Wars of Chapman

This story takes place sometime after the ONE WORLD Trilogy, which takes place a bit after ROOSTVILLE: THE SERIES. It mentions White Rikku's brief battle with Afiag, saying it happened only a couple months before.

Also, this story is based as much as it possibly can be on real conversations with my real father. I wrote the story as a way to get out some feelings about my dad and it took me much longer than I thought it would because it was emotionally hard to do it. I'm actually kind of glad that it's over with but it is my first solo Roostville story so I'm pretty proud of myself. -- Rodan2000, December 31st, 2004

Rodan2000 was sitting in a chair next to the hospital bed. Yuri lay asleep, gently clutching a bundled form. She was sound asleep after the long, hard last few hours but she and Rodan2000 were now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl named Ayuri. Yuri slept with a smile on her face but Rodan was wide awake and anxious about something. He sat in the chair, dreading the arrival of something else: his father.
Chapman was a mighty warlord from the time of his childhood, thousands of years before. He had conquered the world of that time and yearned for more as he sat on his throne, the most powerful tyrant of all. He had taken whatever he wanted; land, slaves, armies. Rodan2000's beautiful mother had been yet another conquest of war, a spoil to be taken by the conqueror. Rodan never knew anything else of his father, for he had been hidden at birth and never even met the man. He fled the kingdom as soon as he was old enough, fearing what his father would do if he found him. He eventually came to Faerun where he was taken captive by the ruler of that realm, another terrible conqueror called Bhaal. R2K had been made to serve him and would later serve his son, Hellspawn. He had become close friends with Abdel, another Bhaal spawn, one who was not at all like his father or brothers. It was Abdel who helped him escape the clutches of the ruler. Fleeing the land of Faerun, he found himself exiled to the mountains and soon, frozen alive for thousands of years until his awakening in 2004. He returned to the land of his birth but found naught but the wreckage and desolation of a once proud empire brought to shambles. All that he found were archeological remains but he did find something of use to him: the history of the end of his land.
The story revealed that Chapman had conquered the land and ruled as supreme dictator. All efforts to rebel ended in futility and so things stayed the way they were. Eventually, the poor decisions of the tyrant ended life as they once knew it and the people who could fled. The country fell into the disarray Rodan2000 witnessed now and remained so forever. Before the terrible desolation had finished off the land, Chapman had made a strange discovery that remained a mystery to this day and had disappeared. No one knew where he had gone or if he would return. No one had heard from him since then.
Ancient rituals told that when a man became a father, the father of the man had to visit him and pass his judgment on the man's family. The ritual, no matter how hard it was avoided, had never been thwarted - not once, and this was what scared Rodan2000. His father, the conqueror of the world, was destined to come to him and pass his judgment upon Rodan2000's family the day his child was born. No matter how long it had been, this was impossible to thwart. It was going to happen that very day and nothing he could do would stop it.
There was a knock on the hospital room door. Rodan2000, in a cold sweat, looked through the keyhole.
"Who is it?" he asked nervously.
"The nurse..." came the response. Calming himself down, he opened the door and in walked a nurse who checked the pulse of mother and baby, as well as a few other things. Rodan2000 began to settle down, telling himself his father couldn't arrive. He had been dead for thousands of years, he couldn't still be alive. He sat down in the chair and drifted to sleep.
A strange man wearing a dark cloak walked through the doors of the Roostville Hospital and approached the front of desk with a cold wind howling around his strong form. He was a strange looking man; a reptilian gaze filtered through his eyes as he looked around the lobby. His large hands lifted out of his pockets and his flowing cape drifted off of his back and onto a chair in the lobby without him touching it at all. His dark pants resembled something from the Middle Ages and he wore a long sleeved tunic of ancient black leather. He had dark hair and an impatient look on his face. Dr. Phish walked by and stopped to look at the strange man.
"Excuse me, but can I help you?" he asked.
"Yes, I'm looking for a newborn child, just born today," he said with a cold voice.
"Oh, you must mean Rodan2000 and Yuri's baby girl. May I ask how you relate to the parents?"
"I am the father of Rodan2000," he said impatiently with a cold glare in his eyes. "Why all these questions? I want to see my grandchild." Dr. Phish only laughed.
"There's no way you can be Rodan2000's father. His father has been dead for thousands of years. You can't be that old."
"I age very well, now enough with the pleasantries. I am going to see my son..." His eyes glowed red for a brief second and Dr. Phish looked into them. A moment passed before anyone said anything and then Dr. Phish stood tall and turned around.
"Right this way."
"And call me 'sir'," said the man.
"Right this way, sir," replied the doctor, walking in a stupefied march to the room of the new parents.
Rodan2000 awoke with a start at the knock on the door. Sleepily, he stood up but was suddenly swept back into the chair by a howling wind when the door flew open. A figure in a dark cloak walked in, silhouetted by the bright lights of the hospital hall behind him. Papers flew around and the curtains and drapery swirled as the wind swept around the room and just as suddenly died down. Rodan2000 stared wildly at the mayhem as the man entered the room, his long cloak billowing around him and then lifting off his back and folding itself over a chair.
"Do you know who I am?" asked the man, his dark blue eyes wildly blazing into Rodan2000's. Fear gripped the pterodactyl as the dreaded words flowed from his beak.
"My... father..." he whispered.
"Very good, young man. You should call me 'sir' but I'll let it slide on the birthday of your own child." A chair slid across the floor and stopped as the man sat down on it. "The day has come, my son, for you to meet your father," he began. "I never wished for us to be separated. I always wanted us to be together but your mother had to split us all apart. Now, I've finally found you." He reached out to Rodan but the pterodactyl pulled away. The man paused with a puzzled look on his face. "So you've been told to be afraid of me, have you?"
"What are you talking about?" Rodan asked.
"Your mother has told you to be afraid of me."
"I've been told nothing. I researched your legacy in the remains of my homeland. THEY told me all of the story... your legacy. A legacy of terror."
"That was one of her phrases. She's used that before when we were arguing. She has talked about me. She's poisoned you against me."
"The very little she said at all was only the truth. Most of this I learned myself."
"From your mother."
"From history."
"I just cant believe that. You simply won't believe that your mother could do anything wrong. She was always there to save you from the big bad father. She's poisoned you all your life. You still believe her lies. Why?!"
"Because she wouldn't lie to me."
"I've known your mother a lot longer than you have. She's lied to others right in front of me."
"She wouldn't."
"She has."
"SHE HASN'T!" Rodan2000 yelled. The baby woke up and started crying. Rodan's blood pumped furiously. Yuri woke up slowly, saw the strange man and threw a protective hand over the child.
"Rodan, who's this?" she asked cautiously, a huge negative aura seeping into her mind from the man.
R2K spoke with a heavily laden voice, tinged with regret. "His name is Chapman... Chapman the Champion... He's my father."
"Your father? But he's been dead for thousands of years!" Yuri protested.
"Not dead, just disappeared. I was given the one time use of a time traveling thing. I chose the day of my grandchild's birthday but it seems my son isn't too happy about it," Chapman explained.
"I'll explain later," Rodan2000 said, each one's thoughts the same. Yuri had been told the stories of Chapman but she had more information on the man than stories, even some that Rodan2000 hadn't heard before. Stepping outside, Rodan2000 and Chapman confronted each other.
"You've told her all the lies, haven't you?" Chapman smirked dangerously.
"I've told her only the truth." There was a pause after Rodan's reply, then Chapman quickly changed the subject.
"Are you proud of your son?"
"She's a girl."
"WHAT!?! How can this be? Your child was supposed to be a great warrior! He was supposed to become my apprentice! How can it be a girl?!"
"She's MY girl and you won touch her."
"You hate me, don't you."
"I hate the actions, not the person."
"You would be happy if I was dead, wouldn't you?"
"No. I'd be happy never to see you again."
"Words like that are intolerable. You will see me again. Nothing you can do can stop that. I will leave you for tonight but tomorrow, I am coming to make your child my apprentice. Daughter or son, your child will follow me and become a powerful monarch, a conqueror. Where you have failed, your child will succeed."
"I am not a failure. And you will never touch my daughter."
"Be careful, son. When you get mad, nothing happens. When I get mad, people die. That should teach you a thing or two." And with that, the conqueror walked off down the hall and Rodan2000 returned to the hospital room.
He said to Yuri, his face grave, "We need to get out of here. We need to go somewhere else in Roostville." They left the hospital that very night. After searching for a place to stay, they finally ended up in an old hotel near the Inoshira Honda International Airport. Yuri sat in bed, rocking back and forth the bundle in her arms. Rodan2000 sat in a chair, his eyes on the door. Neither of them knew what time it was but they didn't seem to care. What mattered right now was keeping safe from Chapman. Once the baby was asleep, Yuri laid her on the bed and turned to Rodan.
"I have a story to tell you of my land. A story of Utopia," she said.
"Oh, yeah?" Rodan2000 was curious. "Let's here it," he smiled.
"In Utopia, the land was for a very long time quiet and peaceful. Before anyone had tried to conquer us, before the Council of Death had formed, I was a little girl then. Before anyone had attacked us, there came a conqueror. Chapman the Champion. He raided the city. His armies looted and pillaged, destroying all in their path. After the raid, one young couple swore revenge. Their house had been burned to the ground and many of their own friends had lost their lives. The man was a powerful were-pterodactyl and the girl was were-Phoenix. Together, they decided to avenge the lives destroyed by the conqueror. They left Utopia, leaving their two daughters in the care of the girl's brother. Together, they traced Chapman back to his kingdom, to his castle. When they got there, they made straight inside and directly challenged Chapman to fight them to the death. The battle was terrible. Chapman became a might pterodactyl and fought them. In the battle, the young couple were killed, Chapman was wounded and the castle was destroyed. Most of the people left the land after that battle, leaving behind the entire kingdom for the buzzards and other animals. Nothing was left of it except the remains of their houses. Chapman was presumed dead, for he was never seen again. He just disappeared. There was no proof that he was destroyed, though the bodies of the two fighters were discovered in the wreckage. Chapman was never seen or heard from ever again. Until now. He didn't seem to have any family left, though now we see that his son still lives. As for the young couple, their two daughters grew up to be the Phoenix Guardians of Utopia." She choked back a sob. "They were my parents."
"I'm sorry to hear that. It was my father who killed your parents. I'm so sorry, Yuri, I really am," Rodan2000 tried to apologize.
"It's not your fault he's your father. But listen. It is said that in the wreckage was a tablet written by Chapman himself that swore vengeance upon the line of the couple. Vengeance upon their children or their children's children, or whatever. It swore revenge upon the descendants of the couple."
"That's you!" Rodan2000 said with dismay.
"That's Ayuri, too," Yuri softly reminded him.
"Our daughter! My own father wants to kill our daughter?!" Rodan2000 said with panic in his voice.
"Possibly, or simply turn her against us or to his way. Make her a 'champion' like him. We can't let him do that," Yuri explained.
"No, we can't let him..." Rodan2000 was cut off as the door was blown open by a stiff wind. The baby began to cry as a tall dark figure walked in, silhouetted by the street lamps in the parking lot. Yuri stepped protectively between the door and the baby while Rodan2000 stood defiantly before the figure of the champion. The man stepped forward, the door blowing shut behind him. A saddened and remorseful face turned to Rodan.
"My son... I'm sorry. I don't want us to be apart. I want us to be together. I'm sorry for the way I acted a few hours ago. Can we be together, and not fighting?" he asked with such sorrow that Rodan2000 did feel sorry for him. Then he remembered his oath of revenge upon the line of Yuri's parents and his later oath to make Ayuri his apprentice. He stood there, unmoving before the conqueror, still wary of the man's actual motives. He turned to Yuri and she looked as puzzled as he did but quickly communicated to him telepathically.
"Well, I guess we can trust him but be careful. For now..." she thought to him.
Rodan2000 turned to his father. "Well, I don't see why not..." he stepped forward and shook his hand. "Welcome. Now let's head to the club."
Yuri and Rodan2000 packed up their belongings and got into the Ferrari. Rodan sat in the driver's seat and watched as Yuri was about to get in the back. Chapman stopped her and told her to get in the front. He took the back like a gentleman. Quickly, they were off, turning onto the Information Superhighway as the digital clock in the car read 5:45 AM. By the time they got to the Jalepino Club, dawn's rosy fingers were stretching into the ever lighting sky, pushing back the receding darkness beyond the horizon.
"Well, we're home," Rodan2000 said and began to pull his things out of the car. As he and Yuri walked through the door, they were warmly greeted by Prince of Space, Godzilla Guy and Kiryu Goji who had all been there to take care of the club while R2K and Yuri were away. Prince started to shut the door but it was blown open by a gust of wind. Chapman marched in, turning a glare at him.
"How are you guys?!" asked GG but Yuri shushed him.
"Let me get the baby upstairs, then we can all talk." She walked upstairs, placed the baby in the new nursery and came back down to the the main lobby.
"So, how are you guys?!" repeated GG.
"We're fine, we're all fine. In fact, we found some new company..." Rodan2000 said. Chapman was about to sit down in a chair when he found Tigerlily curled up asleep on it. He narrowed his eyes and brushed her out of it.
Prince turned to Rodan and mouthed "who is this guy?"
As Chapman sat down, Tigerlily hissed and he 'humphed', then muttered under his breath, "Stupid cat..."
"Hey, don't be mean to Tigerlily!" said Kiryu, bending over on his roller blades to pet her. "She's part of the family."
"So," Chapman countered. "I've been replaced with a dumb cat?" he kicked at Tigerlily as she walked by. Tigerlily hissed again and ran to the other room. At the door, she turned and beckoned Yuri to follow her. Yuri walked quickly into the other room after her. Rodan2000 glared at Chapman who simply turned his attention to Rodan's friends.
"So, these..." Chapman looked with disgust upon them, especially Prince. "... are your friends?" He didn't even mock trying to disguise the hatred in his voice for them.
"That's it," said Prince. "Rodan, who is this guy?"
"Sorry, this is my father. He... found me last night," Rodan explained.
"I'm sorry, too," said Prince. "I just cant stand it when someone is rude about something yet doesn't have the guts to actually say anything about it. Come on, guys, we're leaving." Godzilla Guy, Prince of Space and Kiryu Goji left the club, marching out the door, though Godzilla Guy stopped and mouthed "sorry" to Rodan2000. As the door shut, Rodan turned angrily upon his father.
"So, I let you come to my home and you insult my friends! Is that how you try to make things better between us?!" Rodan2000 said in a rage.
"They're weak and puny. You shouldn't hang out with such lowlifes," Chapman said, smirking.
"If you think they're such lowlifes, then you should just leave. They're my friends and we do hang out together, whether you like it or not. If you have a problem with it, which you've made it obvious that you do, then YOU should leave right now." Rodan wasn't giving him an option, he was giving him an order. Chapman understood and got up to leave. At the door, he turned and began to speak.
"Your mother has taught you well. She has placed a barrier between us and I can only hope that we can be together some day as we should."
"GET OUT! GET OUT RIGHT NOW! NEVER COME BACK HERE!" bellowed Rodan. Chapman left the building and Rodan immediately slammed the door behind him. Things were going from bad to worse. He quickly went around the Club to make sure the doors and windows were shut, locked and barred. Then he raced to the phone. Quickly calling Prince's cell phone, he tried to make up to his friends.
"Hey guys, sorry about that," he began.
"Is that really your father?" asked Godzilla Guy on the other line.
"Yeah, unfortunately he is. I was hidden from him at birth so I haven't picked up on most of his... traits."
"I take it he's not there now..." said Prince.
"Correct. I got rid of him, for now at least. You wanna head back over here?"
"Alright!" said Kiryu, being the decisive factor of the group. Before too long, they had made their way back to the Jalepino Club.
Over the next few days, things continued to run normally, with the exception of a baby being involved. They played games, watched TV and even cleaned up baby messes. All seemed to be going pretty good, though the thought of Chapman's return was constantly weighing heavily over Rodan2000. He waited, knowing that this break could not last long; waiting for the return of the dreaded emperor of ancient times. He knew he must be cautious at all times. What worried him was his father's threat and promise of taking his daughter to become an evil warlord like himself. From what he knew of his father, he wasn't the type of man to simply steal the girl away in the night without warning or evidence. He was obsessed with making a scene; a grand entrance and exit, making himself look good, even if he was openly being a bad guy. He continually tried to make everyone like him, using popularity as a weapon but only if it would get him somewhere. When faced with important people, he would treat them with the utmost respect but with lowly ones or simply people who had no political value, he would treat them lower than dirt. Apparently, this is how he viewed the people he "loved and cherished", such as his immediate family. No one would ever believe it if they claimed he treated them harshly because in the presence of others, he treated them as nobly as he could but alone, with no eyes watching, they became like groveling worms in his mind and he treated them with as much hatred and contempt as he could. And still, no one would believe that he would do such a thing as he was always the nicest guy on the outside. But then there would be people, even an entire city, who he knew he would be able to simply enslave with his brute strength. He didn't waste time or manners on them, he simply attacked, lashing out with the same contempt he treated his wife and kids, if he had ever known his children.
This is what he knew of his father. Whether other children of his were present, he did not know. But what Rodan2000 did know was this: his father would return to claim his child and when he did, he would do it making the biggest scene possible. R2K's mind raced against the clock, against the unknown time when it would happen; against an unknown deadline to find a way to turn his father's need for showiness against him. All he could do was wait. He warned his friends to always be ready but he could do nothing but wait.




Chapman was indeed planning something big. He had left the Club and immediately went get get weapons but something else caught his eye first. Walking through the early morning streets, Chapman came across Dr. Phish's Lair. With the wave of his hand, he blew aside the door with the wind and walked inside. He saw something that he had never even thought possible. It was a time machine. Looking at it with glorious intrigue, he stepped forward. The Phishy One was not in the lab so he felt safe in coming closer to it. He reached out with his hand and touched the glorious machine. It resembled a pagoda, with a mirror in the center of it. The device was tied down but it still hovered a few feet above the floor. Looking around, he quickly found something to cut the ropes, which he picked up and held as he stepped onto the machine's floor.
He looked over the control panel and realized he had no idea how to work it. He grabbed a booklet that was lying on the floor of the marvelous machine: "Time Machine Instructions and Building Plans" it was titled.
With an evil glare on his face, Chapman held it and opened the booklet. He found the page telling how to work the control panel. Quickly, he snipped all the ropes, releasing it from the ground. It still hovered in the same place. Suddenly, the door opened and Phish was there. As the good doctor stepped inside, he saw the man on his machine.
"No, stop!" he yelled but Chapman rushed to the control panel and began to work the machine. He couldn't figure out how to actually time travel yet and had no time to skim through the booklet to find out but he could fly it. He drove the machine into the air, laughing as he did so and flew it straight through the roof, crashing out of the lab and into the morning sky over Roostville.
Flying up and off, he scanned the ground and saw a darkened area far to the west. He flew the machine in that direction. Using the booklet, he would add on to the machine, as well as find out how to time travel with it. He laughed maniacally as he knew how he was going to triumph over his son and kidnap his granddaughter. He would take this machine and go back in time, to near the end of his empire and those two pesky lovers he had fought with. He had killed them but they had destroyed his empire. Now, he would simply return just as they were all about to be destroyed, take back his troops and use them to take over Roostville in this new and current society. That is how he would have his revenge and conquer them all!




Rodan2000 was hanging out with his friends at the Club and noticed it was a full two weeks since his father's departure. Suddenly, he felt scared, not so much in fear of his own safety but for the others, for his friends and his wife. And most of all, for his daughter. Seconds after the feeling swept over him, there was a loud bang! A sonic boom. They all dashed to the window and out in the middle of the town, high above them, was Chapman in his machine. He had added on to Phish's time machine four long runway like objects, each facing in a different direction. Long jagged metal spikes decorated the runways and the pagoda itself in a grim fashion. His voice could be heard from a loudspeaker he had installed. It all felt like a giant nightmare to Rodan2000 as he heard his father's voice broadcast through the air.
"Take care of her. I'll be back soon," he said.
"You're not going without us, man!" yelled Kiryu Goji. Turning, he saw all of his friends there. Godzilla Guy, Kiryu Goji, Prince of Space, White Rikku and Tigerlily, ready to do battle. Yuri held her arms up and crossed them in an X pattern in front of her face. In a flash of light, she spread her wings behind her. She had morphed into Phoenix form, a beautiful fiery bird as she stood guard over her child's crib. Tigerlily had her sword drawn and her Seesar armor on. Looking very intimidating in full array, the tiger striped spikes spread out along her back. White Rikku raised his hand and the Sword of Wind formed. This would be the first time he used it since his battle with Afiag, barely a couple of months ago. Godzilla Guy had a helmet on, and a pellet gun ready, matching Kiryu Goji who was dressed in the same outfit. Prince had his staff poised for attack, his blue armored suit and helmet protecting his body and his golden yellow cape billowing behind him. Rodan2000 stood there, wings hanging at his side. He had no battle armor or weaponry, just his own kaiju skin as armor and his tail, fiery breath and pulse attacks. Ready for battle, the group took their positions. Kiryu, Godzilla Guy and Prince stood guard outside while Tigerlily and White Rikku waited just inside for any intruding robots. Yuri stood above the crib in a motherly position, ready to fight off any and all attackers. Rodan2000 and Yuri locked beaks in a symbol of love as they prepared for battle. As they pulled apart, he looked out the window and saw a large group of dangerous looking robots flying towards them from the flying platform.
"If I don't return, keep Ayuri safe. I love you," Rodan2000 said and regretfully left Yuri. Emotions filled him as he stepped through the door of the Jalepino Club, sad and torn at seeing his beloved building the battlefield between these warring forces. The battle must be fought and must be won. He leapt into the air, spread his wings and flew upwards.
The robots met the defenders and the battle ensued. Rodan2000 flew straight for the flying ship. Robots flew toward him and he attacked back, blasting one, then another. He wrapped his wings around himself and speared through another. Looking down, he saw the metal bodies falling to the ground. A group suddenly surrounded him in the air and he spun around, sending out a nuclear pulse. It cut right through them, slicing the robots in half, knocking down the last of the forces. He hoped the defenders down on the ground were doing as well against the robots attacking the Club.
Alighting on one of the the runways, his father stood in front of the mirror like object at the center, which now was glowing with an odd radiance. It was ready to time travel. Chapman stood with his dark cape billowing behind him, he bright eyes filled with malice and evil. He drew a sword and held it up.
"You do know that this battle will end with only one of us still alive, if even that?" the tyrant asked.
"We'll just see about that..." Rodan2000 yelled and spun in for an attack. Fiery pulses rippled from his body. Chapman, instead of attacking with his sword, threw it away. Suddenly, he morphed, evolving into a pterodactyl form himself. He was all black, with bright red eyes and a spread out, fan like tail which ended in bladed strips of leathery skin. He roared a horrible war cry and spun his own radiating pulses, the shock waves meeting Rodan2000's. The tainted struggle had begun.
Down on the ground, the powerful robots were clashing with the defenders. Two of them would meet with each of the three fighters at the Jalepino Club doors. Godzilla Guy kicked with his powerful legs at one, tripping it. He grabbed it by its legs and threw it into the other robot's torso and stood back, waiting for them to attack.
Kiryu was smaller than his friends and foes alike and used his size and skill on his roller blades to thwart the robots' attacks. Rolling under the legs of one machine, he grabbed one of its legs, tripping it and using it as a pole to swing his body around. As he spun, he shot at the other with his pellet gun, knocking it off balance and toppling it to the ground. The first finally fell under the weight of Kiryu pulling on his leg. He rolled around them in circles, popping pellets at them when they tried to stand up.
Prince spun his staff around wildly. Spinning and swinging it in a broad circle, he continually lashed out and struck down his adversaries, the powerful weapon crashing into the robots' metal hides.
Try as they might, there were more robots for them to handle and the extras left to fight the first ones as they burst through the doors and into the Club. Two swords were awaiting them. The first two burst in side by side and were immediately cut down by the spinning blades of Tigerlily and White Rikku. The Sword of Wind spun mystically as it danced its deadly dance in the hands of its expert wielder. Three more robots entered the building and were faced with the sword as it leapt through the air, being tossed from hand to hand by White Rikku. His metal clashed on theirs as he fought against them.
Tigerlily meanwhile, swung hers around, using her entire armor suit as a weapon as well. As three more robots came to face her, she spun both the sword and her body, impaling one on her back spikes and striking the sword into the other two.
Three more came through the doors and flew straight past the defenders and into the child's room. They were greeted with fire as Yuri roared as they entered. She began to send bursts of flame at them. Some struck home while other robots dodged. Soon, she began two lines of fire in the air, rushing through the room and going straight for the robots. The attackers barely had time to react before they were incinerated by the flames.
Tigerlily called to Rikku and he tossed his sword through the air to her. It seemed to float perfectly to her as he used his powers over wind to carry it along. She grasped it with her free paw and it was over for the robots. She spun her body round, the swords ending a wide arch of bladed metal, chopping the robots to pieces. They landed in piles on the ground. Tigerlily tossed the sword over to White Rikku as the sword-beasts charged out the door to help the others.
Meanwhile, Prince had done very well against his foes. As Tigerlily and Rikku came rushing out, he smacked the staff into the robots, knocking them to the ground and finally getting a chance to use the beam end, immediately turning them to charred metal slag. Quickly, he cocked his blaster at the ones fighting Kiryu and Godzilla Guy. He managed to blast two of them while Tigerlily and White Rikku each cut down one.
And with that, they finished the last of the robots. Prince looked up to see Rodan2000 still fighting against his father up on the flying ship.
"I hope he's doing alright up there..." said Kiryu.
"Wait, don't we have a catapult on the roof...?" asked Godzilla Guy.
"Yeah," said Kiryu, puzzled. "What for?"
"How far will it throw stuff?"
"Now I see what you mean." Kiryu smiled. The fighters quickly began to gather projectiles for a little something that might just help Rodan in his battle.
Rodan2000 was too busy fighting his father to even get a glimpse of how his friends were doing. He was sure they were fine, seeing as how the robots hadn't returned. He continued to fight against the raging black Rodan facing him. He spewed bursts of his atomic flame, knocking back a charge from the horrible warlord and catching Chapman full in the chest. Chapman somersaulted forward through the air and kicked R2K in the chest with a clawed foot. He flew backwards, spinning to lash out with a pulse. Chapman caught it full again but tried to return with one of his own which hit its target, knocking Rodan off the platform.
Catching himself as he flew, R2K rounded a loop underneath and came up behind Chapman, blasting him with nuclear fire. The war lord raised his bladed tail as his son flew overhead, catching him in the stomach with the sharp blades as he passed by. Rodan2000 howled with pain, crashing onto the runway. Chapman, scorched his back with nuclear fire as he marched toward the fallen form. He kicked brutally and savagely at his son, knocking him to the edge of the platform. Morphing to human form, he stood over Rodan2000 dominantly and smirked with malice.
"You tried to fight me and you lost. Face it, you couldn't win. You're too weak. Your daughter won't be weak, though, she'll be my apprentice and I'll train her to be strong and powerful and mighty. Where you failed, she will triumph and conquer and rule. But you will never get to see her again..."
A sword suddenly appeared in his hand and he raised it to strike down his son. As quickly, an empty bottle shattered against his back. He roared in anger, twisting his neck to see where it had come from. He saw another two bottles coming at him just in time for them to strike his chest. He yelled as they shattered and cheers went up from the rooftop of the Jalepino Club.  Kiryu and Godzilla Guy stood with a bucket of glass bottles next to the catapult. A couple more struck Chapman as they flew through the air, sending him stumbling backwards until he reached the control panel. More flew up, striking the control panel and smashing it to pieces. Chapman yelled in fury as the machine began to go out of control and drop in altitude with rapidly increasing speed. The control panel was now on fire and it began to spread to the rest of the machine.
Rodan2000 stood up and seeing his father in front of the mirror and in the midst of the flames, he charged. At last minute, Chapman raised the sword in his hand, piercing Rodan2000 as he crashed into him, pushing both of them into the mirror. As they fell into a rushing void of time and space, the machine burst into flames and fell to earth, crashing and exploding on the ground.
Rodan2000 and Chapman were both floating in a weightless environment with bright colors rushing by them. They were lost in time and space, in a crossing where neither truly existed. Portals to different worlds and different times floated by them. R2K suddenly saw one, a solitary sand dune world. Seeing his father close by, he used the last of his strength to kick out, pushing him into the portal. He heard his father yell in fury at losing the battle.
Chapman went through the portal and found himself falling. He landed in sand. Standing up, he looked around, seeing a world of nothing but sand. The world was uninhabited and he was alone. He had lost the battle and now found himself confined to this world. His life from now on would be nothing but this eternity of solitude where he would never conquer another person, never kill again, nor would he ever harm someone else again. He fell to his knees in anger and yelled a loser's cry to the heavens of his new prison.
With his last breath coming in ragged pants, Rodan2000 turned to see himself floating into another portal to some other world. The sword was still sticking in him, through his wing and partially into his side. It was a fatal wound. As his eyes closed, one thought rushed through his mind: his family was safe. And with that, Rodan2000 fell through the portal and the world turned white to him. He fell into a deep sleep with a smile on his face. Chapman would never again harm anyone else. He had won the Wars of Chapman.