Welcome to ROOSTVILLE, the Crown Jewel of the UKCC!


This is the crown jewel of Roostville and contains Kaiju memorabilia big and small, from a life size statue of a Gyaos to Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster toilet paper. It is the city's main tourist attraction and people from all over the world come to view it, adding much-needed revenue to the town's economy.

The diverse and volatile staff (to say the least) is dedicated to representing Kaiju to residents, scholars and visitors alike in a modern, interactive venue that their community can truly be proud of:

Even as THE BATTLE OF ROOSTVILLE was about to occur, plans were being made to make this the most outstanding collection of monster memorabilia in the world. The Museum was also the setting for the locally produced blockbuster/cult classic film, ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE.
Shortly after THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA, the Museum was attacked by terrorists and disappeared in a cloud of roiling black smoke after a titanic explosion.


Prof. Sandworm Phish, the somewhat absent-minded professor, is a world-renowned scientist, Kaiju professor and explosion fanatic extraordinaire who heads the Institute. He completed his thermonuclear jigsaw puzzle and his inter-dimensional shunt worked as specified and deposited it in a random location (at least it was SUPPOSED to be random) but the detonation occurred in Sapporo.

He has already done anti-matter, singularity manipulation and weather control, leaving him with only ten doomsday weapons so he will be going back to his kaiju enhancement program. Coming up with a new liquid rat poison for pest control services is just one of his many contributions to better living through science.


The Institute is headed by Professor Emeritus Saruman, four-time winner of the Nobel Prize and highly regarded scholar/archaeologist of Middle-Earth and Enshohma, three-time winner. Their dedicated research is revered the world over.

Mayor Ubergeek is the chief funder of the Institute but prefers to keep his association with its programs and research below the radar as much as possible.


Although it is a rather long, winding road that leads to this facility at the edge of town, its subjects get before the public quite often, thanks to Enshohma and Associate Researcher Cam Eleon. Obscure Kaiju Researcher Yongary also works with them when he isn't off to Mexico or other remote locations tracking down rumors of a bootleg print of DEMON FROM DEVIL'S LAKE or such. It is a (sort of) world famous, rather small operation devoted to the study and research of obscure kaiju.

Once again, the IOK provided the salad bar, complete with hydroponic tomatoes from its famous greenhouse for the City Hall Holiday Party, as well as the flower arrangements. Any attacks by the foliage were apparently dealt with discreetly by the "plants" themselves as there were no complaints received this year.

During THE BATTLE OF ROOSTVILLE, an extraneous bolt of energy hit the structure, somehow causing the fungus inside to mutate into Matango.


This private club was across the street from the JALEPINO CLUB before it was blown up by The Joker's gang of villains.


Located in Roostville's Red Light District, the ever-popular Bird Nest features some of the best looking... can-can outfits in town.



Place of Origin -
Species - Human
Gender - Male
Age -
Stature -
Occupation/Place of business - Megalomaniac would-be ruler of the world who likes to try out his latest doomsday weapons. He was running low on funds so he opened a bar to get some cash.
City affiliation(s) - Evil Genius Man ("The TRUE evil one!") is Roostville's resident Evil Genius.
Alliances - League of Un-Ordinary Gentlethings®
Address - An underground fortress and lair deep below Roostville. Up on the surface, a panel opens to reveal a laser device. He also launches doomsday weapons from there so don't be alarmed if you see nuclear missiles taking off; it's just EGM trying to take over the world again.
Origin -
Appearance - His eyes glow with an eerie black light when he mind controls people.
Powers - He took advantage of BEHIND THE SCENES OF "ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE" to test his latest weapon, the Dark Energy Siphon, which allows him to steal the powers of any evil being (including Grand Ghidorah). He annihilated the attacking swarm of Gyaos, figuring, "If they destroy the Earth, then I won't have anything to take over and terrorize!"
Additional Background - EGM was selected to participate in ROOSTAFARIANS IN HYRULE!, a reality TV show hosted by Desutoroia and visit the Land of Hyrule to take on Gannon, the Prince of Darkness.
He set up a "watering hole" in Camp Roostville when the city disappeared during REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE AGAIN: 48 HOURS 'TIL APOCALYPSE in a vacant storefront in the latest strip mall being constructed in Monsterzeroville's Goji Town subdivision and immediately ran a strip of duct tape on the floor to divide the bar in half. A big sign indicated "GOOD GUYS ON THE RIGHT, REGULARS ON THE LEFT" in hopes this would prevent any fights between the two "factions" and EVERYONE could enjoy their visit in peace for a change.


A favorite of many Roostafarians, including the notorious Pizza Robber! He was finally nabbed on Halloween by Sandworm Phish who just happened to pull up to Gigan's in his patrol car as the thief was making his getaway. The masquerading Mod was dressed as the Hamburglar so justice was finally served.


Godzilla Tower had an excellent rooftop lounge, complete with piano bar and was the tallest structure in Roostville.

The Dark Lords had a secret elevator hidden behind the lavish draperies of Morgoth's penthouse atop the 90 story Tower that descended to the Roostville 'Command Post' deep below the structure. Each official had an assigned post in the electronic war room that could put Star Fleet Command to shame.

Morgoth was having a banquet and lots of people were at the 34th Floor Reception Room when one of the windows was smashed and a masked man with a gun jumped through. A door was blown open and more terrorists entered. They shot up everything in sight and nobody was left unmarked.

The landmark was destroyed following THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA.



K-106 hosted the first ever telecast of Kaiju Fight Club when the Roostville Cable & Telephone facility got destroyed (again) during the filming of ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE. This technological feat is chronicled in BEHIND THE SCENES OF "ROBBERY IN ROOSTVILLE" (available at the station business office and other select distributors).



Place of Origin -
Species - Human
Gender - Male
Age -
Stature -
Occupation/Place of business - Runs the Maser City Chronicle, that town's newspaper.
City affiliation(s) -
Alliances -
Address - Tokyo Monsterville
Origin -
Appearance -
Powers -
Additional Background - He, ex-Mayor Morgoth, Sauron, Saruman, Aaron Smith of Monsterzeroville and Project Pimp from Maser City had discussed plans to join their respective Kaiju Nations into one. Ballard Avenue in Maser City was named in his honor but got wiped from the face of the Earth in a matter of seconds following THE MURDER OF DESUTOROIA.


NECROTIK, Proprietor

Place of Origin - Unknown
Species - Mutated human
Gender - Male
Age - Appears to be in his early 40's
Stature - 6'-3"
Occupation/Place of business - A villain and necromancer who operates the Pyramid Gallery, a weird occult store
City affiliation(s) -
Alliances -
Roostville address - The Pyramid Gallery
Origin - The man who became Necrotik is said to have injected himself with the cells of the infamous Battrarules. Unfortunately, this genetic material caused him to mutate into the being he is today.
Appearance - In his humanoid form, Necrotik appears as a well-built humanoid with prominent claws. He usually dons a cape and wears black apparel.
Powers - Necrotik's forms which he can shape shift into include a human-sized Cthulhu look-alike, Bagan and Death Ghidorah. He also commands the powers of dark magic.
Additional Background - Necrotik utterly loathes Battrarules and has made several (failed) attempts on the monster's life.


When the Spammerites™ escaped from this facility, three of the most insane criminals walked the streets, killing more than a dozen innocent people before they could be transferred to the more secure Maser City Home for the Criminally Insane & Terminally Banned.


Rudy got killed during the THE RANDOM MURDER case on October 18, 2010.



Place of Origin -
Species - Human
Gender - Male
Age -
Stature -
Occupation/Place of business - Chairman, CEO and president of the Smith Group of Companies and a notorious collector of valuable pieces of art. His latest acquisition is a UHF TV station.
City affiliation(s) - Ogasawara Island contact for the Museum of Monsters.
Alliances - Supposedly, he is a member of the Flowers of Edo, a cult which believes Godzilla's appearance in 1954 is a herald to the Second Coming.
Address - Smith Manor is a sprawling estate at 1366 Kaiju Corner (the wealthiest street in Hedorah Hills)
Origin -
Appearance - Blond and eccentric, he was selected to participate in ROOSTAFARIANS IN HYRULE!, a reality TV show hosted by Desutoroia and visit the Land of Hyrule to take on Gannon, the Prince of Darkness.
Powers -
Additional Background - Mr. Smith is also the X-Boxer and the sworn enemy of Gamingboy, the Nintendo Master.


When Roostville "disappeared" from its usual plane of existence on November 6, 2014, its citizens regrouped at Monsterzeroville.
This huge retail complex at the center of the mall had yet to be stocked and served as "city hall" and other functions for the refugees. King Goji, one of the Admins from Monsterzeroville, was most generous in getting "Camp Roostville" up and running during the dark times of REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE AGAIN: 48 HOURS 'TIL APOCALYPSE.


Gamingboy is convinced that "You can never believe anything on that news program," despite the fact they were the first to report that the Castle of Morgoth had been destroyed by the Todd McFarlane Cult which was also responsible for the ex-Mayor's disappearance during REBUILDING ROOSTVILLE: GAMINGBOY FOR MAYOR Part 2.


Located on the west end of town just off the Information Superhighway®, Raptor's industrial complex consists of a high security garage, hangar and storage areas as well as a fabrication shop for "creative endeavors". It was also headquarters for the local "Dukes" where Jet Jaguar, Lord Jimi and the "underground" KFC type elements would get together during the "Golden Age" of Roostville, Sheriff Varan would raid the place after stuff went missing, etc.
A truck stop with its many fueling islands and enclosed repair and salvage operations provides an appearance of legitimacy. The one-and-only THUNDER CHICKEN monster wrecker is big, powerful and versatile enough to fit the particular needs of even Roostville. The enterprising Roostafarians' recovery vehicle resembles a Super X more than a tow truck. With its top mounted jet engine, it is always the first on the scene of any rail or truck wrecks their powerful scanners pick up on. Menacing .50 cals discourage even on call duty wreckers that local authorities might have dispatched if valuable cargo is at stake. Able to handle over 100,000 pounds of semi, trailer, rail car and freight, the powerful vehicle keeps Roostville well supplied with about anything that moves around the area that doesn't exactly reach its intended destination.
The modern day Robin Hoods freely share the bounty of the Information Superhighway™ with their fellow citizens so Sheriff Varan and the Dark Lords had to pretty much back off if anyone had a 'problem' with the little enterprise.

"How do you think us 'entrepreneurs' end up with all the fancy gear that pretty much keeps this place functioning? 'Recycling' can be more rewarding than you might think!"

A '50s style drive-in, terraced restaurant and store fronts along the service road cater to both visiting and local patrons. Up the hill behind the operation is Raptor's two story log and timber A-frame (complete with deck off the second floor that forms the roof of a multi-vehicle garage housing assorted wheeled conveyances). Roostville offers great rewards for those with "business" sense!


Located at the corner of Toho Park and Myamoto Road, this is the home and birthplace of the world-famous Super Steak.

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