new timeline will simply replace this one and ourselves in the state we are in now will cease to exist. Truth be told, as much as it may sound kind of weird, I kind of hope that happens."

"How come? It's like you're killing yourself off or something."

"Maybe. But I don't want everyone to die like this," Rado replied. "I want people to live on and have another chance. In this timeline, their deaths are meaningless. It shouldn't be like this, having their lives cut short just to serve as a monster's food. Changing the timeline would be best for everyone, even if it does mean killing off the way we are now."

"Well, since you put it that way, fire it up!" Rado input a few more calculations into the time machine and pushed the button that opened the time rift.

"See you in the realm of nonexistence!"

"Woah, that's a creepy thought," Rodan realized.

"Well, there's no other way to explain what's going to happen." Rado saluted him and stepped through the rift.

September 2012

When the group got back to their apartment, Rado put his medal in a clear case and hung it on the wall for all to see. He then went to his room and started work on an idea he had in his head for a while. The plans were rather vague but Rado finally had the time to work on it. Minsc came in and saw what he was doing.

"What's that, Rado?" he asked.

"Plans for a time machine. I'm just working on one for the heck of it. It probably won't make much of an impact on anything." Rado went into his room and began work on his new project. It would take a while to build but it would be worth it. Suddenly, a loud whoosh! sounded behind him. He turned to see a large rift of sorts opening up. A figure stepped out and Rado was shocked to see that it looked exactly like him!

"RadoGoji Wallace... Or should I say 'Rado'? It's kind of hard to talk to myself."

"What are you talking about?" Rado asked. "Who are you?"

"Just call me... Rado." I'm you from the future."

"The hell?" exclaimed Rado. "How could you have come from the future?"

"You are inventing a time machine, are you not?"

"Oh, yeah. It must work then, huh?"

"Yeah. And that's what I'm here to talk to you about," Future Rado replied. "You've got to stop while you have the chance."


"A test run almost two years from now will expel a monster into this dimension. It will kill thousands and absorb their energy and eventually grow too strong to contain."

"So there's a monster running around in your time?" asked Rado.

"Was a monster. Due to the fail safe lock on the time machine for dimensional anomalies, I had to kill it in order to come here. Even if I will kill it, we have to stop it from appearing anyway. I also don't want you to have thousands of meaningless deaths on your shoulders."

"It all sounds pretty crazy to me," figured Rado. "I mean, time machines spawning interdimensional monsters?"

"Remember, this is Roostville."

"Point," agreed Rado. "I'll have to take your word for it. I won't make the time machine. However, I will keep a copy of the plans around, just in case."

"Good enough," declared Future Rado. "Thanks a lot. I'm sure the world will be a better place by this decision." He walked back into the rift and Rado threw his working plans away.

June 2014-B

Rado came back through the rift and surprisingly, the room was exactly the way he left it. It hadn't changed and he wasn't taken to a world of nothingness. It was exactly the same! Rodan2000 just looked at him.

"What happened?" he asked. "Did you not get to your past self?"

"No, I got to him alright but something must have gone wrong." Rado hooked up the Little Computer Thing© to the time machine. He pushed a few buttons and a representation of Roostville's history appeared on the screen as a line, starting at 2004 and chugging along forward, displaying major events as they happened in little windows. Rado then saw something that made his expression change from one of deep concern to an idiotic 'I'm so stupid' one. "I should have seen this coming," he laughed.

"Seen what coming?" asked R2K, beginning to get worried. "Why do we still exist?" Rado showed him the screen, which now showed the timeline splitting in two and displaying the message:

Event of September, 2012: Timeline split occurrence.

"What does that mean?" asked Rodan.

"It means that nothing went wrong. I successfully created a new timeline where Irys never arrived and everyone is fine. Technically, the mission was a success. However, the new timeline didn't overwrite ours. It just split off and now we have to go on with ours."

"So what do we do now?" Rodan asked. Rado stared out his window at the wreckage his tinkering had caused.



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