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Originally created December 15, 2003 by RadoGoji and taking place December 2009 in the Roostville Universe.
The paladin looked into the sunset. His mission was accomplished and Melissan was slain. The only survivors of the final battle were he, the berzerker, the thief/mage and the hamster.

"We lost many of our own today," said Abdel of Candlekeep. "We cannot replace Jahiera and the others but they will always be with us."

Minsc turned to Abdel. "As will Dynaheir."

"Abdel, do you think that the evil is gone from Amn?" Minsc asked.

"Minsc, as long as there is good there will be evil," replied Abdel. "That's the way it always has been and always will be."

"That's why we're here," said Imoen. Boo squeaked in agreement.

Abdel had been forced into adventuring some time after his twentieth birthday and fleeing Candlekeep. That night, the sage Gorion, his foster father, was killed by an armored figure who later was identified as Sarevok, a son of Bhaal, the Lord of Murder. Abdel realized later that he, too, was a Bhaal spawn and killed his half brother who was carrying out a plan to take over leadership of the City of Baldur's Gate. He also wanted to force its citizens into war with a neighboring region, Amn, which would result in massive bloodshed.

A few months afterward, the party was captured by Jon Irenicus, an evil mage who wanted to tap into Abdel's power and use it for his own evil purposes, resulting in the arrest of himself and Imoen by the Cowled Wizards. Magic was forbidden in Amn. After a long and hard quest, Abdel was able to save Imoen from the wizards. However, an evil one known as Melissan wanted the essence of Bhaal all to herself but Abdel was able to stop her.

The four fought the evils that plagued Amn and the Sword Coast long afterward. Abdel died when he was 87. Minsc and Boo gave him a proper burial next to Imoen's grave. Minsc later returned to his homeland of Rasheman and died a few years later.
Chapter Two: REBIRTH
Directly afterwards, Minsc saw himself in his twenties again, in front of the spirit of a man in a grey robe.

"Do not be alarmed, Minsc," the man said. "I will not harm you."

"Who are you?"

"I am Gorion, Abdel's foster father," he explained. "Abdel needs your help."

"I am sorry, sir," Minsc replied. "Abdel left us some time ago."

"In another world his rebirth has already happened," said Gorion. "I need you to resurrect him so he may fight the evil that plagues his world."

"Where am I going?" the berzerker asked.

"To a place called Roostville. There, you will meet a boy named Rado Goji. This is Abdel's rebirth but he is much unlike his former self. He is very timid and vulnerable but also greatly intelligent. You must help him build up his courage and realize his true self."

"Yes, sir, you have my word," promised Minsc. "I will make sure that Abdel returns. Right, Boo?" The hamster squeaked. A bright light engulfed Minsc and Boo as the old man's words could be heard:

"Good luck!"

Chapter Three: ROOSTVILLE
The train had just arrived from Mecha City and many people got off, oohing and ahing at the sights of Roostville. Among the tourists was an immigrant from the aforementioned city, carriying God knows how many bags off of the platform and heading toward the street. His name was RadoGoji.

Rado was a native of Mecha City, very well known as the 'Robotics Capital of the World' and about five hundred miles from Roostville. He himself was interested in robotics and electronics and such and had studied them at school, graduating early due to his great intelligence, Now Rado was going to start off a new life in the real world. He was very nervous, mainly due to the fact that he was only 19 and not sure if he was going to make any friends or anything. He had prepared for life on his own but little did he know that he was very wrong in his planning.

Very hungry after the long train ride, Rado headed for a nearby restaurant. He couldn't bring all his luggage along so he had to leave it outside. A man stood nearby, very strange looking indeed as he was bald with a purple ring-like tattoo on his head that went over his eye. He was also clad in armor and with him was a hamster he was feeding. Rado looked for others on the patio who could watch his luggage but saw no one so he approached the man.

"Excuse me," said Rado. "I'm going inside for a few minutes. Could you watch my stuff for me?"

"Why, of course," the man said. "Just leave it and I assure you it will be here when you return."

"Thanks!" Rado came back out a few minutes later with his food and his stuff was the same as he had left it. "I guess nobody tried to take it," he told the man.

"Nope. Please, young one. Sit down. You must be new around here."

"Yeah," Rado admitted. "I'm RadoGoji. I just moved here from Mecha City."

"I am Minsc and this is my miniature giant space hamster, Boo. Say hello, Boo." Boo squeaked at Rado. "So. Are you looking for a place to stay? I can split rent with you at my apartment," offered Minsc.

"Sure! That would be great!" said Rado. "Thanks a lot, Minsc!"

"No problem, Mr. RadoGoji. I just happen to have a two bedroom. You can take the guest room if you'd like."

"Uh, please. Just call me Rado."

"As you request, Rado," Minsc promised. On the way to the apartment complex, Minsc talked about his origins in Rasheman but not that it was in another world. They were nearly there when they were stopped by a street gang.

"Well, well, well," said one thug. "Who's this? Maybe a new source of cash..." Rado immediately got nervous.

"Uh, sure," he said, fishing out his wallet. "Here, take it! It's yours!"

"In your dreams!" Minsc growled.

"Minsc! What are you doing?!" Rado hissed.

"I am stopping evil!" Minsc declared. A fight immediately broke out as Minsc attacked the street punks one after the other, causing them to break off and scatter. "Rado," he explained. "You really cannot be scared all the time. Now tell me. What is your biggest fear?"

"Hedorah," Rado replied instinctively. "He's always given me nightmares as a kid."

"Then you know what you must do. Get over your fear and fight it like the evil it is. Right, Boo?" Boo squeaked in agreement.

"If it were only that easy for someone like me," Rado wished.

"I think I can help you," Minsc insisted. "What have you always wanted to do?"

"Be noticed, mostly," Rado figured. "You know, public fame and everything. I want recognition for doing good. I want my deeds to go noticed and for people to see me on the streets and say, 'Hey! It's Rado Goji! He's the greatest!'"

"Well, we will be noticed then!" Minsc declared. "We can use this goal to help you develop courage and to be the best Rado you can be!" With that established, Rado and Minsc reached the Random Arms apartment complex where they spoke with the manager about adding a resident to Minsc's rental agreement. Rado took over the guest bedroom, putting various memorabilia around the area. Later, he saw a golf cart for sale in the paper and decided to buy it instead of an expensive car. In order to pay his share of the rent, he decided he needed a job. Rado had posted his resume online for robotics positions and the like but every company had rejected him. Out for a walk, he noticed a sign in the window of a new restaurant:


After a shortinterview with the owner of the establishment (who was a very nice guy, by the way), Rado had gotten a job as a fry cook at Mr. Burger. Arriving home and telling Minsc the good news, they decided to go to a nearby restaurant to celebrate.

That night, Rado looked out the window overlooking the nearby docks. Gazing at the rising moon over the water, he told himself, "Rado, I think this is the beginning of something good..."

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